Rockford Manor, Blackrock, Co. Dublin



As we drive down this long and winding road, dad,

I cannot stop the sadness from filling my stomach


I listen to your bright and hearty laugh,

As our happy voices sing along to Garth Brooks


Time is moving too fast dad,

The floorboards are creaking,

My hair is growing

And the flowers are dying.


I know I will look back at this blissful moment in painful jealousy


How much time is left dad?

Is it possible to miss the present?


In the Vast Sky


In the vast sky,

The colour is a blue dye

Among the line

Is where the sun shine

Distant memories can sometimes hurt

But look at you now, you are still here

Standing still under the starry night sky

Reaching for the stars, yet you stumble

One day you shall make it and it would be worth it

So, keep striving for those dreams my friend


The Storm in the Bay


The window is covered in condensation,

And protects me from the air outside,

That whips around and blows the trees,

And flies along the stormy seas.


The clouded sky sends darkness down,

And makes the day seem like it’s not around,

The thunder rumbles far away,

And lightning flickers in the bay.


The tinkle of a flag forgotten,

Upon a flagpole sounds aloud,

It’s calling out to be let down,

But no-one helps, so it will drown.


The rising waters near the shore,

And threaten to show us Atlantis,

I hope the sandbags are tall enough

So the threat of drowning, they will snuff.


I’m Not Listening to You


I’m not listening to you when you tell you try to tell me that I’m a f*gg*t,

That I should wear pink and lust after guys whose only interest in me is that I have double d’s


I’m not listening when you tell me I should be in the kitchen,

When you tell me, ‘you’ll want kids one day’


I’m not listening when you tell me I know nothing just because I’m 16,

Because I’m a woman,

Or in male terms – a bitch.


I’m not listening to you when you tell me that girls are less horny,

And that ‘boys will be boys’


Adults like to think that they’re smart

But they’re not.


They’re so deep in the cycle of misinformation and internalised male gaze

That they actually believe that men are ‘naturally less mature’

But by telling this narrative they only repeat the cycle more


See kids who ‘know nothing about the world’ because they’re ‘too young to understand’

Actually do know everything


But the adults don’t listen


In my Heart


The first people who knew me

And offered me all their love

Now are far from me.


No matter the distance in between us

And how far apart you are

Always you are going to be in my heart.


I miss them.

It’s horrible to dream with them,

Of those who have raised you

And suddenly wake up without them

In a room that is not yours and without a good morning greeting.


I hope to have them close to me again

And can offer my best simile.

For that there are only the slowest 4 months of my life again.

I love them. See you soon.




Smiling, chatting, laughing all day ,

Everyone knows you’re a pure sunshine ray,

But what they don’t is that behind closed doors,

Is a million mind, body and life flaws.


They don’t know that family drama,

The divorce and manipulation that caused you trauma,

The popular kids who would bully you,

And now all your insecurities you hold due to.

But they’ll never know what’s behind closed doors.




Tall, blue eyes, blonde hair and doing an exchange year,

But let me tell you something dear.

My life isn’t that easy as it seems,

Maybe in your dreams.

I am struggling about myself every single day,

My problems aren’t going away.

Am I friendly enough, pretty enough, strong enough,

Spinning in my head as important stuff.

Waking up every morning asking the same question,

But here is the lesson.

Being loved, happy and healthy,

That’s real wealthy.

Smile is the most important thing you can do,

So please let other people smile too.


Our Generation


Welcome to our generation

This is where our teens are always high,

Our youth wants to die and

Everyone is too hard to satisfy


Two worlds collide between the rich and poor

Everything is about race

Nothing more


Comparison, comparison all the time

Where girls are too thin or too fat for mens’ liking

We make up excuses to hide our fears

Because our feelings are never valid here


So this is our generation,

You’re more than welcome

But beware it’s not,

it’s not a picture perfect screen


Unrequited Love


When I first started school

I thought everybody would make me a fool

But the moment I laid my eyes on you,

You showed me what the power of love can do

When the brightness of the sun’s rays caress your ebony black hair,

My oh my does it look ever so fair

Every moment spent with you is a bliss

That I would live for your smile and even die for your kiss

But when I heard you didn’t feel the same way for me

I was as sad as the whole world can ever be

But even if it’s unrequited love

You’re still a beautiful angel sent from above




Why did nobody tell me the truth about growing up?

It’s the constantly needing to build our self-confidence up

I grew up with a good life; some could say it is the perfect life

But deep down in my mind it was like the wildlife

When I reached fifteen, I started getting objectified

I looked at men and realised my feelings weren’t being empathised

It’s the scary feeling of being small and alone

I know deep down I can use my voice like a microphone




Death, it’s powerful – sorrowful.

Filled with hate – despair.

Breaks a soul- shatters it.


Death destroys people,

Splits them in two.

Something you never recover from.


Death messes with your head,

Makes you see what isn’t there.

You believe they’re still around


They’re long gone, its been years

They ain’t coming back now,

Just for you.


Wish for them all you want,

Can’t change the past.

Why bother trying?


It’s the cycle of life,

Live, die

You can’t change it,

Accept it.


Since in the end,

Death is final-

We know nothing of what happens after.




I didn’t grow up confident,

How could I,

Society had told me that I didn’t belong,

That I didn’t belong anywhere.


I didn’t fit the standard,

My face my body were not “trendy”,

I wasn’t aware that like clothes, bodies could be “out of fashion”

Girls did everything that they could to be “perfect”,


So they could accepted.

So they could feel worthy in a body that they were given.

I wish we lived in a world where we could feel worthy,

Where we could all love and accept ourselves


Just Sink


After one Zoom

Elephants, trucks, gorillas and men

Acting like our bodies went kaboom

Our “C rugby team” would definitely beat you


Boys giving us insults

Left, right and centre

Saying stuff in the moment trying to be one of “the lads”

Not knowing how deep into our body it could enter.


Many people will not think

And say any harmful thing that comes to mind

Then within just one blink

How many people’s emotions you just made sink.


How Many Years?


How many years did I follow you

Need two hands to count

wish that wasn’t true

Took way too long for me to break away from your spell

Felt like a prisoner trapped in a cell

That was too much of my life

Realised I had to step out if the shadows into the light

So many people told me for years on end

But still I choose not to believe them

But I was blind for the longest time

I thought everything was fine

I thought it was normal

That I couldn’t see what was in front of me

I didn’t know what I could be

And it was horrible


What a Day


What a day in the sun

The sun was shining

Like a diamond

The beach had sand like the palm of my hand

The sea was as blue as the sky

The sky got darker

The wind began to get heavier

As the night went on


My Mum


You said that you would change your ways

Didn’t tell me you’d be going for more than “a few days”

Little me being eight years old

I didn’t realize life could be so cold

I went from seeing you everyday

To rarely seeing you on my birthday


Walking through the cold walls of Mountjoy

Knowing that I would enjoy

Seeing you for the first time in weeks

Until it was time to leave and the guard speaks

Three years had never felt so long

I tried my hardest to be strong


Tears flowed from my eyes reading the letters you sent

Knowing that you wrote these behind dull walls of cement

The day you got out, I was overjoyed

That was when our family got annoyed

I thought everything would be perfect

but everyone was hopeless soon after

I learned you were homeless


Now that you are safe and alright

I found the strength to write

These are the days that made me who I am today

And you have helped me learn

That the law is always something to obey


4 Years


4 years of suffering,

4 years of uncertainty,

4 years of struggling,

4 years of fighting.


You thought you were cool calling me names,

But I was hurting inside.

I try to let it slide,

But I can’t forget.


Being the bigger person

Is not easy to do.

But keep fighting back for yourself

That’s what you do.


Whatever I Want


They’ve always tell me I can do whatever I want

I can be whomever I want

They’ve always tell me I take my own decisions

That I can express my own vision

But what if I’m afraid of all this freedom?

Seems like a big responsibility to change the world

And it’s one that our generation owns

Let’s face this challenge

Let’s break the motion

Let’s fight for the unknown




Everyday is a struggle

Living in society is a struggle

You never know what will happen each day


If you are a different race,

You never know what racism will come to you each day

If you prefer a different sexuality,

You never know what homophobic words can come to you each day

If your body isn’t in everybody’s expectations people will judge


Everybody judges no matter what

Everybody has their own opinions

This is a part of life

And we all have to live through it




I remember the picture

I remember the situation

But I can’t feel it

I see him

I feel the excitement

But I can’t remember anything we did

I know there were people

I know I was waiting

But he didn’t come




Looking at screens all day long,

Loosing my mind if I spend one minute more

With working and thinking, worrying about what is wrong.

So if I try to calm my mind,

The only things that give me peace

Are things in nature that help me breathe.

I try to bring some of it inside

To at least try

And help my mind.


A Little Turtle


Here was a little turtle.

He lived in a box.

He swam in a puddle.

He climbed on the rocks.

He snapped at a mosquito.

He snapped at a flea.

He snapped at a minnow.

And he snapped at me.

He caught the mosquito.

He caught the flea.

He caught the minnow.

But he didn’t catch me.