Rockbrook Park School, Dublin

A Different World

A world where we aren’t looked down on for our colour,
One where we can feel unified with one another,
Not a world full of hate and trouble,
We need to battle crime on our streets,
And fight for those who died looking down a muzzle.

Let’s all go there together,
to a place in our imaginations,
Safe from any pain or peer pressure,
And let’s prove that we made it this far,
Not by luck but by fighting for one another,
In our homes and in our streets,

So look around and take it in,
Look at what we accomplished together,
Look at all those who said we wouldn’t make it,
We brought justice to the streets and love to people’s hearts,
And at the end of all of it,
We did it all as one,
A united people,
A united race.


A short poem of homelessness in Ireland

They freeze,
On the side of the street
No soles to their feet
They freeze ,
No place to be warm
Tonight’s forecast a storm
They freeze,
Everybody walks by
No money to buy
A home
They freeze,
All alone.


Every Saturday

I’m told to listen to a lesson
How God will grant you happiness, eternal life’s a blessin’
But only through a certain set of rules you’ll have to follow
Like no tattoos, don’t masturbate, pray like there’s no tomorrow

But there was one specific law that fashioned my depression,
That if you’re gay, you’re not allowed an intimate connection,
I sat there thinking ‘why can’t I love someone just like me?’
My Mum replied ‘That’s just the way God wanted things to be’

And so I continued listening, but with a sagging heart,
With topics such as ‘atheists are evil’ for a start,
And ‘if you’re not a Christian then the Bible says you’re wrong’
Or ‘ladies who aspire to be leaders don’t belong’

Then ‘women can’t have short hair, jewellery, or wear skimpy clothes’
And ‘men should not have long hair’ cos they said so, I suppose.
And all this culminated to my self-esteem’s farewell,
‘I’m a burden to my family and I’m going to hell’

And that’s not even mentioning the few guys on the bus,
Who call each other gay and faggots, and anything that’s ‘sus’,
I’m sure they mean no evil but it’s honestly quite scary,
How they equate the things they hate with ‘fruits’ and ‘freaks’ and ‘fairies’.

And then my friends at church who’ve said they hate my whole community,
Or my siblings who throw ‘gay’ around at every opportunity,
I’m grateful for the people who support me all the way,
It’s nice to know there’s others who will love me ‘spite my sway.

So now I’m here, alive and anxious, dreading the unknown,
While listening to theatre songs and texting on the phone,
My problems still exist but now at least I have some company,
With friends who I can laugh with and some awesome Zelda melodies.

I hope that life improves for every person in and out,
I know it’s wishful thinking, but I know there isn’t doubt,
That who you are is beautiful, no matter what some say,
I’ll leave you with a stanza from a song that helps my day,

‘There’s an ebb and a flow, I grow, so I make changes
There are rewrites, losses, gains, and rearrangements
I’m so much more uncertain than I thought I would be
But I can see there’s no wrong way to be me.’



From the moment you hear the project,
You smile inwards gleefully.
For your mind has wandered to
A plain of infinite possibilities.

From the moment you hear the others,
You scale back down the excitement.
As you take their supposed judgement
As a measure of your quality.

From the moment weeks passed by,
You still haven’t wrote a word.
Your newly chosen idea of flat creativity
Has given you a dose of apathy.

From the moment the due date arrives,
You gait with lethargic distress.
With no rest from the night before
As it was used to finish that chore.

At the moment you have to present,
You wished you planned this work with joy.

Your World – But my Your world

A word of belief is a word of hate
You love but they hate
They love but they hate

Love tells you you need to be yourself
Yourself is not yourself
I am not yourself
Be yourself

Take it to infinity
Be yourself to infinity, but not your infinity
My infinity

You are you
You are worth it
You are hate
Be yourself
I am myself
Don’t be yourself

It’s never too late so don’t give up
I’m still so strange and wild
It’s too late

Who am I to love you for who you are
Yet I love
And you love but not me

You love but not me
Not my infinity.


Brotherly Skin 

Like dessert droughts
Flaking off like snow on Christmas Day
Falling apart like the Earth
Crumbling like the Political Powers
The fallen skin having no place to fit in
Just like children of immigrants who just got in
Two identities,
One for this group and one for the other
Forced cultures
That are like nother
This is the life
of the child’s brother.


Forest of Sneers

Look out over the masses before you,
the forest of waving fists and sneering faces,
Listen with me, hear the echoes of their cries, baying for blood,
They see my differences, my flaws,
a glowing target splashed across my back,
Seeking out and claiming reasons to strike me down,
I mean no harm, my intentions are pure,
But you feed off my insecurities,
Standing before me, bite the hand that feeds,

Your self righteousness has worn to thin,
I’ve had enough, I want something real,
I won’t respect the words you speak, you’ve taken this too far,

But there is an oasis here I see,
The few outliers among you, the tolerant few,
You show me what it’s like to be set free, won’t tell me who not to be,
You are my pride, my soul, my heart, my companion,
Helped me as I started to burn,
All alone, or so I thought.


That Morning

That gloomy old Monday morning
I turned on my phone and saw that message on his story
Suicide is what took his life
Who knows he could’ve had a wife
On the ninth of November
This great land lost a farmer
Rian I’m sorry you had to go through this alone
And i hope you’re at peace now, mo chara.


Another work day

Who knows what it will bring,
The different characters of the world, comparing everything,
Some are creative, some are in it for the money,
Some are in a day to day slog and some going down on one knee,
With all different opinions and attempts and themes,
Racism, love, war, peace, taking it to the extremes,
Their art gets taken advantage of,
By the people watching from above,
This is the music we listen to,
The corruption is unmissable,
But deep behind the top dogs,
Is passion that is inexplicable,
That’s where the beauty lies,
The hidden gems, right before your eyes.



A year ago today, the light shone so clearly
Now it’s merely a speck, on a canvas of opportunity

Knowing the truth, but it’s hard to accept
People once so professional, yet now so inept
That spark is gone, that original connection
It seemed so untrue, on closer inspection

Perhaps it could change, the day may come
A dream for most, a nightmare for some
A dream for me, to see it’s once former glory
Yet all I can do is hope.



If only we could re-build ourselves to be perfect, live in a perfect life and be truly happy. In a world full of pressure and distractions, humans are simply zombies to the world, we are our own plague hidden in plain sight and you know what it’s hidden in, society. We jump at comfort and bullshut like animals due to the lies were told by political leaders, parents and teachers. The cards life gives us is the lie of the life we are forced into, the game allows us to draw another card but the dealer says otherwise. This control we are put under, restricts our dreams, aspirations to become something of a hero in our little story.

My phone

It is my girlfriend
Everyday I play with it happily
We can always go out together
If I break it carelessly my heart will be broken
It will be hungry and tired easily
Its favourite food is electricity
Its life capacity is only few years
Even though it died I will still keep it
I will have another girlfriend when my previous girlfriend died
And everyone should have a girlfriend.


The Journey

The Journey has many barriers,
to go from point A to point B,
going out the door,
you need the key.

But not all barriers are physical.
some are buried in your mind.
you don’t know what they are.
to your obstacles, you are blind.

Held back by a lack of confidence,.
No matter how competent.

What Matters

For as long as life told us what’s best ,
For as long hatred comes from the chest,
For as long as you sang the anthem holding the crest,
For as long as time when people ask what’s wrong,
You have saved someone who might have gone.


The Laptop

The laptop on the cupboard with the music playing like a bird,
as he walks in when all is silent he looks around to see
The faces staring
What’s going on here he hears from the distance
He walks closer and sees a light on top of the cupboard
The noise gets louder and louder
As the Indian music gets louder
He says
Eh sorry lads do u mind taking that down
A boy stands up gets on a chair to take it down
You hear a ner from the back of the class
As the he looks in fear
A man appears at the window as he climbs up to talk
With his face out the window he says
Ah sure look-it we all have our good day.




I’m reading all the volumes of my world

So I can use the values I desire.

When characters are new I do inquire

So attributes of mine and theirs are swirled.

I grasp the knowledge as if I am knurled

So I can copy and myself rewire.

And I heat up my kiln with raging fire

So thoughts turn to cement when they’re unfurled



Hello my name is overthinker
Tomorrow i will think
Today too
I hope tomorrow to find out something
To conclude if i continue to think
It relies on a reply
If i should continue to think
Continue to think of you

Shadow Mountain

Mountains are good
the pain they bring,
the way you shed your blood
and sweat and tears and fears,
only to get to the bottom and climb back up again,
they keep you moving,
as long as you keep moving.
Onto the next one,
the last by the wayside.
Another one looms in the distance,
but you remember;
the last one is still in your legs,
you in it’s shadow.
You have it.
You’ve done this before.
The mountain’s drive you, give you strength,
even as they sap it away.
All is needed,
is you.



The sound of rain falling down
Gave everyone a frown
School is no fun
Wishing it will be done
It feels like an eternity
Took a nap for an hour
But it has only been 5 minutes
The teacher is very boring
And the rain is still pouring.


The Saddle

I cycle around the mountains
takes my mind of everything
I give it my all
and pray I dont fall

The trees and scenery is beautiful
The sound of the the river flowing while I cycle
the sound of nature with chirping birds
and makes me feel like im in paradise
on my good old giant stance.

No 2

On the toilet taking a no:2,
Was wondering who can get corona too,
Then all of a sudden my thought changed,
To a firework exploding on a baby’s chest.