Rice College, Castlebar Rd, Carrowbeg, Westport, Co. Mayo

Too Tired to Sleep

I wake up, too tired to sleep,
Numb from fatigue, find myself on my feet,
No time for breakfast, was up too late,
Don’t miss the bus or you’ll meet your fate.
So you run,
Down the road like a bullet from a gun,
Get on a bus, like a train to Auschwitz,
To a place that tells you to shut up and sit.
Stumble from room to room
Why the hell did you go to,
Then you remember the fear and paranoia,
Of being in a place where everything wants to bring you
Down, you get distracted again
Cause it’s no longer ten,
It’s nearly kicking out time
Again, you get on the journey home,
But the day’s not over yet, you
Seem to forget, you wasted six hours
Of your life today, pointless,
But I digress.
Wolf down the dinner,
But don’t think you’re a winner,
Because they tell you,
“You won’t amount to anything without school.”
But you find it cool,
The rock, the blues and the trad
Irish songs you rule,
On your antidepressant you call guitar.
Who the hell do you think you are,
You won’t have a life picking strings
Or playing piano to the thoughts of different things,
But sure look it’s time for tea,
We get on great you and me.
Go and try the best you can,
Feeding cattle, taking care of land.
You go to bed, look at the phone,
In the dark, all alone.

Keith Joyce

A Battle

“I didn’t want a battle,
Yet you declared a war,
You never seemed to rattle.
I knew I’d knock you back to the ground floor.”

Brian Mortimer


All we lied for was Ireland
To be loved, desired and
Be part of our country.
But all stopped abruptly
When the British men
Came in vast herds
They put a stop to that dream
But then in 1916
We have a hope
But then through the scope
They were shot down.
It was only then in 1937
Did we get our Independence
From the English men

Patrick Conway

The West

I live in the west,
Where the weather isn’t the best.
A length of green and open road,
As if it from a mountain flowed.
In the fields are cows and sheep,
Surrounded by lots of mountain steep.

Jason Gibbons

A Man

I am a man
I do like me ham I don’t give a damn,
Then they start to weep for food
Don’t be rude just shrewd.

Sean Doherty

A Young Lad

There was a young lad called O’Toole
Who didn’t act smart when in school
He tried to read books
But he got dirty looks
And he grew to be quite a fool.

David Loftus

Every Day

Every day I go to school
When in class I act the fool.
Every teacher I wreck their head
When I rehearse “The man in the shell”
But in the class it’s all food craic
Except for when I get home I get a whack