Rice College, Castlebar Rd, Carrowbeg, Westport, Co. Mayo

Everyone Acts

Everyone acts like they are okay,
Everyone acts okay,
People don’t tend to say that they are okay.
Some people think that they are crap,
Some people know that they are ‘it’,
Others, who have a brain don’t think they are the same

Ryan Askin

My Heart Explodes

I see you standing there
At first I didn’t think much but as the months went by
I started to realise this could be something more
I told you and it was no big deal
But now things have changed
You told me you felt the same my eyes lit up
And every time I talk to you
It’s like my heart explodes


What I Want

When I finish school
I wanna be an architect
It’s a career that I think would be perfect.

With my ruler and paper I’ll design a house,
Why oh why do I want this as my career,
When I could have any other in this stratosphere.
Because in this proud crusade,
I get to give birth to where most memories are made.

Shane Walsh


Coming into school, the day is dawning
Trying to but can’t, can’t stop yawning
Dreading everything about the day ahead
The bell has rang and I’m walking home
Alone. Alone. Alone.

Sean Fitzsimons

Rural Mayo

Right here in rural Mayo,
Living here and laying low,
Going to Mass and attending school,
But I’ll begin to rebel, I’ll break one rule,
And break another.
I’ll break out of this routine,
My daily life as a teen.
I’ll break out and travel the world.
I’ll quit being a reporter,
So I could cross the border.
So I can fulfill my dream as a Mayo teen.



We’re made come to school, and learn well never need,
Learning about triangles and the Islamic creed
They waste our time make us study all night,
You’d think they’d spend our time better,
I hope ‘An Taoiseach’ sees this letter.


Falling on Deaf Ears

Growing up with our peers, our problems falling on deaf ears.
Gathering for a session little they know my fight with depression,
Getting high as a kite, just to ease my eternal fight, moving through the halls like cattle.
Fighting and losing my battle, a war waged every day, to them a small matter brushed away,
“Who’s up for a session?” I hear them say.


Play Ball

I like to play ball,
But not if I fall,
I’m not going to give up ball,
People say I’m swell,
But I know I’m well.

Kevin Gannon

PC Brigade

Every day you will see some person being called “anti-pc”
Because saying ‘fat’ is now a slur a word people don’t want
It’s quite common now to witness a harmless joke tear down a man’s business
And all that the joke said is that women make good sandwiches

Sean Sheridan

Born and Raised

Born in New York in ‘02
Then to Mayo I flew
Went to a school at the Quay
The greatest school, none will agree
Learning lessons in the school yard
I learnt more by watching Die Hard
Now in Rice College, I guess it’s alright
At home playing Fortnite,

Playing Sports night and day
Of to mass to pray
Soccer, Gaelic and Basketball
Breaking windows with a ball
Making sandwiches with some jam
We’ll never see Mayo win Sam.

Even Ralph

Rugby and Me

I like rugby
And I’m always hungry
People are ugly
And I can be chubby
Earwigs bug me
My friends are lovely
And I’m also funny
I like getting muddy
When I play rugby

Sam Walsh

Bug Me

Rugby is for the chubby
But not for the grubby
If you want to live don’t you bug me
And if you do you might want
To bug me or love me
And this is why I love rugby

Oscar Dever

Life on the Farm

Life on the farm is a charm,
Life on a farm yard can also be hard,
From sheep to the plough,
Life on the farm is great with cows.

Sean Lydon


My name is Ethan,
I will not stop breathing,
Don’t you ever feel holy,
Because I know you want to worship Yogi

Ethan Kelly

Me, Myself and I

Me, myself and I,
I fight till I die.
One sport, one love,
All starts by putting on a glove, training every day,
All capped off with a cup of tay,
Part of the love is being part of a dream,
Everything done to fulfill a dream.

Joe Grady

The Game

When you put on the jersey,
There will be no mercy,
Because this is the derby,
The black and white,
Marking will want to be tight,
The crowd will be more,
And the final score,
Will decide the game,
And claim the fame.

James Walsh

On a Farm

I live on a farm
Where there is plenty of harm
Cattle and sheep
That like to leap.
I’m known as McGuire
And I love the big hits
My hair is on fire and now it’s time to end this
Goodnight, good luck
And up Mayo.

Darren McGuire

Knick Knock

A story of my childhood
From a normal neighbourhood,
We always used knick knock
To give the neighbours a shock,
Myself and the boys making lots of noise,
Football on the tarmac always having the craic.

Rossa McAllister