Regina Mundi College, Douglas, Co. Cork

Boys and Girls

Boys will be boys
And girls will be weak
Boys will talk too loud
And girls shall not speak
Boys have to be brave
And girls can never be strong
Boys will be right
And I will be wrong

‘A painting tells a thousand words’
But are they written in a different language?
A language no one can understand but me
Each brushstroke, a cry for help
Why can no one understand?
My colour scheme tells a story,
The stark contrast of right and wrong
Why can no one understand?
And when it’s finished it will be forgotten
Put at the back of the room
Alone, once again
Why can no one understand?
Because what use is a painting if no one is there to see it

Aoife Morrissey

The Tide Comes In

The tide comes in and swirls around the sand,
Gathering all the creatures to bring back out to sea,
Schools of fish swim peacefully
As seagulls swarm above waiting for their moment.

Liv Long

Happiness to Fright

This is where day turned to night
Happiness to fright
Anger removed the last shred of light
This is where “I can” changed to “I might”
Bark became bite
Love became tight
This is where nothing seemed right


We Stand Alone

We stand alone
Fragile, small and afraid
Walking down the corridors
And seeing a smirking face
Realising there’s always one
That will always be around
No way of hiding but only
To face your fears and worries
And stand out in the crowd

Georgie Kavanagh


Feeling alone,
The truth coming out,
To be afraid of yourself
Knowing the whispers are knowledge
The feeling in your bones,
The words that come out of their mouths
Will forever define you
And remind you,
What the darkness wants.


The Ocean

It dreams of the sky
It gazes up at her glistening,
Gleaming, golden iridescent opal beams of night
It dreams of bursting through the line
So beautifully separating water from air
Its opaque waters reach up and touch the sky
But fall back down
It is stuck.
Flowing yet frozen
Its lonely heart trapped in a prison of blue


Skies of Fire

Trembling dark, cold hearted screams,
Mothers, children nothing but dreams.
Cracking gunshots and hungry roars,
Soldiers crawling on all fours.
Shadows lurking crawling fear,
Where skies of fire were always near.
Empty feelings nothing but pain,
These calm silent nights keep them sane

Erin Goulding

I Remember

The screams, the roars, the shouts,
Crying, kicking, slamming doors.
The laughter, the joy, they stand out.
I hate you, I love you,
The words merged in two.
When I look at these walls,
I remember the times
I felt strong, defeated and bruised.
These walls remember more than I can remember,
These walls help me remember me.

Elena Lotty

This Planet

Dreams of a better future
Dreams of fresh air
Dreams of peace
Where war and conflict is rare

Dreams of justice
Dreams of equality
Dreams of the end of hypocrisy
It dreams

Niamh Lester

It is Dying

It is dying oh so fast
If only we saved it
But that is now in the past
We are killing it slowly
This is not so fun
If we are not careful
The human race will be done

Zoe Fleming

Road to Death

On the road to death
Stained crimson red
Animals take their last breath
Water filled with bodies of the dead

Do you see the fire rage
Feel the smoke in your breath
This is the apocalyptic age
You cannot escape the road to death

Now that you see the effects
Don’t you understand that you are next?

Yzabella, Anna and Amelia


I really enjoy life, good friends good family
Love everyone in my life.
Having someone you love and trust your life with is the best.
Life feels like a big ray of sunshine right now and the setbacks,
I have just make me get up and get stronger every time.
No one’s opinion really matters to me anymore
Because like if too short to worry about other people’s damn opinions



What the oceans desire,
Is the things that most people want to dream of.
These things are mysterious, but fragile.
Fragile as in lullabies that are sung for a baby
Dreaming is a mystery within itself
That most people would like to have, but cannot.
This is where people meet reality and dreams meet people.

Abbie O’Donovan


What the darkness craves is not just demons and ghouls
It’s full of secrets and pain hidden away by the tears and screams
Full of problems and anxieties people push away everyday
Full of the deepest depressions held down by people all the time
The biggest issues being pulled into people’s guts giving them a physical pain deep inside

Ellie Mcguinness

The Darkness

The darkness wants to see my pain
All the colour in my life beginning to drain
The suffering faced from a young age
Like being trapped in a torture cage

Everyday being trapped on this black and white earth
Knowing that my life will never have worth
The days go on and I lose my will
In this lonely world where time stands still

I feel so scared, I feel so low
I need to escape, it’s my time to go


The Darkness

The darkness wants
Pain and tears
It shouts and taunts
Demanding fear
It’s surrounds you whole
As you gasp for air
Once was a free soul
Now nothing but slits and despair
Darkness will flood your mind
And take all good
As you try to find
A reason to be loved
Darkness has no mercy
And will not leave
So do what it wants
No one will grieve


An Act

I come from
Judgemental and insecure people
Who compare themselves
Who hide behind a screen
Acting big and tough and brave
When all it is an act
Behind the screen we see
Depression aggression and obsession
Anxiety quietly eating them away

Georgie Kavanagh


A world of anxiety,
Friends, inspiration, ambition,
Loneliness, people, attention,
Determination, strength,
Obsession, social media,
Judgement, insecurity, standards,
Hatred, love, trust
And self-worth.

Sophie Kavanagh

The Solid Walls

The solid walls of the bricks we know
The place we fill
With who we know
Open a book and you will find
Information of every kind
The teachers around us are really great
They are good at keeping us up to date!


Photon Sphere

It’s easy to make nothing into something,
It’s easier to let things slide,
Mountains to molehills,
This to that.
Your form isn’t worth revolving around,
Yet you’re that decaying star.
To you,
Us and you mean the same thing,
Life’s core is you.


She Is

She’s unspoken and unheard of, yet so loud,
Introverted yet extroverted, shy but proud.
Brave and fearless,
Sitting there peerless.
Apparently cool
Because she rules the school.
No one knows what’s behind this girls enclose.


A Place

A place of judgement
A place where validation is based on likes and views
A place where who you follow and who knows you defines your being
Appearance is everything.
People’s thoughts and societies standards drown
Who you are and shape you to who they expect

Tara Decourcy

A World

A world of iPhones and expensive cars,
Concerts and electric guitars
A world of excellence and flawlessness
Where anxiety is seen as weakness
And imperfection does not exist.

Emma Bracken


I am in school right now
I don’t like it here
I’m not very smart
The system is unfair
I don’t wanna be here anymore
life shouldn’t depend on a week of tests
Full of information I’ll never need to no.
Leave geography leave maths
Teach us something we will need to know


This Planet

This planet,
Blue and lonely,
A speck on the cosmic wall.
This planet,
A something
In infinite nothing, in constant orbital fall.
Mistreated, overheated,
But there is nothing,
Nothing at all,
But this planet.

Anna Sheehan

The Loneliest Planet

The loneliest planet,
Drifting far away from your reach.
I am Pluto, grasping for your warmth.
But I’m met with the cool shame,
An unwanted piece of rock
That twirls aimless in a vast pit of nothingness,
I am forgotten, discarded.
And though you embarrassed me,
Shamed me,
Stole away my name and importance,
I still can’t stop revolving around you.
You are my star,
But I am not your planet.


Global Warming

We are killing the earth and that’s really fun
No one believes us as we are too young
Our forests are turning to ash in a second ask California they’ll tell you about it
They’ll tell you about how they lost most
They’re homes while Trump turns blind eye and tweets off his one
Global warmings an expensive little hoax for the last time this is not a joke
Our factories are working- toxins emitting.
Our ozone is crumbling and we wont stop putting toxins in what we are trying to breath,
our future is stolen and we are the thieves
Sea levels are rising and icebergs are melting
The coral reefs are dying and we just aren’t helping
Don’t you realize they keep the oceans alive this starting back 1985
Don’t come to me when your child can’t think of what a tiger is because they are extinct
Don’t cry to me when your fur coat ain’t clean the endangered list is now 41,416
Dear 2045
I don’t think we are gonna survive
If you’re reading this story I just want to say
I’m sorry

Zoe Fleming