Regina Mundi College, Ballinlough, Co. Cork

On a Warm Autumn’s Day

On a warm autumn’s day I was running late,
I threw on my docs and coat, the one I hate.
I legged it to the place we were supposed to meet,
Anxiety bubbling from my head to my feet.

I saw you and looked straight into your eyes.
A deep sea blue with specks of green at the side.
The way your face crinkled when you smiled
And for one split second the world was fine.

Overtime those eyes of yours turned grey
They became sad and started to look away
Those imperfections that I loved I could no longer see
You turned them off, hid them from me.

Those dark and misty, deep blue eyes
Wouldn’t stop telling me those hidden lies
And eventually I started to despise
The way you hid behind your eyes.



We found out only two days before,
We said that ‘couldn’t do it anymore’
He thought different
Said ‘we could win it’.

Then it all began
I could have ran
But I didn’t.

I stood up tall,
Addressed them all.

Took it all in,
Felt all the eyes burning my skin.

Let the inhibitions go
The words will just flow.

‘Thank you for listening’
Their eyes were all glistening.

I sat down still shaking,
Then there’s the waiting.
The judge calls my name,
I felt close to fame.

The hugs, the laughter
The feeling right after,
The feeling that I can take on the world.


To Show

She got cancer when I was five,
Yet she managed to stay alive.
She always gives us a smile
But she stopped for a while
Because the cancer came back
Stronger than a smack.

She fought again harder than ever
And I hope she stays forever.
Now she’s gotten better
And I’ll write her a letter
Or maybe this poem will do
To show how much I love her too.


Growing Up Together

Growing up together from when we were young,
She had my back in more ways than one.
We laughed from our mouths to our lungs.

At a time when I thought I was done,
She helped be back until I was no longer alone.
When the problem came back she fought until I won.


The Buzz

The buzz you get after exercising, swimming, cycling or running,
Is multiplied by two, when someone finishes it with you.
They’re not always around, too busy with work
But when they are,
They are there to motivate you,
To make you do what you thought you couldn’t
And when you finish the impossible,
It creates one of those special life moments with them,
Because they’re there with you.



Always excited to see me when I arrive home
Always keeps me company if I’m feeling low
Always puts me in a good mood
Always barks at people being rude
Always keeps me active by going out for walks


I Press the Button

I press the button on the machine
And the sound of the deep liquid filling the cup
Creates a melody like a tambourine
When the machine comes to a stop
My senses realise that it is almost time
As o proceed to put the lid on top
I enclose it in my hands
Take a sip,
And continue with my daily plans.



To dance is not just to twinkle and prance
It’s to feel and express,
To get stuff off of your chest.
I dance to feel tall,
Confident – never small,
If I had the chance,
For my whole life, I would dance.



I love Oreos
I always want more of those
I love the cream
It’s like a dream
When I dunk in milk
It tastes like silk
The outsides the crunch
I really love it a bunch
The crunch and cream together
It’s like the best combo ever.


My Dog Layla

She comes tight over and nudges my knee
I look down and she’s grinning at me
She whines and cries as she tries to talk
Trying to beg me to go for a walk
I pick up a ball and her eyes light up
She’s never changed since she’s been a young pup
Her tail starts wagging out of control
And now I realise it’s my heart that she stole



I like to bake
Chocolate cake
It’s nice to eat
As a treat

Icing is fun
But not when, I need to run
Jam and cream makes me scream,
But chocolate makes me dream.


The Feeling

The feeling of flying
After the months of trying
The reception you’re earning
After the effort of learning

Stepping on stage at the firkin crane
The swirling of travels down the lane
When the curtain comes down
You are left without a frown.


Roast Potatoes

Roast potatoes are very yum
When I eat them, they go in my tum
Last Christmas, I ate nineteen
I nearly got sick, I was almost green
They taste like Heaven,
I’d easily eat seven
I wish I was joking
I deserve a poking

My Dads the cook
He should really write a book
I would buy it
Or maybe I would fry it.



Wind in the sail
Going faster than a snail.

Hope I don’t fall in the water
Or I won’t be the favourite daughter.

Wind in my hair
The price isn’t fair.

Salt on my skin
I hope I get the win

Waves splash in my face
I hope I don’t lose the race.


At Five

At five every morning I swim
When I wake it is dim
It is really cold and we’re all tired
But I drink caffeine and then I get wired
Sometimes it isn’t easy
Cause the chlorine makes me sneezy

Sometimes when I train hard
I feel life my dad’s credit card
I love it too much to quit


On the Phone

I went on the phone
And ordered a hot scone
They said ‘they had none’
I began to moan



My dog Gypsy
My dog Gypsy she is so cute,
Although, her bark I wish I could mute
Her fur is so soft I could pet it all day
She may be lazy but she loves to play
And after she looks crazy with her beard a mess
But I guess this is when I love her the best.


Mum Knows Best

My mum knows best
We put her to the test

She’s good in the kitchen and
Handy at stichin’

Sundays her rest day.
Don’t bother her,
That’s what dad would say.



Exciting and very fast
The sound of the hurleys clash
In summer there’s a smell of fresh cut grass
Your legs get heavy when the nets crash

My arms are weak
The whistle squeaks
Toes numb in the winter
In my leg is a splinter

Pushed onto the floor
People let out a roar took a look at the score
We had won once more.



Pizza is my favourite food
It puts me in a good mood
Mozzarella cheese
I say yes please
I like ham on top
Everything must stop,
When I start to eat
I put up my feet,
No knife or fork
The best in cork
It has a crispy crust
Tomato sauce is a must
I’m hungry now,
I could eat a cow.


What I Like

I like to sing
When I dance around
The ring
But when I hear a bing
I know it is time to sing


My House

I love my house
It’s as quite as a mouse
I’ve lived there for 10 years
I’ve no fears



If I were to travel the world
I would be a happy girl
I would travel far and wide
And be filled with so much pride
I would go empty handed
With only a blanket



Music for me
Is like sitting in a tree
Where all I can see
Is the calming blue sea.
It’s like switching off my brain
And forgetting about pain
That surrounded me like rain
Going up through my veins
It’s like all the times
I’ve spent with all the friends of mine
This is how I want things to be
That’s what music is to me



The first time I saw my doggy
It was foggy
He was afraid
But I behaved

He is very hairy
And a little bit airey
He eat his bone
While alone.


Making Music

Making music of my own
Sitting there all alone
But without feeling alone
Because it’s just me and my musical celebration

Painting a picture, dancing a dance
Singing a song while telling a story
I can so all this as I play in a trance
Flying free in my world of glory.