Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork

I Am

I may fined reading hard,
I may not be able to spell,
I may act like I am shy,
But that is just to hide,
This dose not make me stuped
I may sit at the back of the class,
You may see me with colour glasse,
You may see me studing when I do not have to,
But I Have to do this to get by,
This dose not make me stuped
It is not a disease you can not catch it,
I am not wrid, I am not stuped,
I may be different but that ok,
I may not do languages,
But that dose not make me stuped,
I just have dyslexia.

Bríd Burke

They don’t Accept Me

On my own (racism)
They don’t accept me
They don’t accept me for my religion
They don’t accept for where I come from
They don’t accept me for my skin
When they ask where I come from
I tell them with shame
And as I am speaking
They act as if I’m not there
And when I am alone
I wish of being at home
Away from all the prejudice
Judgment and isolation
But here I’m on my own
They don’t accept me
They don’t accept me for me

Sarah Gordon and Avril Glavin

Different Love

I like a girl who likes me.
We kiss, we cuddle, as happy as can be.
We hold hands in the street, made to be in the way
As a teenage boy shouts out ‘gay.’
I like a girl who likes me.
Her touch is warm and makes me feel free.
I freeze constantly as I feel the eyes
Of idiots in disguise as ‘the guys.’
I like a girl who likes me.
Is that so wrong that you can’t leave us be?
Everyone pries, stares and eventually leave
Because we’re ‘too young to know’ and ‘too naïve.’
Because I like a girl and she likes me.

Hazel Walsh


I’ve been hurt a thousand times
But support keeps me strong
By those I hate and by those I love
But support keeps me strong.
My heart’s become covered in band aids and holes
But support keeps me strong.
Tears tell me goodnight and I say it back
But support keeps me strong.
The flaw in this however is that it’s all just a lie.
Just because they’re your family doesn’t mean what they do is fine.
Just because you think I’m yours does not make it alright.
And when you stop to think, you’ll start to realise,
Support doesn’t keep you strong,
You do.



Trying to be perfect,
Trying to be cool,
Doesn’t always work inside in school,
Not worth much,
But worth so much more,
Never deny,
Always apply.

Aoife Leonard

Days of Sadness

Never knowing what’s going on,
Sickness, Sadness, Sorrow.
Go to school wear a smile.
How’s your day?
How’s your mam?
The illness is gone,
But people still stare,
People still say,
That poor girl’s mother
Has cancer.

Caitlin Kearney


What world is this?
I just don’t know.
From problems to worries
To all the things that won’t make you strong.
Another class
Another teacher
Another stress upon my list.
As I sit here in silence
Wondering where life will after this.
A storm to come,
Another disaster,
Thank God Christmas is around the corner

Siobhan English


Inside the hardcovers are the foundations of life,
Everything revolves around words, be it names or verbs.
Words that are strung together in the form of a sentence is a very powerful tool.
A sentence can change someone’s mind perspective or outlook on a topic,
But by putting all these sentences into a book
Is ten times more powerful than any one word or one sentence.
Books have the power to educate,
But they can also take someone away from the real world
And place them in a world of fantasy and make-believe.
For better or for worse,
For my entire life I turned to books to take me away from my problems
And for all my years so far that’s exactly what they’ve done, every day.
Books help people, more specifically me, to cope with my problems.
I would never dream of ever stopping reading,
As it has and always be like the shell on my back
Protecting me from all the wrong doings in life.

Caitlin Lang


What kind of life is this?
That I can make a poetic list,
Of all the things I hate.
From teachers and homework,
To the worries of the bullies.
Drugs and alcohol can be even worse.
They cause more problems, an awful curse.
Don’t get me started on boys
All they do is tell us lies.
I wish I could change a few things,
In this oh so boring life.

Laura Fogarty

Mayo for Sam

The hopes are high again this year
An air of optimism runs through the camp
As the men tog out in their green and red
The wind curls down over Clew Bay
The men train day after day
Listening to the whispers “Mayo for Sam”
Heroes of old and players anew
Committed together win or lose
Anticipation builds,
Crowds arise, to stand united with hope in their eyes
Shoulder to Shoulder, standing tall
O’Connor, O’Shea, Moran and Clarke
Proudly step forward to make their mark
The fans chanting
“Mayo for Sam”

Rachel Hodgins


She comes in not a word to say
I just bite my lip and walk away
It’s like talking to a wall
She thinks she will never fall
I’m waiting for the ya she can’t find her way
I sit here and wait trying to be her mate
While the bottle of shampoo is still not in use

Olivia Coleman

Join the Dots

I have permanent dirt on my skin,
I look like I belong in the looney bin.
These reds and browns,
Give me frowns.
Skin like this is a sin.
Give me some donations,
So I can get a good foundation,
And cover this disgrace that I call my face,
Please help this poor dalmatian.