Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork

Try and Try

I try and try
I take the advice and I work on it
But it will never be enough
Some people will take my work and
Knock it down like a bulldozer to a building
Some people will build onto it
And help you grow bigger
Help you blossom
And when you find those people you cherish them
You lock them into your heart
And you help the blossom

Sarah Moher


Rumours spread like wildfire,
They wrap round your head like barbed wire,
They tear you down,
You feel like a clown,
Don’t listen to what they say,
Everyone will see one day,
That they are a bunch of liars,
Spreading these wildfires.

Jenny Mullins

The Faint Sound

The faint sound of laughter that once filled the house.
The light that used to shine through the window on a Saturday morning
While all was still and quiet.
The rumbling and fumbling of thing getting lost and found.
Now all is dark and dreary and the light doesn’t shine through no more.
There is no more smell of home baking as you walk through the door.
The kids have all left and the house became too big,
So we left the country and praised a life well lived.

Cate O’Brien

These Walls

These walls remember
The decorations from December
They remember children singing
And happy times throughout their upbringing
They remember the food that was prepared
And the clothes that were aired
They remember the stories that were told
In their very own household

Lauren Gould

We Judge Them

These walls remember the faces of these children,
From the tears of laughter and joy,
To the whimpers of feeling simply not good enough.
That boy who you see walking around the school,
Head held high now walks into this room and breaks down,
But nobody sees, because nobody cares,
But the walls surrounding him comfort him,
Make him feel that no matter what nobody will see him crumble into pieces,
They won’t tell his secrets, or make him feel small,
Just gives him the minutes he needs to gather himself.
Then he pulls his ragged jumper over his mouth,
So he can let his heavy breaths out so nobody hears.
Then when he is ready,
Opens the doors out into the hallway black with people he lies to
Because he is too afraid to let his true self out into the world.
We pass these people everyday,
We judge them and put a name on them,
Instead of helping them.



Relief from the pollution of our earth
Caused by humans
The ocean dreams of the clear waters it once had so long ago
Of a clean place for all its sea life to live again



The ocean dreams of freedom
Freedom from the scum
That is at the sea bed
Causing fish to be dead
Plastic that floats
And waste from boats
From things that pollute
The seas fruit

Katelyn Tierney

Laughs and Giggles

The laughs and giggles
The heartbreak and heart ache
The tears of joy
The sound of the TV every evening after a hard day of work
The voices from everyone that passes through the door
The stress of school or work
The silence as we sleep
The happiness throughout the house

Leanne Quirke

Good Times and Bad

How much work and sweat was put into them to be built
The good times and the bad
When people were rushing through the door every Sunday begging for a seat
The words being spoken from the alter with everyone paying attention
You couldn’t even hear a pin drop throughout the hour
Now less people come and stay to listen
And now no one seems to be begging for a seat

Susan Rea

Start to Finish

From start to finish
These walls have seen everything
From the first coat of paint
To the last shelf being filled
Laughter and tears
Milestone after milestone
These walls have always been there
They have seen everything

Eve Brenock


School is boring, but school is fine
But it’s in my head all the time
We work all day no time to play
It’s the same cycle, not much to say
My grades are bad, my organisation is sad
But school is boring, but school is fine
We’re all the same, walk the same line
Cause school is boring, but school is fine
I don’t hate school but I’d rather not
I don’t do my homework, I always get caught
Cause school is boring but school is fine
It’s an easy way to pass the time


My Dog Lucy

Beautiful dog Lu
Until she goes out to and does a poo
Bringing her for walks
And having the aul talks

Lulus friend walks by
And Lucy has a cry
You would swear we never feed her
When really she’s very greedy.

Everyone knows I’m her favourite
Even though my sister can’t bare it.

Anna Moran


I’m away with the fairies
But I’ll always say my hail Marys
I may be falling
And quite often be balling
I may be a bit slow
And don’t know where to go
But sure look I’m a poet
And I guess I know it


Nice Shiny Car

My name is Julia,
I’ve a nice shiny car,
Then I just go to Spar,
I get a smooch and a bar,
Then I go home to mullingar,
In my nice shiny car,
Then I go to my farm,
Then there is an alarm,
Then I say “damn”,
In my nice shiny car.



Cats, honestly just cats.
People judge for being a cat lady
But who’ll be laughing when they have 10 kids and are stressed
When I have 10 cats and I’m living my best life

So yeah, I’m a cat lady

Emily O’ Brien

I Dream

I dream of the fancy clothes, the fancy shoes, the fancy bags.
The fancy life.

I dream of the fancy car, the fancy house, the fancy white picket fence.
The fancy life.

I dream of the fancy job, the fancy family, the fancy dog.
The fancy life.

I dream about this fancy life. But is the fancy life all that fancy?

Caoimhe Leonard

Good and Bad

These walls remember
The good and bad memories
From bitching sessions to proper sessions
Staying up till 5 in the morning
To sleeping until 1 in the day
Sneaking out the window and
Trying not to get caught
And don’t get me started on
The talks about boys