Presentation College, Currylea,Tuam, Co. Galway


If I am trying to be kind,
And put my hand out for a shake,
Do I seem like a lick, or
Do I come across fake?

If I ask for a favour,
And one does approve,
Is that taking advantage,
If I continue and use?

In a hour of panic,
When ones faced with a question,
Is it selfish to save,
Their most valuable possession?

If we are the people,
And the people make rules,
Who are we to follow,
Our own educated fools.

Johanna Lane

The Clock is Ticking

I look around
Everywhere the people are blind
Unaware of the horrible truth that is to come.
Temperatures soaring, sea levels rising
Polluted air.

I am scared, terrified.
We need to change, rapidly
Our time is limited, the clock is ticking
Every day that goes by is one closer to the end

Solutions are needed.
We know what they are, yet society returns to what we rely on
What we need to function in our lives.

I want to scream, shout
Make the people listen
Because the clock is ticking and so are our lives.

Fern Connolly

Our Mother, Our Motivator

Poems don’t always tell stories,
But this one sure does,
It’s about an extraordinary women.
How she does it,
No one knows.
This woman is a fighter,
And has done many things alone,
Including raising two daughters.
She loves both to the bone.
She taught them to have courage,
And how to say yes,
And that when a challenge comes their way,
She’ll be beating in their chest.
She is the reason they succeed,
And the reason they fail,
Because they know if they do,
She’ll accept them either way.
She can always forgive,
And is willing to forget,
Which is exactly why,
She calls me her pet.
I am annoying at times,
And usually leave a mess,
But she cleans up anyway,
Because she loves me nonetheless.
And there’s been times,
Where we have not seen eye to eye,
As our eyes are much too similar.
We think the same and clash because of it,
It’s sometimes quiet during dinner.
However when I wake the next morning,
She never fails to be there,
Not enough time to eat breakfast,
Or even brush her hair.
Her priority is us,
And I can’t thank her enough.
For giving us what she deserved.
Instead, she had to be tough.
Many years have passed,
And I’m sure lots has changed,
But not once have I seen my mother,
Ever be afraid.
So now, I will take on that challenge,
And hold back my tears,
So she can get the chance,
To let hers appear.

Johanna Lane


School is just a couple of walls
Where we are told to act
The same as everyone else
But you’re not good enough for people
Unless you’re different

Abbie Kehoe

Look at Me

L is for the way u look at me.
O is for the only one I see,
V is very very extraordinary.
E is even more than anyone that you can adore.

Alana Mullins


My parents are divorced,
Now I know it’s pretty common,
But this poem is only sourced,
from my experiences.
About love, and all of its expenses.

First off, to eliminate the misconception.

It does not hold me back,
Wisdom I don’t lack,
My ability to love,
Is still firmly intact,
And this poem is not a pity party,
It’s about my parents.

Yes of course they were happy,
They must have been.
Trips here and there,
A long car spin,
With their favourite music
And the one who always made them grin,

They must, have, been.

It’s just a shame, they did it all in one sitting because now,
They must find a new way of living,
And it’s hard.

Everyday they have to watch their two daughters grow up, find love and flourish,
Meanwhile they sit at home with a can as they perish,
As they cannot find the courage,
To meet someone new that they can nourish,

And who can nourish them.

Now from observing this I needed little help,
to understand some concepts for myself.
Like how love cannot be bought or sold,
And that my parents past doesn’t make me cold.

Just slightly colder than the rest!

I learned that love takes time,
And should not be rushed,
And that anything pushed,
Results in hearts being crushed,

Because when that perfect family that people wish for, just disappears,
They will have faced one of their biggest fears.

They will have realized that everything was pointless.
That they spent all this time trying to find,
something they would just end up leaving behind.
And of course that pain lingers,
How does one deal with letting love,
slip right between their fingers.

That pain felt when love is lost,
Is worse than any in between.
It proves that the little tiffs on movie screens,
In reality, are the happy scenes.

That pain is the price that parents pay,
For falling in love too fast,
It’s with them every single day.
It’s watching their child’s tears,
Fall slowly down their face as they say;
“Mom, can’t it just go back to the old way?”
That type of pain ladies and gentlemen, it never goes away.

Johanna Lane

Cold Winter Day

It was a cold winter day
My breath was hot in the air
This was it the last minute of the final game
Everything went silent
My heart was pounding
I could feel the blood rushing through veins
I took a breath
I made the shot
The crowd let out a roar
The whistle blew


The Colours

The colours shine
The door closes
The lights are brighter
And darkness falls
The wind changes
And seasons come and go
Autumn arrives
Leaves fall



Waiting 4 months for JC results,
This is just a massive insult.
When we get the results it better be a good night,
Hopefully there won’t be any fights.
If I fail my exams I will be sad,
Let’s hope my parents aren’t that mad.
This is the end of my poem,
Now am I allowed to go home?



The sky is blue
The sun is shining
This poem might not be rhyming
The clouds are grey
And lightning strikes

Sophia Friel


Mouldy people all over the place
Are shifting the trees and the fences
Nobody knows what’s going on in their heads
Trying to resolve their mistakes
Rats will run
And rumours will have it


The Sky

The sky is blue
Just like the mat
The bird just flew
And hit the cat
The cat is black
Pat is his name
He has a broken back
And he’s in a lot of trouble pain

Lauren McDonagh