Portumna Community School, St Brigids Rd, Fairyhill, Portumna, Co. Galway


Our beauty doesn’t break
For a time,
I felt myself trying to climb,
But I just kept sliding,
Through my mind,
Building that ladder that just kept breaking,
I never made it to the top.
I wouldn’t break,
I never gave up when I felt that ache,
So I pushed on,
I looked,
I stared,
And I saw.
The beauty.
My beauty.
Because I am beautiful.
And so are you

Isabelle Canning

Teach Yourself

You take the perfect moment in your life
And feel the need to share
Hiding all your problems
You simply don’t feel the need to share
We hide the hard reality behind the dominating screen
Because we’re scared of what people will say
Because we think their all mean
Scrolling on your Instagram
And seeing all these stars whose lives seem a perfect picture
Because they too are hiding their scars
Nobody is perfection or family the royals
But if we plant strong seeds
And be true to ourselves we’ll nurture the radiant soil
Don’t compare yourself
Or feel the need to drown yourself in doubt
You are pretty, ugly, skinny or a little stout
You must teach yourself to stand on your own two feet
Instead of altering your opinions
Because of the people that we meet

Maeve Muldoon

Regular Day

It looks just like another regular day,
Regular pay,
For this day would be like no other day,
An uprising, a downfall all part of god’s plan,
As the man of age began to be questioned,
How could he be decent in an indecent time,
The world began to fall,
Once and for all, the world fell,
Everything they worked was suddenly gone,
As a new dawn began.

Keith O’Hara

Forever in my Heart

You no longer meet me as I walk through the door,
Whenever your not there it hurts a little more.
You made me laugh, smile and even cry,
And still to this day I found it hard to say goodbye.

A loyal companion, a best friend to me,
Your presence always brought me glee.
Forever in my heart you always will stay,
Nothing hurt me more than when you left me that day.

Aoife Robinson

The Final Drop

As the final drop of ink is spilled on the page with it seals my future
The words I have written may be just words
But we all know their meaning is greater
They mean anguish, stress, despair
And even though I want to I cannot care
Because this is my future
Or that’s what I’m told

Christine Hickey

Don’t Listen to Only an Adult

I always knew when I grew so kind,
I’d always have something “wrong with my mind”,
People assuming from stereotypes,
Thinking my problems turn into their hypes.
Living this life with high functioning autism
Feels like I fell into a judgement chasm.

I often struggle to try and find a friend
But to get some, I feel like it’s an issue I need to mend
Although not as bad enough to need help to send,
When trying to branch out people tend
To think of me as nothing more but kind, quiet
While the worries in me feel I need to be perfect, go on a diet.

It may seem to you that my troubles are a lot
But to everyone, one’s problem is different in size to what others got
Not everyone is dismissive, but some will still leave you to rot,
But it’s all down to the methods in which the older ones were taught.

Thankfully, I’m not as much of an outcast as I was be years ago,
The newer generations accept these problems more, and it can really show.
Do not feel alone, and if there’s nowhere you feel you can go:
Believe in peers as old as you and don’t push them below.
Just don’t listen to only an adult,
As some may make it, so you’re at fault.


The Lights of Broadway

Drama is a place to get away from all the drama,
When the stage feels like home, you know you’ve found a love.
A passion, something to believe in,
An inspirational, non-confrontational way to express your feelings.
Whether it’s singing, or dancing or acting,
The stage is a place for all that jazz, do you hear the people sing?
And I am not throwing away my shot, to be a star, to be a Barbra or a Patti,
To be remembered for my drama on the stage and not reality,
So don’t rain on my parade or tell me i’m a funny girl,
Because I am telling you that i’m not going.
I’m the greatest star, that’s the direction I am heading.
The lights of Broadway call me and I will be who I want to be in this century.

Jessica Madden


The game is about to begin
The ball is thrown in
Thirty men want to win,
This isn’t just a game
It means more
On that field
These men are going to war
For teams the play for
They’re dream is to win the game
And get some fame

Tom Duggan

I Walked Down

I walked down the leaf covered avenue
And glanced and some flowers, red, yellow and blue.
I went by the river and sat on a rock
And didn’t have to worry about the time on a clock.
I glanced to my right and saw a small deer
And in the flash of an eye, he quickly disappeared.
I took a step back to admire the sights
The glistening water reflecting from the lights.

Amy Lyons

The Game

The game is about the begin
The ball is thrown in
Thirty men fighting for the win
This isn’t just a game
This means more for these men
This is war
Playing for their team
The dream is to win the game
And get the fame

Tom Duggan and Jamie Hogan


To evolve a team of nobodies to somebodies,
To show that the grass will get greener,
To make invincible out of amateurs,
Can show that anyone can be a legend,

What do you do with a group of beginners,
When none of them know how to it professional,
How can you teach it to them in a light they can,
They can find it hard at the start,
But in the end, they transform into a man,

They may not be champions,
But in the minds of fans and others,
They are the champions,

They are the champions of becoming invincible!

Luke Dermody


There is a blanket of snow across the land
At one glance, it’s kind of bland.
But then you see the snowflakes fall,
It is a joyous occasion for all.

Days off school as the snow builds up,
Sitting at the fire to warm-up.
Making snowmen on the grass,
Having a snowball fight is a blast.

Sarah Hassett McCourtney

School Education

Teachers saying to get into formation
Be silent and stay in line
And you won’t have any problems
How are you meant to learn like that
Handed a book to memorize
Angry that it determines our future

Orla Molloy

Heads Held High

Walking out onto the pitch with our heads held high,
Not one of us is willing to ever say die,
Supporters with their flags waving side to side,
None of the sliotars are going to go wide,
The ball is thrown in and we are ready to begin,
Soloing, hand passing and striking,
When the final whistle goes, we will jump with glee,
When we absolutely trash the other team.

Ruth Murray

Tick Tock

Tick tock time is ticking
Sat here thinking
Go you don’t belong here
In the end were all only human
We live we die
Keep calm and live life
We only live once

Joshua O’Donnell


Messy hair
Tired eyes
We have no money
That’s no surprise
We spent it all
The night before
Fell through the door
Mad for the sesh
We are the beures

Catherine O’Sullivan


Life used to be going so amazing,
Looking back at that time now, I’m glad
That through that long merry period,
I made most of the happy time I had.

Nothing has changed, all is well,
But there is one thing bothering me, I won’t tell,
Starring in our school show,
I thought my happiness could only grow,
Family, friends school, everything is going splendid for me,
But none of which could prevent the departure of my glee.

I suppose with how everything right now, is going,
My mood shouldn’t be so glum,
But if it wasn’t for that one thing,
I wouldn’t be sitting here like a plum.

Seán Power

Pure Culchies

”I’ll meet ya at the spire”
Is what the eejits in the GAA jerseys
Shouts down the phone
As he complains about getting lost in that Penneys
On their rare trip to Dublin

The ploughing is the biggest event of the year
No dubs to be seen
They’re not shouting in your bleedin ear
Unless they show up for the free food

But there’s nothing better than 2 hours on the aul phones
Talking about silage as the cows make noise
Complaining because you’ve got stiff bones
As you shout down the phone ”bye bye” 50 times

But 30 minutes later you say again
”I’ll let ya go now bye bye bye bye….”


Think About It

When we talk in front of people, we shake when we speak,
And when we don’t drink we’re considered weak.
We look in the mirror and hate what we see,
And trying to fix it with paper that came from a tree.
But why though

We talk about people behind their backs,
And don’t accept people who are trying to get back on track.
We are polluting the earth and ruining nature,
An killing animals for “dangerous” behavior.
But why though

If you were given the chance to create the earth,
Would you fix all of its problems?
Of course you would.
So why don’t we.

Think about it.

Maria Quinn

School Days

Every morning you wake up and dread the thought of school,
Homework not finished in your schoolbag,
The thought of teachers roaring at you
’cause you didn’t finish your homework,
Then you remember what happened yesterday,
The noise of your classmates ringing in your head,
The laughter of your friends singing in your ears,
Then you remember why you went to school yesterday
And suddenly you find yourself on the bus on your way to school.

Siobhán Byrne


We head onto to the pitch like soldiers marching into war
We hear the claps of our parents, families, supporters as we head out the door.
The deafening silence of the pitch is shattered by the whistle
Stomachs drop in anticipation.
When the ball comes near,
We fight like we would fight for our nation.
When a player goes down,
They let off a battle cry,
A call to his teammates to stand and fight.
When the final whistle blows,
The strongest of men are reduced to tears,
As we realize our fears that we won’t win it for another year.

Sean Gohery

Step on the Pitch

Step on the pitch and release that anger
Hear them roar but you don’t answer
Go on sure you’re a chancer
Start running
Faster, faster
They’re still roaring
But you’re soaring
Running to them goals
It’s your ultimate goal
They’re still shouting
But your still bouncing
On your commute you shoot
Only to realize its the goals of the allies

Hannah O’Meara

A Dragon

I saw a dragon
So I got on my wagon
So I galloped a horse
With some force
When I saw a hut so I stopped
Off the horse I hopped
The horse ran away
So I decided to stay
Then the dragon returned
So I decided to have it burned
So I got a foe
And a bow
So I killed the dragon
And found another wagon
I went back to my house
And there lying on the bed was my spouse

Martin McDonagh


You can laugh, you can stare
Really do you think I care,
I have the best gift of all,
And that’s my family love and gra.
But you can knock me down
I will always get up because I know I’m greatness bound

Aisling Donnellan

Kettlebell, What is It?

When you’re standing on the platform
Waiting for the sign and the
Announcer blows the whistle shouting ‘10,9…’
When they reach the number three
You think what am I going to do
I have have to lift this weight in two

I do the sport for the love of it and yes, I like to win
But when people ask you what exactly you do it does your nut in
I lift a certain weight right above my head and wait until I hit 10 min
And see how many reps exactly I can fit in

Shauna Fahy


I went out one Wednesday eve,
Off to a disco I went, had good craic,
Until a few lads started trouble,
Bang 1,2,3,4 gone,
Few bouncers picked me up,
Brought me in the back,
The paramedics saying “kid, your lucky”,
They took me into an ambulance to do some more test,
Until they told me, we’ll do our best,
Bumps, bruises, black eyes
I finally got home to lay by my bedside.

James Mcloughlin

Out of the Battle

Out of the battle bus I jump, raging for battle
I land in Fatal, where there’s loads of cattle
Squad, duo, or solo, I always go far
Then I found a chest, out came a gold scar
I was getting materials, and I saw the storm about to pass
Then whipped out my launch pad, and glided away fast
To Frosty I went, where I found a plane
I avoided everyone, trying to get a W for me fèin
I saw there was only 3 left,
So I made my way outside,
Then another guy died
And there was just two,
I thought to myself “I’m gonna end you”
So I took out my minigun,
And didn’t stop spraying
Then up came Victory Royale on the screen,
And I started praying.

Jack O’Flaherty


Cake is the most important thing,
For birthdays, weddings and celebrations you bring,
Chocolate, Vanilla biscuit and sponge,
There is a cake for everyone,

Thank you, joy and happiness to
Is there nothing a cake can’t do,
A cake is good to see,
I think everyone can agree.

Caoimhe Claffey


I got games to play and things to do,
I’m not thinking much about you,
My eyes on the screen,
Not on you, every time I died,
I blamed you.
You distracted me from Fortnite,
So I had to get rid of you.

Niall Quirke and Gavin Headd


Just before you hit the grass,
You go to mass,
After meeting your opposition,
Gives you more ambition to win,
After belting the slioter into the back of the net,
You know you’ve earned the sweat,
At halftime,
You think of the sad times and good times,
But you know you have to keep your head held high,
And shur turn a blind eye.

Michelle Scott


I cut you
But you dont cry
I cry
I take off your layers
But you don’t take of mine
I smell the flavours
You are my favourite thing to smell
You are
An onion

Eoin and Oisin