Portumna Community School, Portumna, Co. Galway

Never Give Up

We shall not
We shall not give up
We won’t give up we will fight again
Cruel things hurt
So we all give up
But we won’t give up now
We all share this world as one
Being one is one in all
We all share our lives with the people we love
And cherish memories of joy
So don’t give up
We will fight again and be happy
So just move on and hold strong
For we all live one life and we want it to be happy
So be happy now and never give up
We all have sad times
We all shed our tears
We all get sick
We feel sorry for people who are permanently ill
So don’t give up
We won’t give up
Just tell yourself to move on
So just listen and tell yourself to:

Alannah O’Reilly

A Beat

Climbing stairs to the place
Where thoughts fill my head
After days of happiness
Somethings still doesn’t feel right
The music plays
I say
‘The words mean nothing’
But maybe they do

Lost in confusion
Listening to the sounds
The sound of the music
The sound of every beat
A beat
That I never forget
A beat
That makes my heart stop and wonder
Why do you make me feel this way?


I Came Out

I came out at 14,
What did it mean?
The pain,
The torture,
“You’re gay”
That’s all the lads seen

I told my mam during the break of Fair City,
All she could say “The shock could have killed me”
I wanted to talk, but she couldn’t
SHE was the one that was hurt.

I couldn’t be one of the lads
But I’d never be one of the girls,
Never truly.

It angers me,
The Isolation,
“Gays aren’t a part of our great nation,
“I’m not Gay, I’m Bi,”

But that doesn’t matter
“Cause he’s a fag”
“Cause He’s weird”
“Cause he’s a loner”
Just because he’s different

Our differences are not what make us unique
They are what make us targets
They are what make us cry

They make us…

“But it’s just a phase”


Korea and Back

It has taken me hours to think of what to write,
And still my words will never be enough,
What can I say, a strong, brave, hardworking family man,
Who has battled through a tough life,
From the war out in Korea all those years ago where you nearly lost your life,
To your last few days in the hospital room,
You managed to keep a smile across your face,
To the people who said you’d never make it back alive.
‘By God’ you proved them wrong.
Mike, we will always remember you with a smile on our faces and a happy thought in our minds,
As you look down on your ‘girleens’ from up above.

Ailbhe Salmon

Lucid Reality

Go to bed excited to dream
Hoping for flashing images of friends
And family and happy memories to play in a slideshow in your mind
But what if those flashing images are your reality
We’re dreaming when we think we’re awake
And what if humans years ago lost touch with reality
After being heavily medicated due to a soul destroying war
Victims began to Lucid Dream to try
To regain control of their reality but
After a while the drugs became overpowering
And their dreams became their reality
We’re living in our imaginations

Lily Mia Healy

My Best Friend

You chose the day, I could see you saying goodbye with your eyes
One last hug and kiss the first of many cries
The day I lost my best friend
The day my conversations with the best listener came to an end
You were one of the biggest parts of my childhood
Without you would those outside “adventures” have been as good
The heartache I felt when I realised
That I couldn’t go to you to soothe my cries
But it’s ok now right ?
I mean she was “just” a dog, you’ll be alright
But no it’s not, how could you forget you’re best friend
A relationship as special as that one, it’s so hard to accept it’s the end



It’s home where we all come back to
Although times are tough
We love even though we fight
I have my mood swing and I always
Cry but when I talk to mam, I know I’ll be alright
Life can be tough, know that you’re the smart child in the family
Everyone is watching you too see if u will fail
I have done bad things in my time but I know that when I go
Home everything will be alright
I fall out with and we argue all the time but when I need help
She’ll always have my back
Minding my brother who always relies on me and know that I have to be careful
About what I do because he needs me to be there for him
He’s in his wheelchair, hoping when I come home that I am safe

Kaitlyn Brien


She told me put my heart in the bag
And nobody gets hurt
Now I’m running from her love, I’m not fast
So I’m making it worse
Now I’m digging up a grave, from my past
I’m a whole different person
It’s a gift and a curse
But I cannot reverse it

Peter Burke


Not in the front, not in the back
I’m the other friend
Not in the group but not out of it
I blend
Don’t be too shy, just smile
Stick to the trend only then can you truly blend

Zara Keane


Life I have seen people die
While id cry and feel id have nothing left
Yes but as the saying goes life moves on
But as I might look down the street
I wish I could see her
Good-bye granny



The time of year when Summer nears
The atmosphere is full of cheer,
Young and old enjoy the feeling
As each and everyone is gleaming,
Thinking about those bright Summer days
When all the beams of Summer rays
Illuminates a calming air
That everyone can enjoy and share.



Music is everywhere
Sounds combining to make a tune
It carries us into a magical world
We feel as though we are under a spell
Music brings peace
To all who hear it
Everyone would agree that music is wonderful
Our lives would not be the same without music


Final Goodbye

It all happened so fast
The cries
The screams
The shouts
The ambulance racing towards our house
It will all be fine they promised
As you looked me straight in the eye
Little did I know
It was our final goodbye

Caoimhe Callan

A Smile

A smile that doesn’t fully reach her eyes
No matter how hard she truly tries
Surrounded by others but feels alone
Starting to wish she had never grown.
The future will hold better days
But she still knows its not a phase.


The Big Day

Having to know what you want to be
Before doing the LC.
Exam papers, textbooks, copies, pens, pencils, folders, binders.
Deadlines, projects, credits, points, class, tests, exams.
“The big day”
The one day.
That decides your future.
“What do you want to do when you finish school?”.
“I’d say your head is in the books”.
Best of luck.

Fiona Lohan


Born in Galway
Raised in Ennis
Travelled across the Shannon
And made home in Woodford
No long after was moved to Tynagh
Taught I was settled
But was shipped to Portumna
Always Moving
Never settled
On the run

Kyle McCole-Madden

I Love

I love going home
I do not like school
I have brown hair
I support Liverpool
I can’t wait for college
It will be really fun
I don’t like birds
And I don’t like to run
I cant write poems
But I did try
Gonna end it now

Edel Concannon


Put in the kitchen,
Always bitchin,
The competition,
Feels like repetition,
Stabbed in the back,
Always an attack,
The rumours I dread,
They are better left unsaid.



Playing PlayStation 9-9
Forgetting to dine
All the loot be mine
Gotta make the poem rhyme
Hear the alarm chime
Go to school

Gerry Forde

I Love

I love going to the sea
Mum makes the lunch
We all like to munch
On the fudge
Were such a happy bunch



Did this crap in the past but I want it to last
You were made outta plastic and fake
I was tangled up in your drastic ways
Who knew evil girls have the prettiest face?
Easier said than done
I thought you were the one, listening to my heart
Instead of my head, you found another but I’m the better one
I won’t let you forget me.

Adam Hegarty

We Won

When Tynagh won the U16 Hurling Championship
When I was the captain for the team playing full back for them.
This was the best moment I have probably ever had
And I’m am proud of the lads that throughout the year fought.
We had injury’s in the group matches, two lads with broken hands
And we thought that we wouldn’t go anywhere
But we pulled through and won the final on my parents wedding anniversary.

Padraig Finnerty


To pinging ball to hand,
One bust up costs me 40 push ups,
After 20 laps everyone’s clapped,
Well time to go home with the books to be done,
3 hours to do with a dose of a flu,
All done for the morning and no one knew,
All the stress that I went though,
But when I lifted that cup it was a dream come through.

Micheal Power


He plays corner back
He is our number 4
He always drops the ball
And watches his man score



I’m being serious,
I’m being serious,
I’m talking fax here,
I don’t do ifs,
Buts or maybes,
I do absolutes,



Portumna is my city (Big up near killimor)
Me and the boys rock up
Sock up
Handle this McSuace
Mass on a Sunday morning
Take the warning
Fortnite 9-5, still alive



I don’t think I was
I mean to be honest
People were sayin I was wrong for saying
Mane is the best player in the world
I’m jus sayin, I’m jus sayin
Overall performance,
Defence great
Attack bosh
Mane, the best
Loris, Karius, let’s move on

Martoin Tuohy