Portumna Community School, Portumna, Co. Galway

We Can Never Appreciate What We Have


Why is it that we can never appreciate what we have?

Why do we yearn for that which is furthest away?

If someone is loud, they are told to quieten down,

If they are shy, they are told to speak up.

If we are skinny, we’re told to gain weight and if fat we are told to lose it.

Like there is an imaginary box that we all have to fit into,

But no-one knows what you have to be to fit in the box,

So no matter what you do or who you are it is always wrong.

Even when you find a way to disconnect and get away from it all

The silence is more overbearing than all the people screaming at you

Because in that moment you realise that you don’t even know who you want to be,

After being overwhelmed by everyone else.

Why is it that we can never appreciate what we have?



Walking the dog with my best friend

She’s almost like my sister

At 10 o’clock this was

Listening to sad songs

Reflecting on life

This is honestly a vibe

I feel free

I feel relieved

I feel calm

Coming home and finishing my art homework

So Ms. Aldos doesn’t give out tomorrow morning

Mams calling us for dinner

I don’t like fish

But I still ate it and finished it

Running up the stairs

Lights off, LEDs on

Goodnight , I love you


A Good Life


I have a good life; it’s true I swear,

Except for when there is nobody there.

I sit in my room, in the cold and the night

And think to myself, am I really alright

Because when I think of my friends with their skinny bodies

And faces so clear

I have to admit

I have to submit,

To the fact, they have what I want

And all they have to do is daunt,

Because even though they are my friends

I feel them look at me and cleanse,

Because even when they look like shite,

They look at me and think they’re alright.

And when we chat and chit

I remember the puzzle piece that never really fit.

But then I get hit in the face with reality,

The parts of me they want to see,

Because even though I don’t look like them

They will always want to be my friends.

They will pick me up when I fall down

And always try to fix my frown.

Then I realize my life is good,

Even when you feel like driftwood,

Because your friends are the wind, the rips, and the sea,

And they will guide you to shore or quay.

And eventually, guide you home,

And show you that you are free to roam.

Without doubt or fear,

All because they brought you here.

And to my friends, I say thank you,

Because without you,

I don’t know what I’d do.


Finding Peace


Home is a house where you find love

Love is the courage where you find fear

Fear is the light of courage but you’re frightened

Frightened by the meaning of the future

Peace is the meaning of war as people gather as one to find happiness

Happiness is the meaning of depressed people who find joy in feeding the birds

Joy is the meaning of loneliness when someone cries by your bedside.


I Can’t Wait


I can’t wait to grow up.

I can’t help it.

I can’t wait to be on my own

And I won’t mind cause I’ll have my phone

And I’ll call mam whenever I’m sad or if my car breaks down I’ll call my dad.

I can’t wait to move halfway across the earth and scream at a concert

Or surf on some beach in Perth.

No limits.

I can’t wait to disappear into a crowd and to become invisible.

No expectations.

I can’t wait to sing and dance and laugh without feeling guilty.

To go home at Christmas and talk over tea

No pressure.

I can’t wait.

But for now I’ll lie on my bed

Wishing time away until I leave this in-between state

I can’t wait.


Look At


Look at that case isn’t she ace

Look at that Massey isn’t she classey

Masseys classey but a Zetor is better

If she’s not blue she won’t do

Fear the Deere

Fear no Deere

Nothing runs like a Deere

Look at that case isn’t she ace


My House


I live in my house

I sleep in my house

I eat in my house

I like my house

My house is nice

Because there are no mice