Patrician High School, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan.


Soldiers being fed to artillery
Waiting for auxiliary
Doves running around with orders
Crossing German boarders
While Tanks ram into enemy lines
Always being in the front lines
With the ground covered in holes
And souls lying in them
With a war that has no end
The soldiers will surely fall
As Germans defend
And soldiers crawl
Both sides waiting for it too stop
A war without any meaning

Tell Me

Tell me what you know about dreamin’, dreamin’
You don’t really know about nothin’, nothin’
Tell me what you know about them night terrors every night
Five AM cold sweats, waking up to the sky
Tell me what you know about dreams, dreams
Tell me what you know about night terrors, nothin’
You don’t really care about the trials of tomorrow
Rather lay awake in the bed full of sorrow

Meant To Be

I do not know who I am
Or who I’m meant to be
We are told to figure it out
Since the start of childhood, from the age of three.
I want to do something fun, because that’s what life’s about
I don’t want to be a zombie, a voice without a mouth.
I want to write, direct, star, something like that
So many stories that need to be let out.
So I don’t know who I am,
I have not got a clue,
About what I want,
About what I want to do,
So here it is, this is my poem
This is my story, who I’m meant to be.

 Money Grab

People who do not care about those who make them wealthy
As more and more mothers money gets flushed down the drain
To fund something that’s not real, a game
To help those who aren’t in need
its country’s like Belgium who lead
Electronic arts use the dark arts of manipulating people into a fantasy
All to keep the budget ticking over to go home to fancy.

Bizzare Car

I went out for a stroll and approached a car,
Little did I know I would see something bizarre
A man holding a couple of small jar
Filled with honey and sweetness they are,
With a scar on his forehead,
It seamed that he was quite a warhead
It looked as the man was left for dead
But all he wanted was to sleep in your bed.


There once was a man
His name was Ivan
From the Soviet Union
He had a reunion
With his old school
His school was cruel
They used to call him a fool
But at the end of the day
All he wanted to be was a valet

Story of Tommy

Here’s a story about a guy named Tommy
His life was hard since he lost his mommy
He grew up in rough Artane
He only knew the pain
The life of drugs and crime
Not being able to spend a dime,
He never had a place to reside
He wasn’t accepted on the worksite
Which is why he died on a roadside.


There once was a man called the monkey
He lived in a roofless shed
He also was a junkie
He wandered around the roads
He shot and ate toads
On the night of Halloween 2019
He tried to catch some kids making a scene
He ran up behind them
Grabbed them and screamed


Key’s, Mouse’s, switch’s and more
Dark mornings, relaxing bus rides
Football at the core.
Learning, Studying,
Writing like a chore
Gaming, working,
School forevermore
Monaghan, Louth, Meath
Brexit, Exit, Twitter
Rotten to the core

The Work

We play in the dirt
We work on the fields
We do all the work
And have a few good feeds
A pint at the weekend
Never done any harm
We make feck all money
But we have a bit of honey

If Killanny didn’t go junior
The club would have some hope
Might have to switch to the jemmy cokes
Burnsey would be proud
He would be shouting so loud
If united beat PSG
But we all know
Messi is the goat.
Not that Cr7 isn’t even close


Up early in the morning in bed early at night,
To be effective at school i need to rest a full night.
Always have to walk to school but wish i had a bike.
Working hard in the day so i can get good grades,
When i get home i like to play games with my friends,

But i only ever play until the clock hits ten,
Then i gotta brush my teeth then take a hot shower,
I might read a book for one or two hours.
Then its into bed around 11 o’clock,
And i cant forget to set an alarm clock.

The Fish

He loves to swim and then go to the gym
If he had a wish it would be to marry the fish
His dad drives a truck but he DOSENT give a duck
He’s a hard worker especially for Edita
Deano the fish loves him so much but he DOSENT like it
When his owner accidentally touch
One day at home he Arove to see his pet fish cooked in the stove


The ball goes up and I come down
I fall, tumble like the many failures before me
The rumble in my stomach is gone
Forced out by expectations and pressure
Weighing on me like a ten tone paper weight on my back,
That just cant wait for me to buckle
The ones waiting for me to crash
The ones that want me to finally fall
The ones that want to watch me crumble


What a way to spend a night
To play games with boys and fight the fight
Playing names like Fella
Or Nelson Mandela
We may be losing but never fear
But what is that i hear, Big Barry coming to tear
At the end of the night i have to say
That promotion is underway ,
Are we going to win the title today

Sports Hall

Open hall,
Bouncing balls,
Squeaking shoes,
Lined courts.
Empty hall,
Quiet and still,
One blow of a whistle,
Time to play ball!


Down the road,
All of my friends
Just having the craic
Peace for us all away from
The mayhem of life.

Best Way

You may fall to the floor
You may fall down a tree
The best way to fall is to fall in love with meat
Vegan is musty crusty dusty
It suck taste like muck
Dunno it just went with it


To be going out to pubs and clubs
But here i am playing pro clubs
Well in doomps
The bad boy boomps
Shaqo the wacko hitting it in to ba-rry and the tree
Ho ho ho
Oh no
Its time for shevvy
He drags the club to the mud
Making us heavy
The boom yoke is doing grand
Just wait till he shoots
It will go into the stand
Oh what limbs would be thrown if we won
But with little fella we’re never hitting div 1
Green giant
He’s so tall he’s in the clouds
Like his names bryant

What is a Pol

Who is a pol he is like a goat
Because he has hairs on his chinny chin chin
Pol for the win
He likes breakfast rolls
He like to eat cheese
And honey from bees
Poll the poliest of them all #fremypol

Jump Higher

I always liked soccer, such a tough game,
But me gets stuck in
Boom score a goal
Jump a little higher score a goal