Stephen Murray’s Online Poetry Workshops are open to writers of all ages and ability. The courses comprise of six two-hour online live workshops, which will run weekly every Monday or Thursday from 7.30pm (GMT). Weekend courses are also available for US students.

Participants will learn the skills and techniques necessary to start and complete their first collection of poems, while also benefiting from Stephen’s renowned expertise in mentoring the creative writing process.

Every week participants will complete various writing exercises that will combine themed brainstorming with the application of the rhetorical and poetic devices that complete a poem.

At the end of each session participants will be given small writing tasks to complete for the following week. After the first session each workshop will start with workshop analysis of the completed work before the group moves on to the next module.

As with all of Stephen’s courses, these promise to be an intensively powerful, but ultimately memorable experience that will change the way that you write and think about writing forever.


BOOKINGS ONLINE SOON for more details
Courses will include the following:
  • Brainstorming & making lists dance
  • Harnessing the stream of consciousness
  • Finding your voice
  • Rhetorical and poetic devices
  • The musicality of vocabulary
  • Rhyme, meter and form
  • Heroic repetition
  • Bringing characters to life
  • Creating a theme
  • Killing your darlings and the editorial process
  • Killing the poet for the good of the poem
  • Polishing, presenting and publishing

Courses start in September 2016.

The cost of the course is €150.

There is a limit of ten places on each course.

BOOKINGS ONLINE SOON for more details
Today’s poetry is not written in school textbooks
It is waxing lyrical in basement bars, whipping crowds into frenzies
It is scrawled on toilet walls, viral on YouTube, retro on Instagram
Underground in our community streets
It has evolved from stone tablets to the printing press to the digital age
It is the ghetto punk patois of our comic book superheroes, our gangsters and our gods
It is electrifying our classrooms and it is changing the lives of students forever.
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