O’Carolan College, Nobber, Co. Meath

The Shadows

What the shadows crave
Is not be able live the best that I can
To be afraid of what I can achieve
To be afraid to reach out to others
To sorrow in darkness and not shine bright
To not believe in my dreams and goals
But I want to erase those shadows
I want to be the best of my ability
Not do what the shadows
But why I wish

The Happiness and the Sadness

The happiness the sadness
And the stress of life
The days that I wish would last forever
And the days that I wish never happened
They also remember the people
The people that make you happy
And the people that anger you

The Days

The days of long sunshine and staying up late,
Slowly begin to decline
The bright colour of our summer clothes get replaced
With the dull blue and grey of our uniform
The light fades and darkness ensues
More inside, than out

The Forest

The forest of desk and dust and dirt hide whispers of bags and pipes
That leak dreams at the strike of a match, there’s a loudness to the whispers I hear.
The whispers drown out the light that’s fighting through the trees, desperate to shine on us.
The forest hides roots that trip us and trolls that push us
But at the river we can sail into the sun, or drown.


This is where my thoughts lie dormant
A break from over thinking and stress
This is where I be myself without duress
A virtual escape from a physical realm
This is where I take a break from irritation and the rest
A place where I actually am one of the best
This is where I like to be in a place of peace
A place where I just rest and put my mind at ease

The First Day

The walls remember.
The first day we arrived.
All of us nervous.
Not knowing what to expect.
Big senior students standing tall.
Hoping not to get pushed around.
Running to class everyday.
Doing homework the right way.

Air Escaping

Air escaping from my lungs being replaced by everything that I fear spreading around me
With each beat of my heart increasing in speed each time.
Realizing that to stop the cycle that I need to let go but the unknown territory
That goes with letting go is terrifying enough to keep my hanging on.
Everytime I nearly cut the last tie something makes me want to cling on
And before I know it I’m already tangled in a new knot.
Soon enough I will have the courage to use a pair of scissors
And remove the knot altogether but not yet.


The feeling of freedom
Wild and free
Behind two ears
Is the best company
It keeps me sane
When behind a blowing mane
It’s the best thing for me
When running free!

A Place

I come from a place
Where the only thing you hear
Is the roar of a tractor
And the balling of a lamb
The only thing you smell
Is the pungent of silage
Or the reek of manure
I wouldn’t trade it for the world
Though I know it won’t last forever
So I try to saviour every moment of it


He made me fall
For everything he is
A great smile, those brown eyes
He is funny, sweet, kind
The list goes on
But one thing that never leaves
Is when he stopped.
He stopped speaking and interacting with me.
It hurt, I was full of pain
I thought there was nothing more that I could gain.
Until that one day,
He appeared.


The tall trees are green
The teenagers lie unconscious unseen
Unable to handle their drink
Society has pushed them to the brink
As the piles of cans pile higher
Some are branded dosser


I’ve worked so hard all my life
Got everything I thought I wanted, kids and a wife
Teachers they said focus on school
When it’s all said and done, you’ll be cool, you’ll rule
But that shit ain’t real,
I m here now, I don’t know how to feel


The first day of secondary school
It wasn’t like it was in the movies
There was so many opportunities
When everyone got to know each other
Then the conversation started to flow
When everyone started to grow
There through colours started to show


The darkness whispers in your head
Not a single soul wants you here
They say they look up to you
But sure how can they
When you’re looking up from the pit

They say you’re the one who leads
But the darkness cuts you down
You make sure it doesn’t show
But to the only know who knows

You hear the good things
But what’s the point in that
When then flying in your dome
Won’t let you believe it yourself

But you just keep flowing
Not letting other people see
Because you took that pressure
It’s your fault, you took it on yourself


We go to focus on our lives
We learn about our future with kids and wives
We learn about the subjects that go over our heads
We groan and wings about missing our beds
We come to discover our hopes and dreams
That are overshadowed my students screams
GraffitI in the bathrooms tell us all
That this place is where the darkness crawls

The Days

The days of happiness and sadness
First time walking
Starting off school
Going to secondary education
Setting off for college
Getting a job
Growing up

We Come Together

This is where we come together every day,
We are surrounded by people all day,
Yet we feel so alone, like we shouldn’t be there.
We are made put on this mask where everything is okay.
We’re fine, there’s no reason to feel upset, angry, tired.
This is what we believe, because that is what we’re told.
But it’s not.


We are all so different
But yet so much the same
We all experience
Some kind of pain


What the darkness whispers
What was said,
All the noise goes
Right through my head
All the homework
I’d rather be dead.


My names Colin
I suffer from pollen
In the summer it’s the worst
I always fell like I’m about to burst
I have to take tablets
I keep a few rabbits
I have them out on grass
They ate away at the brass

A Frog

They’re once was a frog
Who fell in love with a dog
His name was billy
And her name was lily
And they lived
Happily ever after


Gammy toes
Sloppy joes
You have a big fat nose