O’Carolan College, Nobber, Co. Meath

Big Black Blocks

Big black blocks of metal sitting on my face,
Blurry to some but clear to me,
I look out,
But salty little droplets blur my view.
Four eyes they call me,
Completely insensitive to my disability.
I tried to change to avoid harassment.
The laser burning into my pupil,
I imagine colours I’ll never see again.

Hannah Rooney, Eva McConnell, & Niamh Smith

The Calm

In the changing rooms, silence
Like a pulse pumping.
Nerves aching, hearts thumping,
Dreams of success, visions of failure.
The floor, a canvas of our imagination.
We sit like mourners at a funeral,
Choking on anticipation.
The roar stuck in our throats
The cold, the wet, the pain,
The preparation,
The steam off the scrum.
The pouring rain,
The calm before the storm.

Liam McCartan

I Love Myself

I love myself,
I love myself,
Try to preserve my confidence,
The mirror told him
I hate myself
He found the wrong kind of peace,
Rolled down his sleeves,
I love myself, I love myself

Adrian Duggan

The Patriarchy

I live in a box,
Four walls surround me, but feels like more,
I get hormonal, I need a door,
There is no way out, but to shatter this heavy glass ceiling,
To end the patriarchy that shackles me to the floor,
I live in a box
But it is my box.

Rihanna Gorman

My Poem

I never let me down
I always think of positive things
Not all of the bad things, my never
Going to mean or rude going to be nice
And positive person, even though I’ve
Be through a lot my going to be to
Be a positive to everyone, I’m shy and timid
And have dyslexia and dyspraxia, but I’m not
Going to let it stop myself and stand strong
And break my chains and be free

Ruby Reilly


The dribble of the basketball,
The swish of the net,
The squeaking of my shoes against
The wood floor,
The passion and determination that
I feel is indescribable,
As sweat drips down my temples.

The basketball court, my temple, my home.
It is where all my thoughts and emotions
Are erased from my mind
My demons are vanquished
All there is
Is the basketball and
The hoop.

The court is a place that I can focus,
A place where I can put all of my
Thoughts and feelings into the
Things that are important to me.

Basketball is my life and
The court is where my
Life lives.

Sean Penny

My Best Friend

To my best friend of the last three years,
The cause of happiness
And the cause of tears.
You’re smile could make any room so bright,
Thoughts of that smile
Kept me awake at night.
So to a former friend of mine,
Who has gone
And left me behind.
I want to show I love you dearly,
What could of have been and what was nearly
A perfect friendship,
For a prefect friend.
I am truly sad we’ve reached the end.
So to my best friend of long ago,
I love you so much,
But that you already know.

Katelyn Russell


Walked in with a Shock
Looked up at the Clock
Forgot about the Beat
That kept me on my Feet
The Beating of my Heart
That was falling Apart
The Vision in my Eyes
Was all Lies
Realising the Pain
Caused By Cocaine
While Falling to the Ground
It all ended With a Big Sound.

Kacper Pawlik


Writing poems hurt my brain,
It brings me lots of pain.
Thinking of lines is not fun,
I’d rather be a nun.
Making it rhyme,
Takes a lot of time,
But I should not moan,
Because I have just wrote a poem.

Eimear Lambe


Patchy tan
Eyebrows drawn on
Skirts too short
Eyelashes too long

What is she wearing
Who is she with
Drinking to get drunk
Smoking to get lit



Sheldon goes to the gym
Sometimes I go with him
We all want to be slim
Sometimes it can be grim

He likes to lift those weights
So muscles he can create
Dinners on the plates
His stomach it awaits

Sheldon’s arms are massive
Their getting expansive
Everyone else is passive
So he can be combative

That horrible smell of sweat
Can you get it yet
Worse than a cigarette
Or a sexy brunette

Sheldon is a beast
He is going to feast
His t-shirts getting creased
Popularity increased

Sheldon Swarres

Waking Up

Waking up early in the morning,
Is a warning of yawning.

Yawning is a warning of work,
Work is a jerk.

Jerks are dirt,
Dirt is everywhere.

It is not fair,
Nothing is fair.

Tristan Lynch


From planting plants,
To building blocks,
Raking lawns,
To laying bricks,

From driving diggers,
To using shovels,
Driving tractors,
To raking by hand,
Ground works are always in demand.


Silage Season

It is silage season,
Busy much on,
Drawing grass all day long,
Flat for mass of a Saturday,
Beacons light up the night

The pits filling up,
The 24ft can’t get around,
It’s nearly time to slurry the ground.

Sam Evans


Fishing fishing,
Catching less than i’ve been wishing,
Hooks in my finger,
Liquid worm on my hands,
Slimy fish covered with scales,
Ragworm give a nasty bite,
Pike don’t lose without a fight,
Early in the morning,
Late in the evening,
I’m catching nonetheless.

Kellen Angell