O’ Carolan College, Nobber. Co. Meath.

A Good Day

Today’s a good day to die but a better day to live
It’s a good day to take but a better day to give
Today’s a good day to cry but a better day to smile
It’s a good week to weep but you can’t when life’s at its peak
It’s a good time to be alive
It’s a good time to thrive
It’s a good day to go to the zoo
It’s time to be you.

I Loved You 

I loved you , you know
But you didn’t know
And you ghosted me
You left me alone four years
But I still loved you
You went off and lived your life without me,
But I still longed for the past
And I thought about you so often
That it began to hurt
But I still loved you.
You were my first proper crush,
But now your happy in love
And I’m still here
Longing for you to notice me
And yet I still love you
You asked me to meet again

White Curtain

As the thin layer of white sand soaks up the warm rays of shining light
As the white cold grains slowly drip away with the new out coming light
As the once hidden ground appears from the white curtain
As it pulls back never to be seen again.

That Day

I look at him secretly in every class
How could he ever know.
I tell my friends about him with every gasp
How could he know.
Each time i think about his eyes, his smile
I immediately get butterflies.
I will never fault that day
When i first saw him
In that one math’s class.

I Can I Will

You can’t write good
You can’t read fast
You can’t learn the same
I can
You won’t be able to keep up
You won’t know what to say
You won’t understand
I will
You need help with everything
You need to stop talking
You need to stop being yourself
I can’t, I won’t, I need
I can, I will, I don’t need


Why are Skylanders sold individually
Is anyone bothered to buy them really
They new ones cost too much out of the box
The price creeps up as sly as a fox
At least the games hold up to this day
Though the price of the portals are not worth the pay.
I wish I could go back to that time years ago
When the price didn’t matter, I was seven years old.

One Hour

Lying in bed
It’s 3am
Will i sleep
Is there an end
Just one hour
That’s what i need
A real nights sleep
With lovely dreams

Mundane Monday

Monday morning again
After having a class weekend
Should I stay in bed
And cover my head
And hope that this day will end
Or do I go to school
Meet the lads and act the fool
Play it all cool
For the week until Monday aga

My Name Is

My name is Paddy G
I from Moynalty
How’s your mam doing
She said she would call me
I love playing darts
And letting out farts
In the science lab
Then I hit the dab


Spending weekends playing Fut Champs makes me sad,
Playing for Red picks
And they’re always bad.
Win one, lose three
Such a bleedin misery.
Having your shots blocked by Varane
Is enough to demoralise any man.
God I hate FIFA.

They Think

They think I’m weird
They stare and laugh
So closed minded and ignorant
They think I’m weird
Obnoxious and stupid
Horrid and mean
I love Spider-Man
Only Tobey Maguire though
He’s pretty good


Father Troy so
Poetic and great
I’m about to banish all the hate
I’m about to meet my maties
And sail the seven seas
Just us and a breeze
Sailing whatever way we please
We also have flees


I’m so cold
It is freezing
Why does this school
Not put on the heating
I’m freezing to death
I feel like ice
This is not very nice

Toy Show I Go

I work in Apache
For €7 an hour
The boss asked me to work
Said no I’m due a shower
Took Friday off to watch the toy show
She wasn’t happy
So she gave me the go


I hate when your looking for something in toy/game shops
When they say they don’t have an item
They don’t check in the back because there lazy
This really annoys me because they could have the item
But they wont bother checking for the item and
That’s my rant about toy/game shops
Employees being lazy

My Advice

The door is open
I’m chilled to the bone
I wish there was heating
I want to go home.
I don’t want to be here
My toes are like ice
“Don’t go to school”
My best advice

Peru Man

There was a man from Peru
Who dreamed he was eating his shoe
He woke at night with a terrible fright
To find out his dream had came trough

Miley Virus

I’m in a workshop
Having a laugh
I gotta go home and cut the grass
Coming to school is such a chore
Going down the bog road is fairly sore
My dogs name is covid
Just like the virus
When we are at home we blast Miley Cyrus

Looks Likely

Emile Heskey the chuck Norris of football
Hes got some many talents to easily drop your jaw
The was he dribbles down the line and looks likely to score
But then steps over but falls over and then misses the ball

My Bike

Bought a bike
Bought new alloys
It’s looking fine
Got a speeding fine, for doing 150
But my bike will get me away from the guards any day

Air Freshener

I hate the way that petrol station bathrooms smell
It’s really distracting and smelly when I need to go to the bathroom
They need to have some sort of scent to get rid of the smell


Frogs can jump frogs can leap but they aren’t sheep
Sheep can baa sheep can maa
But they dint come close to me ma

Plan B

Float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
The earth is dying.
There is no plan b