Newtown School, Waterford

The Box

“This is your box,
Now stay.
“Do your work,
And stay.”

“This is my box,
I’ll stay.
I’ll do my work,
And stay.”

I can look out
And others can look in
I can let them see
Or I can block out the walls.

This is my box,
Always the same size.
It must be magic,
As it looks smaller every day.

The walls will cave in,
The ceiling will collapse.
My work piles up,
Squeezing me thin.

I feel the need for help,
I feel like I’m drowning.
It’s a war with myself,
But I can’t even yelp.

I breath in.
I breath out.

I breath in.
I breath out.


My Monster

My depression isn’t a monster
she can be beautiful
it’s what makes her so dangerous
she plants thoughts in my mind that i cant lock away again
my mind morphing into a forest of despair and hurt
i cant escape it
but sometimes i don’t want to
my depression is dangerous because she is comforting
she has made me believe i am nothing without her
and i think I’m starting to believe it.


His Oration

Did he stutter
Did they whisper
Did he lie
Did they laugh
Did he know what he was doing
Did they know what he was saying
Did the speak the truth

Deep down they knew
They knew that he was right
They knew what he said was true
They pretended not to care
He was hurt at first
But without a word they listened
They wouldn’t dare say it aloud

After that did they judge girls and gays
Did he do the right thing
After that did they judge culture and race
Did he change them forever


Musicians’ Abyss

Within the silent frame of snakes and coils
The first note run clear as a drop of rain.
It flowed in a heavy poisoning stream
Of fumes that one will call gold
And as he breathed a heavy sigh
He entered the musicians abyss.

Enraptured by the beauty,
Enchanted by the movement,
Intoxicated by the colours.
And as the sound poured on to him
He danced in the rain storm,
Help captive by the musicians abyss.

The music slowed,
The bow came to a stop,
And from his chin removed.
Carefully placed in velvet lined wood.
And as he closed the case he knew,
Never free of the musicians abyss.



I’ve been talking to this woman lately
She seems to hate me
She seems to pin point all of my insecurities
And show me all of the mistakes I’ve made
And make me think things forbidden
And make me do things that go unforgiven
And maybe she’s right, that I’m past fixing
That no amount of tinkering is going to change the mistakes I’ve made
And there will never be a day when I slay
the dragon that is clawing its way out of its cage inside and it’s hard to hide
and I’m scared and freightened that one day I’ll wake up
and find that it has stripped away so much of my mind that it becomes my only defining feature.
This creature
I say with so much disgust that you can taste it on your own toungue.
And that day becomes nearer
And the woman says I should fear her and never let anyone near her
And I’m talking to the woman again
And she’s getting in my head, telling me I need to end
And I’m fed up of listening to what she does and says

Maybe I should step away from the mirror and go to bed.


The World

From guys to girls, from him to her
There all the same, they should not blur.

There young, there old, they might be dead
Your brains are dying in your head.

There nice there kind there sometimes bad
They maybe sad and that’s why there mad.

The technology is killing there cells
It making them all in personal hells

Even when they put it on
In real life, there probably gone.


Making Headlines

2020 was a year
Full of death, destruction and fear.
Where fires burnt trees and animals alive
And a Pandemic began to thrive.

Next the Prince and his wife left the palace.
2020 was just beginning with all its malice.
Then came the death of Kobe and his child.
What came next was wild.

Swarms of murder hornets gathered in the States
Each one with the power to kill what it hates.
In March schools and countries began to close
As daily cases of Covid rose.

But the awful events of 2020 didn’t stop there,
It continued “How is this fair?”

Next came the murder of George Floyd,
An innocent man whose life was destroyed.
This sparked protests for Black Lives Matter
But many police began to batter
Peaceful protesters fighting for what’s right,
An equal world, where whatever race you may be
-black or white,
Each individual is treated equally.

But 2020 had more
Still in store.

An explosion in Beirut Port
And with the conclusion of the report,
Found what was the cause
-ammonium nitrate detonation
Which shook the entire nation.

When it seemed like 2020 had no surrender,
The US Presidential Election occurred in November.
This election is sure to go down in history
With all its surrounded mystery.
Who would win? Joe Bidden was elected,
For vice president, the first ever woman selected.
What an incredible event for women in 2020,
That with all these tragedies – trust me there were plenty –
This showed the world can be fair
When people begin to care.

2020 has been a year
Full of death, destruction and fear
But this year showed we are resilient and strong,
We have the power to stand up against what’s wrong.
No matter what race, gender, sexual orientation you may be,
Each one of us deserve to be treated equally.


My Name?

Oh it’s just a word
Not like it’s been heard
Not that anyone cares
But why do I feel stares
My Name?
Oh it has no worth
Do I have a place on this earth
It doesn’t mean a lot
It’s just used for a slot
My Name?
Oh it’s Molly



Everyone hating their life,
Afraid to find the designated knife.

Afraid to feel their due rejection,
Afraid to feel their heart’s dissection.

Afraid to change the broken game,
Afraid to embarrass their own name.

Afraid to take the next step,
Afraid to leave the place they’re kept.

This world you’ll find is full of fear,
But Unhelpful help is always near.


Its a secret

Don’t say it
You know its true
Just let us sit
And talk it through

It’s not fair
Hiding away
We are a pair
So you have to say.



Why isn’t it ok to be screwed up
when there’s others far less fortunate than you.
When your family is still together,
when you have a nice house,
when you go to a good school.
Why isn’t it ok to be upset when some people have nothing.
When you have good friends,
when you aren’t alone, when you hate everything.
Why isn’t it ok to be depressed
or have anxiety or hate your life or want to die,
You should be happy, you’re privileged.


Bad Manifesto

Wear this
Don’t say that
Say this , be an Audrey hepburn
Not too skimpy
Don’t look homeless
God why can’t u do what your told.

Boys want a lady
Boys want skin boys don’t like a rude girl
Boys want a bit of attitude
Boys want blondes
Boys want a perfect girl
God why can’t u be perfect

Go to the gym
Eat more food
Your a disappointment
What happened to you
How could I have a daughter like this
Do what she does
Wear what they wear
God can’t you do what your told.

a lady is a lady wether she curses or says please,
wears skimpy clothes or covers up, kisses boys or kisses girls ,
pleases her daddy or becomes her own person,
it is society that is bullshit.


No one knows

The room is plain of people
even so you feel alone
That smile you have to show
even so you don’t mean it

Day after day
trying to meet everyone’s expectations
so that everyone is happy
except me, who only breaks the rules
when nobody is looking,
no one knows.


That Time

It’s that time agin
Waking up in the morning never
having a lie in
But that’s the consequence of
being an athlete
Its that time agin
I have maths class
Teachers say keep ur marks up
Sanitise ur hands
It’s that time agin
The lads are playing football in the
Same room I’m eating in
Let’s hope I don’t get copped in the face
It’s that time agin
Fire drills in the freezing cold
For having to leave because there’s a
Storm coming
Take cover
It’s that time agin
Dipping me toe in the water
Sends a Signal thought my body saying go back to bed it’s too early
5 am is to early
It’s that time agin


Young Fella

‘Smell of my mother of you’
a famous phrase from the young fella
quite the screw up
to say the least
all these mother jokes and these kids addicted to yokes
but yet the future is tokes
these vapes and juuls
they think they are so cool
but yet my addiction is saviour
the thought of it makes me want to shed a tear.


One of Four

One of four
Yet the only one
That feels and knows what I do
One of four
The quiet one
But the one they always choose
One of four
Yet full of words that only I of four can’t express
One of four
Yet in this house
I’m swallowed by loneliness.



I worry a lot I have worried about everything little thing since I can remember.
I get the biggest pit in my stomach about everything
like stupid things like how my hair looks in school
or walking into a classroom or walking out of the bathroom
I overthink everything and I think of every scenario that could happen.
I could make myself physically sick from the worry
but I wouldn’t even know what I was worrying about
my body would just feel sick.
I am a worried person.



As kids we’re told to be who ever we want
Dream big not small
Be confident not shy
But is that really true or something crush
As teenagers we should be mature
We’re told get a job, study, focus on the future
Yet never get trusted with anything
So which is it dream big or be realistic.



I hide in my room away from people
I hide in my room watching shows
I hide in my room to hide from society
I hide in my room because of anxiety
Why are you hiding? Did we do something wrong?
No, I’m just hiding from discomfort
I’m just hiding from my fears
What’s wrong with you? Just go talk to people!
But what if I mess up
But what if they laugh
But what if I start shaking
But what if I start to stutter
They will laugh! They will tease! They will-!
Stop! You’re crazy! Stop hiding! You’re weird!
I know I’m weird
I know I’m crazy
I know I’m different
And I know me
But that is me, so don’t change me
Please ♥️



1 From the dissonant tonality to the music brutality
2 From the perfect cadence to the imperfect relations
3 From the annoying tempo to the riveting concerto
4 From the amazing piece to the shocking technique
5 From the untold texture to the annoying lecture
6 From the soundly chromatics to the unreal dramatics
7 From the unspeakable concerts to the deafening sound
8 I still play the violin for my own pure joy.



My bro ain’t let me on the console
Tryna hold back from calling that lame-ass a troll
Go down gives out I get in trouble
All this giving out my thought be in a muddle
End up in my room wanna knock someone out
All my teenage year been told not to pout
All this pressure got me on a lifeline
People thinking all teens are just fine
All these people wanna die not happy with their life
People always turning to the knife
We need to take peoples lives into account
The amount of dead bodies shouldn’t be that amount
We need to help these people before it’s to late
Just accept them and open that gate
All we need to do is just accept
This ain’t a cry for help it’s a protest.



C candy canes
H happy kids
R religious event
I integrated lights
S santa on the way
T tinsel on the wall
M merry is everyone
A all kids are excited
S selling at a christmas market


The Night

I knew it was a bad idea but i’m a teenager
and was ready to have fun but knew i was going to end up in trouble.
The amount of people that walked through my door past me
and pouring into my sitting room and i knew none of them.
My vision was blurry from the downing the naggin
and my legs in agony from falling into a bunch of nettles.
My friends and i screaming and dancing with out a worry i’m the world.
Little did we know what was about to happen.
The lights shut off, the blaring speaker came to a stop,
the hush of whispers ran through the house.
‘GUARDS’ my heart dropped and the 100 people scattered
and all i did was stand there watching the chaos commence.
The guard came in and stood there with me
as we watched all my friends hop the fence,
climb out the bathroom window and the drunk lads trying to hide.
This was my biggest learning curve
but i can’t wait to do it again.


The Party

10 o clock and half the town was dead drunk, high,
cross faded or on drugs out the back
and hanas already wanted to give that one girl a whack
some people who weren’t invited showed up
and oh boy was that the start of the show
ten minutes later and the guards have been called
and some fella in the corners getting a blow
i fly into the bathroom with people i don’t know at all
and somehow squeeze through the tiny window with my dress up around my waist
i’m sprinting across the road hiding down an alley wasted
and i decide i’m going back
the second i walk out the pig car pulls up in front of me
and i’m being shouted at while i’m standing still as a mouse
he asks for my info
i give it to him but it’s all bullshit made up stuff
and he immediately calls my bluff
i give him the right info and i leg it across the road
and i’m being shouted at again by more guards
i frantically stutter through my tears that i’m only getting my stuff
all i can think about is this whole thing seems like a skit



I don’t like being a teenager.
I like being respected.
I like laughing.
I like working.
I like love.
I like being female.
I like sleeping.
I like doing what I want.
I like being independent.
When you find out I’m a teenager, you look at those things in a different way.
I don’t like what people think of teenagers.


The Bravest

We’re calling the bravest
We’re calling the bravest
We’re calling the bravest
Calling the brave who dare
to hear the heart
Calling the brave
who go and stand up the weakest.


The Light

They sleep all day
drink all night
i’ve had enough
i just wanna to fight
i’ve had it tough
enough is enough
i wanna see the light
but they say i’m not bright
i don’t know if i’ll get there
it’s not really fair
don’t know what to wear
at this point i don’t really care.


Blood Lust

I’m going to take this face
Rip out this heart
Cut this pale throat
With that rusted old blade
Bring my remains to the wolves
This is the meat grinder
Where we brutally torture ourselves
Even the dead can’t hear our screams
We are drowning
Biting and drinking the blood
Of the lives of our lives.


I am from Turkey

And I have a tan,
Some people make racist comments,
Just because they can,
I want to do everything possible,
I want to shoot them in the head,
Cut out their tounge,
And when I am done
I won’t even hide the gun.


The Knee

Racism is really bad
It really makes me mad
how people chat shit about black people like it’s cool
Just allow them they are no different to you
Actually there is one visible difference maybe
If the roles were reversed then clearly you would see
Why Colin Kaepernick took a knee


Esteemed History

I come from esteemed background
With lords and lady’s in my ancestry
I feel like all I do is disappoint them
With years to come I still have time
To do them proud and make my mark
But somewhere deep inside
I know I won’t be remembered
I’ll die alone and no one will know.


The Line

I don’t know
How this is gonna go
Life hasn’t been easy,
Still waiting for the light
Don’t know if it will be bright
Sickness and death
Hasn’t been good for my mental health
Hiding it all with a smile
Isn’t gonna last much longer down the line.


Rise to power

Martin once said I have a dream,
Now the African Americans are supreme,
Obama got into the White House,
Now the racists are as quite as a mouse.

The used be made hang from trees,
And now they make bare P’s,
Martin got shot on his terrace,
Now I’m here chatting with beres.

A teacher beefed my guy obed,
Accused him of being in a gang like a fed,
Racism is just not good,
Stop being scared accept the hood.


Life is Hard

i got dealt all the wrong cards
the school yard was hard
i’m tryna live life
and not care
what others say
it’s not fair
how little they care
aboit the feelings
i just wanna share



The school is sexist,
It’s infectious,
Girls get away with everything,
It’s blood boiling,
My heads unfolding,
The teachers let everything slide,
It blows my mind,
They’re painful,
I’m not able.


Suburban Blue

Come back home from school
Wet and tired
Go on a call with the boys,
The liar
Empty the dishwasher
Brush the floor
Do your homework
Get off that game
Do as your told
Tough is the life of a suburban.


i can’t write poems

i’ve never really known
the rights words to show
the feeling inside
i don’t want to seem depressed
although all i feel is oppressed
they make me feel objectified
yet i’ve nothing to identify.


Waterford Fc

The club is currently a disgrace
It’s not in a pretty place
No one offered a proper contract
This is not how a proper club should act
Tyreke Wilson and Bone have departed
The exodus has barely started
One point away from European money
Should of kept Hèry and JJ Lunney
If only we had Duffus or Drinan up top
A proper goal scorer, the cream of the crop.


I love tennis

But there’s no other feeling being on the court
The feeling of competing is like no other
Tennis is like a socially distanced fight
Every point matters
Every point is fought for
Every match is a battle
Everything is strategized
And I love it