Newtown School, Newtown Rd, Co. Waterford


Words that were woven into my brain
There webs spinning around and around
That are weaving there way
Into my mind
Working and wriggling into my heart
The words that you wove
Words that now cannot be unheard
Words that now cannot be unsaid
Which cannot be unfelt
I feel your words
And they weigh


I am a Girl, You are a Boy

I am a girl, you are a boy.
I am not a pawn in a chess game,
Where other can call their names,
And I’m just told to walk away

I’m not a prize to be won,
Not a “darling” or a “hun”
To a stranger I’ve never met
Whose scaring me at my bus stop.

I’m not you property,
What gives you the authority,
The authority to feel you can control my brain

My brain which is running the same as yourself,
Felt everything you’ve felt,
Yet some still think it’s okay
To call me “a second best gender”

I understand all the pain,
All our struggles are the same,
We all fight the same battle in different armour.

Females have had their troubles,
Men have had their struggles
We’re not just North and South on a Lonely Planet.

Don’t get me wrong,
I understand that gender equality,
Goes hand in hand with mentality ,
And we both need to feel we’ve contribute.

In a world where we have in balance,
On both sides there is a challenge
To not have history repeat itself again.

So in a world of history and her story,
Let’s make it our story together as one,
No battles need to be won, let’s do this together.

For I’m a girl and you’re a boy.

Iona Ritchie

In Your Eyes

In your eyes
You see with your eyes
Ugly truth pretty lies
Everything around is a mystery
Can’t tell fake from reality
Try and you might
To use your sight
But in your mind
You’re truly blind

Hannah Power

We Hold

We hold the kitchen but not the bedroom
By the mills we saw them come
Red bold goes came down the hill
Straight to the mills, wading through the Volga
Determined to crush the fifth may our death be swift
We hold the bedroom but not the kitchen
Are comrades wade through the Volga
To stop the invader and they shall not waver.
No longer shall they stop us.
We shall hold and they shall fold

Robin Lee

Teenage Years

They say that your teenage years,
Are the best years of your life.
Then why does it feel like,
I’m drowning in a world full of people.

See adults, they’ve forgotten,
Blocked out all the hard times,
They talked about the parties,
But not what happens after.

All the friends they made for life,
Not the ones they left behind.

No part of life is easy,
But adolescence is the worst by far.
So much is expected,
Too much is taken.

I feel like I’m drowning,
It’s too much to deal with,
But I refuse to let go.

Balanced on the edge,
Just holding myself together,
Way outside my comfort zone,
But things are getting better.

People are less scary now,
Maybe I’ll get through this?

Things are pulling back together,
Maybe my friends are here?

Your teenage sure aren’t easy,
But at least we’re pulling through.



What is school?
A test?
A test about life?
A test about popularity?
How good your grades are?
How easy people find it to fit in?
No school is about life
Having fun
Breaking the rules
And being young and dumb

Charlotte Miller


Potential that I am told I have and told I’m lazy for not acting on it
Potential that I don’t care about
Potential that I wish I didn’t have
Potential that I never will have or do want to act on
Potential I have no interest in
Is it wrong to not care
Is it wrong to have aspirations other than my potential
Is it wrong to want less than then I am destined for

Saood Abrahams


School is not a place for the smart
Nor the unique
What it is, is a regime
A half thought out solution,
Because we do not know the answer
And the dictator of this regime?
Why the system itself
The same system that oppresses those who threaten it


I Act

I act like it didn’t mean anything,
Like I don’t regret what happened that night
I should have known where to draw the line
I know It wasn’t anyone’s fault but mine
There’s no changing the past,
But I wish it all didn’t happen so fast
I’ve now learned from my mistakes
I know I can no longer trust those snakes



I look into your eyes
And I can see
The reflection of the sky
I want to be like her
Life is a blur



From holidays and luxury to paying bills and poverty.
All the little things like the latest phone became things like not losing our home.
Things were changing family time was fading.
And I was expected to be fine like all of this was just times..
But how come, like I’m still so young?
Not even an explanation but instead pure isolation.
Resorted in my family being broken like all these times have been stolen.
And all I’m left with is memories and misery



Home, 4 Letters, 1 Word
It means more than that,
A small word with big meaning,
It smells of lilies and cooking,
Of mums perfume and dogs,
It looks like a house but
It is really about a place with people,
It looks of bricks and paint,
Of furniture and floors,
But it feels of comfort and warmth,
And tastes of sugar and spice,
Mixed and mingled,
With happiness and safe,
This house, this building, this place,
These people, shield you from the world,
And when you leave home,
The world opens its arms,
And welcomes you,
But your heart remains at home,
Savouring the taste of home.


My Life

My life’s sucks,
The person I love lives 200km away,
It’s hard believing that there is someone out there that actually loves me,
Sometimes I wonder what she’s thinking,
I want to text her but I’m scared that I would be too annoying,
But its always important to believe that things will get better,
But if I’m lucky she will love me and we could be together.



It’s Mc J dog
I’m from Eire
Come to my block
You’ll touch the air
Touch my blocks
And you’ll regret it
Mc j dog
In the house

Jordan Grogan

What Can I Do?

I don’t do sports
I don’t do drink
I don’t go to parties
What do people think?
I like to read books
I like to play games
I like to watch movies
What’s your new name?
So what can I do?
Do to break free
Just be yourself,
That’s all you should be.

Sean Romera McCarthy


I was walking down the street when I saw a kitty,
He didn’t hesitate, he came right to me,
I said kitty… what on earth are you doin’?
He said you there… I’m just chillin’
Outta nowhere, he hit me with a head butt,
Sent me flying but never did I think to give up,
I said I am in charge around these parts kitty’
He replied yes, and it’s not okay with me!


Remember all the People

Being the one from the happy family
A family so beautiful and graceful
But it doesn’t stop there
A boy who lives his life comfortably
But his whole life turned over in an instant
As he’s sitting down eating dinner with his family
His parents tell him a sentence that crushes his stomach
That one sentence with five words:
Nan and Grandad have cancer
The words no one wants to hear
The words to crush a boy
Instantly realising how other people feel
And what problems they have
And how my life isn’t as bad for them
But as time goes on
Losing his Nan
Crushing him even more
But to remember the people you think have it best
May not and to be there for whoever needs it
DON’T be the one to make a boy’s life completely collapse

Kyle Fitzmaurice


Ground beneath me
Sky above me
I made a wish on a star
Why doesn’t Bill Murphy love me



You’d look at her and knows she’s from across the road
She came here by herself, 7 months and all alone
She’d do it by herself better than he could
Raise them right, tall and proud as they stood
Years gone by and the oldest is seventeen years old
He’s done right by her, he’s thriving and he’s bold
They’ve stuck together and they’ve come so far
They’re futures look great, brighter than the brightest star

Khalidat Kadiri


Hockey is my sport
Maybe this time we’ve run short
The top is the goal
We’re on a roll

Finals are nothing
My teammates are buzzing
Games are being played
Playing styles arrayed

Pressure is on
Tactics agreed upon
This is the moment
Players are chosen

Half time is passed
The other team left aghast
We walk off the pitch
Our hockey careers enriched.



It is freezing outside,
The wind and cold air blows so much your face starts to turn red from the cold,
Your hands start to get cold and numb and you can’t even feel them anymore,
You shiver so much that your teeth start to shatter
Because you try to get away from the cold but you can’t,
It’s following you everywhere,
And that’s when you start to complain and moan saying
“Ugh I wish it was summer again, I hate Winter, I wish it was warm”
But then after Winter passes, and Spring passes,
Here comes your most wanted time,
But in the Summer you realise how much you didn’t appreciate the times in winter,
You complain and complain about how it’s too hot outside,
It’s sad, nothing pleases us when we have it in the moment,
Appreciate the moment while you are living it
Because it will never ever be the same as before.

Elizabeth Tihomirova

The Chicken Tender

He waddled like a chicken
Clear that he had taken a kickin’,
The batter displaced
Showing his soft and tender breast
Was it true had he been the victim of molest?
Dipped and dunked submerged beyond breath,
Soon he knew what would be imminent but death.
He entered the crevice
Hugged by peristalsis,
Entering the dormant pool
This to be the perpetrators final tool
Before his new life as a stool.

Mark O Donnell

I Want

I want to return I want to back in that place
Warm memories and a happy time
I want to return I want to back in that place
A nostalgic train and a beautiful bird’s chirp
I want to return and I will, back to that place

Satone Shirai


Everything happens for a reason
So live your life ma g
Is cool.
Is great
Do do what u gotta do
And live it up
Cus u are supa coool bruh
And remember
Smile to make your day better
Peace out

Ava Fallon

Rap Game

You know that’s not what I’m about
Don’t doubt the route I rap about
I’m not a mother frickin Girl Scout
I’m just a guy with a conspiracy
None of these rappers are even close to getting near to me
I am a fearable foreseeable man who goes by an agreeable motion
To end all the pain
Suffered in this rap game.

Ben McInerney

A Lust

A lust that suddenly changes
I think that’s what they call it

Sarah Kavanagh


Gimme v bux
Yummy yummy in my tummy
I like butter
And cheese
Oh jeez
It’s me m8 Louise

Caoilte Brennan


Vbucks, vbucks
In the air
Vbucks vbucks
They’re over there
Vbucks vbucks
John Wick skin
I’m gonna get that Victory Royale
Switch on the xbox
Play Fortnite
Get some dubs, go nite nite

Jordon Grogan

Near and Far

T ravel here from near and far
E everyone likes it better than spar
S t Paul’s parish is where it’s at
C an anyone do better than that
O f all the Tesco’s this one prevails

L isduggan, my home, will never fail
I ts not great for shopping but the entertainment is peak
S hopping experience you just can’t beat
D unnes and Superquinn don’t even compare
U nique style as the staff do not care
G o on down to Heaton’s and pop into Dealz
G rab an overpriced costa that’ll hit you in your feels
A nother weekly shop done, see you
N ext time down in Lisdguggan

Sophie Quinn

To all the Gamer Boys I’ve Loved Before

Take me to your home I
Want to play Fortnite
Fortnite boys make me want
To stay up all night
Just got another victory royal
Just to impress you
You can be my Fortnite boy
My Fortnite boy