Naas Community College, Cradockstown North, Naas, Co. Kildare

My Mind

Darkness engulfs your dreams and turns them into nightmares.
And if you come here, you should whisper your prayers.

All good things come to be slaughtered.
If anyone comes here, they will become a martyr.

The good becomes twisted and malicious.
The evil, can you guess? Ever more vicious.

The benign and gentle become vicious and cold.
No one can face them, even the brave and bold.

You can find those things lurking in the night.
Come across them, and you will never see the light.

I make a shield to hide it all from you.
But sometimes, some things escape from my view.

There is light, and fantastic things lit by the shining light of the moon.
But also your worst nightmares come true.

Rosalind Buchanan

The Wild Winds of Suffering

The wind howls through the trees,
Wisps of ancient souls haunt unfortunate forest wanderers.
The quiet sound of silence thunders through in the breeze,
It patrols it territory like tyrant conquerors.

The moon shines bright, the stars burn,
With the blackness of the night sky engulfing the light.
And the night-walkers come out and tables turn,
As slumbering prey waits in deadly night.

The killers lurk and evil searches,
For unwanted victims.
For poisons sold from horror’s grim merchants,
And the art of suffering is an ancient wisdom.

That dark society collapses,
All that you know becomes non-existent.
And as inevitable time elapses,
Everything becomes victim of death’s cruel assistant.

The floor crumbles beneath your feet,
The endless darkness swallows your body whole.
As your muscles turn to concrete,
Your hopeless mind loses soul.

The clouds are heavy,
Their tears trickle down like torrents.
As dawn arises from the ground,
And day walkers body lay strewn on the lifeless floor.
Murdered by the minions of impending suffering.

Diarmuid Cully

The Winter

The winter breeze carries the leaves
Through the skeletal trees,
The water flows upon the sand
With intentioned ease.
I see the ocean slowly freeze,
Waves slowly crease over the icy seas.
I begin to lose all feeling in my knees,
As the temperate shifts in degrees,
I can no longer control all my insecurities.

Sarah Smith

Joseph’s Diary

I hide them underground in my basement
For their parents there is no replacement

I’ll beat them now up against the shelves
And hear them scream and soil themselves

So many underground in my chambers
Blessed in death’s bloody mangers

I want to kill I say these words now
Murder your family, teach you how

If you go here you’ve made a mistake
Because your life is mine to take

Here they are getting very distressed
Your children’s lives now put to test.

James Farmer

The Golden Sun

People are enjoying the warmth and the beach
The golden sun and the juice of the peach,
We spend our life in boredom and stress
Dying inside and turning our life in a mess,
We keep our thoughts that are controlling our lives
Which they sometimes are turning in some sharp knives,
We don’t spend our money on things that we need
But buying many drugs and stinking weed,
We don’t draw attention to most important things
And then regretting and leaning our wings.

Anghelina Tiganu


I go to sleep and dream all night
I feel the shadows gentle bite
I spend 8 hours a day in hell
Stuck here in a mental cell
I go to chill out and relax
But daylight falls like a sharp axe
I spend a lot of time with my friends
Because I know our friendship will never end
I go to dance and let lose and feel free
Like the bustling of the busy honey bees

Margaret Garvey

The Dreams

The dreams of the innocent turn to into the opportunities of the powerful.
Bringing them to bear at the feet of the ever-growing

The fears of the fearful coincide with the pain of the hopeless.
Their heart consuming anguish defined as nothingness

My home once stood in these barren fields.
Where now-lost passions are left to roam

Boys turn to men but men turn to the grave.
Where they die never knowing what it means to be brave

The pain in my head is hidden from anyone and from all
Those who would seek to find it when the morning calls.

Jack Condon

Today’s Harsh World

The shadows seem to watch you, judging your every move.
You try to say “it wasn’t me”, but they don’t listen no matter what you do

Dreams, shattered. Hopes, gone forever.
At a moment like this you think what could I have done better

People feel happy here, people here feel content.
Pain is what they hide from, it’s what they try to prevent

Mouths that could say no evil, eyes that can only see the light.
A child’s wonder is an amazing thing that could bring anyone delight

People here will mock you and laugh at how you look,
If only they would listen, don’t just judge the cover judge the entirety of the book

Ella Price


I like some subjects and hate the rest
Except home time, that is the best

Teachers give work for students at home
And students’ free time begins to roam

Pointless skills are being learnt
Imagination is being burnt

We work from nine to four
And every class is a bore

Teachers force you to learn about a subject
You could possibly dislike for an hour
And students sit at their desks
Concealing their superpower

Eoin K McNamara


I fall to sleep at darkest night
Beneath the glow of pale moonlight

I perform on stage in Naas
This is where I don’t wear my brace

The moon shines bright through the glass
And shines out where the shadows

The sun always gives me a sun burn
I got sunburned and now its your turn

My fridge is in my kitchen
And outside someone is pitchin

I hide all my sweets and chocolate
I bought them with the money in my wallet

I keep all my hockey sticks
They are next to my brother’s hurl sticks

Eoin McNamara

Creepers Wake

I sit in a corner and whimper for hours
And milk the poison from dark flowers

I lurk in your closet with a peeping eye
Through a creek and a crack
I uncover your fear

I lurk in the dark with a whisperer’s ear

I creep and crawl through the endless gloom

Quiet as a mouse
Your door is unlocked
I’m inside your house and bring to me your final doom

Karl Forkan

Friends and Family

I come to appreciate my friends and family.
Even through all those arguments and calamity.
I make my friends laugh so much cause I’m such a funny gal
Even though they only laugh at me because I’m their pal.
I try to be the best possible version of myself.
And leave all my insecurities alone on the shelf.
I comfort my friends when they are upset.
I want to be there for them and make them forget.
All the pain they’ve gone through and that bad mindset.
I try to be helpful and kind to everyone around me
Even when sometimes I usually fail to see
That not everyone may treat me as equally

Clodagh Lennon

My Time

I spend most of my time lonely, depressed
Mad as a hatter, anxious and stressed

Most of my thoughts would wonder about
Inside my head isolated from the rest of the world
Beside the ghosts of my loved ones
That twist in the dark and violently swirl

People go missing from this dark place
Stories that vanish without a trace…

The light originates, spewing hot liquid, out of the ground
Floating through the sky with no solid shape moving rapidly around with no sound

I draw the most pain, during the school hours that never seem to end,
Where most of my anger, depression, sadness and hatred spend

Jamie Doyle

Freedom and Relaxation

I find freedom and relaxation in the world outside
I spend some quality time with those I stand beside
I believe everyone in the world should have equal rights
We’re all maniacs underneath the disco light
Which sometimes surprises us with a shock
And when the world is covered with a ravens flock
With the last tick of life’s clock
This idea can sometimes come to us in the night
But in reality it may not be an awful fright
Because deep down I know that I am not always alright

Nathalie Pitoy

Unlimited Pressure

The children were here, and their children will be,
Again and again and again
Our minds are captured and contained
We go to remember, instead of learn
Logical thinking takes a twisted turn
An inner-feeling of misosophy
Education minus philosophy
Forget about your passions
Learn to how make money
Unlimited pressure, this is not funny

Rory Goode


I am better then Jack at basketball
But could still leave me in a ditch
Maybe I’ll find myself or lose my mind
I think about it all the time
In my pain I self-confine
Until I let the world know with my ryhme

I’m better then Ben at football
Ben is bad as well, I hit him in the hall
I eat my dinner at the night
I go out with my knife
I play football on the weekend

Before I go end jacks basketball career

I sleep at night cause I’m tired
And I go to sleep after closing my blinds

Max Foley

I Spend

I spend most of my time here during the week
Learning words I am not able to speak

I am forced to do stuff that I don’t want to do.
Like write essays when I don’t want to

I am made do exams in subjects that I have no interest in.
Keeping me here feels like they are violating a sin

Eoin O’Connor


Society fails by making exam results define us in the future and our aims
As they pull sutures through our veins to try and seal up our fame

This is the same society against abortion
But looks down on teen moms

She needs make up
To cover up because
Society taught her
Who she is isn’t enough

I saw she was just a teen girl trying to find a place in this world
She everywhere she went
She had to find drama it’s sad everyday
She has to fake a smile

Cian Nelson

This is Where

This is where I lay in bed and fall asleep
And wake up to beep beep beep

This is where I eat my breakfast and drink my milk
While knitting silk

This is where I drink a lot of orange juice and have a fun time
While I make some rhymes

This is where I was reading a book
While watching a tv show to learn to cook

Ava Murphy


My stress levels reach maximum,
This is only a fraction of,

The teachers make my brain explode with information,
But enough of the dramatisation,

Me and some of my friends hang around,
Surrounding the school grounds,

I spent most of my life here so far,
Down Monread Park,

I get too worried and really stressed,
Oh god I’ve got another test.


In Peace

I can relax in peace
Without my head being blown up apart
Into a thousand pieces.
Then go away and disappear

Hang out with friends
Share my fears
Have fun, have laughs.

I can express my emotions happy or sad
Let them roam freely, glad .
Play chess with my thoughts
In deepening dreams.

With decades to fix.
What bursts at the seams

Aleksandra Culkova


We sit here for 7 hours learning stuff
Endless homework, all too much

I have lived here for 14 years straight
In this concrete urban estate

There is nothing else to do around here
But watch your dreams all disappear

I smell the same smells everyday
The chipper and the alleyway

Ever-stressful situations
All mixed up in complications

Holly Churchill

A Secret Place

I can go there to be all alone
Away from noise, not far from home

I can think out quietly or out loud
A long way from the bustling crowd

I can go there to have fun with friends
Where my pain and misery ends

I go to write my story parts
About my dreams and broken hearts

Where I can think all by myself
A secret place like nowhere else

Clodagh Fitzsimons

I Sleep

I sleep at night
I hear my thoughts
Rattle around my head
The creeping dark
The endless cold
The sound beneath
My bed.

In this dark green valley
Where his flocks were fed

He walked and walked
On broken glass

Till all the world turned red.

Joseph O’Reilly

Awake with my Mind

I lay awake at night,
Buried deep into my head full of thoughts.

I walk alone in crowded streets,
I clear my mind with music.

The beautiful sounds of the birds chirping,
In the morning sun.

I climb so high that I can say aloud my worries and fears,

I can rest my eyes,
Forget my thoughts,
And clear the world of tears.

Alanna Doyle

I Lie

I lie in sorrow
And in wait
For the world to end

And there I stay
Without a soul
Without a single friend

As the darkness
Starts to creep
Light that cracks
The endless deep

I no longer can pretend
This clawing terror
Has an end

Josh Kelly


Your career ends
Your life begins
Finally you can
Count your wins
You should not wait
Or ask kindly
Do not follow sorrow blindly

Keep the anger from your mind
And in the darkness you will find
Oceans that can always calm
The storm and keep you
Safe from harm

Tibor Kis


This place where we are safe
This place where we are sound
This place where we can just relax
and think our dreams out loud

Where we can think and dream in peace
Destroy the demon’s inner beast

Where stress and worries disappear
We will not shed any more tears

We can laugh and joke and have a good time
And dance and sing and laugh and rhyme

Where we can blossom in full bloom
Away from sadness
Away from gloom

Amy O’Brien

My Mind

My main thoughts, creations and ideas live
In a world where we all share and give

I dream to live my life one day
Up on-top where I shall stay

My mind wonders when I sleep
Where the shadow monsters creep

My fears and worries trapped in dreams
Rainbow blaster laser beams

I hope to meet you when we are gone
We will be together for forever long


The Scared Boy

He goes to think,
He goes to pray.
He walks along the harbour bay.
He drifts into the deepest thought,
Scared his dreaming may be caught.
He runs from all captivity,
From all negative activity.
The scared boy fades into the day,
This is where he goes to pray.

Sophie Vallin


The sun shines bright
Like rays of sunshine
Over darkening skies
The grass grows long
In golden fields
The birds are flying high
The little robin sings it’s song
The ocean crashes down
Upon these blue and glowing days
Upon the meadow ground
The dainty deer go to graize
I day dream of golden summer days
Up in the clouds the thunder crashes
Summer sunshines
Golden clashes

Emma Kelly


The most part of my life is solitary
Spent inside my head
At the end of my room there is a big fireplace
Across from my single bed
The breeze dashes the stone
Streaks of flame or flakes of light
Most of my days are solitary
Until the fall of night

Kayky Gama Costa

We Sit

We sit all day in misery,
Trying not to fall asleep
We avoid uncomfortable eye contact
Try hardest not to speak

We are afraid to raise our hand
For fear of being wrong
We try learn and think and grow
More intelligent and strong

We build the blocks of intellect,
But really it’s just a game of
How many a’s we can collect
Sometimes it seems insane

Isabella Angelosante

Willow Trees

Willow trees
Droop untouched
For time as long as time
Whose hands ne’er laid their fingers
On what gold could not outshine
The creations of people could not compare
What lingers in the forests air
For willow trees droop as long as time is time

Eoin Doyle

I Belong

I belong but feel that I am wrong
I just want to be smart and strong

I feel like dying every night
Until the morning brings its light

Its an entity that creeps on me
And keeps me up till one or three

I want to sleep in bed so deep,
A shadow in the oceans creek

A song to sing that no one hears
When no one is around to hear my fears



All the magic sent from rainbows,
Comes from here
It comes from here.

My demons hide,
Lurking in the shadows of my mind,
They’re somewhere near.
Somewhere near.

My empty piggy bank
Lies smashed around,
Because I’m broke
Because I’m broke

A pool of cash
Is my imagination,
This is not a joke
Not a joke



I can never just stop and think
All my creative thoughts
Weep and die
Our imagination is killed to fit
Our moulded minds
Fit to cry
I can go to be alone
Be in peace
I can be free to be myself
I can love the things
I know the least
And love my own true self.

Áine Cribbin


The pain and sadness thrives unparalleled to anything else.
The pain beats you to a pulp harder than yourself.
The hate envelops you like wisps of smoke.
The hate controls you like soild oak.
The disgust grows like a vine in a garden.
The disgust never gives you a pardon.
The anxiety attacks like a wolf in the night.
The anxiety attacks, you cannot fight.
The self-hate thrives like an apex predator.
The self-hate thrives like a disease without a cure.

Eoghan Cox

She Looked Divine

You saw her for the first time
And she looked divine,
You finally noticed how much she cared
But for love she was unprepared.
She lost herself in her own mind
So you told her, ” to peoples criticism become blind.
You will begin to shine out from the crowd.”
We’ll help you with that he vowed.
You’ll need to be stronger than ever
And you’ll be happy forever.

Natalia Lonty

We All Gather

We all gather to see some dumb idiot on a red bike with no handle bars at 3 am,
At the local chipper where we all eat bags of chips
Sharon smoking vapes, deco picking a fight with john
Till all roll around the ground laughing, bursting into tears
Because some lad hit a bollard with his bike
Traffic cones flying everywhere-his glasses fogging up in the cold damp air
We decorate a red bike with funny pictures on the frame,
The usual stuff that lads draw on toilet walls
We see a chap on a bike going over a ramp; completely face planting the cold earth
While at that moment we realise that the shop is open till 11
We witness a group of complete brain donors
Who are trying to get one guy to set a firework off at a car
And the I buy the largest chocolate bar in the shop that I could find

Anton Martin

In the Whitewalls

In these whitewalls my comfort lies
Behind my minds sleepy eyes
Imagination imprisoned in tombs of ink
Prying eyes that do not blink
These knots like pearls of broken truth
Power hidden without proof
A twisted mind sees more that’s real
For beauty sees but cannot feel

Maeve Square

The First Time

I saw you for the first time
I knew that you would be mine
I see you come to have fun and live your life
Oh please be my wife
We knew we would spend our lives together
I knew there was no other
We found out we were too late
We had lost our love and replaced it with hate,
I finally realised how big of a mistake I had made,
I slowly watched our love fade

Emma Leahy


I lay aside my happiness, my hopes and dreams
Never compare to the sorrows you truly couldn’t bear
I retreat, come away from society and trust only myself.
I find it’s much easier to leave the answers upon the very top shelf
I repeat to myself they could not and they not would understand.
they underestimate the darkness, they cannot comprehend
I Iet out the tears into the shadows where nothing exists.
Because I’m ok I’m perfectly fine, in my mind no one questions my sanity
I scream for help but the ones who respond are nothing but echoes.
For the one who stands next to me is nothing more than my shadow

Aaron Collier

We See

We see a drunk guy on the train platform at 2 in the morning all you hear is the awful snoring
We see a guy cycling on a bike and nearly gets hit by a car thinking he would only get so far
We see two cars having the worst road rage at 3 in the afternoon, an accident waiting before the moon goes down
We see smashed green glass all over the footpath and a mother with 2 kids with only a frown
We see a youth breaking into a car in the middle of the park to drive off a cliff and into the dark

Adam Power

One Day

One day I went to the shops
And I got a bunch of tops

A soldier has a gun
But doesn’t have a pun
He marched along in the lawn
And got shot by a nun

Yesterday I broke my back
In in hospital now.
And my doctors name is Barack.

People throw their litter
Like flotsam on the floor,
Bending down to pick it up
Collapsing on the door.

I fell in love with my crush,
I kissed her in a frantic rush.

My fiancé len proposed to me.
I had to ditch him, instantly.

Jack Caffrey

People get Hurt

People get hurt and die all the time,
It’s the way of the world, totally fine
People come to catch the train,
To raise their cities with the crane,
I fell on a step and broke my pelvis,
Then I saw the man himself Elvis,
Donald trump became president in the White House,
Now he lives there with his spouse,
People come to smoke and be stupid,
They might be one day executed.

Cara Sangari


The dark and twisted shadow gangs pounce on their prey
As they stumble upon an old rabbit’s carcass that’s sat there on display
The demonic teachers enjoy the struggle on the innocent juveniles face’s
They scatter out of the classroom and disappear without a trace
The stubborn , intelligent lions lay on the golden field
Underneath the massive three that keeps their scruffy fur concealed
The possessed middle aged man sings for his lunch
The guards try to stop him but he replies with a counter punch
The inspired artist creates his masterpiece
His brother stumbles upon his body recently deceased

Dean McAuley


The world is against my every move,
My every decision,
Yet to prove,
Then what about my super vision,
My brain dissolves into a puzzle,
That needs to be fixed just like that old couple,
My life took an uneven turn,
In the opposite direction,
Until I looked into my reflection,
I can hear a pin dropping,
I can hear a lion roar,
I think to myself I can do this no more,
This is the time I need to decide,
Wether my future will have more,
Or be just like before.

Adelicia B. Yiadom


The story starts on a small rickety hill.
The girl plays with her toys
Her imagination runs wild with nothing else to do.
She thinks about a sister that she will never have
Because she is an only child.
She goes and plays in the fields
With the chill of winter biting on her small delicate cheeks .
She finds a girl who seems like she is looking for a friend
She tells her she need not look
Because she knows a girl next door
Who needs a friend more than anything else in the world.
She then trundles home to bed
Where she spends every sleeping moment
Laying down her little head.


A Reality We Want

People’s dreams become a reality before them,
Where people’s opinions don’t bother them,
Where people can be who they want to be without a care
With others being honest and fair
You can accomplish anything; people’s opinions are not for you to care

Rachel Oliver


My house is where I live with my family in Kildare
here on planet earth where everyone has at least seen one mouse.
I was born here on planet Earth
we will never know who was the fourth person on our planet Earth.
Everything that has ever happened or is going to happen here on our planet Earth


The Corruption that Lies Within

My mask will be ripped off in this kingdom of darkness,
The removal of my mask will reveal true personality,
This is what I really am deep within.
Hatred anger and frustration in some type of bin.

This might be too much technicality,
You may think what lies within is sadness,
When the monster inside me is filled with no happiness,
But a cage of bones, a monster. of sadness frustration, hatred, and anger,
You might as well say I’m as silent and dead as a roadkill badger.

I’m the phantom thief coming for your heart
I will destroy the corruption lying in your core,
I promise you all you will feel is a slight sore.



I used to stay as a child
I stay alone and the temperature is mild

I will remain here without any friends
I will forever stay until the end

We take out all of our suffering and pain
I always feel like I have a migraine

I can remain until I finally die
I can be alone, and stare at the dark, black sky

Alex Ponisi


I listen to music when I’m sad at night
When I cannot see the light
Girls get shamed for what they wear
Harshly judged for what they share
People get bullied for being themselves
Secrets kept that no one tells

Sarah Best


Happiness shines like the first day of summer
The world turns beneath the runner
Having a bucket list and making a bet
You miss kicking the football at the back of the net

You sleep at night,
And when you wake
You wish you did more but it’s to late
You think and shout
But that’s no use
Dreaming at night of the things you could do.

Summers gone but it’ll come back over
The days and weeks are becoming shorter
When summers here
We’ll scream and shout
No children will ever pout

Maeve Tuohy


This is where I eat my breakfast while my dad eats dog food he’s about to get sued
This is where I run to the fields to save my cattle while I run I hear the reads rattle
This is where Santa jumps down the chimney to give my mother some vodka one after another
This is where the Easter bunny feeds my brother white chocolate eggs while he begs

Evan Gallahue


I get bored of being educated 5 days a week so I make my own fun
I find things it occupy myself while under the free sun

I keep all my prisoners that I slap in the face
Then I make them compete in a 2km race

I killed Spider-Man, now he’s buried under neath the ground
I beat him into submission, knockin’ him pound for pound

Conor Egan

I Live

I live in a litre of Heinz beans .
So I go to eat my greens

I sit here for hours to learn nothing
So I forget to change my cats clothing

I eat a feast every Thursday night
Then I drink a can of sprite

I step on Stuart little because I think he is a cat
Then I hit him with a baseball bat

Sara Liepina


I do crazy stuff every single weekend
When eating a daisy and I’m lazy

I get a tank to blow someone up
In the bank my name is frank

Eminem made 8 mile in a rush
He had a crush when eating a brush

Tea and crumpets taste like poo
I got stung by a bee and fell in a bucket of glue

Dylan Daly Power


I will be in 9 years time hopefully in the Army.
And I will be playing rugby with Barney.

I will have a tank to blow stuff to pieces.
And after the rugby we’ll go for pizzas.

I will do crazy stuff like that.
But then I will take the star lord role from Chris Pratt.

Society nowadays isn’t bringing people together
But if we put a bit kindness and a pinch of good deed it won’t be like that forever.

Ben Flynn


I guess it’s entertainment
People saying grime is better then hip hop,
I guess this is a speculation
If I didn’t have the patience
I would probably self destruct
Between grime and pop
I am just really out of luck

Ibrahim Masood


Had this girl texting my phone, told that girl she had to back it
Had to block that girl, shes not even in my bracket
While I be wearing my nike creps , that girl be wearing asics
My bars are so explosive, had to put on my flack jacket

So I went to the barber, asked to keep it long on top
When I finished my haircut I came out with a crop
I gave the barber half the money,that rasclart pissed me off

I came back to my gaff
Played a game of UFC,
Got ready, chose my fighter, it was conor vs khabib
Round one, I knocked him out, I put him to sleep

Boris Vartanyan