Naas CBS, Naas, Kildare

The Mince Factory

Smart phones, dumber people
Higher profits, lower tolerance
If you can’t see the problem it’s you.
No polar caps, more polarisation
Who’s below the bottom line?
They won’t get to the boardroom,
No seats, no comfort
How much is too much?
Is it a billion, a trillion?
How much is it to care?
We’re up too high to see those at the bottom.
No one knows how the sausage is made,
But you know when you’ve been minced.
Growth is up, so is hate.
Wide screens, thin lines.

You don’t have to enjoy it,
You’ll pay for it in the end
Remember to be happy,
And don’t forget to spend.


The Devil’s Spit

Thirteen days until the end of time
One for the prophet of the coming cloud
Two for the crops to wither and die
Three for the blood sun to seep it’s crimson glow
Four for the rain to cease
Five for the sick to quall
Six for the widows weep
Seven for the sounding hooves
Eight for the bells of death
Nine for the angels wing
Ten for the gates ajar
Eleven for the devil’s spit
Twelve for darkness as it settles
Thirteen till the end of time.

Fading Away

My Childhood is fading away
Sitting at home playing computer games
Stressing bout school and some other things
I need time to relax
Cant focus, need some Time to think about it
But they dont give me Time, its making me anxious
Anxietys piling up, its leading to depression
They say its computer games
But thats the only Escape
My Childhood is fading away
Its fading away.

Darkness falls

across the snow
The silenced caws of a sailing crow
Twinkling lights and a Christmas tree
Brings the family as close as can be
The festive roast, the hope for Saint Nick
Children are out, the fire a tick

Switch Lanes

If I get disrespected
I get disrespectful

Never switch sides
Only switch lanes

Back to my blade
I felt his bones

Diamonds on my watch
But I know I can’t freeze time.


Chipped Away

I’ve such bad taste in lads she says
Another bit of me chipped away
I want a lad who cares as much as you do she says
Another bit of me chipped away
I wish I had a boyfriend like you she says
Inside me screams


Systematic Status Quo

People always say how
The Republicans control the government
But they get evil and filled of corruption
So the people vote the next party
With the most promising and shiniest quotation
They wear a new clean emblem
They swear to their policy
under the oath of belief in one Religion
They make the oath to create a better life
But they always
make us live under the same system


The war of the mind
is a battlefield
which does not exist
It does not have guns
nor ammo
It does not have infantry
or generals
But about all else
it has victims.

Hand Me Down

They didnt grow up like me
Growing up around poverty
Thinking I had it bad but I was lucky
friends having nice houses living in luxury
Growing up in a council estate it feels differently
They didnt grow up embarrassingly
I didnt have nice clothes or lots of money
Making do with everything given to me.


Sheep in Wolves Clothing

I really hate the way
The different ways you act
When you are around the lads
Everyone knows that’s a fact

You can’t be sensitive
You can’t come out
You can’t tell that your life is a drought
They will think your messing about

You can’t just go up to them
And tell them your gay
They will just laugh at you
And really screw up your day

I really hate the the way
The different ways we act
When you are around the lads
Everyone knows that’s a fact

“Being a man”

When your different it’s like a race,
To be strong, and show your not a disgrace,
In school it’s hard, to be a different character,
To play, and pretend there’s no sign of a lier,
With people that aren’t, “men” and show signs of vulnerability,
It’s hard to stay tough and lie about your “masculinity”.
All in all it shouldn’t be a game,
To stay in line and not to stray
If you feel you cant be yourself,
Just know that you don’t have to be
just like every other book on the shelf.

The hate of success

We’re you to ever reach success
Hide it and keep it near
In this world you are told to talk about your failures and fears
but never your success
Talk about how you failed the test not how you aced it
When you speak of your success you are fair game to be slagged,
taken the piss of and named
People no longer feel the guilt of slagging someone
of success because they are fair game.


I believe that only you
can achieve the main thing
that you believe
if you want to go on to achieve this aim
with your life and strive to incite a power
within your life
to spark this strife for a greater life
that you will have to fight
to go on in your own way
while your living and going on
towards your goal.

Going to school is a dread,

I feel like I’d better off dead.
Sitting there listening to crap,
They say its important but that’s cap.

In useless exams I need to do my best,
But I don’t give a crap about these memory test.
Spend hours a day studying just for a piece of paper,
something I will never use later.
The only positive is I get to see my mates
but that’s all I enjoy at the end of the day.

The Best Girls

The best girls don’t like violence
Or lads thinking their hard
They prefer thought and emotion
Romance and devotion
So if you’re a good looking lad
Or if u look like a gnome
Don’t try fight her brother
Write her a poem

The Rusted Pot

I haven’t been motivated to do anything in ty,
The years gone to pot.
There’s no activities and we just sit around doing fuck all all day.
I’ve got a job to get out of school for a while, but even then I’m just demotivated.
I have 7 projects due for the next two weeks and I haven’t started any of them.
Xbox is the only escape from school and the real world but I spend way too much time away from the real world that everything’s getting on top of me.
I’m already stressed about all my projects
and my parents keep piling rubbish on top of me
because they think I have nothing going on.


Confusion is my life.
Family drifts.
Friends shift.
Unknown future.
I am futile.
I wish for a restart but my life’s only begun.
I only hope for a brighter future.
I love everyone but seems like everyone is blind.
I want it all to end but I want everyone to see
how great I truly am.



Got lucky with school but not with some teachers
Some can be mean and some can be kind
but in the end they are all blind
All they care about is work
who does the best
Most of them don’t even care
if you have something to get off your chest
Some of them cared and tried help your mind to get repaired


Empty Care

Coming from a divided family
With one main leader not caring
Continuing to spread his seed
More left empty without care
Only to care for what he has now.



From the strings of my guitar to the ink of my pen
I wanna try make young people amends
Times have changed from out playin ball
to not bien able to go to a certain part of town
without bieng stared at by all.
Young people have gone from future millionaires
to seeing there future prison cells
Everyone’s trying to live up to other expectations
but no one is able to live to be themselves anymore
This might not rhyme but just remember
behind every story there’s a meaning to try dismember.


Hard Times

In school its a hard time
We all have expectations
With being complete to
All having the best grades
In school we have to be smart
And know about everything
At home its a hard time
With my parents fighting
And with me not biting.

The Curse

From the start we are all innocent.
We haven’t seen the world.
But the world has its toll on us.
It changes us for good.
We start to see colour, we start to see race,
we are told it is a weakness, a weakness we can’t change.
But we can also change the world, for better or for worse,
maybe some day in the future, our race won’t be a curse

Wasted Potential

Wasted potential teachers judging you for your graded potential
Why don’t we focus more on our stengths and reach greater potential
School is it really essential?
I just wanna be me but I guess that’s non-essential.
This guy teaching me right now is actually
(For once)


My Country 

When I go to my country
I see some junkies
The nearest store becomes a roberry
I see the junkies becoming greedy
Which will be their last mistake
As the next day they are some pantry
For the wild dogs.


You got to die for three points

When you feel it in your heart
And you’re in the pouring rain
You’re so nervous that you need to fart
And all you can feel is pain
You could be playing against the GOAT
Or some division 10 team
They could could be shoving it down your throat
So you can’t even scream
Just think ‘you’ve got to die for three points’
And you will be on your way to a win
You will be back home smoking joints
Even thought it’s a mortal sin.


2020 Teenage Dream

Being a teen in 2020 is rough
Everyone and their mother expects you to be tough
Don’t show emotion or you will be ridiculed
Stick to the status quo if you want to be cool
Be strong and athletic if you want to be popular
Show weakness or vulnerability and you will be exiled
Cocky boys get all the girls yet treat them like objects
Explain why its ok to be different is like having to present a school project
Being a teen in 2020 is rough.


Rogue Thoughts

From a good family
Yet I’ve suffered many thoughts
Never wanting to share them aloud
My mind is tied in knots

I’m feeling good couldn’t be better
Yet often they come back aggressive and loud
Trying yet again to bring me down
What is my future will I be better?



School is trash
Home is trash
But you get on with it
Day by Day you do what you’re told
Even you though you don’t wanna
Everything seems boring
Nothing seems fun
All you hope for
Is to just get through each month.


Birthday Brawl

Went balls to the wall
For my birthday brawl
Naggin o’ whiskey,
Now we gettin’ frisky
Linden Village in the system,
I ain’t gonna leave one victim.
Puking my guts up,
In the mornin’ could barely get up.


Grin and Bear

From classroom to classroom
all I want to do is go from corridor to exit.
Nothing about my daily school life satisfies me
and all I want to do is escape.
I hate coming in everyday to learn stuff I’ll never use
and have no interest in using.
But I just have to grin and bear it
for a few more years is
all I hear from adults and i guess
thats what I’ll just have to do.



Athletics is a sport that is under looked
Lads look for the bigger sports like football and rugby
Athletics is like a safe haven
You gotta have the runners mentality
As you walk onto the track and look to the finish line
You feel your body is transforming into a new form
You feel like a car with all your different gears
As you get into the starting blocks and hear that gunshot
You run the race of your life.


Help the Rich

The rich hide their pain
with designer brands and fame,
but are the ones who need the most heeling.
Their lavish way doesnt guaranty no hard days.
O well your gold chain can hide ur pain, maybe.


The Dread

Dreading school every day
I hate the place
seven hours of pain
with a mask stuck to my face
I’ve lost so much recently
but one thing I have left
is one of my friends
strong bond we’ve kept
without him I’d be lost
wouldn’t know what to do
I’m glad we’re still friends
and I hope he is too.



I am smart, I am lazy
I hate anger, I have a temper
I know I’m lucky, I get ungrateful
I feel superior, I know I’m not special
I dress different, everyone else does too
I hate prejudice, I had it
I act confident, I am terrified
I hate angst, I wrote this.


Be Yourself

This place where you
can’t show your face
Everyone’s polite
but you’re never out of site
The video games are the escape
from the terror of the landscape
You try to fit in by being your fake self but,
at the end of the day
the best you can be
is yourself.

Flying High

My sister was gone before I was born,
Not a memory to even be torn,
My nan was gone at 4 months,
Not a thing to even be discussed,
As the years go by,
I hope they are flying high.


Loads of families have cried
Because of men suicide
Men say they are fine but in fact they have lied
They were too worried about ruining their pride
They’ve been told to be strong
so their feelings have to hide
In 2018 every 8 in 10 suicide was a man ,
just remember it’s ok to not be ok

I come from town

Where everyone treats me like a clown
I am never treat right
Always treated like shite
Football in my place
Makes me feel safe
Rovers is home
Where I never feel alone.

L Smokes

Sketchy L smokes js all day
Sellings gs makes his pay
Dm him for a knock
Or send him ur block
Cuz either way ur getting clocked
He’s always locked with the boys
And he loves playing with his big boys toys

Feminist Extremism

Feminism is equal rights
But yet there’s all these fights
Women hating men
And claiming to be feminist
That’s not feminism then
Don’t be a man hater
You’ll regret it later

Social anxiety

The best way to get
through a dark time
is talking to people
But some people
can’t talk

Walls of Pain

Between these halls of shame,
Hiding in a wall of pain
The school can’t seem to understand,
They always think they’re a helping hand
Dreading coming into school,
So many kids are just too cruel
Teachers think you will happily obey,
Sometimes school just isn’t this way

Thoughtful Deep

I know this is supposed to be deep,
And thoughtful
But nothing in my life is awful,
Happy enough with the lads,
Family’s in bits but who’s isn’t?
Alcoholism and depression rampant,
But life really isn’t that awful

We Are All Different


Men and women are all different
But all have different qualities,
Men have fun and banter
While women talk and chat to eachother.
We all go through tough times,
Sometimes we feel comfortable,
Other times we feel stressed
But we all share a common feeling happiness.

We must all be supportive of one another,
Share what others don’t have
And accept who we are
rather than what we do and who our surroundings are.
Like Joe Biden said in the presidential election
“We are not red states,
We are not blue states,
We are a United States”

Rural Klingon

Irish is a dead language
mummified in the bandage
A language for conversation
used by under a quarter of the nation
This language is so trash
Getting a headache from whiplash
Please let me kick back
Let me relax
Let me quit that

Life is a journey,

you have ups and downs
You only get one, no time to frown
It hard, but harder to get through
but these are the people that love you

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Don’t be afraid of getting things wrong
You are your own person, and after all
Your never alone so stand up tall.

As I get older I start to think
How life quickly goes by just like a blink
But enjoy the time you have here,
for these are the days that won’t disappear

Become the greatest you can be
Because greatness is all I see.
You gotta have trust in me.
You can do anything if you believe.

A Hard Place

School can be a very rough place
Especially if you aren’t considered normal
Everyone can be so judgemental
Even though deep down they may not be happy
It is a very hard place for people to open up
Because people don’t understand
what you could be going through

Hours Later

Always think about what you say,
Hours later as you lay,
Always wanting to relive,
Even after all you give,
Watching sports star live the life,
Hoping we can be there someday,
Even though the real star
are the ones who work everyday.


Piece of a puzzle

Growing up is tough, you don’t know what to do,
you’re given certain views hidden from society,
sent to boarding schools to fulfil your parents dreams
it all seems right but youre a piece of a puzzle or a piece of a pie.
You don’t control your life you’re living the basic white boy lie.


The sun burns
bright red,
I rest in my bed,
I close my eyes
submit to my lies.
I sleep in peace
whilst I reason with my means,
as I give in
to the land of dreams.

Dubmasses Forever

We’re fields are green
and blocked by hedges
running through them
cutting our edges j
umping through because there is nothing to do
screaming that we are legends
always sitting bored
together we are the lads
and we will dumbasses forever.

Nothing to Say

I’ve got nothing sad to say.
l’m not treated badly or shamed.
But I feel my families sadness
and the fact we are the only ones she can turn to,
but like anyone that’s not enough for her,
she has stuff she can’t tell us.
She feels lonely in this world getting thrown around
like it’s not a real girl.
She suddenly breaks down crying
and I wish I can do something about it.
But she’s still achieved great things
still has a courage for herself.
I scared that I can’t do what she can,
because I’m doing nothing in this world.
Adult life looks so hard and I don’t understand how I can handle it.


Ordeal no 2

As the car pulled into driveway, time seemed to stop.
Sweat, dripping down my legs and forehead.
My cheeks clenched ready to unleash the brown sauce.
I kicked open the front door, I was moving in slow motion.
My legs were stiff as I gave all my power to hold in the toilet.
There it was, it was shinning like it was heaven, I was almost there.
The sweat caused me to slip, I grabbed onto the sticky toilet and lifted myself up.
I let it go, the sweat made it easy for my creation to slip out.
It hurt so much but felt so good.
I let out a big moan as my cheeks had a circumference twice the size
Trumpets were playing as I had done it, I made it.
I walked out the bathroom with no emotion, I hade completed life .


He’s in the park

Being called names
All of a sudden his life is dark
In school it seems like fame
He reaches out for help
But it’s like a faint yelp
He finds love
Everything seems okay
It was all a little delay

I don’t really want to write a poem,

I just want to go home,
I’m sick of school,
I want to play in a tournament pool,
I want to do things that allow me to enjoy myself,
I want to make people happy making content
that could make their day that little bit better,
That in itself would make me happy,
Or even asking my friend how their day was,
If that puts a smile on their face then I’d be joyous.


The first thing you’re told is to do well in school
and the worst thing you’re told is not to be a fool.
You can’t see through the paper it’s just not right.
You’re parents keep you hidden just out of sight.
You vision yourself having the time of your life but reality is you’re living a white lie. You do your best in the test which determines your life, who’s your wife and when you could die. This is the story of your future life…. Goodbye

I’m not a rapper

I’m not a rapper,
I’m not a gangster,
I don’t wear chains, or drink, or smoke doobies,
But I suppose I do like b……,
Wow I just rhymed,
I guess I am a rapper.


Ups and Downs

My life is ups and downs,
backwards and forwards.
fun and games,
hate and anger.
a good day with friends,
a fight when I get home.
a scrap in school,
a happy family dinner.
loneliness on the weekend,
conversations during the week.
My life is a mystery everyday.

We Train

We train every night
Like we’re getting ready for a fight
But it’s actually a match
Ready for that winning catch
We all want to score the winner
And go home to have are dinner
My poem isn’t great but that’s not what it’s about
This workshop was good throughout

Overworked and Underthought

I attend school
where I comprehend work
till I’m overworked.
There is always delays in the hallways
and the lockers are bonkers.
The queues cause bruises
and the corners are horrors.


Procrastination Street

I like football, rugby and running
Mainly because I am competitive in everything I do
No matter what you do I will try and beat you
Except for in school
Where I will procrastinate on everything I do
I hate old people that think they run the town
And girls that think their class
And anyone that thinks there a rock



I come from an amazing home and that doesn’t me I don’t have problems.
No matter how much money you have you can’t run away from life,
Its like getting cut with a knife.
Playing games all day not going outside ,
It’s like me getting washed up by a tide.
I need to spend more time with my family ,
Instead of getting grades that they are going to disagree.
This is the end of this poem and I’m going home.



The whistle is like a cannon
Starting the war
A game for warriors
Rich or poor
With just one thing on their mind
Getting the ball in the goal


Sesh House Blues

I like to drink with mates,
one day hopefully in the states.
Got mashed up in a quarry,
but I’ll never be truly sorry.

I’m not the smartest man alive,
but my instinct helps me thrive.
My message to all my people,
for this poem, there will not be a sequel.

Your Man

He can sometimes be a bit sus
Only when he is locked in a bush
His hair is scruffy like a gimp
But maeve still calls him a simp
Finally we have a man named Sound
Thinks he’s class but is really just a curly haired stalker
So Thats the story of my classroom
Be ware before you enter the slagging is immune

Pat the Cat

I have a cat named pat
Who lives in a shaq
Surrounded my big macs
Making a track

He spitting out verses
And all shits of curses
But he got the drip
And he’ll make you flip

Back in the day
In his prime
He had a bae
All the time


People want millions,

I want billions,
Fifa is like going through hell,
players make me want to sell,
football is where I grind,
there are no place to hide,
I always see my shot hit the net,
winning the cup is what we need to get.



Sitting through class,
Focus of glass, but enough to get past.
A future, a promise,
Doesn’t give much solace.
A career, a family,
There’s not enough balance in me.
This doesn’t feel like its heading anywhere,
But right now,
I don’t think I have the time to care.

Lads being lads

My mates are here not taking anything in,
They’ll write this poem and put it straight in the bin
This is an opportunity for them to make a joke of eachother
Saying they’d like to ride your mother
After all these attempts to change their minds
They put negative things on these lines
Everyone’s still worth slagging over everything’s still gay
Roses are red , violets are blue, everything’s the same

I hate school,

it isn’t very cool,
I’m in a class with Sam,
he thinks he’s funny but he’s not,
we get lots of work everyday that I don’t want to do,
Yer mans dad is the big cheese in phizer
and secured the vaccine,
Pops thinks he’s fresh today

Made in Naas

Yeah I’m from Naas
It is quiet a nice place
Go to school in Naas CBS
In my opinion it’s one of the best
School isn’t my favourite thing in the world
And I’d rather do so many things than do orals
But at the end of the day it’s not so bad
At least I’m not friends with a guy name Brad.

I play football

Football is my game
That’s where I find my inner fame
Fame is what I want
Rovers is where I play
And where I will stay



Both home and away
You think your in for a class day
Until the fans become annoying and
Your just trying to enjoy it
If I switch from rugby
People might mug me
Not staying loyal to the club
But lasting longer in the pub

Some People

Some people are critical
Some people are acceptant
You just have to pick
who you want to be involved with.


Patty has a fatty
Isabelle does too
Paul has a bed
Mikey sleeps in it too

Big cheese has a vaccine
Sallys with her friends
Charlie has a trust fund
Chestnut hill is the ends.


A Poem in 5 Seconds

I come from coughlanstown land in Ballymore Eustace
I come from a family of four
I come from a gaa background
I come from a gentleman’s home raised by Alan fahey



Here in this school in Naas,
There are intellectuals,
And lads considered a disgrace,
Others are in the wrong circles,
People made to feel like they have to wear certain things,
Others just don’t care,
Some are sporty and some are not,
Some just wanted to be treated fair