Mungret Community College, Mungret Woods, Co. Limerick

The Years have Passed


The Years have passed by,

In the blink of an eye,

Moments of sadness,

And joy have flown by.


People I loved,

Have come and have gone,

But the world never stopped,

And we all carried on.


Life wasn’t easy,

And the struggles were there,

Filled with times that it mattered,

Times I just didn’t care.


I stood on my own,

And I still found my way,

Through some nights filled with tears,

And the dawn of new days.


And now with old age,

It’s become very clear,

Things I once found important,

Were not why I was here.


And how many things,

That I managed to buy,

Were never what made me,

Feel better inside.


And the worries and fears,

That plagued me each day,

In the end of it all,

Would just fade away.


But how much I reached out,

To others when needed,

Would be the true measure,

Of how I succeeded.


And how much I shared,

Of my soul and my heart,

Would ultimately be,

What set me apart.




You’re different

Am I this? Or am I that?

I’m Asian, no I’m white, what am i?

I’m actually both in fact

You don’t fit in here

You don’t fit in there,

Do I even belong anywhere?

Im “exotic” or I’m “unique”

Is that good or is that bad

They don’t know me, my mom or even my dad


What does that even mean?

Am I a flavour? Or a fruit?

You do not know my roots

Is that good or is that bad

They don’t know me, my mom or even my dad

I’m different





Short term solutions

Why fix a problem?

Why fix a problem when you can make the symptom go away?

Why fix a problem if it doesn’t bring us more money?

Why would we give out free food when we could dump it and profit?

Why would we educate well when we could hide it and profit?


Too many questions

Take this screen

This pill

This drink

This sugar



A Young Boy


I am a young boy, who has been through a lot

An athlete, a student, compared to a robot.

Expected to do this and wanted to do that

With no way of reaching out to try make it stop.

Such a small mind with inspiring goals,

The sky is the limit and the future is what holds;

My potential and my thoughts shall not go to waste

My life is a treasure and I’ll make sure it is great.


Tough Times


These are tough times

Can’t go outside our areas boundary lines

But we try and we try and we only end up with fines

Trying to escape and its classed as a crime

I just want to see friends when will this thing end

A lot of people losing the plot, blowing their top

Everyone just wants this to stop but its not

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel


In a World


We live in a world of technology,

Where our loudest cries are heard silently.


We live in a world of misery and pain,

Where everyone has been drained.


Self-esteem is lost,

In the filed covered in frost.


Our life experiences shared,

To people wide and far all just to be compared.


Who I Am


I am who you want me to be

But who I am lies deep inside

I’m the good student who doesn’t like school

Stuck in a system that doesn’t fit what I want to do

I’m different whilst still I’m the same

Stuck in a cage like a mime or is it all in my brain?

I want to be great, I want to be me

I want to be great and I want to lead

There’s power in the voice that I’m told to be quiet

You will be average, voice in my head keeps lying

I just keep trying and trying and trying

And I will

When I die my name won’t follow it

Greatness full inside of us but our minds slowly hollowing

Break the cycle, cut the chains loose

I think I found who I am, did you?




Being liked is what everyone wants.

To say what you feel with positive response.


Reality is, nobody cares,

Whether you swagger about

Or constantly swear,


If you pretend to yourself

That this is you,

When you all you want

Is fit in with the crew


Be yourself and do what you do,

Because being the best

Is being you




I’m stuck at home, life motionless

Staring at a screen almost emotionless


Everyday feels identical, always the same

I wonder if I’m even still sane, but who can I blame?


Haven’t seen my friends in a month, in a while

I’m sick of it, this unending lifestyle


Like a Flower


I come from a great home, in a great area, in a great country

Like a flower, I have a pot to grow from

But without the nourishment I will never touch the sky

How can I grow without food?

How can I achieve success without failure?

I cannot, and I won’t.

Like a blade of grass, when I grow I may be cut down

But I will always grow back up again.


Grown Up


I’ve grown up in a time of yes or no

Wrong or right, fight or flight.

Always in a worried state, looking over my shoulder.

Trying to blend in, but remember to be yourself.

Everyone telling me to be who I am,

The best that I can be.

But what if that’s not enough…




I believe poetry is useless,

And yet ironic as this may seem,

It is the medium I use now to voice my opinion.

Poets write half finished stories,

The reader is supposed to interpret the missing lines.

Find the message that is not being conveyed,

Find the meaning that does not exist,

Maybe if poets were explicit we wouldn’t waste our time




Never have I felt like I belonged, always just the one who can never get along.

I try my best to understand if they’re truly gonna be there for me or just can’t.

You see I don’t like these big crowds, but with you I get so lost in your sound.




The sun is shining, the flowers are rising

Later in the day the wind is strong,

The kids are playing and the day is long,

Time went by and the sun is gone,

The kids are finished and they have to be gone,

Their time has come, because the son is begone,

They went home and thought about the fun.


My Bed


My bed

Messy and wrangled

A place I used to relax

A safe haven

Tangled and strangled

A captive of comfort

I sit and lie

A my desk

This modern comfort

A lie in itself


My bed

A prison for me

Where I can no longer

Sleep happily


A Young Student


I am a young student, with big ambitions,

From athlete to regular job, my dreams will never stop,

All that put to a stop due to a global pandemic,

I work in silence, hoping I will get to the top,

Still a young student, with ambitions bigger than ever.


Expected to Succeed


I come from a world

Where I am expected to succeed

But how am I supposed to do so

When no would be pleased

I try repetitively to give my all

Only to receive disappointed faces

How come no one hears my everlasting calls?




His blue eyes sparkle at me

His beautiful smile when he looks at me

His dark black hair so messy

He makes my heart skip a beat

Oh what has this bad boy done to me

I find myself not breathing

I know his not right for me

As I have always been that perfect girl

I’ve always been their pride and joy

But his blue eyes sparkle at me

I know they longed for me

They want me

But at the end is it true or love

Or a destiny that cannot be fulfilled




I haven’t hurt anyone, I haven’t done anything wrong


So why do I feel so wrong


Each day, work, get tired, rest, repeat


Am I happy or am I simply digging myself a hole so deep


Perhaps so


Perhaps I am a fool


Perhaps I am a madman working as a tool


I truly am confused




We are reaching a tipping point

Where corporate empires take land

And do whatever they please of it

Only because the system

That these actions perpetuate

Only reward profit

Become a communist today


Never be Topped


The tears of disappointment.

The sweat of hard work.

The tiredness of determination

The headache of sacrifice

The happiness of success will never be topped.


Across the World


Living across the world was not fun,

Not really fun for anyone,

There are some things I can’t admit,

Or else I may lose it,

Down the halls of my closest friends house,

Something was waiting patiently like a mouse,

Although the experience was not golden,

I have just revealed it in my poem.


Every Morning


Every morning I’m mourning

Dawning that I’m just waiting for spawning

I greet my seat

Wait for them to tweet

I feel like quitting from sitting

All day staring and glaring at a computer screen




When words fail, music speaks

Birds peck away at whatever comes to their beaks

Life is a cycle it’s just rinse and repeat

I’m a poet kid I don’t even need a beat

Don’t mind all this stanza stuff

And Don’t be smokin the Ganja stuff

It’s bad for the brain and you’ll put ur mother in pain


Our Generation


Our generation needs some education

Being a virgin is concerning,

But being a swat is not hot.

If you’re not cool you’re a fool

Loving yourself is a problem,

But if you cop on your wrong


A Stranger


Being a stranger isn’t that fun,

It gives you a feeling inside your gut,

Being a stranger makes you alone,

It even applies if you have a phone,

The haters will always hate,

I’ll forget about them and chase my fate,

To be a great person for me,

Also help others in need,

I’m a good person but life is tough,

Depends on your parents and type of life




I come from the East,

People call me a beast,

They sometimes call me a god,

But usually they’re a fraud.

They will say they care,

And you think they’re rare,

But that is not the truth,

So I turn around and send them to the devil’s feast.




Yesterday I went to the park

I looked up and saw a spark

The spark was so beautiful

It made wonder

Why aren’t I trying further

I am now working harder

To accomplish my dreams

Of being a feen




It was a Saturday

I had no glue

I only had one shoe

And it was covered in goo

But there was nothing I could do

So I got the bus home

And went to bed

And threw my goo covered shoe

In the loo