Mungret Community College, Co. Limerick.

That’s Life

In my opinion, love can be lots of things
It can be good and bad in different ways
If I was like one of those queens of kings
I would like to ban it for a few days
Sometimes love can trigger one’s mind
It can be confusing and hard to control
It takes courage to be comforting and kind
Problem is, it’s almost everyone’s goal
Other times, love can be delightful
It can make you feel like you belong on Earth
However, it can also be frightful
Breakups can leave you hurt
That’s mainly why I’d rather be by myself
I don’t really care how lonely I get
I’d be happy feeling like an elf on a shelf
Or better yet, an alone, abused, stray, left-behind pet
If I am going to fit in with society
I need to have some sort of connection
With someone with a huge variety
Of things that can make my life a succession
Growing up, love became more annoying to me
And I wouldn’t like to have a lover in my life
I’m happy to be single, single as can be
Or rather stabbed in the back by a knife


The flowers are bouncing,
Prancing and dancing
The pine trees piercing the sky
As the birds sigh
The sun shining
As the clouds are declining

Love will Shatter

Love will kick you down a flight of stairs
Love will shatter your kneecaps
Love will act as a sword in your chest.
Love will find you


Summer was beautiful,
Her smile lit up a room,
And she never made you feel
Like a burden.
She was there for everyone,
But who was there for her,
When the cold arrived?


Love will torture you until u die,
Love will burn you from the inside out
Love is scary,
Love is alien,
Love will confuse you,
Love will shatter you,
Love will end you,
You will love


School is bad it does not let me get my sleep
Eat, sleep, repeat, sleep, repeat
School is not suited to all
Not all call can learn this way
Cannot function well in this miserable morning way

Never slacking Never Lacking

Mans stole a wrap from the shop
No problem mans never gonna stop
Throw the wrap wrapper on the floor
Man don’t care bout carbon stores
Man walks down the ends
Cross the street to where the road bends
Grabbed the hash then man dashed
Never caught never slacking mans never lacking


We’re in TY so our lives are fine.
We get no homework and we have triple PE
Life is grand as you can see
No tests and we passed our junior cert.
And to that we say yurt.
We’re having fun
This poem is done


it was 2018 I stepped through the doors of hell
‚ÄúThis is your entire life” “This is your future”
All this pressure on little 12 year old me
A cruel place where how smart you are decides your future
Your entire life in your hands
“These are then best days of your life”
Then why do you care more about the amount of jewelry I have or the colour of my socks
Teach me how to live my life when I Leave school
How to raise a family, help me decide my interests and my likes
Rather than how to measure the angle of a triangle
But that’s the school system. They don’t care either


Water is like an emotion
When it is still it is calm
When it’s rough it is angry
When there is a storm it is annoyed
When the water is clear it is happy
When the water is cloudy it is having a bad day
When the water is moving fast it is excited
And when the water is moving slowly it is sad


JOHN MCGINN no.1, he scores goals for fun.
Lacazette also no.1 he scores goals for fun.
Matt Ryan also also no.1, he saves goals for fun.
Bruno Fernanch also also also a pen merchant
Aaron Ramsdale also also also also no.1 he saves goals for fun.
Achmad Elmohamedy also also also also also no.1, he left villa for fun.
Ronaldo also also also also also also scores tap ins for fun.

In a Class

This place i go to 7 hours a day is trash
More time all i do is sit in a class
The teachers stand up there and demand respect
But they never look at life in a different aspect
They all think there the best but there as good as me
They say ill end up in jail but one day they’ll see
I hope i end up rich and brag in there faces
Cant wait to put them teachers in there places

Ice for the knee

I’m quality at football,
My mates say I’m better then all,
I play center back,
And it will be your legs getting snapped,
If you get through on goal,
I’ll end your career and throw you in a hole,
You’ll be 6 feet deep,
While ill be eating sweets,
Holding a trophy,
Then going home to ice my knees.