Moyle Park College, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin

Why are Kids Depressed?

Why are kids depressed?
Why do they not care enough?
Why do they care too much?

Why are kids stressed?
Why are they not sleeping right?
Why didn’t they do my 24 page essay?

Why are kids on their phone 24/7?
Why don’t they talk to family instead of these psychos they’ve never met in real life?
Why do they play these PlayStations instead of playing football?

Maybe they’re not allowed open up,
Maybe too much pressure is being put on 15 year old kids,
Maybe we don’t let them express these feelings.

Maybe they have no time to relax,
Maybe the thought of letting people down
Is too much for them to bare
Maybe they don’t enjoy spending all their time working
In an education system that is well and truly
Past its sell-by date.

Maybe the kids they talk to on their phones genuinely care,
Maybe they actually understand,
Maybe they actually give a rat’s ass
And stop and listen to us,
Maybe they will help.

Maybe I’m wrong,
Maybe I do care too much,
But maybe I’m right!

Pierce McDonald


Since I can remember I was treated different
Not in the way I look different
Not in the way I sound different
Not in the way behave different
Not any of those
Just being different cause I don’t have Irish blood
Polish blood runs in my veins
I can’t do anything about it
Why are people treated differently?
Just cause we weren’t born in a certain area
Why can’t people accept variety?
I was born on this Earth just like everyone else
Let’s not forget that millions of years ago
Every continent was connected
So what happened?
People being brain washed into believing
That just cause you were not born
In the same part of the world means you’re different
It’s not called being different.
It’s called being unique.

Kris Stankiewicz


Deep blue desert, I’m all alone
Where brittle sanity breaks like bones
The fear I feel shall set me free
From all the things I dread to see,
I’m beginning to feel all cold and numb
Sharks are circling I cannot succumb
Death would be faster, at least not alone
This death is slow, painful and sick
My body will not be ever recovered,
Not seen not found or ever discovered
All I wish is for sweet release
For all my life and being to cease

Dante Malinowski

The Moment you Realise

The rain poured heavy flooding the dirt and the stones,
Water flowing down the side of the wooden box below,
Only six feet below my feet but I never felt further away,
Time slowed down until it eventually stood still,
This is the moment you realise it is not a dream but reality,
Then a small part of you dies with the person you love,
You heart aches and your body loses all its life,
This is the moment you realise your love you had was real,
And the person that seems gone will always be with you forever.

Ryan Hickey

Everyone’s Different

From the basketball courts to the football fields,
From the youth service to the local darts team.
It doesn’t matter if their fat or skinny,
So just know that the world continues.
So what’s the point in making them feel crap,
You’re not going to benefit from it.
So leave him or her alone and let them live their life
Because eventually they’ll do themselves right.



From the smell of the hobs on Dame Street,
And the buskers beat beside Jervis,
The shivering cold winter nights,
To the many city cites,
The spire stands tall and proud,
While the GPO stills has its bullet holes,
Our soldiers keep on marching,
Our history is what makes me glad,
I am proud to be Irish.

Craig Murphy


Love is imperative,
The world would be grey without it.
Hearts need to continue to beat,
For we will fall into depression or maybe a coffin if they suddenly stop.
Hang with people you love,
Do things you love,
Live for love.
Your heart won’t stop beating if you follow these instructions.
Make others feel good,
Your heart and their heart will beat for longer.
Love is imperative.
The world would be grey without it.

Ben Rafter

“Think Twice”

You should never hate yourself for your looks,
Or for the fact that you read books,
The things some people say to a person can be terrible,
Even to the point where their minds are unrepairable.
You should think about what you say to a person,
Especially when that point of their lives have worsened,
Be nice for once to someone whoever,
Or else your reputation may be tainted forever.

Paul Flood

One versus All

This fire in my heart
Hell, where do I start?
Day-in Day-out, I face this attack
From all the people in this hell shack.

I still continue to fight
Every day and every night
One versus All
Someday soon they’ll fall

I’ll always be the underdog
In this world of mine
I put the hatred away
And let the good side of me shine

However, I’ll put it behind me
Continue my fight
All through my life
One versus All
I’ll be alright

Shane Blake


Life’s alright I guess
Most of the time it’s good,
There’s a few odd few times of stess
Although I don’t like the idea of man-hood
We men are expected to be strong all the time
Even though we are all secretly emotional
We are expected to not complain anytime
Even though we all are stoical
So I ask you
Think about what other people are going through
So you can help someone when their feeling blue

Owen Ribey

Standing on the Grass

Standing on the grass in the middle of the pitch
Watching other people go on the mitch
Sweat dripping down my head, a pain in my gut
Could be at home but I couldn’t care less
Blood that has been infused into my grip
Watching the ball sends me into a trip
The love that I have for the sport of hurling
Just watching the ball zipping and curling
Watching a man like Joe Canning will put you in a trance
Leading the tribesmen as they advance
Skills that you could only wish to have
The speed of the ball that lightning has
Blood sweat and tears flowing into my shirt
Being on the pitch you must be alert
You don’t just find yourself on the starting team
You must show that you can handle the extreme
Growing up watching and playing this sport
I wouldn’t change it for the world


I will Survive

It’s all junkies, needles and illegal ordeals
Outside the gates of Moyle Park College.
Garda vans, thugs in hoods running with their goods.

Government couldn’t give a flying fool about school with no tools to train our youths.
Leaving school as early as possible seems to be the answer for like its cancer
But it leads to bigger problems.

Football is an escape for me,
I don’t want to be living in a slum blaming everybody around me
I want a life that my family can have a mind free of poverty till their elderly.

I have discipline since my christening
And I’ll take it till succeed I am a master of my craft
I know you may laugh but that gives me drive
Because to me that’s the only way I will survive.

Cian Gallagher

”You’ll Find Someone”

From dream to life, the imprint of a heavy head left on my pillow,
The lens that blocks out all the hatred and leaves all of your desire
Suddenly taken away from a voice calling out a name
That carries love and hatred for miles in my mind.
To start the day with one voice leading into a plethora of low
Stinging, monotone voices that freeze me in my place, but burn with fire.
Control, Alt, Delete this thought and ask others if they need assistance, service with a smile!
Sympathy kills as a boy, wanting to help with the fear of straying from the pack.
A sportsman son, who loves music, who hates that he’s not the rugby child he feels he wants,
Although his constant love assures otherwise.
Tears are pretty. The type that linger and glisten in the light, yet lately,
My tears have been toxic
The type that stain the soul as well as the face. They hurt.
These are my problems and I’m constantly told I’ll find someone but,
Even I can admit, it sounds impossible for someone to carry these with them
And love me anyway,
Even though, I do it daily.

Colin Redmond


Travelling to Germany
The last 3 years seeing my
Poor uncle dying from cancer
You can say he is weak
And dying but that
Is only a description
The doctors keep on saying that
He is dying
But the only thing
That we had to guess
Is how long
Does he have left
The one thing that we
Had to prepare for when he goes
I will remember him
For who he was
And what kind of a person
He was and
For everything that
He done for me.
R.I.P uncle
You will be missed

Jack O’Reilly


When you put them shin guards on,
It’s like putting on your helmet to go into a war zone
Your boots are your weapons
You want to make sure that you will go home knowing
That you put your heart and soul into that match
And if you didn’t, you’d spend the night thinking about it
Every training session, it’s a battle to get into that starting eleven,
Even though they’re your teammates,
You do everything you can to make sure your staring ahead of them/
That’s a battle.
When the whistle blows that’s the signal to war
In that match it’s a survival,
You want to perform to the best to your ability
That there’s no way anyone is taking your spot,
That’s war.
That’s the mindset.

Sean Duff

A Decision

During third year
I had to make a decision
Whether to do TY
Or go straight into fifth year

I’m happy I chose to do TY
As I think it’s great fun
I love when the teachers
Give us homework we’ve already done

It’s different to other years
In so many ways
You have a lot more freedom
And I like it that way



She has a very pretty face and a voice that sounds divine.
Her smile brightens my day even especially on the bad ones.
When I look into her brown eyes I get lost in a gaze,
I could stare into them all day and never get bored.
When I talk to her it makes me feel so much better,
And when I’m not around her I’m a little dull.
Everything she says to me lifts my heart up.

She has long gorgeous golden hair.
When we’re talking over text messages,
I feel overjoyed and want to scream out in happiness.
The only thing i regret the most is,
Never asking her out,
I’m always too shy to ask her out because she is so beautiful.
If I ever get the nerve to do it,
I’ll be proud of myself for trying,
And if she says yes I’d be the happiest person in the world.
Happiest person in the world.



From the past to the to present
And the future too come
The life we run is mostly alone
To die in days of glum.
Life to burn and past we’ve lived.
Once we go, we can’t return.

For me as one who has done some dumb
For what we do and things we say
Have people lived a lie or died so numb
We shouldn’t allow past to turn us grey
Give the future to change our way

The past is gone and future to come
You don’t notice your words can be like bullets in a gun
Don’t believe that this if fun
This can make someone feel done
Before they go stop the chance
Don’t load up the gun

Calvin Rogers

My School

Right now I’m in school, this place makes me really cool,
I have so many friend, and we all write with a similar pen,
Makes us all very similar, but we are not personally very familiar,
But we all share lots of secret and also play football and cricket.

All of us have a very different mentality, with very fascinating and cool personality,
Sharing and caring is all we do, in that way we are very similar too.
Here we all learn how to read and write, it makes me happy,
Thinking my future will be bright!

Maharuf Hossain

The Boy

The boy went to school,
He thought he was cool,
Every day he went around,
Always pushing people around,
He always thought he was cool,
But everyone else thought he was a fool,

One day it would come back to bite him,
As the people he bullied now wanted to fight him,
He ended up fighting for his life,
As the people who he bullied,
Put him in there with a knife.

Luke Carter

Ankle Problems

Standing on the concrete volleying the ball
When you stand on a rock not big but small
You roll your ankle and cry out in pain
When you lay down in bed and your ankle is not plain
But purple in colour sure it’s all the same
You’re told to rest and heal but that’s lame
You rather be out playing the great game
But when you’re out for another 3 months
You wouldn’t be trying those stupid stunts

Devin Moonan


It was one cold winter’s eve,
I was with my uncle Steve,
And we saw something we didn’t believe.

We came into the house,
All that was heard was a mouse,
My uncle walked upstairs
And then he almost broke into tears.

He panicked and screamed
And when I looked he beamed
As this was what he had dreamed

He said “oh my god Kian
It’s a gift from a queen”
The wardrobe was open
And we were no longer broken

I saw a block of gold
Our house would no longer be cold
The gold was immediately sold

Kian Quinn

My Results

On the 12th of September
I got my results
I went out with my mates
And I got drunk

I had lots of fun
With all my good friends
Except for the ones
Who couldn’t make it in the end

At the end of the night
I came home to the house
And slept like a mouse

Karl Whelan

Too much Work

They expect too much of me
Homework, study can’t hang with my buddy
It ain’t funny
They talk about freedom
But when I do things my way they say I’m a waste of space
They expect me to stay awake
While they sing suffocating lullabies
And concentrate when
There is so much more interesting stuff I could do



I rang the bell after coming in late after being at the carnival all day
I expected to be met with fury from my mam
But instead it was my mam “Jakob i don’t know what to say”
With tears welling up in her eyes she said
“Jakob your little buddy frank is gone” I was bombarded with dismay
And with those words I fell to the floor broken,
I was screaming “what happened” as I fell down
That’s when she told me he went for a swim
And with nobody to save him it was confirmed that he had drown
With tears rushing down my face
I was met with her warm embrace
And in this special case
A boy was left with a broken heart with his mother lying on the floor
On the tarmac floor on the step of the big brown door

Jakob O’Neill

My Struggle

What is school? Does school actually help? What was the purpose of school?
To be honest I hate school? Do you? I don’t do particularly well in school.
Everyday waking up was a nightmare, of a fear of what is going to happen to me,
Attending classes solely for the reason I have to. What is this meant to be?
Thought that school was meant to teach students useful skills,
In reality schools hard wire students to be robots not me,
People don’t say anything but I’ll feel like trash,
But I really blame the school system for killing the real me.
In school this is me but outside do you really know me?
I live a different life I’m so smart that no system could caters my needs.
So what I do bad and get bad grades?
But really does a letter or grades really determined my success.
So really people does a grade really reflects me?
No me in school is different to the real me.

Adam Ngo

One Morning

One morning and heard bad news
Someone told me he’s gone and I was like
What you mean dude. They told me he’s gone
He drowned and died and I said to myself its
No time to cry. Sad all week as if it wasn’t enough
My mum told me to stop crying she said ‘please son stop.’
She said God has a plan for him and that’s why, and I said fine
But did he really have to die. I said to myself I won’t cry
So soon and it was just too much.
Live your life as best as you can
R.I.P bro Frank Mekang

Luther Osahon

Heard around the World

The referee fired the shot that was heard around the world,
But this wasn’t the Boston Massacre, this was worse,
My defensive line was impenetrable,

It could stop an army
The enemy is trying everything
They launch an aerial attack
But I rise like a salmon
And fire the ball back,
Mayhem breaks out
A shot below the belt
Every man rushes over
Most resemble a Celt,
Men are hitting the ground
Hearts will need to be mended
This news is truly splendid
With a shake of hands
And an embrace
Till we meet again
In your home place.

Cal Gleeson


Bawnogues the worst
All you see are
Blokes with smokes
Junkies robbing cars
And doing drugs
You will get jumped and robbed
Work hard, don’t give up
Don’t end up like this
Don’t drop out of school
Because you’ll be a fool

Wojciech Trzeciak


Don’t commit suicide,
Live on because you have a life,
Don’t fight out of anger,
Fight for freedom,
Don’t pick sides based on religion or beliefs,
Pick the side that wasn’t already there.

HOPE=Hold On, Pain Ends

William Powell

My Family Matters

My great grandad was forced into the British army for WW1
My great grandad was put in prison for treason against the crown
My nanny was adopted because the church forced her unmarried biological parents too
My uncle killed himself
My nanny and grandad had twins one died at birth another a month later
When my younger brother was baptized my aunt couldn’t go because she got breast cancer
When I was 5 or 6 my great grandad died
When I was 9 or 10 my friend’s dad died of cancer
When I was 11 or 12 my mam got breast cancer
Around the same time my grandad was diagnosed with prostate cancer
And so both, my nanny and grandad were put into a retirement home
The next year my grandad died and my family from all around the world came to his funeral
My nanny than died the in the same year

Conor McCabe


Since I was young, I’ve loved to dream,
To think, to conceive, to believe, in things that weren’t real.
The things I read, I watched, I saw on a screen, made me feel.
From comics, to movies, to books,
I always loved how they let you escape into a world that wasn’t filled with the problems in yours.
But then as I grew, I realized I knew, that the characters weren’t for me to escape to,
They were for me to relate to.
Every time I got called ugly or fat or a loner,
I would look at Spiderman, and Captain America and Batman,
And how they were all the same, they lived with the same problems in their brain.
And they dealt with them, and now I can too, because fictional stories, feel like they’re true.
See, these stories aren’t just for kids anymore,
They’re for people who feel inadequate and ignored.
They’re there to give us all something to believe in,
Something you think you can achieve in.
All the heroes have their own struggles,
From mutants to aliens, meta-humans to muggles, they all have their own stuff going on,
Be it relationship issues, personal issues or anything else,
They all fight through, with courage and strength,
And I want to be like that too,
And because of them characters by people like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby,
I finally feel like I can too.

Daragh Haughton


Live in Dublin
The main city in Ireland
Nice and not nice
Good but not good
Bad people, bad places
Good people good places
That’s all

Brian Kirwan


I grew up in Greenpark chubby and alone
As I grew older I started to tone
Puberty hit me hard and I’m thankful for that
Cos now when people see me they don’t call me fat
Know I play sport
I love toasties and tea
I have improved my life
And am as happy as can be

Ben Russell


I really do not like school because of the perception it gives of other people
Some say I’m stupid because of the grades I get
While I believe that grades do not reflect the individuals IQ
But rather
I see being smart in school as who can sit in front of a book
And repeat the same thing over and over again until it’s stuck in your head

I hate the word study because of the meaning teachers put on that word
“Sit on your chair, open your book and revise until you go crazy”
The only times school doesn’t seem so bad,
Is when I talk to my friends

Alex Przbylski

Daily Grind

I am tired of the daily grind
The one of school
The one that makes me find
That I am a fool

Told that I’m ungrateful
That I’m being treated kind
And that I’m intensely shameful
But they are all grossly blind

Mateusz Sewerynski

A Place

I’m from a place
Where I lived my since I was young
And my started my life with a Samsung phone
I thought I was hard
Then my brothers hit me very hard
When I was seven I went to my first football match
Starting the they day off with a slice of batch
Now I play a lot of sport
Later on in my life hoping to be in Dublin airport

Lee Proctor

My Life

My name is harry I go to Moyle park
I don’t particularly like my manager and his name is Mark
I also play Gaelic, hurling and football
I enjoy it a lot and have played since i was four
And hope to play it for many a year more
My team is dirt and have never won anything
But I’m not that bad out on the wing
I also love Pats I go watch them every week no matter wherever
Even though they’re not great there is no team better

Harry Kelly