Moyle Park College, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin

I Am What I Am


Dawn breaks to a new day following the shred of sunlight

Placed on the bed, through the shiny door

Kept voices brew confusion, chaos

No life without fear

How do I feel when there’s no meaning in that

Every day will stay the same, till

Tides are rushing into me, to me

But I am not broken

There is no fix

I am what I am, not my grades,

Not numbers that swallow others,

The thoughts that are constant in my head

I am the words I say, the way I dance,

The way I sing, the way I draw

Right now is not forever,

Unless we make it so

We all know this deep down

That we are just time that’s counting down

But this isn’t love

It’s just a firefight of hurt, mishap, chaos

And hurt

The higher I go further i’ll fall

So catch me if you can

Your empathy will dwindle like the stars

I lost grasp, the hold of my desire

But I will hold my heart so they can’t break it

Until then i’ll just fake it.


The Wrong Way


They shame people who do not know any better

Their goal is not education, it’s social credit

They don’t care about these things that matter

They know not of the society they wish to edit.

They try to be inclusive, they really do

But they don’t discuss the issues that affect me and you

They seem to be content with the status quo

They don’t realize the true foe.

It’s not the uneducated worker who doesn’t know better

It’s not the young lad whose been brainwashed by bigotry

Its not the migrant who only seeks a life with his basic human needs

It’s the people who benefit the most from the system that they all fail to critique.

There can be no social liberation without economic liberation.




A single being on this earth, this time, this place

Year of diseases and protests

The time of quarantine and movements


The year of the internet

The generation z

The generation of zombies

The year of change

A year of problems and pandemics


But when is this change

When will we be free

When will we accept others for who they are

Their skin, their gender, their sexuality

When will discrimination and judgement END

A world where if you weren’t straight, white or male you won’t be dead


The Grey Sky


The day slowly passing by

The students wait patiently

As they zone out occasionally

The clock ticks slowly

As the students grow more and more mopey

It has to be done

But the students rather run

Out of the dull dark school


The teachers talk on

The students wish they could walk home

But for now they are stuck in the class

They rather watch the grass

As it grows

Out in the dull dark field


They are glad to be gone

As their feet drag along

They can’t wait lie down

As they walk through the town

Out in the dull dark world


The day continues to drag

As the homework comes out of the bag

The students begin to dread

All of the work they have ahead

They finish their work eventually

Just to repeat it again the next day

In the dull dark room


A Dead Street


To look out your window and witness a dead street

Difficult to do anything and get back on your feet

Step outside and the few you see wearing masks

Struggle and struggle to complete daily tasks

Living days at risk of disease

Hard to live at all with any ease

Remaining at home feeling alone

With your teachers on pc laptop or a phone

Wake up every morning feeling sad or empty

Hoping for a day off but of work there’s plenty

Continue to live and trying to survive

But at the end of the day is this what it is to feel alive


Wake Up


Wake up in bed,

One thought in my head,

Get up and do it all or I’m taking a fall.


Productivity is everything to me,

Dormancy is my enemy,

When I sit myself down, I feel like a clown,

Not doing all I can is a tragedy.


Special Ones


There’s a few special ones,

Ones that make me feel lost in a sky full of rainbows,

Some that make my heart flutter around my body

Without them I feel lots of pain though.


I smile when I see them,

Laugh when I hear them,

And they make life better,

Like its always sunny weather.


I feel their pain,

And they feel mine,

Without them, I’m alone in the rain,

Without them, I’m lost all the time.


I talk to them and they talk to me,

I just want them to finally see me,

When I do, I will feel complete


Wake Up


Wake up in bed,

One thought in my head,

Have to do it all or I’m taking a fall.


Productivity is everything to me,

Dormancy is my enemy,

If I sit down I feel like a clown,

Not doing it all is a tragedy.


Walking around in my house,

Observant as a mouse.

Things to do here, there and everywhere,

Slowly falling to their inactive wear and tear.


Humanity breeds ambition, instinct, control.

So when we as students receive our orders,

We are on the border of boredom, as our true self never leaves its corner.


But when we are left to ourselves,

Nothing to do looking up all day at the blue,

We realise that without guidance, we have no control, instinct, ambition;

Only premonitions that we have all in our hands that we need,

Never letting ourselves be freed.





Her eyes are as beautiful as her heart

She is as intelligent as the Sun

She is beauty, she is grace

Her beauty is as raw as her smile


She can do what she wants

She can get anyone she wants

Yet she is unparalleled in her kindness

And yet she likes whom who is not

As good as her




Music can leave strange taste on your tongue and a wild memory in your head,

with a couple notes played you are transported without a single word said,

Music can reignite a time forgotten long ago

Hearing that certain tune can even inspire tomorrow

Music can influence your heart, brain and soul

And for me that should be every song’s end goal

Music is so powerful it can dictate a whole generation


The Days


The days feel short,

And they keep getting shorter,

I think am prepared,

I feel like am trying to cross a border,

The end is near,

And it’s getting closer,

I hope I am guided to the right path,

And that I don’t fall when when it’s all over.


Love & Hate


I hate him and I don’t,

He gave me a lot, good and bad

He left and came back,

I feel like his burden not his son,

He says he loves me,

He hasn’t called in 6 months.


I Am


I am from the suburbs

I live in a big house

I am very privileged


But I have problems no one sees

Problems no one hears about because I know the view of me will be shifted

Adults think an ice cream is enough to have my moods lifted

My problems dismissed because I’m “only a child”


Adults too naive to accept my sadness

Think my life is sunshine and rainbows

Because they can throw money at my problems


But I don’t need money, I need a shoulder to cry on

Adults thinking all I need is a bed of money to lie on

I have no doubt I will be successful

But dismissing my mental health might leave me regretful


I don’t want to want to look forward to later life knowing I might not make it there

Happiness is seeming more and more unrealistic

It escapes my grasp by just enough to nearly make me give up


People think I am happy

But all these years I have just acted

So I ask myself

Was I ever happy,

Or just distracted




They say they know how we feel

Yet all they say is that “corona virus is real”


We’re the ones who stay at home waiting,

This lockdown has us all debating

Wether to protest for our lives back

Or to stay at home and slack


We stay inside just to go for our 5km walk

But we just want to get back to our real lives and talk

Talk about how these days drive us crazy

And about how we’re all getting lazy


Where I Come From


I come from loving families and warm food

I come from TVs and warm beds

I come from friends

I come from school

I come from computers and games

I come from everything good

I don’t come from angry dad or junky mam

I don’t come from hard life or drugs

I don’t come from drink


I come from sadness and emptiness

I come from no motivation and boredom

I come from everything and I feel nothing




Separated. But not divorced

One family. But split into three

My sister and I being thrown around like rag dolls every second day

Because my parents couldn’t work it out.

Court dates after court dates

People say it must be class because I get double everything.

Double lives. Double the people you have to talk to. I just want a home




The lockdown is getting old

All the suicides, domestic abuse,

Suffering business’, homeless people

And our loved ones stuck in their homes

All because of three lockdowns

They said one would be enough

Two lockdowns later

Now the people have had enough





Happens for a reason,

Some ask


I never had an idea of a career to pursuit

Then one day I was playing Football


A bad injury

Which followed more to come

Thought it was over

Overtime this led to surgery,


I began to build up strength

Confidence was regained

Seeing the progression was enjoyable,

I then knew what I wanted to pursuit




Wake up one morning wanting to chase a dream,

Everyone laughed at me and seen me as a meme,

My family were always here for me and guided me to the place I wanted to be.

I feel bad for the children that have no parents to speak to,

Slumped out on the sofa with a can or two,

Cigarette buds all over the floor, is there a point of chasing this dream anymore.

I am very grateful that my family are not like this,

But once again I feel bad for the children that house smell like drink.


Why am I Alive


I Don’t really care about your situation purposes

I know I got a mom but I Don’t know where my father is

Everybody asking me yo what the your problem is

I became stressed even though I am only a kid

Always come up to me with the truth never fake that

I’m the type that’s always making moves never laid back

Always say I’m falling ye I do take an impact

Every god damn word that I be saying I can take back

I just be complaining never really wanna rip off

Edges of my life that I really wanna kip off

I just be on top I’m the owner I am the boss

I’m working to achieve for the record that’s what I thought

I’m no handy man I’m not the best at doing retail

people faking drama just to double up in their sales

When it comes to loyalty I am never going to fail

Never going to fail




I sometimes want to express my emotions

But then I feel like I’ll get a demotion.

Demotion from what you say

A demotion from my street name today.


I grew up having a nice family

But the area I live in is pretty raggedy.

I got lucky with the life I was born into

But I feel sorry for people that have no view.


My favourite thing do is play sports

Because this makes me stay out of court

I’m not saying I’m a bad guy

But if it wasn’t for my parents I’d be always high.


The Student Stares


The student stares

Thinks its unfair

Always bored

Head against the door

Barely surviving

Wants to go home

Watch tv, you’ll see

What it feels like

To be me


She Says


She says she loves me

But she don’t show it

She says she was scared

Which is why she cut me off


If you truly loved me

You should’ve talked to me




I come from four-siders

Red copies

Glasses cases

And green hats

A clear sky

Grey town

And poetry assignments


Wake Up


Wake up desk bed

Wake up work bed

Wake up dread, bed

Is this is what it feels like to be dead.


I Plan


I plan on taking every title

I’m going to bury all my rivals

I keep my faith in god even though

I never read the Bible


I plan on going through every trial

I’m going keep stuff in the cycle


I’m going to do this on my own

I’m going to live like I’m on a throne


My Uncle


My uncle pat he wears a hat.

He is not that fat

He has a pet bat also has a rat

That was eaten by a cat.

He fills out a form from his dorm

But curiosity also killed the cat




In these difficult times you don’t no whether the media is truth or blooming lies

Eventually there will be no pandemic and my life will be blooming epic

Out with my mates in the sun