Moyle Park College, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin

The Hands I Own

The hands I have,
Will be gone,
Lost forever,
My memories with them,
They will be tossed.

The years,
Of sheltering,
And writing,
Washed away.

The hours,
I’ve spent,
With the people I love.

The hands,
Always cold and warm,
With anger beneath,
Controlled by love,
The face I own

Will be lost,
Like the arctic frost,

Leaving slowly,
Just like the thoughts,
In my mind,
Drifting ever so slightly,

Like the bright stars,
In the dark sky…

Conor Jackson-Ryan

These Hands

I have been passed from hand to hand

These hands cared for me
These hands protected me
These hands steered me down the right track in life

My hands decide my future
These hands play sport
These hands make food

These hands
Make friends and enemies

These hands create and destroy
These hand damage and heal

These hands have held hands that are no longer present
These hands have held friends hands who are no longer around

What if I’m all alone?
What if everyone leaves me?
Am I loved?

Luke Swagne


I have Asperger’s, mild but the signs are there,
Of awkwardness, no eye contact and lack of empathy

I have anxiety, avoiding school for weeks,
Fear of judgment, attention, and tensity

I have bad eyesight, can’t see within two feet,
Getting worse by the day, leaves no clarity

I have problems, but try to get through the day,
School doesn’t help as I trudge endlessly

I have friends that I’m thankful for,
Security in allies is my remedy.


I’m Tired

I’m tired, I’m tired of all the people judging me for my race,
I’m tired of people saying ”you’re not black”,
When I say I like chicken but not watermelon,
I’m tired of the police stopping me on the road
When I’m just going to Lidl to get bread for my mam,
I’m tired of the police raiding my house
Just because they suspect something wrong,
I’m tired of living in this world where people think is ok to say n*gger
And ask me for the N word pass like it’s no big deal,
I’m tired.

Nathan Mazingu

We are the Same

I wish people would be accepting,
Every one is different in their eyes,
Don’t matter if you like something different or even someone different,
We are the same.

I shouldn’t have to hide my interests,
It’s stupid,
People excluding others,
Shunning others,
All because they like something different?

Discrimination, racism, homophobic crap,
And adults look at it like they’re some other fucking language,
Saying get over it get over it,
If you haven’t already noticed that doesn’t work you tools.

The internet makes it even worse,
People shunned for no apparent reason
Furries, weebs, gays, anyone with some sort of different interest is ridiculed
All because some fat bum put up a random story on twitter,
It shouldn’t matter if you’re different,
We are all the same.

Conor Robertson

I Am…

I’m a boy,
I’m a son,
I’m a brother with a younger sister,
I’m a dancer,
I’m a singer and I’ve been on the stage for 13 years,
I’m active,
I’m outgoing,
I’m always on the go,
I’m intelligent,
I’m caring,
And I’m always trying my best.

I’m not afraid to be who I want to be.

I am Eamon O’Callaghan

Eamon O’Callaghan

Yes, I’m a Foreigner

Yes I’m a foreigner, and yet You and I are the same,
Asian, European or American we all play life’s game.

Yes I’m a foreigner and I go through rough times just like you,
People not from here have anxiety too.

The Polish aren’t all Jews, the Germans aren’t all Nazis,
The Nigerians aren’t all thieves and The Bangladeshis aren’t all Pakis.

So remember next time you slag a foreign person,
Yes I’m a foreigner, and yet you and I are the same.

Filip Wojtowicz

These Hands

These Hands
Decide my faith

Should I
Live or Die

Should I
Win or Lose

Do I choose
My Life

They say
I was chosen

What was I chosen for?

Why me ?
Why do I deserve
To be chosen

Did I
Do the right thing

Did I
Do the wrong thing

How do I know

Do I
Wait till death?

Jake Browne

People Say

People say
I dont talk

I’d say
They’re right
Really right

That’s the problem
They do not

Saed Berredjem

My Friend

They are wonderful,
They are great,
They’re always there,
Even when I have fallen,
Even when I’m broken
When I can’t be put back,
They are there,
The light at the end of the tunnel,
My light.



Everybody is different not one is the same
Everyone gets bullied because they look the same
But no one looks for what’s inside
The heart the one thing that matters
No one looks for the beauty on the inside
Every looks for beauty on the outside or
How strong they are, not what’s on the inside


Biggest Problem

The biggest problem with being different is not the loneliness,
Not the judgement,
But it’s the self-acceptance

The acceptance gets drowned out like a chid struggling to stay above the sea,
Being flushed away like I can’t come to terms with who I am,
My acceptance is hard as the opinion of others hurts to know.
The love for those hurt to have like the everlasting forbidden fruits,

I long for that satisfaction of others like I’m here to make those happy,
When I myself cant,
But day by day it gets easier,
As those who really mean the most are those I find alone the way,

But the itch unable to scratch is the acceptance of those whose opinion means the most.

Scott Gaffney

I Am

I’m tall,
Yet I feel invisible.
I’m loud,
Yet I feel quiet.
I’m popular,
Yet I feel lonely.

I’m humorous,
Yet I feel boring.
I’m calm,
Yet I feel anxious.
I’m lucky,
Yet I feel unfortunate.

When I’m insulted,
I get hurt,
When I’m abused,
I feel the pain.

People don’t see,
When I’m hurt.
I have feelings,
I have emotions.

I’m still human.
Can people not see that?
What did I do to deserve the pain?
When will it stop?

Finn Gilleran

Shattered Glass

Why is it getting darker
Night is still far away
The gleaming glass of a shattered bottle
Liquor spilling, pooling near my feet.
A blood red pool of broken dream

Sharp stones of a cracked wall
Pressing against my shoulders
Blurry memories pushing against the surface
Eager to be chosen
As the glass watches
Silent and still

Shadows are creeping closer
Growing bolder as the light fades
Circling with whispers of hollow comfort
Why is it getting darker
Night is still far away

James Rogers

My Thoughts

My thoughts are caged,
With a lock of lead,

I create stories and worlds,
With people and lives,

I imagine faces and bodies,
That exist only to me,

These ideas are caged,
Inside my head,

But a pencil has power,
And so does a key,

And a pencil and paper
Is a key to me



When I was young, I lived in many houses but never home,
I always had to move from house to house
Because my mam couldn’t afford to keep one.
I eventually moved to a house I lived in for 4 years,
I was starting to settle in and starting thinking it was home but it wasn’t.
Even though it was a nice house, outside had low life people,
Who would judge you for anything,
The way you speak, the clothes you wear or the car you drive.
I was on seven houses so I thought this was the way to be.
I used to cry and cry begging to move for years.
Then three years on I eventually got out
And moved to a place where my mates are today
And a place I can call home.

Callum Browne

Teenage Years

Teenage years are trying to fit in
Teenage years is drinking the can
Teenage years is hating the Guards
Teenage years is lying to your ma and da
Nobody likes being a teenager

Eric Whelan

All Alone

Upstairs all alone, a quiet sound is here,
Listening to my favourite melodies or thinking of moments filled with cheer.
Upstairs I work, determined to get it done,
Or when free, I relax and have fun,
Upstairs I play video games whether or not it’s bright,
Or go to bed for a happy night.
Upstairs all alone, a quiet sound is here,
My happy place where I have no fear.

Setanta Higgins

Growing Up

Growing up with gunshots and car alarms,
Corkagh parks pet farm,
Drug dealers,
Car stealers,
Growing up with mountain bikes,
The garda raiding houses,
Discos in clubhouses,
Going Tesco grabbing a sweet packet,
Shove it in my north face jacket,
Watch out for the baldy security guard,
Last thing I want is to be barred,
Throw on my school uniform,
Head back into the storm,
Waves crashing,
Graves stacking,
Slaves cracking,
All they care about is behaviour,
Who will be the saviour?
Who will be the saviour?

Kenny Duffy


I’m tired of seeing burnt out cars
Being woken up by sirens in the middle of the night
Getting added by randoms on snapchat that’s called “Clondalkin Fights”
I’m tired of seeing the same Canada Goose jacket
With pockets full of packets
Of the good stuff,
Giving it to a junkie who saved up for this fix
Licking his cracked lips
I’m tired of young-ones going around looking like the annoying orange
Hearing men shouting as the Gardaí kick down the door off its hinge
I’m tired of this place
But then again there’s nowhere with this much “Grace”

Seán Russell

I Like

I like wrestling not football.
I like playing video games not going out drinking or getting high.
I like hanging out with friends and making jokes not going out and overdosing on yokes,
Just to impress some girl or to look mad.
I like the fact that I have a stepdad and not some hyped up drug taker
Who didn’t even have the time to be there when his son was born
Because he would rather spend time drinking.
I like having close friends not ones that would abandon me
If it means becoming cooler or getting another fix.
I like having my own style and taste in music,
Not blending with the same haircut and clothes.
I like listening to my friends problems
Rope nothing is to hard to listen to if it means helping them.
I like to be me not another bland face.
I am Ethan Farrelly, not John Doe.

Ethan Farrelly

My Favourite Pastime

My favourite pastime is to watch movies,
When I watch movies, I am comfortable,
Whether I am immersed into a world with superheroes and villains,
Or into a world where every character is played by Eddie Murphy or Karen Gillan,
I love most of the genre’s of movies, comedy action or even ScI – Fi,
I don’t mind what happens unless one of my favourite characters were to die,
I don’t even care if the movie is made by Disney, Universal or even Sony,
Just as long as I don’t have to sit through my little Pony.

Josh Montgomery


Everyone has thoughts,
Some good,
Some bad,

But we shouldn’t.

Conor Jackson-Ryan


The empty world around
To hear the sound of laughing and mocking
To hide from others
That are not there
To hide from others
That do not care
Why be myself
When no one see himself
When others judge myself
And others hate themselves


We’ve Been

We’ve played
We’ve laughed
We’ve fought
We’ve cried
We’ve been through the best of times
We’ve been through the worst
We’ve seen each other grow
We’ve seen each other fall
We may fall out
We may make up
We could make new friends
We could lose old ones
But we’ll keep telling ourselves the same thing:
We’ve been together since the beginning
And we’ll be together until the very end

Eoin Jewell

The Field

The Field is a war zone during lunch.
It doesn’t matter if your friends,
If you’re on opposite teams you are enemies.
I’ve seen friendships broken, bodies hurt
Gloating, complaining, crying and anger.

It always happens and I don’t think it will stop.



No matter the person, everybody has a passion
Whether it is playing football in front of millions
Or creating trends for the newest passion

These passions give people determination
And a sort of bond to their hobby
Giving them motivation

Finding your passion can be tough
There are many things to do in your lifetime
But if you say that you’ll never have a talent
You just haven’t looked hard enough

Emmanuel Muritala


We hide what we mean to say
In case others think the same thoughts.

“Ha ha, just joking” we say
In fear of getting caught


The Hands

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs,
This is what I see,
The world is falling apart,
I feel these hands guiding me,
Through the pain,
From the temptation,
From addiction,
I can’t hold some hands again,
I can’t rub some pets again,
Whose hands are these,
I don’t know,
All I know,
Is I am grateful,
To whoever,
Or whatever,
Is guiding me,


The Game of Life

I come from Hands
These hands cared for me
These hands protected me
These hands steered me down the right track in life

I play sport
I get broken up in rugby
I brake people up in rugby
I get broken up in hurling,
I brake hurles in hurling
I brake tackles in football

Life is amazing but the only way to enjoy it is to dive right in!!

Luke Swagne


It’s hard to know the difference
Between who you are, and who you have been.
Changing from person to person, face to face,
Conditioning ourselves to be different and the same.
Old faces have expectations that we may not meet.


Run into Battle

The intensity in the lads as they run into battle,
Watching as the crowd cheer them forward.
A must win game in the eyes of many,
But others looking to get on a billboard.

The fame gets to their heads when interviewed,
A bunch of nonsense shoots from their mouths.
Waffling on about the game,
As the others wait in the dugout.

They don’t care about the sport,
Just care about their appearance.
No passion anymore,
I think it’s time for a clearance.

Daragh McCabe

Silver-lined Love

A girl that I’ve shared a lot of stories
But if I ever let her go I’ll miss her sorely.
Love like, through the looking glass it is unknown,
And I’m mad hatter.
There’s no way out of this love
I could never ever let you go.
Think that I must confess to this

When the clock ticks one
And your luck is all gone
Know that I’ll be, wishing and waiting for you to come home.
Its silver-lined love never leaves you alone.
You’re my optimistic, mot juste girl.
In the absence of you, I’m reciting all my memories with you.

Remember the year; we went down altered paths,
I concluded you’re the one. You’re a work of art.
I swear to god.
I ventured into the unknown without you
And I’ll never be the same.
I wish for it.
Think that I must confess to this.

When the clock ticks one
And your luck is all gone,
Know that I’ll be, wishing and waiting for you to come home.
It’s silver-lined, never leave you alone.
You’re my optimistic, not just girl.
In the absence of you, I’m reciting all my memories with you.

I’ve got an insatiable desire for the dream world,
It’s unforgettable.
I’m hopeful for a world with you.

When the clock ticks one
And your luck is all gone
Know that I’ll be, wishing and waiting for you to come home.
It’s silver-lined love, never leave you alone.
You’re my optimistic mot, just a girl.


We Bleed

We bleed.
We fall
Sometimes we dont get back up
Its important to get back up
Its important to rise
Were all afraid of love
We are all sick
We are bonded by these things
This is what it means to be a teenager

Jack Finlay

Football Pitch

When I step on the football pitch
I leave everything behind
My life is on pause for the 90 minutes
I look forward to every week
To fight like a warrior and play with my heart
I trained most of my life for this moment
But when the whistle blows for the game to end
And I realized that all my hard work payed off
And I know that I left every bit of me on the pitch
But I bring the pain, the bruises scattered across my shins
I am ready to go again for another week of the 90 minutes I look forward to
When I step on the football pitch
I leave everything behind

Tighe Kealy

Nothing to Do

There I am nothing to do,
Behind me, I hear a great boo,
Shall I run shall I hide,
Next thing I know I get kicked up the backside.

Me, myself and I,
Being looked at all my life,
As if, I’m the bad guy,
And now I say goodbye.

Milo Rafter