Mount Temple Comprehensive School, Clontarf, Co. Dublin



A constructed society to feed off insecurity

Leaving you to question every inch of your body

What is perfection? What is beauty?

Are we only worth the size of our booty?

Envious of an edited photo

Insecurity is an ingrained motto

Fake is perfection,

Real is just a misconception


On My Plate


I am on my plate and you are on your plate

The neurons in my brain make it hard to communicate

My undertones are anger, resentment and hate

But I still envy the people that I know cant relate


People in parts are on other planets

I can’t figure out all the different dynamics

I study all their colours, keep them in a palette

I’m a late bloomer and that’s how it happened


We can’t all be wrong

We cant all be soft and weak in the brain

We cant all be experiencing imaginary pain

We cant all be feeling despair in our veins

Folding under the pressure of the lives we maintain.


I have to apologise

For the self-centred nature of this very poem

Self absorbtion is the favourite tactic I know

Ignoring 7 billion others as their problems swell.

Some take their own initiative to say farewell

But how can I make their suffering mild

When I am an immature, self centered child.




I often ponder with the stars

Today they spare a passing glance

Perhaps they see me as bizarre

Gaping at that great expanse


Ever so slowly light starts to seep in

I feel a cool draft brush past my skin

And so here I am watching the sun rise

Observing it lazily through tired eyes


I wake with the world

One step at a time

The stars know their meaning

It’s time to find mine


The Voice Screams


The voice screams louder as I stare at my plate

My hand shakes, my heart races

The spoon touches my lips , a spoon full of fear

My throat closes up , unable to breathe

Intrusive thoughts fill my brain

Unable to handle the pain

Tears fill my eyes

I swallow the food , the pain ,and everything with it

My battle begins and I don’t let that voice win




Love will hurt you the most

It will rip your heart out from your chest

Love will suffocate you till you are out of breath

Love enjoys watching you suffer and beg for the pain to stop

But it will never stop

Always taught you would never be attacked by love

But now you are black and blue

Spitting blood out of your mouth

You talk about how you hate the pain

But once you are alone you enjoy the feeling


Some Mornings


Some mornings, I sit up in my bed and look out the window,

I focus on the curtains chaotically billowing in the wind,

The faint sound of lives being lived, in that moment I feel a sense of tranquillity,

As though I’m at the peak of a mountain.

Being in that moment forever would be bliss,

But as my attention drifts away, my window becomes mundane.


No One Wants


No one wants opinions of the earnest

Careful not to be the nonconformist

Keep your world viewed through an embrasure

Ignorance is bliss, minimize exposure




I hate lockdown

Awkward zoom calls

My connection is gone

From the outside world


I hate lockdown

Stay at home

I’m sick of the house

And I always want more


I hate lockdown

People don’t care

They meet up with friends

While my dad decimates my hair


I hate lockdown

It’s not cool

I feel trapped

Get me back to school


I hate lockdown

When will it end?

There’s always hope

Around the bend


I Wish


I wish I didn’t hope so much

Maybe then, I wouldn’t have held on

When you said those words

I knew the feeling was gone

I cried myself to sleep last night

I just want somebody to love me

Somebody to cling to when life isn’t fair

I just want somebody to love me

Someone who’ll stay

Love never dies

And I want it that way.


A year


Nothing has been done

It’s been a year, the mind doesn’t realise

We’ve been paused

The sudden social halt has shocked the system


I haven’t felt it

The once trivial activities, I miss it

The waves of tension, they march in

I’m defenceless


Was this virus only affecting us in one way?




I live in a world where people are stuck inside,

The weather is violent almost a storm,

While people try to hold their heads up with pride,

We have to adapt to the new norm.

The children still play basketball in the street,

Coming inside to stamp their muddy feet.

The days feel longer in this lockdown,

And everywhere is empty all across town.




As we are walking through the street

We suddenly feel our hands meet


The love in your eyes

Reflect the truth of your lies


The promises we made

Was I just played


The nice character you portrayed

I am mad that I stayed


Now I drown out the pain with the laughter

Turns out it was all a disaster




My father that is the man you once were

You were my idol, my hero, my male role model

But then you got angry, you got mad. I found it so hard to understand

You walked off with this woman, this stranger.

Who is now my forced automatic family

Why her, why did you leave, I can’t help but worry it was me.

What was wrong with your pre-existing family

You were once the man I called father. But now it’s just an illusion.

You don’t have the same soul, the same kind nature

You are now selfish and hate driven

You were once the man I called father

And how I miss that man




Seven line marks written on the arm holes in the wall

You see the end close by you fall and you crawl

And you see the light asking for the way

Seeing friends as the enemy self-violence is the way


You stand and you fight and you hold your head high

You scream and you cry and you refuse to die

At the end of the day it’s all a repeat

But it’s worth the pain, seeing life to its complete


Day after Day


Unrecognisable days shoot by

Day after day not even a chance to sigh

The lockdown isn’t bliss

But patience is needed at times like this

Long nights, restless

Never thought my like would feel tasteless

Without the need to get up or fight

Like the end is never in sight

The day it is when we can cohere

And forget the days that disappear.




My mind gone numb from all the thoughts racing through

My body gone limp with strain, what a wimp

Passive but displeasing, will it draw to end?

Passive but all mine, I want to keep it

Feels horrid, feels wrong, but I will make it right

Feels horrid, feels wrong, but I can make it right

It is mine after all, I can do what I want


My mind gone numb, I’m beat and jaded

My body gone limp, but I don’t want to rest

Passive turned aggressive, I won’t stop

Passive means unproductive, I want to live




I won’t sleep tonight, I feel too alive

I will reach peak and I will make sense

I don’t know sh*t, I just got dreams too big

I’ll fit them on a wall and string them into words

I’ll play them on guitar and cut them into skin

I know I’ll stutter, I know I’ll cry

I’ll know I’ll wish to rip out my eyes

But the bruises will fade and the scars will heal

I may return to passive but I won’t come to heel


My mind gone numb from all the thoughts racing through

My body gone limp with strain, what a wimp

Passive but displeasing, will it draw to end?

Passive but all mine, I want to keep it

Feels horrid, feels wrong, but I will make it right

Feels horrid, feels wrong, but I can make it right

It is mine after all, I can do what I want


The pressure to be, the pressure to pretend

F*ck it all, I can write my own rules







Behind the Screen


I come from a place, from the outside it looks great.

Everyone calls me lucky, but inside I feel yucky.

If I don’t do as they say, I’m quickly shoved away.

If I start getting curious, they start to get furious.

“What are you doing? I think you’re unscrewing.”

“This isn’t normal, you’re becoming unformal.

And there’s that word “Normal”

And it’s that word that causes suppression and in succession give us depression.

Our health is our wealth but not when it’s mental

For then they don’t care about being gentle.

For them it’s about what’s being seen

And never what’s going on behind the screen




As the meaningless days go by

I sit here and begin to wonder why

All these weeks of doing nothing and hoping

Really makes time fly by


These Four Walls


These four walls can shape a man

They can give you space and let you grow

Or become five feet tall and can break a man

Sometimes its good to leave this house

And get away from those five foot walls


Boys will be Boys



Full of urges which they cannot control,

Whistles that they cannot possibly withhold.

How could I blame them that a dark alleyway makes me walk a little quicker?

For the eyes I feel examine every inch of my teenage figure?

The harmless smirk that does nothing but suggest.

The fear of going out in public with just a vest.


Boys are boys though, right?

Raised to be strong, to fight.

Never to cry, to be a man.

But does that mean that we should be treated as less than?


My Teenage Years


My teenage years are distancing and masks

And way to much school tasks

We’re meant to tackle global warming and not us up our data roaming

Teens’ mental health going through the wars

And all teachers care about is whose coming through their doors

Girls can’t walk alone at night, while boys are forced into street fights

Its not fair, and yet adults don’t care

And why should they, they’ve done their youth days


Nature Of Hate


Why does everybody hate.

I honestly just cannot relate

No matter what there is no satisfy

So please tell me why

Don’t get with men, she’s stuck in a rut

I act tough and they call me a barbarian

My friends betray me they’re caesarian

Opening up I’d rather get sick

Why do the overwhelming masses love to hate

Is it just my impending inescapable unyielding fat


Inane Stutter


Stupid, inane stutter

You’ve sullied my name

You made me look weak

And how do gain?


You made me want to collapse to the ground

Is it me? am I who you detest

Is it on me why I can only make sound

Is it why I can’t string words together when I speak

Is it justified that I don’t look competent when I declare

That my words get interrupted by air


To my stupid inane stutter, why should I care




Falling from grace,

A long way down,

I try to climb,

Lying with the weight.

From wounds to scars,

A long way down,

Life has changed,

Living with the weight.




Summer is staying out later then allowed.

Refusing lifts and meals as you’re too proud.

Going out all day with your mates.

Not wanting to go home to accept your fate.

Pretending your older then you are,

So you can buy drinks from a bar.

Buying brand new shoes, crisp white.

So different from the summers where you were young and used to fly a kite.

Now its all about fun and second hand smoke,

As you sneak out late and try not to smoke.


Hustle and Bustle


The hustle and bustle of the rush hour bus

Crowds of people feel the streets without any fus

The squeaking sound of trainers on a basketball court

Or the early morning drive to the Dublin airport

Simple things like school time lunch

Sharing with your friends so you can all have a much

Things you don’t miss until they’re gone

How much longer will this go on


I See


Do we end where we began

Is the word progress just a sham

When we reach our ultimate goal

Will we really be consoled?

When I look to people above me

I see they are never more happy than me


Too Fat, Too Skinny


Too fat too skinny, too thick too thin

I can say I love it but I’ll always just suck in,

She’s so perfect I wish I looked like her

Anorexia bulimia she’s plotted her own murder,

We see the model smiling as they walking the runway

But the industry is killing them to look perfect

Calorie counter and diets they wouldn’t dare to stray

But the fat I see in the mirror someone else would kill to have

Blinded by social media I cant see my own beauty

But my body is my protector

One of a kind I love her

But only because it’s my duty.


The Frustrating Feeling


The frustrating feeling of getting nowhere,

Staring blankly at a page yet I’m fully aware,

I have no motivation and plenty of distraction.

Every day, from my bed to my desk.

Not doing much work,

But not getting much rest.

It’s hard to relax.

When I’m at home I’m in school, its not easy adjusting to that

My thoughts switch off as I stare at a screen

Telling me all the things I need to do,

Sure I’ll do them next week.


Honour Roll


They should’ve put you on the honour roll

Plastered all along the wall

Build it up and tear it down

Live it up and spend it well

Burn it so you need it gone

Smoke it up and breathe it in

It’s too late now to see its wrong so

What you get it what you give


And though you don’t know what’s in store

There’s static on the other line

You’re staring through the smokescreen and

They took your mouth so you can’t scream

Taking back just what they stole

They should’ve put you on the honour roll




Today I will live in the dark

I woke with a yearning for a feeling so little

I wish to get up but my bones they are brittle

So I will lay here

As my bed sheets turn red

With the blood of my own

That I haven’t yet fed

And when I say hello to the strangers I know

I’ll see myself cold and sour


These Times


During these  times the days drag on

The days just waste away and we are all fed up

We all just sit here and don’t know what to do

We all struggling but work together


A Heart


A heart is a heavy burden

We use it in so many ways

Yet in so little ways

From the moment of our first heartbreak

To the sound of someone cheering you

“Well done!” for scoring your first goal in football

The heart feels something like no other thing feels

Validation, Pain, Joy, Sadness

All these emotions yet we still never truly speak from it


As I Come From


As I come from afar

From a house to a home

And from a place to a family

I know family comes from within

And not blood




Pluck a string on a bass

Let the buzz ring through

It will consume you.

Eat you up and leave you empty

Foggy like the purple of mixed paint

I’m screaming behind thick glass

Powerless to stop it.


I Sit Here


I sit here on a chair struggling to write about something I care not about

No ideas come appear stuck in a metaphorical drought

I’m not even sure if I’m writing a poem or a paragraph

But of course who am I to assume a difference is even apparent

Still I remain seated stuck for ideas and passion

But who knows maybe this emotion I feel a dry and meaningless thing

Is really just my hunger what can I say I want a sandwich




When walking down a nice street and dropping my head

So it’s looking at my feet when a group of men whistle and beep

And all I can do is giggle and freeze.

I can’t retaliate I can’t scream I’m left silent and a victim to my own street.

I don’t bother and tell the police what this group of men said to an underage teen,

It wouldn’t change anything for me so I stay silent and walk down my street.




The movies made it seem so great

Even the unrequited ones

Found their fate

So why does it hurt so much for me

Because I feel so stuck

Unable to break free


I Belong


I belong with the sea, with the wind, with the air,

As my feet brush through the sand I know longer have care.




Sanity is early morning baking when the sun’s just come up

With Netflix keeping me company and the house still sleeping

Sanity is long uphill cycles to a view of the sea and the fields

And the wind in my hair and a real smile on my face

Sanity is calling people for dinner and serving it

While dancing around the kitchen to music i’d never admit I like

Sanity is late nights with tea and cake lost in stories from far off lands and times

Sanity is jigsaw puzzles at the kitchen table

When the pieces slot into place and the noise around me dims

Sanity is walks with friends without news in places you never want to see again

Exchanging rants and complaints

Sanity is moments of quiet where the world melts away and I can just be




Patience in needed at times like this but for some it’s more than a time like this.

Set backs require patience and hard work and consistency.

Set backs feel like your chance is gone, it’s over and no coming back.

Set backs make you rush to get back but at times like this all they require is patience.

Personally I’ve had my first set back and since I’ve come back from it’s only made me for ready.


One Day In


One day in, one day out,

And what’s it all about?

Money, fame or just making it by?

‘Cause I’m not the good or bad guy,

Just another life.


But I want significance, meaning,

To make colours never before seen,

I’m just from a world overpopulated

But maybe relevance is overrated

Contentment is what’s needed.


All a Guise


As you square up to him,

You can smell the stink of gin.

Much younger than he is,

But a head taller than the man

That used to carry you on his shoulders.

You stare him in the eyes,

But really its all a guise.

As inside you are ripped to shreds,

You stare down at the top of his head.


This Room


As I sit in this room of tranquillity,

A room I have wished for so long to stay in,

I feel that I have finally escaped,

The hustle of a relentless world,

But I sense something is wrong,


The bright walls of the room have become bars,

Weaving their ugly grey bodies,

To form an unwelcoming cage,

And I realise then that the place I want to be,

Is forever the other side




Skip an English class,

Sure its only doss,

Head round to the shops for a fillet roll and a Lucozade,

Two hard-men huddled outside,

Smoking green; and sculling a can,


This is where I come from,

Its not a rough area,

Its just Dublin,

Its home,

People get robbed, jumped,

Stabbed over a minor debt,

The city has cold nights,

But a warm heart,


I love it here,

But jaysus,

I can’t wait to leave.




Will someone say my name

I’m here, don’t go away

I’ve lost so much, I mean come on

I’m only a child,

I can’t move on.




Often I wonder why I find writing so hard

This makes me hate it and find it is so boring and terrible

And listening to other peoples creativity makes it unbearable


Brightens my Day


The way it can just brighten my day

When it appears, my heart goes all fuzzy

I love it more than words can say,

It’s just as sweet as cookies but to me sweeter than honey!

A small crunch with a hint of softness.

Although it can cost a lot of money,

It makes me sad with it’s shortness.

Without them my world is empty and sad,

Without them I’d go mad.

I sure do love macrons.


Baked Beans


Baked beans are the best

Especially on crispy toast

And even with some cheese or fresh soft bread

Never not craving baked beans

Satisfaction with every bite I can’t have enough


I Will


I will squeeze you till you pop

I will do the cha cha slide all over your face

I will snap like I never have before

And make you pay for the pain you have caused you bore.


In That Moment


It was at the girls’ sleepover in primary

When we were all getting changed

That Ella said, ‘You all have matching pyjamas

And then I’m here in leggings and a t-shirt!’

With a laugh and a lowering of her pretty head


And, in that moment,

We all wished we had non-matching pyjamas too.




Sometimes I get sad, and I wonder am I aloud.

I’m not depressed, not even a bit- I have no reason, no right to be.

I have everything and nothing, makes no difference to me.




Home is stopping a great attack

Scoring a nice long free

Home is where I pass the ball

And sometimes might receive

Home is lifting the trophy

And bus rides with the team

The pitch when I’m home




I was sitting in the sun

Eating a bun

With a nun

Making a terrible pun