Mount Mercy College, Model Farm Rd, Co. Cork

A Raven Perched

A raven perched, for shadowing the evil come thither.
Predictions run true as the world begins to whither
War waged without violent dissension,
Souls snatched by the devils henchmen
A life giving earth, obliterated from within.
The fleetingness of mortality made akin.
Where love once originated,
Crooked thoughts are fabricated.
Light slowly wanes,
Only darkness still remains.

Eneyal Sivakumar

Unnoticed and Unwanted

She let her hair fall on her face
She ghosted through the crowd
Unnoticed and unwanted
Her footsteps made no sound
She sits in wistful silence
She lets herself be teased
They bully her and taunt her
They take all that they please
At last, she takes her final bow
She fades into the sand
Grain by grain she disappears
Waiting for someone’s hand

Zara Wallace


I’ve made mistakes
I’ve made some friends
Where a journey starts
A story ends
I’ve had a laugh
Shouting screaming
Having the craic
Dancing, dream
Experienced worry
Too much stress
You’ll fail if you
Don’t pass that test
I’ve stared in the dark
And softly cried
Nobody knows how I feel inside
Too afraid to ask for help
I don’t know why I doubt myself
I’ve been called things that really hurt
Sticks and stones are not the worst
Nobody seems to lend a hand
For their all too busy with their own plans


We Are

We are repeatedly treated and judged unfairly
We are given equal opportunities rarely
We are brought to feel insecure about ourselves
We are told to follow irrelevant trends
We are often discriminated for our gender
We are told to stand down but we will never surrender
Are we going to give into society’s demands?
We are willing to take this into our own hands
We are going to stand up for what is right
Equal opportunities are in our sights

Niamh Murphy


Our childhood ends and reality begins
Freedom is gone and responsibilities kick in
Dreams are crushed and hope is dead
“Stop whining, grow up!” to us they said
Your beginnings will become our end
For how much longer can you pretend?
You’re ruining our minds with all this pointless knowledge
Why go to school, university or college?
Can’t you see? The planet is dying
We are not blind so stop with the lying
At least we are attempting to make a change
But somehow none of you think it’s strange
That’s us, your children, it’s us that care
That we are no longer breathing fresh air
You assure us that all we are saying is fiction
But are unaware that we are facing a mass extinction



We are given the best opportunities in life,
But sometimes it can feel like it’s too hard a fight.
Wanting to make the people we care about proud,
However, we can’t seem to voice our opinions out loud.
Sometimes the pressure can all be too much,
We could break into pieces with only the slightest of touch.
If we take a step back and just look around,
We can see that everyone is standing on common ground.


Last Night

Just last night I was rejected
It was as cruel and as cold
As I expected
Though I respected
His wicked choice
I still can hear
His callous voice
Breaking hearts as cold as stones

Helin Gunes


She sits and learns about pointless things, for she does not care.
Thinking about the world outside and how it isn’t fair.
She wonders what her future holds,
If she belongs in this cold world.
She looks straight down at the floor,
Wanting to fall through those trap doors.
She watches the clock ticking,
As each precious second goes away.
She thinks three hours have passed,
But only 2 minutes were gone astray.

Maria Leono Vieira

Invisible Connections

Sometimes she can be too tough
But you can never be too rough

She will test your patience
But you have too much dedication

She is depicted as innocent
But in thrust she is devious

Even she can be all this
She still makes me feel bliss

She is something very special
However, sometimes she’s a silent devil

The feeling you give me when we win
It is something magical that makes me grin

Kate O’Donovan


I wonder what time we should go to the disco tommorow?
Will something bad happen? Will I be left in sorrow?
This where teenage girls have the heart chest rate of alcoholics in the world.
“I’m not that drunk” they mumble as they hurl.
We’re called swats if we have a thirst for knowledge
Yet if we fail, why should we try let alone pay for college?
Will I get the highest placed string player in September?
Can I be someone they’ll remember?
It’s hardly fair when some people are worrying about how they’ll wear their hair.
The non-distribution of wealth is affecting our children
And not a single shred of remorse is felt.

Aisling Martin

Our Earth’s Dumpster

I first dipped my toes into the ice-cold ocean
I let my worries float away
I would dive down deep beneath those crashing waves
To where the ocean keeps her secrets
But there is one too clear to see
For it is as bitter and as cold
As it’s dreams are dead and old
A dumpster for the whims of men
And the ocean is no more

Emer O’Connor


I am in life surrounded by all my dreams in all my might
I have found the strength to fight my fights and found the ways to reach new heights
I battled even through the hate unable to articulate
I am the song that crowns this morning even when the drums of rain are pouring

Céire Conway

Here I Feel

Here I feel like I can be me
My inner shark is wild and free
I eat what I want and watch my movies
Pizza and chips and chocolate chip cookies
I relax and draw, it’s time to express
Here I have unlimited access
I can do what I want and say what I like
For the dreams that I draw made of magical light

Hannah Tuomey

Here I Sit

Here I sit and try to write
Sometimes I don’t even know if I can see the light
Hell is located here
We’re all full of teenage fear
We keep forgetting what we learn
When someone calls us, we don’t turn
We all want to hide from this curse
But we earn money from our mother’s purse

Zeinab Ajorloo