Mercy College Coolock, St. Brendan’s Drive, Malahide Road, Co. Dublin


“I had no idea, you should have told us before”
They say avoiding eye contact and staring at the floor.
Plastered half-hearted smiles is all I see,
What happened with wanting each other to be happy?
Now it isn’t all bad but it’s hard not to doubt
Its hard to stay positive when a hand hold results in a shout.
It’s not about pity or small talk or crying
It’s about happiness not about lying.
But see I’d never change, not for friends, not for you.
Let’s start teaching that two girls together shouldn’t be a taboo.



You grow up too fast but die too young
Hung up on the person you want to become
Life passes you by in such a short amount of time,
A constant reply of the words “I’m fine”

Like waving through a window with only one side
Living a life I don’t believe is mine
It’s like watching a movie in the third person view
People may be judging but you are you

So be a kid and mess around
Before you end up in a burial ground

Lauren Kavanagh


She sleeps in the street every night
Under the brightest stars and city lights

People walk past to get to work every day
But she is just another inconvenience in their way

Cars and buses fly by without noticing
More and more people are coming and going

She sits without food for days on end
Everyone thinking that it’s all pretend

Everybody else does not seem to care
The dream you are living is her nightmare

Lauren Baker


People drink in the parks
And wake up with the fear.

You’re judged on who your family is,
The people you love and the friends you’re with.

I sit and talk under the bridge,
I wake up at night and raid my Mam’s fridge.

I struggle in silence, I struggle alone,
Quiet about it, I struggle on my own.

True happiness is found in all of us within,
And beauty is so much deeper then skin.

Shauna Quinn

This is Where

This is where I feel at my safest, at peace
Where are my fears are decreased
This is where I know I can always go when needed
Where I can be loved and connected
This is where I can go to cry when I feel anxious or lost
Where all my worries are a lost cost
This is where I can go to relax when I am tired and drained
Where I can come out refreshed and reframed
This is where I always want to be
Where I can always just be me
This is where you will find me



Here I lay in my bed midday
Only now noticing your gay
All my love for you was just a game
How could u do this to me you’re insane
You played with my heart
That’s your way of getting away
You said you loved me that’s your way

Chloe Lawless


Turn every corner and someone’s being shot
People getting dragged up
Thinking this is all they got
Gangsters in the choppers
Junkies on the streets
These are people you don’t ever want to meet.
In this concrete jungle no one’s getting out.
Survival of the fittest is what it’s all about
We all act brave we all act tough
It in this life we all think we’re not enough



People don’t talk, but you listen
Through the cries and the ammunition
You better stay still, you have be silent
Because your world is so violent

Full of hatred, full of fear
And here you are, in the frontier

Spent months and months training
Spent months and months complaining
About everything you go through
Oh, if only we knew
About the nights in your barrack
Filled with so much havoc

And when you came back
After you unpack
We asked how it was
But you just pause



I have lost something that meant a lot to me
I lost someone who has been a big part of my life since secondary school
When I first met her I knew we could be friends.
Our friendship I so strong
But something I never thought would happen in the friendship
I did the worst mistake I have ever done in my life
Was losing my best friend over nothing
And if I had one wish I would fix it and start taking again
And get the strong friendship again

Chelsea Condron


You go to start battle royale and you war.
Then you search and search and hit the floor.

You find the llamas and the chests to get.
Nawwhh you don’t even get the bet.

We all run to if the storm shrinks.
We all go and if you get the win for the geeks.

Chloe Duffy


Some things stay unknown but I found out what was true.
Would they believe me if I told them it was you.
Something unique is always special
Yours eyes are un-denying pleasure.
Our laughs and cries make me smile
We haven’t spoken in a while.
It was all a dream I was living in,
If they were aware of this sin.
Three things to take away the pain,
All along you were the game.


The Family Sleeps

The family sleeps quietly at night
They were just waiting on the fright,

The young stayed up thinking of what was wrong with him
He stayed up and removed his sim,

They realised he needed guidance and help
He screamed and let out a yelp,

It all happened too fast to realise what’s going on
He didn’t know that there was consequences,

It was happiness from this point out
There was nothing for them to worry about.

Shauna Quinn

Wake Up

I wake up in the morning and stretch my arms.
The sun shines on my face, I feel it’s warm embrace.
I open my window and breathe in the fresh air.
I’m ready to begin my day.


She Cried

She cried to me.
I felt it come as second nature,
I felt her pain.
It grew to become part of me too.
I wasn’t strong enough to tell her,
That it was unhealthy.
I was all she had.
So, soon enough I became her.
The person I tried for so long to stray from.
That in turn is why I am alone.


Angel without Wings

One drink, two drink, one drink more, you know you can’t take this anymore,.

It feels like your past is collapsing in front of you, like an old brittled wall that’s about to fall.

I’m sorry for your pain
I know it’s in your way ,
I wish it can go away .
I don’t know why life
Treats you this way.

I guess being kind all the time might not be the best way to handle your pain.

You’re like an angel without wings but knows how to fly.



I go here in my free time and listen to tunes
Sitting here relaxing on my bed with my ear phones against my head
When I listen to the tunes,
I clear my head

Lucy Heeney


You are what has been keeping me going,
A second half to keep me hoping,
That hope being the fault that burdens you
I held it close but then withdrew.

A light that leads me through my dark day,
Keeping me sane to help pave way.
You try to help even when I prove to be tough,
But I wonder if you think that it’s enough.

I often wonder if you feel as cold as I am,
However, it doesn’t show through the warmth of my hand,
Sometimes it’s a struggle to spot,
All I feel that I show I’m not.

I love you, that’s true.
My dear friend, now and forever
Is the time I’d spend with you.
Your presence allows such a blessing,
That’s enough for my pain to start lessening.

The time we have to spend together,
That holds me through the changing weather,
To lessen the mind where the waves of thought can be so rough
But is it enough?



My grandad is the bravest person I know
Having left school at 11 to become an engraver
Having met my granny when they were total strangers
Now they’ve been married 56 years
Six kids and nine grandkids
Even though you go through
You still make it
Say I can do it
And that’s okay
He lost his sister when she was six
When she was hit by bus
He makes cup and tea biscuits
Every time you come to the house

Amy O’Connor

Life Begins

Once life begins, it ends and follow suit, over and over,
Until you feel that you can take no more.
I’m told it’s only the start so I burn my past bridges and try open new doors.
The negativity, the dangerous thoughts seep out through cracks in the flesh cage
I try to stow them away in, they escape. T
He ground under my meek feet crumbles and soon after breaks.
I stand and remain strong inwardly screaming ‘no’ through gritted teeth.
I fight with my demons, dragging them fat beneath.
The salty streams burn my tender skin as they meander down my hot red face,
I try so hard, harder than ever to try and find my place.
I take a deep breath and let it go,
For that’s the only life I know.


Sit and Think

I sit and think about my life. Trying to escape and forget my strife.
I sit and read and listen to sounds. My life before me spins round and round.
I go to be in silence. Alone in my head, the hopes I had as a child are now dead.
I go to walk, just me and my thoughts. This is my life as Emily Haugh.

Emily Haugh

Rock School

My music room is so cool sometimes I rock out in it and I’m still cool.
Anytime I see the neighbours after my drumming
They start running then after I go back drumming.
I go to a rock school and there is people there
Who are better than me
But I couldn’t gave a damn about the people in the rock school
But then I met the man of my dreams

Chelsea Condron

My Poem

I love my poem
Feels like I’m at home
As the clock ticks
My inspiration lifts
And I become one with the words.

I looked around
And at the ground
Every atom
Every speck of dust
Will give me enough

Jennifer Louth


To my heart rip out lying on the floor
To my ma banging on the door
Yelling “clean your room, do this, do that”
Me thinking shut your mouth ye dirty rat
Drugs, alcohol, abuse, violence
This hole kip is screaming in dead silence.
Sick of looking at the same slapped arse faces
The burned out cars
And burned out places

Alicia Fox

Go Out

Go out to play, to smile
Stay out all day, to smile
Giggle and laugh, to smile
This will only take a while
Stay in a cry, to smile
Try to stay alive, to smile
Try talk it out, to smile
This is not my chosen style.



As I lay on my bedroom floor all that I could think is how I need more,
Should I sell my favourite black shirt or should I sell my favourite black skirt,
But I can’t ask my mam again, I feel too bad, she just gave me the last money she had.
But I have to go out with my friends, I feel the pressure I don’t want to feel any lesser.
Well maybe I just won’t go out? Maybe i’ll stay in?
Maybe it will be crap? Maybe it won’t be worth it?
But when I’m with my friend all my problems end
And I don’t have to think about the money I haven’t got to spend.

Chloe Vickers and Karen Kelly

The Ballad of Sackville Street

The cannons roar,
The GPO crumbles,
British soldiers break down the door

Looters smash the windows
Of posh expensive stores,
And gunmen stand in rows
As the guns of Easter ring.

Meanwhile the citizens of Dublin crawl
Out from their retreat
And the old cook in a shawl
Picks up the pieces of the broken street

“Was quite a brawl”
Said she
Standing among rubble
As far as the eye can see.

And in the middle, standing tall,
Nelson’s Pillar sees it all.

KT Flynn

Blue and Red

She`s blue and I’m red,
I go through hell and she goes through heaven,
I suffer and she suffers,
We are the same when it comes to pain.
If someone dares to lay a finger on her,
I will deal with them.
Why do I bother?
She doesn`t like me and that`s fine
Because I don’t like her but why do I bother?
Maybe I care maybe I love her I don`t know

Jodie Daly

Mirror Image

My mind fights it’s battles,

Sometimes the evil fights the good, and then I question myself is this who I am,
Or is this a mirror image,

Of me that I wanted to be, and not what I longed to be.

It feels like I’m locked in a cage that I need to pick the lock to get out of,

But I know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel .I just need to take the jump,

This is we’re I will find out who I am
And what I’m worth.



Rolled out of bed at 8 am
Hungry, tired and stressed out of my head
Walking down the road with my friend talking about how tired I am
Arrive in Coolock into the spar where I buy my lunch and my chocolate bar

Not even 9am and I already want my bed
Staring out the classroom window
Looking at the clouds thinking I’m dead

Finally it’s lunch and I can eat my bar
That i’ve been craving since I was in spar.



I guess you think you know this story.
You don’t. The real one’s much more gory.
The phony one, the one you know,
Was cooked up years and years ago,
And made to sound all soft and happy
just to keep the children happy.
Mind you, they got the first bit right,
The bit where, in the dead of night,
The Ugly Sisters, jewels and all,
Departed for the Palace Ball,
While darling little Cinderella
Was locked up in a slimy cellar,
Where rats who wanted things to eat,
Began to nibble at her feet.
She said: ‘My dear, are you all right?’
‘All right?’ cried Cindy .’Can’t you see
‘I feel as rotten as can be!’
She beat her fist against the wall,
And shouted, ‘Get me to the Ball!

Kelly Joyce


I go to do my dancing class
A great way to make the time pass
I go to relax with my friends
Hoping the fun never ends

We have fun while taking a break
Fun memories is all we make
We play our music way too loud
When listening to music there is no other sound

We get to dance our life away
For us this is the only way


Me and my Sister

Me and my sister we were two peas in a pod then a big fight happened
And I was like oh dear god, three years later we hadn’t spoken since
I lost a person who was just like me having nice hair and drinking ice tea
Now she’s getting married to a hunk of a guy
Feels likes she hasn’t seen me from the corner of her eye
I wish her happiness and good health
But please don’t try flatter me with your wealth

Amy O’Connor


I like big Broadway shows like Hamilton, Wicked and other shows.
I got front row seat for my family friends and so an so.
I will be singing all the big shot musicals, ring ring who is this?
Well it couldn`t be it is? It`s Mr.Lin.
Well give me a minute good sir Mr. Jackman is on the other line.
VIP tickets to your show?!
Well Mr. Jackman that`s very generous.
Well Hamilton is calling me i`m the next Eliza.
Well I gotta say I love Broadway.



I met my boyfriend and I feel in love.
I thank god in heaven above.
I don`t like what I learn
From school.
I hate following the rules.
The guy that shot him was so
Much dummer .
I showed it off when I got home.
I go to Scotland on holiday and
We drive.
I am thrilled to be alive!
At the reception, we ate pork.
We were happy every lasting

Kelly Joyce


This is where the nuns live, they are old.
Something creepy is happening here it makes me cold.
This is where we sit, on chewing gum covered seats,
Hey Stacey text me the deets.
This is where the canteen is, where sloppy food is served,
We need better food, it’s what we deserve.
This is where tears are shed; I just want to go to bed.


Go Out

I always go out to my friends and we rewrite the stars
My moment has finally begun to happen healing painful scars
I love when I to sit I talk to friend so psycho and so sweet
My moment has finally begin to happen and now I’ve found my feet

Chloe Duffy


Children go out to play the simple and innocent games.
Until they hear their parents screaming their names,

Teenagers hang around to waste time and get drunk.
Then all just to go home and sit on the top bunk,

Young adults pretend to be happy with their fake smiles.
Sitting their wishing they were away off miles,

Drugs get added into people’s everyday life.
Until that one day when they pull out the knife,

People’s lives begin to brake and fall apart.
Sitting their seeing this occur would break your heart.

Roisin Cox

Bora Bora

I want to go to Bora Bora to live my dream because I am a beauty queen.
This is where you see drugs sold everywhere. Well I don’t care.
Pigs fly and crap out food. That’s a bit rude.
The local crackheads get their drugs. They run and put up their hoods.
Our imaginations don’t work so stop giving us work.



My dad’s yard is where I could be myself
And not worry about other people think
It’s the place I feel where I can’t sink
I get to do graffitI and ride motorbikes
I get to see things from a different light
But they might not always be right
I can experience new things without even knowing
It’s like I’m on a boat and only rowing
I get with the man whose just like me
Every second feels me with glee

Amy O’Connor


I went to Bahamas and swam with dolphins.
Me ma didn’t come and started golfing.
I go when everyone’s wrecking me head.
I am talking about my bed.
I go on the weekend and have fun and I saw a nun on the run.
You go to see animals talk. They make noises like a hall.
You see drugs getting sold but there hash brownies get cold.

Emma Russell