Mercy College, Coolock, Co. Dublin


My generation is powerful. We don’t realise it.
My generation wants justice, wants equality. We want peace and we want love.
We want a home, we want a clean planet.
Not all of us realize the impact we can make.
We drown ourselves in social media and say “ah sure it’ll be fine.”
But what if it’s not? What if we’re drowned out because we’re too young,
Too dumb to decide our future, our safety, our sexuality?
My generation is powerful, but no one sees it at all.


My generation is endless scrolling
My generation is constantly comparing yourself to others
My generation is being defined by likes and comments
My generation is low self esteem and feeling worthless
My generation is gossiping and spreading rumours
My generation is fake friends
My generation is fake smiles
My generation is stealing happiness
My generation NEEDS TO CHANGE.

Social Media

Everyone’s’ lives revolve around social media.
Most things you do in life you either text about
Or post about. Nice outfit? Post it.
Out for food? It’s going on Insta. Pretty views? Posting it on Snapchat.
Before actually taking in the views, tasting the
Food, loving and appreciating the outfit,
We think about posting it and want to see
What everyone else will think of it.
Moments aren’t taken for what they are in
Everyday life today. They are captured but not remembered.
Looking back at a picture and remembering a moment
And how it felt
Could not be more different.


She looks in the mirror
“I feel good today” she says
She hopes this feeling will last throughout the day
As they look, as they judge
Her mind begins to change
“Am I different to the rest” she says
And then she wants to change


Could you imagine a life being easy?
Think about the future makes me feel dizzy
Everybody want you to rise your voice
But every decision I make,
Feels like I didn’t have any other choice.

Now I’m here, on my own
Trying as hard as I can
Maybe that’s the all point,
That we’ll always be alone


Breath quickening
Hands shaking
Hearts palpitating
Where am I, what’s happening
Everything is blackening

Spacing out
No one around
I feel like I might drown

That Night

I remember the night
I turned off my bedroom light
I heard the screams
I thought they were in my dreams

‘Ring an ambulance!!’
Don’t let him go
I heard him take a breath
The tears started to flow

I thought he was dead
And bad thoughts were flowing through my head
I couldn’t think clearly about what had just happened
The thoughts in my mind had me deeply saddened

I thought he was gone
I told myself I had to be strong
I guess he proved me wrong

All She Wants

Everything she has, she would like to change,
Nothing fits in to this generations range
Her heart is gold but yet it is not solid,
She can’t afford all she dreams, not big enough of a wallet
All she wants is to be that perfect girl,
But nobody can be in today’s perfect world

Best Friend

He was my best friend
The one who loved and looked after me, unconditionally
Found out he was sick
I didn’t know what to do
How could he not be here when I’m needing him the most
Not seeing me grow up
Helping me get through stuff
How do I know if I’m making him proud if he can even see
He’ll never see me accomplish my dreams
Never see me be me
I think about him everyday and how I never left his side
7 years to the date my best friend died.

Twenty Four Seven

Always there to help my friends
From boys to family school and mates
Their list of troubles never ends
I sit and listen to all of their hates
I’m always there to have a rant
To have chat and a cry
I give my help and never lie
As soon as I’m upset
They try to listen give no advice
“Just kinda get over it it’s gonna be alright”
Not the answer I need
It not for attention
Just need some wise words
To break through this tension
Its hard being there for you twenty four seven
When you can’t spare a minute it would be a blessing
I just need advice for when thing get tough
I don’t feel anxious or depressed
Your telling me it’s ok life’s a little rough
You say my advice is so good but it’s not the best
Im here for you twenty for seven
Our friend ships been put to the test
Your problem is larger is what you say
Just trying to get this off of my test
My hearts full of love
You hold a special place
We’re not the same I go beyond and above
I’m here for you always what’s the shame
I’m here for you twenty four seven
But you can’t do the same

Growing Up

Growing up isn’t easy
When you don’t have the best support
Everyone expects me to be someone I’m not
When all I want is a happy peaceful life
Everyday is a challenge when people expect you to be nothing but happy
But it’s hard when others have no problem ruining a happy home
At the end of the day everyone has their own problems
But it’s just how you live everyday trying to get true it looking forward to the future

It’s not Fair

We always say we have each other
But does anyone really have each other
I’m always told to speak up
But I’m afraid of the attention
We always say we have each other
But does anyone really have each other

We were doomed from the start
Born and raised in the poorest place
We struggle for ourselves never mind everyone else’s case
All we think about is how we were doomed from the start

It’s not fair
It’s really not fair
I want to go out with my friends
But yesterday I overheard my mother doesn’t have a cent
It’s not fair
It’s really not fair


The darkness wants to see my bright side
It pushes me to be a better person
Being happy and helping others
A positive mind and helpful hand
The darkness does not want you suffering by yourself
Putting yourself down and feeling sad
Picking yourself up with no one around
You’re all alone and no one feels bad


From broken glasses to broken hearts
From sleepless nights to pointless chats
Broken friendships and two faced things
“It gets better” is all you hear

But deep down you know they lie
“You’re not alone” they say as they roll their eyes
“I’m here for you” “head high doll”
But all you do is build ur wall
Higher, higher, higher you tell yourself
Blocking everyone out
Cuz all they want is clout

What I See

I see homeless people looking for homes to live in.
I see the government ignore the issues within this country.
I see the woman struggling to save until the next wage.
I see the man collect his kids from school in torn clothes.
I see students in school, scarlet because they haven’t got the latest shoes.
I see the overworked people trying to work more hours just to get by.
I see the underpaid teachers try to educate our people.
I see the underappreciated nurses save lives.
I see the people who are supposed to help this country destroy it.
I’ve seen it all.


Same routine every day
Go to school they say
Looking at the clock
This must be a shock
It’s only 10 o’clock
Can’t wait to go home
To finally be alone
To get away from all these moans

Keep your Head Up

We never really know what’s going on,
We walk past hundreds of people each day,
Not knowing when we will be gone.

We talk, we sing, we walk, we live,
Not knowing how much people actually give.
We don’t really know how other people are treated,
So just be nice and smile when you greet them.

People get hate and friends do turn,
It’s not that hard to be nice in this world.
Keep your head up, be happy and move on,
Because you never really know what’s going on.


You would think it’s easy living in Kilmore….
Seeing people messed up from day to day
Being addicted to drugs wishing they could stop
but they’re so badly addicted they’re life would fall apart if they did
Hearing another person lost a life cause of drugs or mental health
Or for just walking the streets at the wrong place at the wrong time
Hearing doors banging cause your neighbours are fighting again cause they’re alcoholics
Hearing another car got robbed
The problem is. This isn’t just in Kilmore, it’s everywhere.

My Generation

Nowadays it is all social media. Is all about being known.
Is about creating an image for yourself.
Trying to be someone you are not. Is so judgemental,
If you wear too much makeup you get judged,
If you wear no makeup you get judged. This needs to change.
My generation should be accepting, equal and non-judgemental.
If there is a top that you like, wear it, if there is a skirt you like, wear it.
Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something or wear what you want or do what you want.
This is your generation. Make it your generation.
The place you want to grow up and be you, not an image.

Our Generation

We are not like those before us.
It’s all about social media, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.
Young people these days are too worried about what other people think of their image.
They aren’t thinking of the person they are within .
All they think is my make-up good enough?
Oh I must get my nails and eyebrows done.
When what is on the outside is not all that someone sees in you.
It’s what’s on the inside that counts the most.
Whether or not you have experienced bullying whether it was verbal or from behind a screen

Always remember the people that hurt your feelings aren’t going to be there
When you achieve your dreams and aspirations for life.
And that you should always believe you are beautiful.

My Generation

Waking up in the morning to check your phone,
Someone has commented on your new post.
“You need to work out more” It said,
You look at the mirror and pick at your skin with the look of dread.
Your ma comes up the stairs you fake a smile and think to yourself, I won’t eat a while.
A few weeks past, you’re feeling more confident,
So you decide to post a new picture on the internet.
“Mollykim234 has commented on your post”,
You need to eat more.
This is my generation.

The Ocean

Boats sailing freely,
Different kinds of oceanic wildlife living.
Clear blue waters throughout the different seas and oceans.
Sun shining down to the seabed, through the weight of the water.
Colourful plants and schools of fish swimming about.
Giant blue and white waves running through oceans.
Glistening shells under heaps of sand.
The oceans dreams are unrealistic.

My Generation

We’re growing up like no other
On one hand we have the whole world at our fingertips
And on the other we have the whole world on our shoulders
Our future children depending on us to protect their world
We also have many social pressures
How many likes?
Which photo should I post?
Doubting our beauty by comparing to others
Comparing ourselves to someone’s life
When we don’t even know what happens behind closed doors
My generation has many possibilities that many others before us never had
It’s what we decide to do with these possibilities that count

Fitting In

Social media: Instagram, Snapchat it’s all about fitting in
It’s all about how you look and how many friends you have
We worry about our fake tan eyelashes nails eyebrows and what we wear
It’s all about comparing yourself and being someone your are not just to fit in
It’s all about acting confident even if you feel insecure
It’s not about someone’s talents it’s about how many followers you have


Want human beings fear and longing to see light again
In the darkness you hear the cry
And glowing eye peer out at you
Darkness brings challenges to people groping forward in the face of difficulties
I love when we lose power
That flash of instant darkness
Darkness brings people thinking and looking for a bright future

My Generation

My Generation is focused on beauty.
To us nothing else is important.
We focus too much on how many likes our last Instagram picture got.
We are judged based on how we wear our hair.
Nobody cares to actually get to know you as a person.
This generation is only focused on their nails and lashes.
If you ask me, this world would be a much nicer place if people would focus less on social media.


Posting what you’re doing on snapchat,
Wondering how many likes comments and views you get on instagram.
We always think about how we look with our body image,
Clothes and if we have nails lashes or a bit of tan.
Always thinking what people think of us, arguing and constantly holding grudges.
Constantly doing anything to fit in and peer pressured into certain things.
Competition with girls to see who has the best clothes and items.
Getting put down if you don’t have the best stuff someone else has.
Biting the backs off each other, friends the next minute.


I once had this friend who would talk to me about anything
And everything and I would give her the best advice I could.
When I would talk to her about anything
And everything all I would get was an “ok” or she would change the subject.
We would do everything together, but one day that all changed.
She told everyone I called her names like a liar,
She said I didn’t want to hang out with because I didn’t like her,
She said that I was mean and the worst friend ever.
I thought I was the best friend that I could be.
A few weeks later she came up to me like nothing had happened,
All the things she said that weren’t true, all just went over her head,
Everything was back to normal. The next day everything came back again,
All the lies saying I called her this that and the other.
One thing I gained from that day is my best friends today
Which are like sisters to me any problem they have
They share and I give my best advice that I can and in return they do the same for me.
They are like my family and I will be forever grateful for having them in my life

Skootur: The Cat on Wheels

His name was skootur
He was a cute little cat
But suddenly one day
He got some whack

The stupid litte cat thought it would be smart to walk there
But a few seconds later he ended up in a wheelchair

The cat thought he wouldn’t survive
But suddenly his friend bought him his favourite crisps
Onion and chive

He returned home from the hospital with a brand new fresh set of wheels
He couldn’t travel far as it was his legs he couldn’t feel

These Walls

The pain and tears of a teenager
The sound of disappointment in the way she looks
The different songs being played depending on her mood
Wanting a dad around
Wondering how mam is doing it all on her own

The laughter of the jokes she makes
The funny FaceTime videos with her friends
The broken things we cannot mend
Hours of social media and laughter
The countless times of sleepovers
The almost happy ever after


I spend 9 months a year in school,
For 12 years of my childhood life,
Waiting for the moment I’ve a car to fuel,
Just hoping I won’t reach my afterlife,

Go out with friends almost everyday,
Just to keep me out of the house,
Always will listen to music on replay,
Just sitting in my room quiet as a mouse

From people being shot to being thrown out on the streets
From houses being raided and people getting fleeced
From people going missing to people being raped
Now there is nowhere we can go where we still feel safe
From teens popping pills and feeling pressured into drinking
I think it’s about time we all start re-thinking

Life Story

I was a premature baby born at 27 weeks .
Doctors told my mam my twin and I would not last the night
But we defeated the odds because we are miracle babies.
It hasn’t been easy for us having to go in and out of hospitals for appointments and check-ups.
But to this day we are still defying the odds.
We have both achieved our Junior Cert and are going on to complete the Leaving Cert.
As every set of sister’s do we always have our disagreements
But we always remember that we will have each other no matter what
And no one can come between the bond I have with my twin sister.


Just can’t wait for summer,
Only back from school three days,
But I wanna see the suns bright rays.

Cant wait to see the calm warm seas,
Without having to see winters debris.


I struggle with school
And feel like a fool
Its hard to pay attention
While stressing about a detention
I find it hard to write in English class
And answer equations and find the mass.

Pretty Bad

We are all is really pretty bad,
All of us teens are quite sad,
Social media takes over my head,
As I sit here quietly in my bed.
Everything just revolves around looks,
But you should just keep your head in your books.
We are all really pretty bad,
When in reality we all should be glad,
We can live a life a lot of people wouldn’t,
But we just tell ourselves we couldn’t.

Social Media

Countless of people wanting to fit in
People wanting to be different but not having the courage
People thinking about being judged
People being slut shamed
Cause of things they have done Social media
Is people being called innocent cause they didn’t do anything
Men being praised for going from girl to girl
Not being able to eat loads cause then you will be fat
Not being able to eat at all cause then you will be anorexic


People see Coolock and think crime
But it’s not like that all the time
Can admit we have some junkies and crackheads who do some bad things
But we don’t all do it
Cause we’re not involved with this stuff
After hearing someone else is shot
And what a surprise …not
Hear the sirens once again
And think here we go ….again

Wake Up

Wake up at eight.
Walk to school, hope I’m not too late
Go to different classes,
Sometimes I forget to wear my glasses
Back at home,
Usually just scroll on my phone.
Have my dinner then a shower.
Just go to sleep within minutes,
It’s like my superpower.


No one knocking for their friends asking them to come out to play
Instead they text and text all day hoping you will text them back
No one remembers when all we worried about was when dinner was
No one knows the feeling of when that street lamp comes on
And you have to sprint home before you ma hits you with the mop
But no, instead we are all so caught up on getting into a relationship
That we forget that we have our whole life to live
We are drinking and smoking and not coming home until all hours in the morning
We feel we have to keep up this image to be popular or to have friends
We are so focused on being rich and popular we don’t see what we’re missing out on
We need to cop on and give over because it will all just be regret in the future
That we missed out on a happy childhood


My names Kayleigh
I don’t like gravy
I can be shady
And a little bit lazy
Sometimes crazy
Thug life baby

These Walls

Remember the flashing lights shining from within
The screams the shouts the tears
The hand were shaking with new friends in the making
The lights turn off the place goes quiet
The artist appears that started the riot
People were dancing from beat to beat
Screaming and shouting
Their lives felt complete
The concert was over
The lifts have been called
With barely anybody sober


Here in school everyday
Girls making tik toks before the bell rings
The teacher comes in so it begins
I’m in hell
Curse that bell
Head on the desk we need a rest
Some people think they’re the best.
Here we go to take a test
The hunger strikes this isn’t right
Another class i’m in the zone
Banged my knee on the desk I bruised a bone
It really hurts
I really hate this skirt
All I want is some dessert