Mean Scoil Nua An Leith Triuigh, Castlegregory, Kerry


Screwed, like the painting to the cold stone wall
Screwed the shadow in the old school hall

Strong like the roots of an old oak tree
Strong like the roar of the deep blue sea.

Like the colours of the rainbow
and the rain on the rock

Moving with the time
like the hands on the clock.


What Death Wants

Death wants us to re watch
the important and most beautiful times
in the faery tale your life
To show us the people who loved and adored us:
the people we never realised truly cared

Death wants to make you truly believe
everything happens for a reason,
to tell you all the answers to the unsolved questions
you always wondered but you were better off questioning,
to expose to you all the things them horrible people did to you behind your back,
to catch you by the strings in your heart
and really make you think about your life,
to show you the mistakes you made were worth it,
What death wants is to show you that you are you!


When the world locks down

Depression comes from a far
Without an introduction it creeps & crawls
Onto your bed and deep through your skull
Without a second thought you grab a blade
lift up your sleeve and close your eyes
the blood dripping down onto your bed
your parents walk in and find you dead.


The Production Line

Lessons are learned and respect is earned
names are scribbled on bathroom stalls

lads kick each other in their screaming balls

winks and crows feet surrounded eyes
face masks covering horrible lies.

footballs are kicked out in the cage
teachers ears burning with rage

science labs are filled with awful stenches
gossip is shared over whispering benches

nicknames teachers know nothing about
What to you doing later? Sure give us a shout?


Cattle Mart

‘School is like Cattle at a Mart’
We are put in a filing system,
On paper a perfect listing,
Prototyped to think the same,
Mortified to feel such shame,
Made to feel inferior,
No longer an individual interior,
copy and paste is commonly used,
Sometimes we feel mentally abused,
Sit up straight is often stated,
This way of teaching is so outdated,
Waiting for the bell is everlasting,
Almost like the two hour fasting
A place we never want to see,
But are told this is where we should be.



To be cruel and hurtful.
Joy to be replaced with sorrow,
Loved ones to be mourned and lost.
To destroy happiness and laughter,
here and ever after
It breaks us and hurts us.
All is to be lost.
Death will get us all in the end.


What Death Wants

Death wants our hurt and our sorrow
Our fears of what’s to come tomorrow.
Death wants our love and our lost
Our hearts, no matter what it will cost.
Death wants you and me, even our friend
nothing matters, we will all meet our end.
Death wants everything and he wants everyone
Death wants to take you with him, that’s his fun.



It is a question that all men want to know
It is the biggest mystery
that leaves us fearful
it is terrifying
It is beautiful
It is death



Bandages are ripped off in protest,
But all the twisted kids are depressed,
Where rules are coming undone,
Yet black people are still shot with a gun?
Romance is dead or slowly dying,
Because no one left is really trying.
Palms are sweaty, hands are shaking,
We are trying so hard, our hearts are breaking
My generation is struggles,
we fail, we hurt
The creeping world peers up our skirt
We are troubled
But we are changing.


Lockdown Blues

When the world locks down everything will be put on hold
bread toilet roll won’t be sold
people will paint their houses for the fifth time this year
get back into fitness for a while only go slugging down beer
When the world locks down people will bake
When the world locks down corona will crake


My generation

My generation is gel nails and balayage
Acne and camouflage
My generation is face times and phone screens
i wants and not i needs
My generation is comparison and insecurity
Respect and equality
My generation is change and improvement
Dreams and movement.

 What Counts

Money does buy happiness
find a basic and repetitive life, wandering around aimless
looting and rioting in America
taking advantage of black lives matter
people are still getting battered for their race, sexuality or personality.
it must change now and change for the better