Lusk Community College, Lusk, Co. Dublin

The World We Live In

It’s a tough world we live in,
But “get on with it” they say.
Generations before you saying you’re underachieving,
Or doing it wrong if not their way,
Yet back when you were young,
It was weird to be gay.
The gender stereotyping is nothing but a joke
The way women are portrayed in public cannot run,
And men, with their narrow minds and one way thinking,
Yet we show glimpses, flickers of forward and new thinking,
Where it’s okay to be different,
It’s okay for a man to be sensitive,
We need to press forward together,
Into new ideologies,
New methods of doing things,
But most importantly, being the best versions of ourselves

It’s a tough world we live in,
But “get on with it” they say.

Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity, Is all that we can see
Lads struggling to be
Themselves. Fighting against the norm
People who misinform,
About what makes a man a man.
Generations worth of standards set in place
Expectations that we chase.
To hide our feelings and be strong.
When that is simply wrong.
Boys opening up in school
To be seen as weird or uncool.
This is not what makes a man a man
And we need to do what we can.
To open up and show what a real man really is.


For years, words like faggot and gay have been used to make people feel a certain way.
Like their individuality is something to hide away.

Like who they love is so awful and rude
When most other people love them same people too.

When boys who like boys get hate from boys who like girls
But they’ll all stand at home in their mam’s dresses and curls.

Love is love and live and let live are all phrases we say
But how can say that if you don’t feel the same way.

Love is not a choice and it’s not always what you’re wanting
But if your love stays true you can ignore all the taunting

Black and White

Black and white is all they see,
Blinded by love and blinded by judgment,
They put on their sunglasses to only see themselves in the reflection,
While complimenting the one wearing them.

Then shows up a person in grey,
Sad but happy,
Smart but stupid,
Cool but nerdy.

People need to see grey.
Not everyone is black and white.


Being a teenager is the best years of your life
Being a teenager is living for nightlife
But being a teenager is constantly trying to fit in
While all of your friends spend their life downing gin
Being a teenager is being told to love yourself
But never actually looking out for yourself
Being a teenager is going out with your friends
Until you’re sat alone in your room waiting for the night to end
Being a teenager is a confusing time
But although it is tough try to enjoy the climb
Being a teenager is the best years of your life
And you’ll blink and be married with a husband or wife.


The pressure is very real,
These years are the biggest deal.
We are forced to be good at everything
And only the stuff we can bring
To the table really matter.

From school to sports,
And grade reports.
We are judged by what we write and how we perform,
To live up to the social norm

When we walk on that sports field,
There are emotions we need to shield
To prevent us from messing up,
And causing a mental blowup

From coaches to parents,
To teachers and other adolescents.
We are judged and scrutinised
And forced to act civilised.

Tears fall from our faces,
And still there are no traces
To be found about what we feel,
As we believe we must conceal
How we really feel.

A gym addiction
You start to go to try something new
Your friends try it with you
Before you realize
You stop enjoying your exercise
You’re devoured by the thought of being better
Until you push yourself too hard
You develop this absurd thought of needing the best body
You start a competition with your mind


Come home from school,
Dying to hit the keys,
Been ordered all day,
Ecstatic to be free,
And let the piano take it away,
So very therapeutic,
Music is simply magic

Cold Winter Nights

The cold winter nights,
The field lit by only floodlights,
The feeling of rain hitting your face,
And all your worries and thoughts are erased,
For during that hour, you feel alright,
As you’re focused on the GAA ball and nothing else in sight,
It is an escape from the world, for just that night

My Football Team

When the frost outweighs the green of the grass,
And your legs can’t take anymore,
When you cannot wait to hear the sound,
Of the whistle’s piercing roar.

The late running sessions at 0 degrees,
And the hour long shouting from gaffer,
The barrage of spit that’s been left on the bottles,
By your damned attacker.

The army like moments in win and defeat,
Where brothers and memories are made,
Your team may have a quicker left-full back,
But for my team I’m happy I’ve played.


From playing football in the garden since I was 5 with my brother
And playing PlayStation afterward talking to one another.
From fighting over who won and it’d be as heated as the sun.
We’d be scrapping watching united Chelsea and let’s just say it would get fairly messy.
Chicarito made it 3-2 and he was feeling blue


I have these friends
That are obsessed with trends
They make jokes just to provoke
They like this bloke
And he doesn’t do coke
Everyone drinks and the glasses clink
All the same with no aim
Just like a picture stuck in a frame

It’s Life

When the people you want to care don’t,
And the people that do are lost in the negativity of the mind,
It’s hard,
It’s tough,
It’s tiring,
It’s life!

What I Love

The rough and tumble of the rugby pitch as tackles fly in
And players put their bodies on the line
For the pride of the badge they wear on their left chest.
The coach on the sideline shouts tactics and instructions as another knock on occurs.
There’s a sigh of disappointment from the team who made the mistake,
While there’s joy for the team who regain possession.
Rugby is a game which teaches you a lot discipline, patience and teamwork.
It teaches you to put your body on the line for the team
And the band of brothers you’ve soldiered with
Since before your shoes where older than your age.
Playing for your family, parish and your club it’s all a huge honour
But one with a lot of responsibility on how to act and play.
It’s what I love and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

This Place

I hate this place you see everyone’s face,
Everyone’s rude, everyone’s a prude,
No one is nice, Alanna eats rice,
You see everyone everywhere you go,
And no one can tell anyone no, younger or older no one is told so,
The older stay, the younger go and if you don’t you’re just told so,
If you walk the wrong way, people will say
And if you talk a way their hands will sway.


I’m very passionate about my football team.
I have been playing with them for years now nearly ten now.
They are like a second family to me because I have been with them for so long,
I trust them and they are all like my brothers.
I play in goals and it’s one of the most important position on the pitch.
As are all the other positions goalkeeper is a key position.
It’s a tough challenge and not easy,
However if you have the mind and the drive you could do anything.
The world is your oyster and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.


Pretending lava was on the floor,
Knick knacking on the door,
Watching two raindrops have a race,
With nothing but happiness on my face,
Going for walks with mam and dad,
Life is never bad,
Look into the camera and smile,
Stay outside with your friends for awhile,
Run at the waves and splash around,
Draw with chalk on the ground,
Hold on to your childhood as it goes quite fast,
Your teenage years will last


Three months of the year where my head unwinds
No school, no homework
No worries around
Relax unwind and calm yourself down
When your away your worries slide away
Enjoy it while you can because school is soon around


TY is bad,
That makes me mad,
We’re not going to Italy which is sad,
Our year isn’t close,
Which I wanted to happen the most,
The year is coming to an end,
Hopefully I can keep all my friends.


I don’t remember the day that I decided this.
It may have been a gradual process,
Catalysed by my dad’s openness with me
About his drug use and distressing childhood.
The thing I do remember is how it consumed me.
It was all I thought about.
I spent sleepless nights running through the alleys of my mind,
Wondering how I had never been taught about such things in school.
These golden teachers that held the secret to the universe.
People may call me a hippie or a dreamer and maybe I am.
Who really knows the truth?
But the idea that there is more to life than these social norms of opinions
And prosperity is absolutely liberating.
The day that I met these beings will forever stick with me.
They showed me that I am a grain of sand in a deep and vast ocean.
I’m not trying to sound pretentious or conceited,
But I think this is a perspective young people should experience.
That feeling of lying in a field after skipping school with someone you barely know
Nd telling them things you’ve never even said to yourself before, let alone out loud.
I hope one day my peers will be able to have experiences,
As such without their phones or their material objects that mean so much to them.
Life is about so much more than school and how ‘popular’ you are
And I really wish I had known this beforehand.
I really wish my first teenage years weren’t spent like this.
But I’ve grown and I hope I can continue to grow.

You Are

You’re insensitive, rude and overall annoying
Really it makes our blood boiling
We know it’s your fault, but nobody believes us
We feel like shit, but nobody will hear us
The school system is shit already,
Yet all you do is make it more heavy
We hope someday you will change
But we all know it will always be the same

You Annoy Me

You annoy me
Your hypocritical ways
Make me say oh my days
You pick on me and make me cuss
But when were in class you ignore us
You say we haven’t done anything in class


Life is a lonely soulless place
On this retched earth
We long but do not live
We love but that is not life
We take but do not give back
What is life if you do not live
What is love if there is no fight
What is taking if we don’t receive
Life itself is a hard but not so hard you cannot fight
Take what you have been given and hand it back to life and fight


Sports inspire us,
To compete.
Winning over losing,
Is much more sweet.
We do it because,
We love the game.
Life without sports,
Would not be the same.


What has life come to, everyone is worrying
This corona-virus thing has everybody panicking
China was the source and it spread towards Italy
Everyone around the world is giving their sympathy,

Life can be tough, it was never gonna be easy,
I’m not a funny guy, I won’t make you wheezy
Forget what people think about you,
You’re the most important person, don’t let others tell you what to do.

As I Sit

As I sit on my porcelain throne
I then realise something that scarred me to the bone
“Ah crap, I forgot my phone”
Search around for something to do
Whilst I sit on the loo

I found a bottle of shampoo
I then get some déjà vu
Of times where I had my phone on the loo
But then a noise shook the loo
I fear for my life as I begin to ponder
What noise escapes from yonder

A growl so powerful only a lion could roar
It almost had me shook to the core
Hoping that there is no more
But a another almost sends me to the floor


The food you eat on a daily basis is the food you extrude,
So why does it have to be, for you to be happy,
Consume the meat of an animal who used to live,
For the satisfaction that lasts a number of very few seconds,
So why don’t you watch the ice caps melt, while you enjoy your rasher sambo,
And let another life of another animal go.
Let the little calves and chicks go, off from their mammy they go,
Get pumped up with antibiotics, yummm, don’t you love it?
Realise what’s around you, step back, is it worth it?
What’s in your food, do you know it?
Where does it come from and what process it goes through?
It doesn’t matter, as long it’s a lovely juicy steak in front of you
Try be a different person, make a difference it’s really worth it

Most Days

Most day’s school would feel like a prison,
But then you realize all it’s trying to do is guide you towards your vision,
Then some say that your vision is not gonna be your reality,
But that’s only because they were their visions fatality,
These people will tell you that ain’t nothing gonna work for you,
But these people don’t know what you’ve been coming through,
They don’t realize that all your difficulties will push you towards your dream,
But having said that I wanted to tell you I’m only sixteen,
Though age doesn’t matter in this day and age,
But no matter your age never look at your dream as just another page.

The Wounded Stranger

I heard the stories of all your plunder,
Of how you went out to sea,
All the treasure, all the danger,
How it was always meant to be,
As I sat down here listening to this stranger,
I heard the strangers words and they stung me like a bee,
“You know, I used to be an adventurer just like you,
Until I took an arrow to the knee”


Yup, yup, yup, ye, ye, yo, yo
Yup it’s me Joshiey here
Long and twisty
My writing is a one hot twist
Ye tiktoks is me bestie
Do videos and get a lot of likies
Me as a fridget as a low key
My life is all about getting all the birdies
Start texting them 24/7 as a loner
Get snaps like a spammer
Six pack me as a dreamers
Fattie me as a liver

This is getting me nowhere
Just wanna become tiktok famous
All the likes will make me famous
Yup yup ye ye

The New Chinese is so butters,
It’ll make you have the scutters.

Lusk United F.C is so corrupt,
The future of the club is so screwed.

If you still play fortnite everyday,
I’m sorry boss but that’s not okay.

Teenagers now seem so stressed out,
They struggle to even open their mouth.

Being serious through this poem is just for fun,
In life you gotta work hard to be number 1.


I play fortnite
Every night
And when I kill you
I say goodnight
And when I finish
I turn of my light
And if the school
Closes down
We will be
Off for a fortnight