Lusk Community College, Dublin

The Meaning of Home

Imagine starting of the year,
With nothing but hearing panic and fear.
Hoping that by the morning your dads still there,
Instead of a body rolled out and a prayer.

The fear that one day you may not hear his voice ,
The fear of having no noise .
The house all silent, serious and alone.
The fear of losing the meaning of home.


Money ain’t the motive

What’s your name again nobody knows it
Call me the luas, inner city locomotive

Looking out for plagiarism call me a copy writer
If I see Margaret thatcher
You know I’m gonna fight her

This is the end of the song
It wasn’t too long.


A story of a boyhood

The plot is based on the story of a fatherhood and a,
A story of an 8 year marriage,
Full of art shows, english class and shattering your left leg.
A story nearly ending abruptly,
Followed by a new story.
A story starting in a mental institution,
A story of daddy not being home for christmas because he’s “sick”,
A story of mammy and daddy fighting,
A story of daddy moving away,
A story of dad living in an apartment, Moments from homelessness,
A story of mam doing a PhD, Not having enough time for her son,
A story of Da losing his job,
A story of Da emigrating,
A story of Da starting chemotherapy,
A story of a boy not able to give his father a hug.
A story of a boyhood, One without the story of a boy.


Roses are red

This much is true
But what they don’t show
Are the hardships and truths

The long nights up
And the dull mornings in
It isn’t the arguments
I can’t see to win

It is everything said to me
Everything I don’t do
I know I can make all my dreams come true

The world isn’t against me
But I’m tired all the same
It’s all of who I am that is wearing away

Perhaps I’ll subside and relax by myself
For a day or an hour or two


Morning Spell

Morning breaks the barrier
Day is starting
I wave as i see my carrier
bring my package
day is young and might be the same
but its new and full of life
and it ends tonight

Roses are not red

Violets were never blue,

Growing up my life has been lie,

And so was yours too,

Being thought things that were never true,

Oh now life flew,

Life is slow, rough and tough,

And enough is enough,

These years are not the best years of our life,

It’s when you grow up and get a job and a wife,

Self confidence is to blame,

And life is the game.


Belfast Boy

From the streets of Belfast where I was born,
the people scream and roar. political views divide
us all, now we’re lost at war. Protestants march on the
roughened streets chanting “uppa union jack”. While
Catholics are roaring in agony “we want our country back”

The political divide has affected us for years, through the balaclavas
we shed our tears. In memory of those who we’ve lost through the years.
our national heroes who fought for our Irish freedom will never be forgotten.

we’ll keep on fighting till we get it back and we will not leave without doing what were known for…
having the craic.

tiochfaidh ar la.


Standing Still

Remember these days
in the back of your mind
When time would stand still
And every note would just rhyme
And the days would float on
Into the next one
And until the rest come
I’ll be easy and fine

But I’m still living
Easily slowly
And if you had known me
You’d be saying the same
And I don’t care
About the world around me
Though it does astound me
Now and again

And there’s a million years
That I couldn’t’ve lived
In any a worse way
Than how I did
And I pray for my sins
And those of my children
Though it won’t save them
It protects us from him.


I love you mom

When I think of you
I hear gentle winds moving In harmony
I feel lambs wool feathers
I taste the sweetest ice cream
I see the Mona Lisa,
An artistic master painting the final touch.
I smell roses, violets and baking
And this poem mean I love you.



You can do everything to become perfect person
Perfect cant be shown by the muscles on your arm
Not even by the by ur smile or cheeky charm
Perfect is the person that gets up to face the world
Even if that world is against them
And still has a hunger to change for the better
But maybe after all
Perfect doesn’t exist
After all we are all in it for the long haul.

Life is like a twisty road

You can go on a smooth run for miles and miles.
once you come to a big bend ,
it can feel like it’s all going downhill.
Whats important to note is that ,
you’ll always find your way back home


The Gate

I stared at the gate, grey and tall
And I wanted to walk away
I turned away from the gate
Without anything to say

A crowd of people approached
Blocking my way, i didnt want to turn back
But i felt i should for some reason
So i stood at the one spot

Wondering why i wanted to go backwards
Wondering why i should go forward
The group of people fast approached
So i had to walk forward, Was it right? I still dont know



Most of the time i play games that are online
instead of the work that the school would assign,
listen to music that makes me alive
while i survive all the way to sunrise,
look in the mirror and think to myself
is there anything that i excel at?

A Girl

I sit here and think, its about a girl
and anytime I see her, my heart does a twirl
shes got the most gorgeous face, and beautiful blue eyes
shes got no flaws, and that gives me butterflies
Shes good fun to be around, and shes very fine
its just a shame that shes not mine



She told me put
my heart in a bag
ain’t nobody gets hurt
know I’m running from her love
I’m not fast
I’m just making it worse


Red Devil

I watch my tv,
glued to my seat,
I know how much this match means,
and I scream for my team,
as soon as the game starts.

The game starts slow,
and I do know,
this is not how the full game will go.

Half-time arrives,
and the signs,
of tiredness begin to appear,
but they know there is no replay,
the match is settled here.

Back again and we’re 2-1 down,
the fear of losing silences the town,
but a man goes down,
we score from a set-piece,
we’re back in the game.

The match draws to a close,
with three goals in a row,
Manchester United win,
and all day all thats on my face is a grin.

I may not be everyone’s favorite

But I know my self worth
If you stab me in the back,
I couldn’t care less as I know
there is someone out there that will care

There’s no point living in fear of people disliking you,
as there is many others unlike you
More kind caring and trustworthy,
They will make you feel sturdy

I liked the memories we made, now them memories are tarnished
We laughed and had fun, now that’s all done.


White Wall

In a room of 3 whites and one orange wall
I have as a fleeting space in my home of sorts
A white wall with a window that reveals all
Where I could reach out to my own

But in reality my surroundings all just seem
Like a highly detailed painting.
My family says I’m living the dream
While my life wastes away as I lie in waiting.



I’m quiet and happy
But sometimes sad
I went through a time
which was quite bad

I’m happy and grateful
And all good now
Thank god for friends
Cause I’m now proud

Love is harsh

it could hurt you in time,
I could argue all day in this quiet rhyme,
I have met friends I can call when I need to let steam off
yet I can not find the girl that I have dreamed of
I have fallen for a few and it ended quite bad,
in love, i think I am a lonely young lad,
yet I know out there I know a there is someone for me,
as bright and as sweet and as gorgeous as can be,
but til then, i show them all a begrudging tone,
when inside i am scared i wil wander alone.

I come from heartbreak

I’ve emerged from the death of a father
I come from a dad taken from me due to suicide at the age of 9
I’ve emerged from the heartbreak from the girl of my dreams.
I come from the support of my family.
I’ve emerged from the from rock bottom
I come from the flame that burns in my heart.


school walls

that were made for balls,
but instead it’s heavy,
because we’re not ready,
schools a rush,
which turns us to mush,
it puts us under force,
which makes it worse.



Sit in my room silently
filled with anxiety,
stare at the ceiling
wonder how life gon be.
listen to music to drown out the feelings
look in the mirror to stare at my demons.


The Call Of Chelsea FC

I sit here and think, what do i do
when we continue this form and London will no longer be blue,
All those games we have played, and nothing has come
The thought of no trophies recently makes me glum
Our best players are declining, on the bench is our starboy
Hes our brightest spark, Callum Hudson Odoi
Mason Mount too, the best English player
But this individual talent, is getting us nowhere
We cant give up hope, we must keep fighting
We still have the Champions League, its ours for the taking
We must have faith in Lampard, give him some time
And this Pride of London, our beautiful club, is the subject of this rhyme


I was laying in bed

With awful thoughts in my head
I was late for school
And I had no clue
Rose from my bed
With a messed up head
Went to school with no interest
So I sat there in distress


I come from this place

a small little place,
it’s in the north side but people say otherwise, t
he grass ain’t green because of the cheap vodka spilled,
Captain Morgan’s makes you sick
but it’s all part of the trick,
mixers aren’t used because people will say you’re a woos,
but the whole aim of the game
is to rid oneself of the pain.


Don’t Misjudge

Don’t misjudge what I like about you
It’s not ur shape it’s how I feel about you
You may not see what I see in you
But you can see how I act around you
I go red and you laugh about it
because you’re you and I admire it.


How I Was Reared

I grew up with my ma being an alcoholic
and I was put into foster care at 5 years old
I didn’t get to see her for 2 years
and she got worse and worse
and in 2019 she passed away
she was in hospital a lot since 2014-2019
she was in and out
and I got to see her 2 days before she passed.


When We Fight

I feel empty
Staring back at me I see blue eyes
Cold and evil
You ask me why I can’t pay attention to you when you talk to me

It’s because I realise that I too
have the same blue eyes
and I hope that no one ever has to look at them the way i have to.


This is my poem

I don’t know what to write
Maybe my life ?
but you can only see me when it’s bright
Cause I take flights idk why
When I’m bored I fly a kite
But till then I’ll say goodnight.


Not Easy

Im not easy to deal with
and im in no way perfect
but if i dont fit in with some people
thats fine with me.


Brown Cat

I have a little brown cat he wasn’t just
any cat he liked wearing my hat!
Every day and every night he would sleep tight.
And that silly old cat wouldn’t never give me my hat.
one day the cat was sitting on the mat
and I said oh hey this is my favourite cat
so I’ll give it my favourite hat.


something helpful

something helpful can be your classmate
giving you answers for your homework.
something helpful can be someone
going to the shop to get you milk for your cup of tea.
something helpful can be someone
helping through your worst depression.
you can always make an impact on somebody,
big or small. being kind
is the simplest something helpful of all.



She said she was cold
so i gave her my sweater
The time we had was so insane
i made her my heather
I like tha girl too much
i wish i never met her.


I could’ve been on the pitch doing rainbow flicks
But instead I’m in the trap with this Rambo
I didn’t choose this life, this life chose me
My marj hates it but my fans don’t
This life is peak and I know it’s the streets
So let me tell you how my gang roll
I’m in Southampton with this fifteen inch
New jewels now we see man in Zandos


Coffee pot

That’s an awfully hot,
Coffee pot,
Should I spill it,
Probably not.



Poems are cool
School is not so cool
I like Tottenham
There gonna win the league


you touch my hair

without a care
but when i give a glare
you think im a square