Lough Allen College, Drumkeerin, Co. Leitrim.

Growing Up
Growing up I remember picnics on the lawn
Picking strawberries and blackberries from bushes
Family trips and sunshine and smiling
But it passed in a blur
And now the days pass in a blur of anxiety and stress
Fear of failure
Fear of being stuck
In a pointless loop for eternity
Uncertainty, and exhaustion follow me around
And I just wish to be three again
So I can pick strawberries and eat them
Feel somewhat found.

The Virus
Covid 19 is a bad issue for us
And it is also known as the coronavirus
While we sit at home and do our work
The virus all over the country lurks
Searching for people to infect
Which, on all of us, has a huge effect
The virus changed my life in different ways,
As school, shopping and holidays are cancelled
In this phase
I must now stay at home
As the end of the lockdown is still unknown.
Social distancing means I can’t meet with friends or neighbours
So I have to spend my days writing papers.
This time of year is more boring than ever
And I hope that I don’t end up with cabin fever.

Scheduling interventions
Not listening
No money
Hope for college dwindling
Always an excuse
Always lying
Dodging the truth
What’s even the point of trying

This is Art
Its a form of art
That involves heart
You climb the steps into the light
Were the bell will ring and you will fight
It’ll be tough
It’ll be rough
But you have to over come
Or you will be done
These are just hands
Its your mind that expands
You need to love this
You need to live this
I love this
I live this
This is my art
This is my life

Cars and Apples
I have a little obsession over cars I know the ins and outs of nearly them all
I have them plastered all over my wall,
I love music but can never stick to one specific type
I love apples that are ripe,
I’m bad at school, I’d be good at the pool
And I act a bit like a fool.

Younger Days
I didn’t grow up in the slums
With all the bums
My younger life was pretty fun
But I do know that isn’t done
You might be scared of a lie
So that is no reason to die

Discraced for being active
Discraced for a past time
Discraced for protecting the countryside
Discraced for being connected to my food
Discraced for being me
Discraced for field sports