Loreto Secondary School, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

In the Future


In the future when I am seen as more than the anxiety

When the people from the past stop offering their apologies

When I don’t feel like a fraud for embracing femininity

When people are beautiful and trustworthy, and worth the responsibility

When I’m more than a shoulder, when I’m finally a friend

When sexuality is not were the conversation ends.

When my heart leaves my sleeve and personality grows

And the vultures and crows watch their lost meal go

When the scars like closed eyes never dare again open

And the story is told ’til it stops being spoken

When it’s common knowledge and not a taboo

And the secrets are small talk for when I start a new

When the replacement for scars, the bite marks are gone

And they stop telling me that my breathing is wrong

When I stop looking back on the ‘progress’ I’ve made

And it’s just present me with no past casting shade

When the future is certain, even though it’s not

And one day the new me creates life in the rot


But Don’t Worry


We are told there is nothing to worry about,

That in this day and age we are equal,

No gender is above another,

But is that true.


We are scared to go alone in fear we won’t come back,

We are scared we will be taken advantage

We are scared to speak our mind in case we are ‘wrong’

But don’t worry we are all equal.


Are we being brainwashed,

Are we being manipulated ,

We don’t know,

But don’t worry we are all equal


My Place


The stage, my place of freedom, my place of happiness,

Where anything goes and the insecure vanishes,

In a world of someone else to escape from your own,

With costumes and accents your real identity is now unknown,

Where acting isn’t just about how you say it,

It is how you feel and portray it,

Where your line tells a story,

And your face illustrates it,

Where there is no judgement, as you are not yourself,

It is my place to go be somebody else.




We are fighting again,

I am tired and worn out,

All I want to do,

Is scream and shout.


The tiniest bit of hope,

I feel like I’m free,

But the thoughts in my mind,

Just won’t leave me be.


At last my mind stops,

I close my eyes to sleep,

But in the back of my mind,

I’m still tired and weak.




I may be a bit blunt

I may lack some things

I may not have that shy glow around me

But this is me

My arms, my legs, my heart, my soul

I wanna love in this world

Shining me, precious soul of mine

I finally realized so I love me

Not so perfect but so beautiful

I’m the one I should love




Sometimes I feel closer to those around me than ever before

Other times I feel as though I have never been more on my own

I often catch myself thinking I should be doing more

I feel like I am wasting time on things that don’t really matter

Time I could be spending improving myself in some way

Or getting important things done

And then I must stop myself and remember

I have so much in my life

I am unbelievably lucky

I think it is ok to not to feel ok sometimes

We can’t just change how we feel with the flick of a switch

But we have to remember that at the end of the day

‘I am enough and I am loved and I am cherished’

We must look after ourselves and for a moment,

Forget about everything except how beautiful you are




Don’t do it, the pain won’t last

Taking drugs won’t change the past.

One more cigarette, you do as you please.

Locked in the depression, throwing away the keys.


Smoke a joint try to forget,

Addiction leading to future regret

G’wan pass us a Rollie

Don’t worry, for your eyes only.

Put a picture on your story,

Showcasing weed in all its glory.

Kids see and they want to try

10 years later they collapsing to die.


It’s your choice, your life.

No one can help you when you’re gripping the knife,

Deal with it in a healthy way.

Or your mind and soul with quickly decay.


All lives matter-

Ever look in the mirror,

Disgusted by your own complexion.

Your skin sinned error,

Treating you like an Infection.


Black, white, yellow, green

The colour on your skin just doesn’t look clean.

Why do they look at you so differently?

Cos’ darker skin shows lower efficiency.


White privilege just doesn’t exist,

Revolutionary minority deemed as dismissed.




Wanting to escape, where can I go?

There’s somewhere not far from here I know,

Where I leave all my troubles behind

and for once everything stops

All I am is a simple song

I climb the steps of the melody

And dance around with the rhythm

my veins like strings on my guitar

And music is the blood that rushes through


My Dream for the Future


I don’t yet know your name, gender or fame,

But you’ve already taken to the spotlight of my brain,

I will not be selfish with my one will,

For I know my own wounds have gone past being fixed.


You shall wake each morning with a smile on your face,

Learn about money and the pain it can cause at your own pace

Laughter will be your most familiar sound as a child,

Although youll still be prepared for the big worldwide.


You shall be moulded round independence but you innocence shall remain,

As there’s no rush to be an adult until you must.

But that is that is my dream for the future my future child.

That you get all that I had not.


Life Madness


Life gets faster everyday.

No time to think, no time to pray.

Hurry, chaos, lots of stress;

Tension leads to sleeplessness.


When will all this madness seize?

Where is free time? Where is piece?

I’m running, doing, till I drop.

Give me buttons: Pause, Mute, STOP!


Equal Parts


We knock each other down,

But quicker to bring one another up.


It was a relentless cycle of love/hate

And all the emotions

I could think of.


Equal parts bitter and sweet

But always helped each other get on our feet.

When things got rough, you were with me through it all.


But it’s important to learn

That can’t and won’t be able to save them all.




“Perfect” is beauty and fashion and fame

From Kim K to the actors and the runway dames,

Who spend their days poking and prodding and pinching,

Cuz they want to be “perfect”, if that even is a real thing

Because they know, Oh they KNOW, that there “perfect” and great,

But that doesn’t stop them from worrying that theyre not enough.


Perfect is smart and considerate and kind

With everyone snickering and laughing behind

Their hands at the new girl in the back of the class

Who is smart. Who is kind. But no she’s the one who always gets picked last.

In classes and games and trainings and groups,

No one wants her, but all she wants is to be

Accepted, to be Cool to be popular.

To be Perfect


I dance alone


I dance alone because it’s the only thing free in this world,

I dance alone because sometimes warm tears run out and ‘they’ struggle to shout,

A constant battlefield I can’t control.

I dance alone to escape to music, to get lost and found,

Choosing when life can stop spinning around,

I dance alone to pass time instead of sitting and waiting

I dance alone to forget,

To forget her that look in her face, the one that stared blankly, just waving.

The one that hopes and keeps being brave.

I know I am not the only one to dance alone but all I say in the mirror is ‘Don’t’


The Days


The days from the summer that made me, me

Learning the beauties of the bright Coral Sea,

Walking for days, not sleeping at night

Going on adventures by the wholesome moonlight,

I think back to the days that enlightened me most

From running 5k’s to my nannies beef roast,

My friends reminded me of who I must be

To fulfil my dreams and be the best version of me,

The days were long, exciting and full of fun

That’s why my favourite days were the days in the sun.




Everyday I wake up and wonder why I’m here

I feel like a rolls royce but stuck in the wrong gear

A gear that makes me feel worthless

A gear that makes me not heard

A Rolls Royce that is now pointless

With a driver whose vision is blurred


But I still wonder why I’ve been put here

Because each day is now filled with fear

A fear that this car may one day crash

But maybe I just need to change gear




Whose straw hat is that? I think I know.

Its owner is quite happy though.

Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,

I watch her laugh. I cry hello.


She gives her straw hat a shake,

And laughs until her belly aches.

The only other sound is the break,

Of distant waves and birds awake.


The straw hat is dry, old and deep,

But she has promises to keep,

After cake and lots of sleep.

Sweet dreams come to her cheap.


She rises from her gentle bed,

With thoughts of kittens in her head,

She eats her jam with lots of bread.

Ready for the day ahead.


My Happy Place


I have forgotten what happiness is

What my favourite place feels like,

A place were the cold air means life

Under the puffy clouds full of white

I miss where the water touches the sea,

Where the endless nights never tire me

Always up for a challenge

Remember it’s always something I can manage.




She feels like many things, things only his heart could understand.

She feels like final coats of nail polish.

She feels like knuckles you crack after a long day.

She feels like Miami rain.

She feels like classical music.

She feels like frozen yoghurt.

She feels like destroying a piano.

She feels like rooftops.

She feels like blue carnival bears.

She feels like Cupid’s Chokehold.

She feels like running through Chicago.

She feels like floors.

She feels like everything he’s ever wanted in life.


I MIss


Social media connects us all,

But real-life is best of all,

Lucky to have it,

But it does not replace,

I miss talking to people face-to-face


The World


The sun is bright,

The starts are white,

The world is harsh,

With very little light,

I live in a world with hatred and crime,

All I am doing is wasting my time.


Online School


Hi, I`m now in online school,

Yeah I know it sounds pretty cool.

Its alright I guess.

But you don`t get much time to mess.

Somehow I always end up being late,

Always for the same reason: talking to my mate.

I love getting classes off so I have spare time,

I fill this up however, not with homework, but Amazon prime.

I`m always hungry because it takes ages to get to break

And OMG 8:20 , what a time to wake!




Fitness is good and fitness is great,

But most importantly it increases my heart rate.

It keeps me very fit and I enjoy it I admit.

I love to healthy its what I have to do but eating unhealthy is okay too!

I love to dance, run and play sports but the best is when i’m in the tennis courts,

But to stay a healthy weight all you have to do is put down the forks!


What Would I Do


What would I do if she stole my shoe

The first thing I would do is flush her down the loo, and then I would shout boo.

The next thing I would do is knock her out and swing her about.

Then knock her down with a car and drown her in tar