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We Are Told

We are told
To try our best but not fail
To be ourselves but not different
To be honest but always perfect

We are told
We are children but should act like adults
We are not good enough but to love ourselves
We are a disgrace but we can change

We are told
To be different in a world that hates change
Because when things are the same they are safe
And people would rather be safe than themselves


My Life Is

My life is bleached hair and blue skirts
Fake nails and concerts
Happiness and outbursts
Problematic downturns
Raising concerns and taking turns
Taking pics and stirring up storms
Fitting in with the norms
While wearing the school uniform
Life is school and life is home
But life is only what you make it

Elizabeth Maley


We are all unique yet get shown how to live
We all have our own crap
Yet are expected to survive in a world
That deprives us of our identity
And drives us to insanity
Getting us to thrive
And be only exactly what the world wants us to be

Giving love
Grieving loss is far more important
Than the identities we portray
And the people we aspire to be
Cause what we do
What we wear
Is who we are

Strive to where we want to go
Live the way we want to and maybe one day
Be who we want to be
That is when we will feel alive.



You sit there at the side of the road
Small, unnoticed, overlooked
Everybody walks by looking the other way
It’s like you’re the ugly duckling.
While you blend into the green landscape,
You see their vivid colours,
Shining away all the competition.
You see them whiz by,
Get picked,
Admired, complemented, cherished,
Yet you sit here,
Alone, Waiting, Insignificant.
But then something changes,
The sun begins shining,
You begin opening up,
Start showing cracks,
Unconsciously you start to blossom,
And suddenly all the attention has shifted,
And you begin to sparkle,
Outshine all the others,
Until you get picked too,
Made feel special, loved, cared for.
Because you are beautiful too,
You just never realized.


The Best Days of your Life

The best days of your life, I’m told
As I finish my homework so I’m not branded bold

The best days of your life, they say
But don’t post that or pose that way

The best days of your life, they cry
But you have to drink and if you don’t your dry

The best days of your life, I hear
But is it still if I don’t want a beer

The best days of your life, they say
But the likes on my post never came

The best days of your life, they shout
But I can’t do maths and I want to drop out

The best days of your life, I know
But if they aren’t
Should I fear what’s to follow?


A Poem about Walking to Class

I walk through lethargic hallways blank coloured eyes people move around me
But I can’t seem to summarise all the lies.
I catch a clip of conversation one about ‘ur wan’ from somewhere or something
I don’t know the names that stain some girls tongues.
Don’t think too hard or stare too long at what all that means though,
Someone else says because it never meant much,
It’s all for the show, it’s all for the good of the others.

But, when i’m walking alone with my thoughts through the empty space
People are random books in the library catching brief glimpses of their cover,
The book flutters open to reveal humanity with an unsure stare or friendly walk
Who are the ‘other’ I only see them in big groups
But damn that that’s not what they’re truly meant to be.
I know how good people can be, so don’t take away their individuality.

Aoife Rhatigan


Concerts, Nights out, Girls Night in
Snapchat stories, Instagram
Duck face grins
Constant pressure keeping up an image
It all leads to nothing except a fake version of yourself
And no one knows what will be found after they find
The miserable life that was left behind
Dont believe the fake lives you see
Because life is one big journey
And you only see a part of me

Hannah O’Keeffe and Allie Ryan



What is success
Why does it cause so much stress
Why does something that’s supposed to make me happy
Feel so crappy
All I want to do is succeed
In school
In sport
In everything I need
But that’s the thing
I just want to know one thing
What is success measured by
Or is there a limit
Is it the sky
Just someone please tell me why
I don’t know how to try
It seems like a heavy deed
But i know the day when I finally do
It’ll all be
Because of you

Rebecca Shannon

More than a Label

I am mixed race.
I am from Nigeria.
I love the mixed race and black race it is such a wonderful race.
I am not black I mean that is what you might call me buts it’s not me.
I didn’t come into this world saying “hi everybody,
I am black, it’s just a label I was given by the world.
We are all given labels and then eventually everyone is known by that label.
Labels are not you or me,
Labels are just labels.


We Are Surrounded

Surrounded by the people who love and hate us
Surrounded by people who we think we can trust
People who love but hate you
Say I love you to you face
And call you a whore behind your back
We know there doing it but why don’t we stop them
Because we afraid
Afraid of losing someone
Afraid of being hurt
Afraid that we will hurt someone
We surround our self’s with the so call right people
Surround our self’s with the wrong people
The people who make you feel like crap
The people who make fun of you right to your face
But why do we keep them
Why do we let them do this to us
Why do we surround our self’s with them?

Rosie Doyle


The first time I saw him,
I felt whatever it is one should feel.
Smartly dressed, blond hair, eyes glistening brightly,
No words were spoken, no goodbye as he left.

The second time I saw him,
A simple question started a river of conversations.
An occasional silence broken by his soft, deep voice,
His shy laugh at the jokes I attempted to make.

The third time I saw him,
All shyness was banished by heart-to-heart chat.
Each time he spoke in his mellow, warm accent,
I felt a fury of emotions, that were deep inside of me.

The last time I saw him,
Where had the time gone?
I waved goodbye to him, tears in my eyes,
Knowing that he had been my first love.



Pounding hearts, sweaty palms
Exams, matches, tests – stay calm
Can’t breathe, head spinning upside down
Short breaths, hot sweats
Can’t think, no thoughts
Mind’s a blur, avoid the shots
Twisting turning, no escape
Feels like we’re all bound by tape
No way to explain
Fear holds us in it’s chains


“The Best Years”

Lets start at school, “the best years of your life”
Never once told about the efforts and strife
At this strange age where u can be fueled by rage
You begin to think it’s all bad
But don’t stress, do not get sad
For the years you concentrate on all that crap
You miss all the things that could go right
The hardships you find the people you meet
You must keep in mind they’re not all of the one fleet
Eventually you’ll see caring people
The ones who will walk you away from the steep hill
Don’t live only seeing what makes you worry
For then your teenage years will be a nervous flurry
Just find a group to make memories
Then you’ll realize people can please
The days where it rains, when you think it won’t stop
They will walk with you until the very last drop
Life can be rough but don’t feel the need to act all tough
In the end it’s a game of both bad times and fun
Just make sure you pay attention to the right one

Hannah Burke


We are of good and bad people
People can care
People can hate
But the good ones never replace
They give you lessons
They give you bad moments
But they also teach you
Have fun
And laugh with the person you love
That person will help you
And be always with you
People are always say
You won’t last too much time
Leave him
Don’t hear them
Trust in you and in what you do
Love yourself
Why not?

Uxue luquin

On a Warm Summer Morning

On a warm summer morning
As the sun began to rise
I walked onto my balcony
And looked around in surprise

All the flowers I had planted
All the animals around me
Every strand of grass that used to grow
None of these things I can no longer see

Instead there are tanks
There are guns there are knives
There is sweat, blood and tears
Clinging onto your lives

Mothers hugging their children
Fathers fighting for their rights
Religion, skin colour, gender
All of this caused by spite

And revenge and anger
And other reasons alike
And all of this for nothing
Other than hate and dislike

And as the war is raging
Driving people mad
I cannot help to be
Anything other than sad

Because of all this hate
And hurt around us today
We can easily forget
What is really important every day

We need love and gratitude
And most importantly peace
So I am screaming here and now
And begging on my knees

Look around you now
Look around and see
That with peace and with love
We can all be happy

And with all this happiness
Like a paradise in our hearts
We can all change the world
If we all play a part

Zuzanna Charko


There’s always someone worse off
From a young age this phrase given as “comfort”
As if, your problems disappear
Like trying to put out a fire looking at the rubble of another one
As if, the problems keeping you up at night don’t matter
Because someone else is better at coping with their burdens
You’re so dramatic
You’re privileged
You’re being ungrateful in fact
So lucky to have a bed to cry in every night
It could be worse
But you can’t see how it could get any worse
In fact, if it got any worse you couldn’t cope
You’d crack, shatter
But you suck it up
Because someone else has it worse

Chloe Cantwell

The Girl

This is to the girl
Who cries
At home
Sitting still
Her head spins
Travel sickness
From the whirlwind
Of thoughts
That cloud her head
Covered only by
Her duvet
Yet crippled
From expectations
A life
Filled with
She’s sinking
Her life buoy comes
In the form of
A warm hug
A loving friend
The nausea lifts
The clouds disappear
To reveal
A sunny day
It’ll all be okay


In Honour

In honour of my stupid friend
The crystal boy was one of my first loves
Not like that crap with the 2 doves
It didn’t work at the very start
I was too nervous, too cautious with my heart
When he was gone, I felt empty inside
I decided to try again, go along for the ride
It was hard on me more so on him
Its like I was on a glass, dancing by the rim
I fell once more and got too scared
He began to think I never cared
I made the mistake I cut him out again
It made me feel as small as a wren
He took me back when I wanted to try once more
His understanding warmed me to the core
I’m happy now with my crystal guy
I know I can trust him, I know I can cry
It’s always worth another shot
But if it doesn’t work don’t be fraught
You can try again another day
But do not throw your heart away



Left early from mass
I felt class
But then I got caught
And me and ma fought
Phone gone for the week
Because I gave cheek
Two days later
Phone still gone
No way home from the bus
3 miles long
Freezing cold muss
Won’t leave mass again
So I don’t suffer ben.

Niamh Hickey


Bday 3 weeks away
Ma is ordering presents for the day
The hoodie to be
Was perfect for me
Arrives in the post
I’m in love the most
But sis ain’t having it
She ends up havin it
Ma don’t understand
Why I’m mad
That was mine
She says it’s fair to share
But I don’t care
I won the battle
Hoodies now mine
And its all fine.

Niamh Hickey

The Pathway

When I was younger, youngest i’ve ever been,
I thought people could see the truth in everything.
It was all for the best I told myself, they knew what to test, to ask,
to discern what path I should take.
This was before and I am now,
seeing the disjointed pathways from the motorway to my hopeful hay days .
Only now, I know the path set forward for me is not where I want to be.



I sat on my couch,
Not a bad thought in my head,
Until I heard the news,
My heart dropped dead,
He never seemed down,
Even when he was dressed in a hospital gown.
He had therapy every week,
But never made it seem bleak.
Until it all stopped when they said it was gone,
My face lit up like a crayon.
Even though he was only ten,
He fought and won like an Olympian.



Perfect Grades, Perfect Friends,
Always happy I don’t pretend,
But always searching for the sense.

Every door is open,
I can go wherever I want,
But sometimes I feel broken,
Can’t decide what I really want.

People say: I dont fail,
No matter what I do,
But what really makes me special,
Makes me different,
I’d like to know that too.

Maybe I want to fail sometimes,
Everyone should experience how that feels,
They say failure makes you stronger,
But does that say that I’m weak?



Abcs and 123s
Turn to essays and equations
Too hard and complicated for me

Where playing dodgeball and fun games
Turns to mile runs and competitive sports
I don’t want or know how to play

Six hours
Which felt like three
Turns to seven which feels like fourteen

Home Time was free time
For movies and games with friends
Turns to study time and stress time
With hardly a minute of time to spend

On ourselves or the people we love
Which are the only things that matter in the long run


If Only You Knew

If only you knew
What your words do
You wouldn’t say
Words that cant go away
It hurts deeply
But you don’t see me
As I cry
And sigh
Breaking up is scary
And I’m quite wary
You’d be the one for me
If only you could see
What your words do
If only you knew



The realisation that everyone has lives
Lives you don’t know about
Lives you cant see
Lives you can’t understand
Lives you can never hope to understand

The realisation that everyone has lives
You see strangers every day
You see a glimpse into their lives
You see where they might live
You see where they might work

The realisation that everyone has lives
Lives you’ll never be apart of
Lives that can be gone in the blink of an eye
Lives that spark for a day and are gone like butterflies



My granny told me once;
Never take anything you have for granted,
She grew up when you could only get a pound of tea a week (for the family),
She never once complained,
She considered herself lucky to have a family that loved her,
Because it means more that any old material thing in the world.


Here I Am

Here I am in this school
People going around thinking there somewhat cool
The first dreaded bell rings at 25 to 9
I sigh with tiredness and think to myself fine
I reluctantly crawl my way to my first dreaded class
As all the snobby girls walk around giving each other sass
I sit there waiting for this boring, tedious time to end
Trying to keep concentrated and not to get distracted by my friends
All this pointless information isn’t going to last forever
Anyways the teachers only like the ones that are somewhat clever
The final bell rings to mark the end of this dull day
I am finally free I say to myself hip hip hooray!

Lucy Cody

A Mistake

I know its hard,girls
Believe you me
I’ve had it hard
I’ve heard it all,
I betrayed true love
Watched it fall,
I believe in chances now
Forgiveness too,
I loved him
But what can I do,
I will never get to touch him
Hug him, squeeze his face,
Or make him laugh
Or know his place,
So girls, let him know you’re his
Never leave his sight,
Because one day you’ll do what I did
And you, my girls will get an awful fright!

Holly Beegan


This year I have learnt
That leaving my family, friends and home
Will let me know
What I was really looking for
It wasn’t because I was lost
Is just that sometimes you need to go

After five months alone
With no one who knew me before
I have made a lot of new friends
That will always be part of me
Although maybe I will never seem them again


Drip, Drip

Drip, drip the blood drops from the soft skin of my torn hip
Gone is the gentle touch of my shattered lip
When I hear the door slam and your steps hit the stairs
The sweat on my back moistens the hairs

Drip, drip the scarlet wine flows from bottle to glass
And once again a whip to my broken ass
Permission no more
That has gone out the door

Destroyed vows, bruised body, broken heart

Kathy, Ciara and Dee

My Life

Every evening when I go home
I prepare myself for the inevitable
What have I done? I just don’t know
But still you’ll do anything to confiscate that phone
Can I go out? A concert? NO
It’s just constant fighting every day
I just want it to stop just once

Aoibhe Collins


Life is made of ups and downs,
But mostly me acting the clown.
Which gets me in shit for not trying my best,
My parents are at me not giving me a rest,
Achievement’s and medals is all they care
But all I want is to breath in the open air,
The pressure of life choices, future and career
Seems to be the only thing that I fear.
Summer time can’t come quick
So me and my friends can take the mick,
Winter time feeling pretty crapy
Cant wait to go river and swim with fishy fishy.

Jenny Leahy

Results Night

Results night was quite fun
Until it was time we had to run
Drinking away the grades I got
With stuff I guess you could call a shot
A house party that ended in tears
Was the cause of all our teenage fears
Our parents were called about the night
When I heard I got such a fright
It wasn’t even my fault, I didn’t want to go
Blame my friends; I just go with the flow.

Siobhan Treacy

Ivory Keys

I began when I was a child
And from the beginning I always smiled,
Hands on the keys,
Eyes looking forward,
Ready to play my first chord.
Many years later
The stance the same,
Looking back on how far I came.

Saidhbhín Reid


Standing on the pitch with your hurl in your hand,
Remembering all the tactics your coach has planned,
The shouting the screaming and the whistle blows,
But what’s going through my head, nobody knows,

Is it in my head,
Or is playing something that I dread,
The pressure of the game,
If we lose am I to blame?

When the final whistle blows,
The relief I feel shows,
The win or the loss,
My team won’t be cross,

For after all it’s all in my head,
When all is done and all is said,
It is only a game with a stick and a ball,
Happiness is what matters above all.

Niamh Moore

The First Time I Saw Him

The first time I saw him, I was eleven
There was no fireworks, nothing like that
It was just my heart, telling me that he’s the one
His hair was brown and wavy, like the rough Atlantic sea
His laugh wasn’t perfect to everyone, but to me, it was cute
His voice was high-pitched,
Nothing like the deep voices
That every boy seemed to have

We’d crack jokes and tell stories of our failings in tests
He was into the same things that I was into
My heart and my brain were yelling at me,
Telling me that he was the one for me

Then he disappeared. No warning, no nothing
I knew he hadn’t disappeared fully,
His magic still needed some work
I knew he was still here, but he was a very good hider
But soon, I forgot about him

The first time I saw him,
His heart was being held by another girl
I thought he was the one
‘Guess not,’ said the universe,
In a cold empty voice


My Future

Isn’t it hard being a teen
They say TY is easy but what do they mean
Yes new experiences are great as they say
But subject choice and career is a world away

Between art and accounting
Business and biology
My mind is changing so much its costly

My work experience it helped quite a bit
But they said change it up so I did
My second go I fell in love but sadly
Not with the job it ended up being my boss’ son

Time went by and the deadlines approaching
What shall I pick my teachers are calling
My mother says one thing
My father another
TY is not easy if you’re a wonder

Going through the list
Subject to subject
With my future in mind I’m full of wonder
Archaeologist or Astronaut
What is my future?

Laura Delaney

Leave me Alone

Leave me alone
Stop calling my phone
Go away
Please stay
Push and pull
Yet my hearts still full
I want you

But I’m too afraid to admit it

Robyn Walsh Niamh Walsh


Their soft and gooey
And sometimes chewy
their yellow and bright
And taste like shite
They’ve a gram of protein
And look like a bean
They come in all sizes and shapes
And they taste worse grapes
They come bruised and black
But are a healthy snack

Isabel Caldbeck

I Wake Up

I wake up
With no make-up
I brush my hair
My skin is fair
I dress my bed
I clear my head
I put on my uniform
I’m ready to perform
I eat some food
I’m in a good mood
I get in the car
To go far
I walk in the school door
Not in the mood no more
I see my friends
The stories never end
We head to class
Thinking we’re gas
Sitting in history
It’s all a mystery
During lunch
We talk a bunch
At the end of the day
I head on my way
Back home
To go on my phone

Emer Stynes


Hello my name is Lizzy
I like to get dizzy’
I like hittin’ the town
I use cocoa brown,
I love me county minors
But I only wear designers,
Double cross my friend
And u will depend,
On machines
To eat your beans,
But after a long day
I’ll go to the buffet,
To get some food
To put in a good mood.

Elizabeth O’Shea

Well Lads

Well lads my names Caragh Keating,
Watch out now or I’ll give ya a beating,
I won’t tell anyone that were meeting coz,
Your girl will know your cheating,
You say you love her to her face,
But your telling me the same its a disgrace,
She’s not the one you want to replace,
It’s deeper your only a cheater,
You tell all your friends we’ve got to third base,
But really you can’t even embrace,
Not a romantic bone in your body,
I’m surprised you even count yourself as somebody.

Caragh Keating

The Happy Way

Contrary to popular belief,
The only way to heal your grief,
Is to allow yourself to feel your feelings,
And to always deal with your most painful dealings.

If happiness is something you try to find,
You will all of a sudden find yourself blind,
For happiness will come find you,
When you’re out with the old and in with the new

But do not allow yourself to be fooled,
By what you’re taught by society and in school,
We all get sad and that is always okay,
But how you let it affect your day
Is the real key to living the happy way



His eyes are filled with the ocean water,
You can see the waves crash off the cliff,
The fish swimming at the deepest depths
And the boats that float above.
His face is filled with light,
As if the sun only shines on him.
The sun should only shine on him.



Hello my name is Lisa,
And I like pizza,
I go to discos,
To get a few vscos,
I’ll wear a skimpy dress,
And I’ll probably look a mess,
I don’t give a gunk,
Cos everyone will be drunk,
I’ll have a few fags,
With the scumbags,
Passed out on the floor,
Wake up and drink some more,
There will be a couple fights,
Throughout the night,
I’ll make you a bet,
That there will be more than one regret

Lisa Prendergast

How I Loved You

‘How I loved you dear’
To say goodbye was my biggest fear,
Watching; as they dry their tears,
Dwelling on all those memorable years,
This was her final frontier,
To all of those who loved her dear,
So far away but yet so near.

Abbie O’Connor and Sophie Slattery


I don’t have a clue
What to do
Give me a call
So I don’t start to ball
It’s very confusing
I feel like I’m losing
It’s mental pollution
Any solution?
I need a good buzz
So hit me up cuz 😉



I’ve found it.

The soothing balm to burning hate,
A method free from crude debate,
The key to peace we can create,
It’s Kindness.

I need it.

When I’m confronted by these stranger’s faces,
Shrinking, feeling out of place,
A smile would slow my heart’s fast pace,
Just Kindness.

I feel it.

Surrounded by the ones I love,
And confidence I’m empty of,
They reassure that I’m enough,
Their Kindness.

I show it.

The friendly wave that I can give,
I find the hard strength to forgive,
The only way that I can live,
With Kindness.

Shalom Oyenuga


We said goodbye on a wet morning in March
All though I see you no more you’re spirit still alive

I hear you soft voice in the wind take shakes the hay
Your smile I see when I look up at a clear blue sky
I felt your touch in the grass on a warm summer’s day
I hear your laugh in the rustling of the leaves
I see your eyes on a starry night
I can feel your presences with every wild animal wanders by

So I guess I just wrote this poem
To tell you that I know you’re not gone
That I can see you in every aspect of home
And that I love you



We have been drifting away
It took a while to notice
I feel it more with each passing day
Your distance has been noted

This friendship has begun to fade away
Our differences have unfolded
Maybe it’s time to breakaway
Before we feel beholden

Aoife Mulhall

Hockey Training

Every Monday after school,
I made sure to eat for fuel,
Then find my friends and grab my gear,
To train because the next match is near,
I like to play in the backs,
Where I defend the oppositions’ attacks,
When it’s cancelled I really miss it,
It’s fun, social and keeps me fit!


The Fear

The fear comes from pressure,
From all the hard work,
Its comes from the unknown,
The questions that can only be answered after,
From the pain that awaits,
It comes from the spectators along the course,
From the expectations,
The fear comes when you’re standing at the start line waiting,
The whistle sounds,
All the fear drifts away,
Replaced by hunger and strength,
Showing the fight that is in everyone.



Pressure comes from
The blue skirts, the white blouses and grey jumpers
The pressure comes from
Homework, study and the test result number
Pressure comes from
Fake nails, short skirts and bleached hair
Pressure comes from everywhere
You say it’s not there
That you shouldn’t care
But this is my life beware

Allie Ryan

They Say

They say that they know and yet they do,
We know there are problems but still have no clue,
Note I say “they” then change to “we” because this is also including me,
We all like to think that we are accepting of others,
But in matter of fact we close in the shutters
And say the opposite of what we think,
Causing that person to seize up and shrink
Into the depths of darkness and dreaded fear,
All because we want to fit in with a peer,
People speak words like meaningless thoughts,
Churning the stomachs into pits of knots,
We all want to know our place in life,
Hence why we must get over this strife.

Isabel Gill

The Piano

When the sound rings through your ears, if lights you up
Pressing your light fingers against the keys
Black and white
Flats and sharps
Playing chords, bold and loud
From forte to piano
Loud to quiet
Every note is special
Every note has its own meaning

Julianne Bergin


Nothing but dark, looming clouds
Teachers drift in angry crowds
Yelling with unwritten essays
Spinning around these endless days

Hours of study
Nothing but worry
Getting ready for tests
The future is blessed

Kelly Brennan


In a black hole of nothing I find myself again
They say there’s light at the end of the tunnel
Years on, I have not seen a spark
I’m falling apart in front of your eyes
Yet you do not see me
Would you cry if I wasn’t here anymore?
There is a hell
Trust me I’ve seen it,
Inside my own head
I live in it everyday.

Dearbhla O’Rielly

Affection for Yourself

Remember to love yourself
After all you only have one life
Remember to be kind, you are special like no one else
And in the end, you are what your define

Focus on the things you are good at
It is futile to worry about your flaws
Everyone is guilty of their own emotional combat
Use your skills to achieve things that other people will applause

Your thoughts, you are the master of them
Don’t let them consume you
For some of them, they will severely condemn
Be happy about the opportunities you took and obliterate the ones you blew

Shreerashmika Gnanasekaran


Walked in the shadows
Of you
For too long
Lost myself on the way
Wasn’t myself
No one noticed
But when I’m gone you will
Waiting on the day
For you to see
Not through me
Arrows denting my soul


Aisling McGrath, Ciara Lavelle, Ellie Phelan and Dearbhla Orielly


An escape world is one everyone seeks,
How lucky I am to have my own,
Five times a day with me and my lord.

The feeling of serenity that I feel
Is one that starts and finishes my day.
How I wish you could feel what I do

From putting my head to the ground submitting to my lord,
To standing up feeling refreshed, I retain every minute of it.
The best feeling….

Amie Ndure


What is beauty?
Only words our mother says
To keep us happy
While she doesn’t see it herself

‘My thighs are too big’
‘Cheeks are too red’
She looks in the mirror
As we cry in our beds

Her hands hold mine
I look into her eyes
I tell her the truth
I can no longer lie

The word stings her
Her hands shake
I tell her she is beautiful
Oh for christ sake

My words, my mind
My heart starts to spit
But who really cares
I’ve shovel through it

Words are words
And chic is cheap
For beauty is beauty
And we all are unique

I wish you could see that
My sister, my life
Depression is real
But you the light.


Out of Reach

Something will always be out of reach,
You’ve got to fight to achieve,
No matter where when or how,
It will all be figured out,
Fight for what you want,
Talk about what you need,
Don’t worry about the people saying no,
You have to go and prove them wrong indeed,
It makes you want to fight that bit hard,
Work that bit longer,
And achieve your goals to the fullest.

“A time of change and growth” they say,
But most days, we can feel like prey,
Prey to society’s norms,
Scared to be judged, so we hide behind our uniforms.

Jessica Cullen

Best Times of your Life

“These are the best times of your life”
But if that’s true, why do we cry ourselves to sleep at night
Scared that we’re not enough
Because we’re really not all that tough

Because this is adolescence
The time for us to learn some lessons
So treat everyday as your last
Because before you know it, it’ll be gone too fast

Leah Smith

Come From

Come from the big shmoke,
The town of the ford of the hurdles
The big lads walk around with big D4 heads on them,
Protein shakes in hand
Heading for drinks before a night out in coppers in their full kits
Mum and dad in hand

Orlaith Byrne


Come from country roads and the big green fields,
Stony walls and run down sheds,
The harvest is done and the cattle are fed,
Now its time to hit the bed
The weekend is here and everything awaits,
Drinks are in mine, oh how this is fate,
Been waiting for this night now it’s finally here
It’s finally time to celebrate the year.
I stand it the doorway to welcome the guests,
We are blessed with the weather, heard its bad in the west.
As we craic open some cans the atmosphere lifts
This night truly is a gift.
The night goes on it seems like a dream,
I don’t want this night to ever end.
The farm can wait, no need to be alarmed,
The cattle will be fed.
Monday is here, the head is spinnin.
The weekend has ended, the fun is over.
Up and at it the breakfast is waiting,
Oh how I cannot wait for the next weekend.
Come from country roads and the big green fields,
Stony walls and run down sheds,
The harvest is done and the cattle are fed.
Looking forward to the week ahead.

Ella Dillon


I don’t know what to say
Forgive forgive
Why does they hate me
Feelings feelings
Positive vibes
I like poetry

Fay Bryan


Lauren my foreign friend
Laugh out loud
You’ll make me proud
Even if Mrs Maft doesn’t like your laugh
Shes just daft
We love u laur
Get in my car
And we can drive with the sunset

Secret admirer


On the Farm

Dad on the farm with me watching from inside
Me trying to hide to be able to get outside
The danger is real that I cannot feel
It looks like a battlefield without any shield
It could do me harm to be out on the farm
But I’ll use my charm so he won’t alarm
When I’m old enough you won’t get me in
Cause I’ll be on the tractor going for a spin
I’ll have a fag or two but really three will do
I can’t tell me dad or an argument will be had.

Siobhan Treacy

My Team

My club is me and camogie is my sport
My team are my sisters
My county final win will always be mine
It was our one time in our club to shine
Lipsync was the highlight
The night of all my nights
Nothing will be better to me
Than seeing my club get to victory
Fourteen county finals and club of the year
The best year of all my years


No Word Shows How I Feel

How do you express it in a poem if no word shows how it feels?
What does sad, hurt, lonely mean to you?
I was the one who loved you
Even though you gave me a thousand reasons not to
You stopped caring so I guess I stopped trying
Stopped trying to love you, my friends, family and most of all myself
It’s sad that I’m broken because I believed


Wake Up

Wake up every morning
In the worst mood
Eyes barely open
Ready to get in a fight

Tell myself
Tonight will be the night I go to bed early
Night comes around
Suddenly its 3am
Do it all over again


Writing a Poem

I don’t know what to say.
Express myself through a poem.
It doesn’t make me feel better.
I don’t like writing.
The words are not pouring out of me.
I have not yet reached eight lines.
I hate Harry Potter.

Lauren McCormack


Me and the gals
Having a blast
Always lookin class
Cookin up a storm the kitchen
Pegs is legendary

Niamh Hickey