Loreto Secondary School, Fermoy.

Art By Pat Byrne: https://jamartprints.com/?product_cat=pat-byrne

The Monster

We’re told when we’re young that monsters don’t exist,
We’re told we’re being silly no matter how hard we insist,
But now that I’m older and when I close my eyes I can still see that monster clear in my mind.
With his dainty little features
And his death like stare
He sits on your shoulder
And he makes you care
About what they think of you and what they say,
He takes the person you once were and he hides them away.
With a clock around his neck
He whispers in your ear
“Times ticking” and all you can feel is fear
The clock becomes so heavy it makes it hard to breathe
It feels like forever before that feeling starts to ease.
The clock gets heavy multiple times a day
He makes you feel like your in everyone’s way.
With a spiral for a tail he says it represents
All the crazy scenarios you make up in your head.
You can’t get rid of this monster trust me I’ve tried,
But maybe you can make him small enough so he won’t effect your life.
No ones seen the monsters face with a skull for a mask,
But when you look closer you can see all the cracks.
This monster is fragile just like me, This monster has a name and it’s anxiety.

She Sat Alone

She sat alone
Dreaming in the dark
Of her light loving smile
But her smile was not for her
She sat alone
She sat in a crowd
Daydreaming in the light
Of her dark depressing frown
But she never knew her smile was for her
She sat in a crowd
She sat in between
Directing the story
Of their paths growing closer
But they were never to cross
She sat in between


I am strong, independent, unbreakable.
So why me? Why now? What’s that about?
Friends today but not tomorrow?
Wow is that really necessary though?
Messing with my head, spinning stories
This is just the first in the series.
Week on week, same shit
Your just improving technique,
One day I’ll rise, put an end to your games
Teach you a lesson, I will blow flames.

Am I Selfish

Am I selfish for wanting you back here, for wanting you back on earth despite your pain and suffering.
Am I selfish for wanting you back here. Back in the world of endless hospital visits and medical procedures.
Am I selfish for wanting you back here. Back in your little cottage house that you struggled to manoeuvre around.
Am I selfish for wanting you back here, spending your every last penny on me and taking care of me at every chance.
Am I selfish for wanting you back here.
Selfish for wanting you to save me.
Selfish for wanting you to love me.
Selfish for wanting you to leave the loving gates of heaven to be by my side.
Selfish for wishing I could be with you instead of here.
Selfish for needing you because no one ever loved me the way you did.
Am I selfish for wishing it was you here instead of them.
Am I selfish for wanting you back.

And Now

I tried to tell you how much I appreciated you
But I feared being too sincere
I knew how much I loved you
But I couldn’t say it, it was too embarrassing
Now you’re gone
Now I can’t tell you
And all I want is to tell you
How much I appreciated you
How much I loved you
And now I wonder what it was all about
Why did I have this fear?
And I just wish I could have been more sincere


Everyday i wake in bed
I rub my eyes and shake my head
I put on the same uniform I wore the day prior
I try not to bite but act like a briar
For everyday is much the same
Until my life shall change by fame
and my new life will occupy my busy mind
and each new day will be an adventure till i no longer wake in bed
but move to a new life, in another world

The Sparrow

As I walk through the meadow
I see a small sparrow
Hopping along
Just like a frog
He goes over to the pond
And jumps right in
That’s when he started to swim
I look over and in that second
He gets out and flies to heaven

A walk through life

Walking through life
Walking through your soul
Waiting for years to go by so your old or “older”
Waiting for the right time but crying at the sight
Wanting more but not really sure wanting the best but then put to the test
Praying for good but not sure if you should
Saying the right but trying to be nice
Walk through life and don’t think is it right


You wake up, and everything feels like nothing,
The lights look dimmer,
Life is like a magnetic lie, a do or die,
And you let everything simmer.
School is loud, it’s quiet and busy, everyone’s in a tizzy,
You go on your way,
Listen to teachers; ‘Shut up’, ‘Be quiet’, ‘Do as I say’
They’re paving the way.
You do the same everyday, there’s no in between,
Everything is nothing, you don’t scream or shout,
You’re stuck in a daze,
Never letting it out.


When I was young
I didn’t know the principles of Life
And when time went on
I could finally understand
Understand to Love More
Look out for others
And most importantly
Love yourself.

I Am

I am confident
But I overthink
I’m very loyal
But also toxic
I do well in school
But I don’t try
I like to win
And get frustrated if I don’t
I am kind
But sometimes not
“At the end of the day, we’re all human they say”
However, “don’t show the real you”
The people that know me best are the ones that stuck around
They see the real me


The crunching of the leaves hearing a coughing or a wheeze
I see leaves orange, red and brown the leaves are falling down
Crisp mornings forming
Soon it will be storming


Independency is my best tendency.
I will not allow society to attack my anxiety.
I will rise and grow to be the best of who I am,
Not the smallest thing will bring me down.
I will succeed in my future career, put in the best work every year.


The world is changing,
These changes… there’s a few
With wildfires, bad weather,
And temperatures rising too
To make a difference,
We need to work together,
To save our planet
And make it last forever

That’s All

School is a waste of time
I’m struggling to make this rhyme
I have never done any crime
My life is just as boring as a lime
Sometimes I’m really sad
But it’s not so bad
I get mad like everyday
That’s all I have to say

On a summer day,

Combine cutting the hay,
A swallow fly’s by,
As the ball goes wide,
Children scream yay,
On a May Hay Day,
As the match comes to an end,
The combine comes to a mend

No Matter

I am happy but still sad
I am surrounded by friends but still lonely
Even being happy means your sad
Life isn’t all good or all bad
But no matter what your still you


Covid is tough
Everyone has had enough
Please go away
We want to live another day
We want ti go back to a normal lifestyle
But this is not possible a while
That’s the end
Thanks my friend

A Laugh

I laugh with my friends at school
No one thinks I’m cool
Want to do well in school
But that doesn’t seem cool
Love playing football with the team
Tryna get famous in a meme

A Soul

Her soul is like a kaleidoscope
So many colours and different hues
But if you move your gaze ever so slightly
She is something entirely new

Stress Mess

School is stress
I’m such a mess
I had a test
Got no rest