Laurel Hill Colaiste FCJ, South Circular Road, Co. Limerick

Every Step


Every step I take sinks me deeper,

Like I’m stuck in deep mud,

Surrounded by the darkness.

Things I hear are blurry and faint

Whereas all I see are colours and shapes.

My heads ringing as I give in,

To the horrible depths of mud.

Sinking deeper and deeper,

It caresses and holds me

Like no one ever before.


All Great Things Are Simple



Do you know what it means?

You heard it in an English class a couple times I’m sure.

But how much further have you taken it?

I doubt the word has moved beyond the classroom,

And I doubt it means that much to you.

But have you ever looked at someone and thought

“They are the personification of ‘this’ word”?

I didn’t think so.

Winton Churchill was a wise man, and he once said

“All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words; freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope.”

The same could be said for us.

Humans. Our emotions. Our feelings. Who we fight for and what we believe in.

Purity, strength, defiance, earnest, spite, empathy.

Everyone personifies a word. A word so simple, but so meaningful.

What’s your word? What do you personify? Who are you, and what do you fight for?


Bright Places


You’ll never know if you don’t try

But how hard do you have to try until you know?

How many dark rooms do you have to walk through,

To see all the bright places you’ll go?


The world is your oyster,

The future is yours,

Until the battleship you captain,

Is washed up on shore.


Shoot your shot,

Give it a go,

But when do you draw the curtain,

Of the final show?


Sit and Hope


At my desk I sit and hope

That my changing body will cope

With all the pressure society has

To post a picture in thongs and bras


Although I can’t stand to look

At all my cracks and every nook

That boys who love them oh so dearly

And ask without a second thought too freely


I’d like to think the world would change

But I am yet to see those lovely days

When people care for who makes you smile

And all the people who go the extra mile


It’s not about what’s underneath

Or who can be the most discreet

It’s all about what in your chest

About who can bring out your best


Not all Men


Not all of us is what they always say

But when I watch the news today

I see the victim take the villain to court

Only to be told her skirt was too short

You wonder why were all too scared

But yet we speak aloud and no-one cares

We’re told that it was our own doing

That we were asking for it with our moving

We dance, were wrong

We drink, were wrong

We’re reminded of the things we already knew

And it makes us question what can we do?

So when you say not all men

Who are the people doing it then?




Send my soul to heaven,

My body to the ground,

Can’t go on without you,

Yet cannot stand to have you around.

You were everything to me,

Now you’re just a thought,

A memory weighing heavy,

A love forever lost.




Submitting applications for a secondary school,

Having had a confirmation and only after then you’ll,

Develop a sense of what its like to be bolder,

But I’m still not learning what it is to get older.


Arriving at the gates and the futures wide open,

The years fly past and I am still hoping,

But now there is knowledge and I am its holder,

But I’m still not learning what it is to be older.


And as this happens the world continues to burn,

People cry out for help while others only yearn,

Groups of people under suppression,

Those in power provide no discretion,

I’ve seen the world grow colder,

And only now I know what faces me when I grow older.


The Boys


Boys on bikes whistle as you walk by

You’re heart starts pounding, you want to die

“Well girl, you’re looking good”

You walk a bit faster, and put up your hood


They laugh and sneer as they cycle by

You calm yourself down, there’s no need to cry

They’re just boys, so stupid and rude

Why do they do it? It’s just so cruel


The Ocean Whistled


The ocean whistled

While the butterflies fluttered

Away in the sky

Flying up high

No worries are near

When the issue of fear

Has long gone the clouds above

Soaring high like a dove

Though I do have doubts in my mind

Of the life I ‘ought to find

I sing a song of utter cheer

As I know my butterfly is near




As I sat in the car on that cold Wednesday afternoon

I wondered to myself why the mood was so unsettling

Until that moment came when I got the terrible news, that my grandad had passed

I never thought the day would come so soon but by the time it had sank in,

I was staring into the blue moon.

But now today I remember all the lovely memories we shared

He will always be there in my heart forever




Love is worthwhile

You choose the love you think you deserve

Love was so different back then

Now we sit here waiting for a message from “the one”

Love is being there through time times

Not leaving after one argument

Loving someone because of who they are

Not what they look like

Love is supposed to be fun and passionate

Not tragic


Nothing is Real


When I turn away,

I feel that the rest of the world is gone,

Not in the self obsessed way,

Just like nothing is real I can’t be wrong,

I can’t comprehend the fact there is life before or after me,

I don’t believe anything exists outside of my brain apart from what I feel,

It is an illusion a made up world it can’t just be free,

Nothing is real.


A Fine Line


They said to write a poem

To write from the heart

And write from the soul

Speak the truth about what makes you, you

Oh so simple but easier said than done

From years of being told how to act and what to do

Be polite, and in that dress do not run

Don’t talk back

speak up don’t ignore me

Smile and laugh

but no not like that

So I’m trying to write a poem from the soul

But it’s a fine line between the real me and the me I’ve been told


Under Lock and Key


The world under lock and key

For god knows how many years to be

Waiting eagerly for this to end

So together we can be once again


Staring out the window day after day

Looking at the same tall trees sway

Lying on the bed staring at the ceiling

Creating some alternative reality


Strumming softly on the strings of a guitar

While I hum a tune gazing at the stars

As I head to lay down for the night

I dream of a carefree world


The Quiet Space


The quiet space in my room,

Keeps me from impending doom,

Alone and safe no fear within,

Until I step outside, head in a spin.


Heart pumping through my chest,

Men’s eyes on me leaving me stressed,

I’m not. A prize to be won,

To them I’m just a hit and run.


Life in Quarantine


I didn’t know what the word ‘quarantine’ was,

Until the year 2020,

Other words we quickly learned,

Were ‘lockdown’ and ‘unprecedented’,

‘Social distancing’ and ‘flatten the curve’,

Were used every day in the news.

I swear if I ever hear these again,

I’m going to blow a fuse!


In the beginning, it was kind of nice,

Not getting up early for school,

But as the days lingered and I missed my friends,

I realised this wasn’t so cool,


I started to think about learning new skills,

What would excite my interest,

Music or baking, cooking or painting,

There’s lots of ideas on Pinterest!


Oh, for a handshake, a hug or a kiss,

These are the things that I really do miss,

To go shopping with friends and buy something new,

Now I’m at home and there’s nothing to do.


2020 was a hectic year,

With little fun and little cheer,

But one thing that I know for sure,

The scientists will find a cure,

So here’s to 2021,

A year that will surely be more fun!




My mental health is driving me insane,

I know it’s just me,

I’m the one to blame.

The thoughts that flow through my head daily,

Telling me not to keep going,

Or telling me to just try to be me.

Or is it today’s society,

Telling me how imperfect I am,

Highlighting my insecurities.

Everyone has a different perspective of me,

Everyone else seems to have found their own identity.

I’m just waiting.

Waiting until something falls into place,

Waiting to find a sense of belonging.




Why is this world so unfair?

Boys will be boys that’s what they say

Girls are judged for every move they make

Day after day.


Your skirt is too short,

You wear too much makeup

The shaming and judgement is never ending

So just go by the rules that you take up.




Lying on the rough floors

With bruised knees

Bleeding through, waist deep

With her pale skin and shaking hands

Staring at her reflection

Not recognising the tearful eyes

Of the once cheerful girl

Who couldn’t part with a smile


Dizzy head and blurred eyes

A step forwards to the white light

Crashing back to the rough floor

As the stars begin to fade

A young girl’s dreamed crushed

And it’s all because


She’s throwing up serotonin

In the middle of her bathroom floor

Falling asleep on her childhood keeps

As she lays wide awake

Thinking of all her flaws


Faces peering up at her

Expecting the best from that poor sweet mess

Who can’t even decide

If she even make it past that bathroom floor


We’re all throwing up acetylcholine

Clutching onto how we felt

Before the feelings came and faded

Adrenaline rushes never felt so dull,

The highs only ever lasting a day


Fingertips gone cold

With a heart frozen in gold

Just take her back to the good old days

Where her love didn’t feel so numb


Because she’s throwing up serotonin

Lying awake as her heart beats fakes

In the middle of her bathroom floor.




I thought I had a dream,

But really I’m just part of this government scheme.

What do I want to be?

What does the future really hold for me.


I’m told dreams are hard,

But when I want to chase them I am not even sent a good luck card.

Does no one else have a dream?

Why can’t we be brave and chase them like a team.


Am I good enough,

They all say life is tough.

Who am I?

I don’t know but I will still try.


My biggest fear in life is regret,

I don’t want to fail and be welcoming death.

So no matter what I will keep going,

Even though all the flaws of this harsh society keeps showing.


I will get my dream,

Wondering down this unknown stream.

Of finding myself and becoming mature,

It is so hard but I welcome that sweet torture.


For Me


I am reserved, quiet, shy

He too is like me

But he has a girlfriend

Who by the way is very unkike me


She is kinda emo and therefore is deemed cool.

She has bleached hair, drinks and wears self

Is this why she has a man?


I am the polar opposite to her.

I have virgin hair and have not yet sipped from red plastic cups.


Although with this being said, I truely believe that there is a man somewhere out there for me.


Waking Up


Waking up in time to log into another teams call

My screen time increasing by the day

My patience on the other hand feeling quite small

It’s like I want to do or go somewhere different but I don’t know the way

My only option left is to pray

For days when we see each other and don’t have to stay away

Hopefully that day isn’t too far a stray

But until then we will just have to say

We will get the vaccine someday


I Been Given


The baby of three,

Shrunken hand me downs,

With two holes on the knee,

The last one left,

Mousey brown and freckled frown

All but one has flown the nest,

My turn to be different from the rest


They made me who I am today,

And for that I am grateful,

To waste this life, this chance I’ve been given,

Well, that would be just shameful


We Are Connected


From the plains of Africa

To the bog-lands of Galway

We are connected by the sphere above us

Which will forever shine

Even if we have no hope


People Say


People say these are the best years of your lives

We hope to find our soulmate

But we’ve to be home “about eight”

I can’t tell you how much this lockdown affects us,

We can’t see our friends, or even hop on a bus.

Corona Virus has limited us in so many ways,

I haven’t left my house in several days!

I hope this ends in time for summer,

Otherwise, it’ll be such a bummer.


The Society


When legendary boys stand around and strut,

While doing the same as the so-called slut.

Why are we surprised that these peoples brains are the size as the point of a pin,

When this is the society we grew up in.


My Eyes


My eyes have closed,

And for once it can be seen,

Yours open wide,

I had thought they were green.


Quarantine Days


My life is a mess

My head is stressed

These quarantine days have no end in sight

It might even have worse than blight

These online classes are dull and dreary

And summer days look bright and teary

Cooped up in our houses for weeks on end

But once summer is here I’ll stay for from my bed


First Day of School


First day of school, I didn’t know what to expect,

Now I’m in TY, I couldn’t have expected less,

From classes, to friends, to sports and fun,

I don’t think I could forget some of the things we have done


My Life


I take part in hobbies and sports I don’t enjoy,

I did at one stage before I hit my teens

Long before my life consisted of only looking at a screen.

I miss the days of playing on the road,

To be called in for supper, only to find that it was already cold.

My life is boring but it’s also a stress,

I long for the days where I could still walk around looking like a mess.

Life was so easy, and I suppose I just didn’t see how easy my life was

When I was around the age of three.




Lockdown brings stress

And causes such mess

I wish it would all go away

I just wish to let go

And flow with the flow

And leave all the trouble behind

How I wish to be in a classroom each day

Instead of just sleeping til noon

I just want it gone

And the coronavirus done

I wish I wish I wish




Watching football was entertaining

Now with no fans it is just draining

With no atmosphere

No cheer for a goal

Loud and clear hear the captains roar

To push their teammates on to score

Trophies to be won, matches to be lost

Fans just want to be back at any cost




Clock is ticking

Like a countdown

Moments until another lockdown

Squirming in your thoughts

A national lockdown




Lockdown is bad

Making people mad

Online school

Just isn’t that cool

Hearing about all the deaths

Just makes people depressed

Hopefully this summer

Won’t be a bummer