Kinsale Community School, Cork


Walking along a cobbled wall you feel her presence,
Hear her crash, taste her smell aware of her full
She holds many stories that she whispers to the men,
Or any brave soul who has tried to break her in.

Wearing a white coat to blanket her
But her roar spikes shivers, like an unwanted touch from a stranger.

She is not what she is told to be,
For beneath her scary is beauty she lets no one see.
Hiding secrets in a deep unknown,
As after years of pain she must protect her own.

Strong Arm

Big arms but not staying out of harm
Small farm working too get higher
Hands are on fire
Sound the alarm, wait don’t
Keep her lit, don’t quit
Use slang words
Be the shit and ignore the hits
If it’s cool it’s where you fit
Act like a fool to be part of it
Bet u didn’t know I could knit

To Be Me

I always wonder what’s wrong with me
Why is it so hard to be happy
I always see people laughing and smiling
Meanwhile inside I am crying
My tears fill oceans
And I’m full of emotions
I’m always the happy one on the outside
But noones knows what it’s like inside
I dont like showing myself to others
I dont even like talking to my mother
Because they dont understand what it’s like to be me
They dont understand what I deal with daily
I just want the dark to go away
So I can cherish the light for just another day.


I like crisps
From the cozy café
Whenever I get them I say ahyeé
They are the tastiest
They are the greasiest

They make me quiver with delight
Then I realise they are shite

Now I feel bad
Feeling like I should of never had:(


In life we are told to be perfect
But does perfection even exist
Perfect grades, perfect face, perfect body
This is all that is needed to the achieve the perfect life
Yet those who show Emotion, those who are vulnerable
Those who have been throw the most, are more human than the rest of us
So the question is
Are we really living or are we existing
Because existing is no way to live


I am popular, but I also wake up every day
To the sound of what people say
How could it be hard for you when you’ve all these people to obey
When really all I want is someone to stay
And ask if I’m okay.

i am popular, but I also feel alone
Sitting on my own
Wishing someone would of known
That these comments that get blown
Like leafs in the wind
Have pinned me down
I’m bascially drowned.

The Nut

When the nut was plentiful,
when the nut was tender
because I’m fasting from the nut,
I go outside to clear my mind
but I see a nut tree,
I see nuts of every kind
And so I being to wonder
if fasting from the nut is a blunder
should I just go crazy?
should I release the thunder?
But oh, no!
I made a bet that I could resist the nut
and I am not about it!
Best believe I’m not paying that five dollars.
A week left in my journey
for the nut I am yearning.
The nut will not bug me,
I’m not a roly poly
I am a man, the nut will not control me.
So December comes blooming,
blooming like a daisy.
Best believe, night of December;
your boy is going crazy.

The Issue

Having a mental illness is like drowning in sea
but nobody notices it because it belongs to me .
The first steps of recovery are being aware of the problem ,
and theres no point ranting about them
if you’re not willing to solve them,
sometimes solving them isn’t the issue
and all you need is friend with some tissue.

Who I am

People don’t know who I am
But think they do
They call me names and base opinions of me
In things that are just not true
I don’t see reason in trying to fight
Because my defense will not stop the force of their bite


We travelled so far,
In our cars
Yet we were there first
On the pitch with our hearts
We fought and fought till we dropped
Then we fought some more
Whistle blown, times up
We checked the score

Extra time was given
Another twenty
It was about how far our hearts could take us
Many scores scored by both sides
Violence violence violence
As each sides were passionate
Once more the whistle blown
Scores tallied up

Couldnt believe our ears
Even more time given
Next score wins
My vision hazy with exhaustion
Every player staggering
Eight minutes pass ever so slowly
Then BAM we get a sideline
My fellow teamate, number eleven
Strikes with his hurley off the ground
From 45 yards out
As if in slow motion the ball floats
And floats and floats

We cheered in joy at our success
My marker collapsed on the ground crying in disappointment
I helped him stand tall
And shook his hand


I feel trapped by a sheet
There’s a constant beat in my head
I feel like I can’t breath
Why does it have to be me?
Trapped in this world
I just want to break free
From all the pain society causes me
Why can’t I be me?


Tearing off the wall
To cleanse for something so small
Painful it may be
for something that may never be.
No one will ever see the beauty
that turns so sweet.
You are a warrior and a warrior
is never afraid to bleed.

Dear diary 

Yesterday hurt but tomorrow is worse
An endless cycle of sad cry repeat
Just for me to sit in my room overthink and over eat
Hidden behind a bedroom door hyperventilating through tears ,
With fears , that my parents will find out I’m sore
That i will let them down and not live up to expectations ,
Hurt their reputations
And for what ,
To get attention for two minutes at most ,
Only to be brushed off the shoulder , as much thought as a ghost .
Your just upset , you’ll be better before your married ,
If only they knew the thoughts I carry .
But besides the point , I’m more happy than not .
Put on my happy face smile and nod.

What Matters

School is hard. I am not cool.
Everybody thinks that I am a fool!
I have friends that I am greatful for,
but there interests are too close to shore.
My stress reliever is to play sport,
but my sport is not close to shore,
as surfing is a sport not for dry land.
But surfing relies on somthing out of my hands,
as making waves rideable is not up to me!

These days

In my town I only see ops
Thinking they the man it’s cap
They robbing stuff from shops
Shooting each other pap pap pap
They don’t understand it’s inside that counts
They just flex to show their r great but it’s cap
They just insecure in my ends
Girls being fake friends
If only people loved each other in the k

Skinny mini blonde Barbie

Skinny mini blonde Barbie
Where do we start
You ruined our childhood and still cause pain to our hearts
The fact you enjoy to do this for a living
Is sick and sad and we wish we could just say
don’t hate the player hate the game
We hope you get what’s coming for you
some day and then you won’t be able
to just pas de Bouree your troubles away


They mock our car
And take it too far
Even though we try
They tell us keep our mouths dry
Maybe it’s great fun
But we also get it done
It feels good to be part of a team
But then they put us under a beam
They say we’re not real
And that we’re taking the piss
It’s like for them we’re a meal
A snake that goes hiss
We won’t crash
We’ll win the dash
Flat out is it
We know it’ll be a hit
They douhbt us
They say it’s sus
But we will show
That we can be the best
Flat out not in jest
But in wanting to win
While trying not to sin
We dream of the glory
And along with it the story
Of how our team
Lived the dream
While blocking out the hate
And just saying mate,

Broken Parts

I come from a broken family
Filled with sadness and disbelief
Where the only think i believed could help was falling asleep
I come from a broken family
Where my father has replaced water with alcohol from ever since i could remember
I come from a broken family
Where my mom was living in despair and thought the only help for me could be therapy
I come from a broken family
A victim of my fathers emotional abuse
Because he saw me as weak and vulnerable
I come from a broken family.

Tick Tock

The clock is always ticking
It’s never standing still
Seconds, minutes, hours
Yet you’re clumbing the same hill.

There is never enough time
So much you gotta do
School, rugby, tennis
You just want to be you.

But boy, it’s not that hard
Just give yourself some time
Do something you enjoy
Write a little rhyme.

Land of the Alphas

Welcome to land of the alphas
Garretstown is its real name but gtown for short
The k equals no match
They are in the deep depression
The land of the session
If an op come to the gtown
They’d be looking for a pound
We only go ham
Take no prisoners
Come @ doleary and you’d be looking for the finger
Free my man Tj
He done nothing wrong

As they say a friend of an op is an op don’t get caught lacking.

The Oldest Sport

I used to get so nervous, going into a fight.
I would put my nails in my mouth and bite, bite, bite.
Hours and hours of cold sweats and butterflies.
“I don’t want to do this” painted in my eyes.
Almost crying, restrained only by my dad’s supportive touch.
I miss it so much.
Boxing is gone, I realise it was a crutch.
Hugging an opponent, after a brutal beating.
The pain of a punch, only fleeting.
The blood, sweat, and shameful tears.
Now I might not experience it for years.
Covid has taken my last resort.
Boxing, the oldest sport.


the world needs less men
All they do is sit around and ask when,
when is the dinner ready hun?…
I say, after I find my gun
They’re lazy and sloppy
and I want to flip his coffee
And lifes not okay
because I have to see him another day

The Ritual

I spend 3 hours on my hair
Just to tie it up.
I walk back and forth and back and forth
Just to find my favourite cup.
Not that, not that, none of these will do
And if you made sure all the taps were off four times
You’d be tired too.
I walk up and down and round and round
to make sure the light switches match
I comb and comb and gel my hair
trying to prove i’m a catch.
If you kept sitting against the wall trying not to make a sound
You’d be self conscious too.
I think and think that the nice things they say
couldn’t possibly be true.
And at last the day is done and i spend my nights looking at people better than me or you
If you spent your days inside your head,
you’d be anxious too.



Ronan O Ronan give us a hup
Every time you walk with your lovely strut
I can’t help but look at your butt
Ronan O Ronan give us a hup
Road bowling is your passion
Road bowling with compassion
Beer is your favorite
No one understood your language but I translated it
Ronan O Ronan give us a hup


Cold showers to stop the attacks
Not talking incase my voice cracks
Makeup to hide the bags under my eyes
Only alone I permit myself to cry

Long sleeves and jeans so my scars stay hidden
Drinking alcohol so the pain leaves just for a second
Hands in pockets so nobody sees my hands tremble
Broken nails are hidden by my gloves so I don’t nibble

Not eating in fear of throwing up
Head down in fear of looking up
Not speaking about what I’m feeling because people think I am faking or weak
Staying silent but eternally I shriek

Staying up all night in fear of sleep
Wondering if anyone else is like me
Do I see tomorrow’s light
Or do I die here in the dead of night

No food. People will say ur fat
Workout so boys will think ur not flat
Don’t think about my pain
Don’t worry I am already doing the same

Faking laughs and forcing smiles
Staying silent as my therapist councils
Why is nobody else see my pain
Swearing and cursing and using the lords name

Short of breath, barely breathing
Stop telling me to get over it, it isn’t working
It’s not just in my head. It’s as bad as it seems
Is anyone else out there like me?


Sliotar Skin

From a place where you are cut off from a world.
And constantly reminded that life’s only about the hurl.
If you don’t pick up the stick and fight.
You probably wouldn’t last a night.
And knowing all the money you save.
Goes towards for heating for the cold winter days.
The fire is warm but new clothes would be nice.
But knowing that trying to impress all comes with a price.
So I’ll stay seated here plotting a plan.
For how my family will drive something better then a transit van.


Lizzo, a woman so fine
She’s aged like a fine wine.
Her voice so soft and pure,
The woman has a sexual allure
Her lyrics are so passionate and deep
I listen closely whilst I sleep
A woman with the power to seduce,
Once told me to never blame it on the juice.

A Dark Pool

It’s like a pool that gets
deeper and deeper
The deeper you go the deeper the sadness
My heart kills as I get graver
My mind gets heavier
My train of thought just fades out
Waiting for the beauty to burst out

A Smile

The symbol of happiness and joy,
Can be a mask
Worn by the strongest people,
These people are fighting a war to stay alive,
And their weapon is a smile.
People always say, one smile lights up the world
But then when I smile why is the world so dark
Where is the light I need given by
A Smile

Where I am from

I come from social media addicts,
If you get with someone your a whore,
If you don’t get with anyone your a fridget,
If you wear baggy clothes your fat,
If you wear skimpy clothes your a slut,
If you send nudes your disgusting,
If you don’t your boring,
If your not a virgin your a slut,
If your not your a prude,
But if lads get with 20 girls in a night they r the shit,
No one cares how they look or what they wear,


Before, we saw people’s teeth,
people’s freckles, people’s noses
But now it’s hidden
by a piece of material
that people pose with.
We know it’s for our safety
and it’s for the best,
to keep us safe from a virus
which infects our chest.


My parents split when I was six years old
A lot of people say I can be cold
I try to look cool
I end up a fool
Sometimes I feel like mold.

No Rules

School is bad ,classes are slow
Non school uniform is a no
Going home on a bus ,is a rush
Teachers are bipolar all the time ,
I don’t know how to make it rhyme
Tests are everything to the school
I am just trying to be cool
Books are heavy and a waste of space
Teachers put me in my place

Life is great

Life is Bad
But all I know
Is all I have had
It’s hard to listen
It’s hard to feel
But all I am forced
Is to think real

Tractor Love Part Deux

I have a red massey
it’s a classy machine,
I have a green Machine
and the massey feers the Deere.
and if it’s not blue it won’t do