Kingswood Community College, Kingswood, Co. Dublin

I Am


I am the hours awake, never feeling tired,

People picking me apart with a pair of pliers.

I am the whisper you hear when you walk down the halls,

People coming at me in waves but I’ll never stall.

I am the wind, pricking at your neck when you take that big step,

But I ebb and flow like an ever-running river on a mountain,

I am the fear you feel before the ref can count in.

But I am lost and worth more than I ever have been.




It’s too dark is the only thought as I walk on the concrete,

I hear the leaves and twigs crunch under my feet,

Every sound and shadow strikes fear in me,

As I am a woman walking alone down the street.


The Adult


I want to throw a tantrum

As things have gone astray

I want to thrash and do everything brash

Just to force my troubles away.


But this is not the answer

To the things that have gone amuck

So I wipe my tears throughout the years

And I pick myself back up.




The copper-burnt street lamps illuminate my way,

While tree branches rustle and bustle and sway.

I watch my step as each one draws me near,

Nothing could prepare me for what I saw so clear.

My voice being lost upon reaching my lips,

These silent screams and tears never missed.


These Years


We need to relish in our youthful years

As they can almost end in an instant

We have to make the right choices

Not from peer pressure, but instinct


We need to not take things for granted

Like school and playing with our friends

Because it is only a matter of time

Before our precious childhood ends




With bustling streets and not a care,

Life was simple, life was fair.

But when the soldiers come and threaten your life,

You’d take up arms to protect your wife.

Death is death, war is war.

You seek violence and nothing more.

We fight for our country, we fight with pride.

But does that all matter when you have died?

Spare the lives we send to war.

We ask for peace and nothing more.


She Makes Me


She makes me feel loved

She makes me feel fun

She makes me feel drugged

But she makes me feel grunge


She makes me feel guilty

She makes me feel tired

She makes me feel filthy and undesired


But I can’t help wonder, was she always like this?

Is it my fault she acts this way?

Am I the one who has changed?


Am I imagining all of this?

Is it all just a horrible dream?

Maybe I’m wrong and she does care or is she really as toxic as she seems


But deep down I know I’m not in a nightmare

This situation just isn’t fair.




It’s scary, I’m scared. When my heart rattles and quakes it’s scary.

It’s lonely, I feel lonely. When I stare out my window expecting to see sun and spot clouds.

It’s lonely.

It’s depressing when I find tears dripping down my face and they don’t wipe away. It’s depressing.

It aches when I face someone and can’t touch them despite knowing they’re there. It aches

It pains when I step two steps to school, never looking face to face. It pains.

It hurts when you feel the worlds against you. It hurts.


It’s fun when I dance with headphones in.

It’s fun when I smile and paint

It’s fun when I embrace life. It’s Amazing


These Times


These times teens chasing the short span of happiness.

Chasing, trying to find out we can chase the validation from trying to submit to the peer pressure.

Social media showing how we can put on our masks.

Social media distracting us from the real problems in the world.

Times of sex, drug, weight, height, chasing our dreams of being our “perfect lives”

Watch what people say as our minds twist the happy smiles from the devil’s evil side

Of these hidden thoughts from the intrusive things to the hateful judgment about ourselves

Teens age years, the happiest times in our lives if that’s true

I think our generation will suddenly increase the death rate faster

Than anything or any disease this earth has to offer.

Humanity is disturbing. Yet beauty is hidden through the eyes of the beholder

We can find our beauty in life and death, happiness, emptiness

The times we have on this earth is definitely one we shall treasure.


One Year


If you had told the Irish people a year ago that we would all be sitting in a pandemic

You wouldn’t have seen any signs of fear or even a face filled with panic.

The mammies would say, “thank bleeding God, that school won’t be asking for any more money”

The students would say, “imagine all of our exams got cancelled, wouldn’t that be so funny”.

But they wouldn’t know that finding a medicine for the virus

Would be the opposite of the joy on a Spanish holiday

They’d all be excited for a break because that’s the Irish way.


Sure, it’s in our vocabulary to say ” ah would you give me a break”

But we’ve now acquired a new dictionary that consists of ” when’s this gonna be over for Jesus Sake”.

“I heard there’s a eighth wave coming”. “Did you see that Micheál’s going to see Biden”

Now, We can’t seem to see an end, no matter how much our eyes widen.

That’s hard for an Irish person to say, as we’re known for being positive and having the craic.

But it’s hard to stay positive when you’re seeing all of your country beginning to crack.

We live for a good night in, with a curry the size our heads,

But we’d give up curry for life,

If it meant we didn’t have to see any more family members going into hospital beds.

We were used to our grannies not letting us leave without a hug and a kiss

We’d cringe but now we’d hug them all day if we could, cause it’s them we truly miss.

Our social lives are usually filled with joy and spent with all of our friends

Who knew that now you’d dress yourself up taking out the bins,

Oh how we wish this nightmare would end.


Every announcement made is just Leo, Tony or Micheál speaking in a stern tone

Lockdowns extended, shops are closed and event after event postponed.

We shout at the tv “look at New Zealand, why can’t you just copy what they’re doing”

But it’s hard to contain something like this, when for months, it has been brewing.


So although we may be Irish and we love ourselves a break

We love to be surrounded by friends at every chance we can take.

If you had told the Irish people a year ago that we would all be sitting in this mess

The mammies would say ” HOMESCHOOLING?!!” and the students would be filled with stress.

So please stay home and take care of yourselves and wear a mask everyday

So we can get back to normal and continue with our Irish way.




Why wasn’t I born in a reality other than earth?

I’m not talking like Mars or Perth

I’m talking about a world where all the stuff that happens in TV shows is real!


Where werewolves howl at the moon

People are immune

Vampires draining from the innocent

And everyone is magnificent


Why can’t we live in a world where everyone is either a muggle or a part of a house?

Or there is an original named Klaus

People get bit by spiders

And they are no longer outsiders


It would be great if we actually got to pick what reality we lived in

And we are no longer judged by are skin

Where everyone is happy 24/7

That’s the reality I want to live in forever




What Toyota created, has made me sad,

The mark 4 Supra is straight up bad,

I loved the mk2,

It was sleek and wild,

But MK4 looks like its ugly ass child.

Those fake vents,

And an Engine from a Z4,

I wish that Supras were what they were before,

90’s Supras are something i love

It was something more than fine,

But now,

I’m gonna stick to Skylines.




I can’t wait for summer

Hopefully it’s not a bummer

Drinking cocktails at the beach

With my cocktail that is neat

Having fun with my friends

I don’t want this summer to end.