Holy Rosary College, Mountbellew, Co. Galway


Smiling through tears, laughing at fears
All the emotions she can never control,
All he expectations she can never uphold,
All the whispered remarks she can never avoid,
She keeps her head up: “just stay strong”
She keeps her cool and carries on.


Fly Away

If I could fly away,
And not have to say,
That I was down,
Or felt underground,
Because I wanted,
To be wanted,
Instead of being haunted,
By peer pressure and popularity,
Because we all like clarity,
So I want to fly,
Instead of cry.

Hannah Mulrooney


Being a teenager is overrated
People say your teenage years are the best years of your life,
Shut up, you’re probably rich and have a hot wife,
You gotta see from another point of view
Your teenage years is like a project overdue,
So everything every teenager cares about,
Is the next disco, not looking fat and making the county team,
But there is more to being a teenager than it seems,
Emotions, adolescence or fuse the two,
And you”ll see a stressed teenager in front of you,
But I get why you think being a teenager is so great,
But most of us are insecure and care too much about our weight,
I sit here with the poem I created,
And it’s about how being a teenager is overrated,



School is fun, until it gets boring
Siblings are fun, until they steal your clothes,
Parents are fun, until they see you drunk,
Girls are fun, until they get jealous,
Boys are fun, until they see prettier girls,
Friends are fun, until they stab you in the back,
Life is fun, until


When I Was Younger

When I was younger, others looked down on me,
Told me I’d never achieve what I wanted to be.
I was called fat, ugly and all the rest,
But that hate lit a fire inside my chest
That fire lit a fuse that I’d never felt before,
It shook all of my dreams to their very core,
I worked hard and strived to be the best
Put all of my physical limits to the test
I was the first to show up and the last to leave
And the effort I put in made me start to believe
That I could achieve all my hopes and dreams
That once had been torn at their seams
By all those people who said, I wasn’t good enough
And now, I’ve wrote this off the cuff
To prove to all those people that they were wrong
And to thank them for making me strong

Keith O’Reilly

Truly Alone

It was a school day this happened,
He felt for the first time, he was truly alone
From having great friends, he felt they turned
He truly felt that his identity was unknown
He had lost a loved one
And that didn’t help with the pain
Showering in deep regret
Like a hail storm stronger than any rain
He cried and cried
But help did not come
His mind was fried
With deep showering thoughts
Consumed by echoing voices of
Like whispers coming from the unknown

Niall Miskell

Dark Water

For where I stand, I had to have a helping hand to pull me from the dark deep abyss,
Like water I stare at reflection that I taught that I once knew this new face
This place had given me, it looks whiter now as if the person I once knew was dead.
As I read every detail of this reflection, I start to wonder if I can ever bring back that person back
But I now realize that this person Is gone now,
Lost to the dark deep reflection of the unknown.
I look again, a little closer now; this face has changed now,
It has put on a smile shiner than any tile and brighter than a sunrise,
But beyond that, between the eyes there is a newer me,
A stronger me, a happier me, no longer trapped by the deep unknown.
For now I can see the light, the light brighter than any night sky,
You just can’t help to cry as you witness it for the first time in your life,
That grief and pain can no longer consume,
No longer hurt you,
No longer dissolve you,
It has evolved you.

Devin Tierney

To Sing

Baritones, tenors, basses galore.
Sopranoes, mezzo, hear them all roar.
Some sing with their stomach, others unable,
Some sound a bit shaky, more of them stable.
Together when heard, as if heaven’s gates ajar,
Heard all around, turning heads from afar.
A singer has the power to steal peoples’ hearts,
I guess you could say we’re doing our part.

Robert Cosgrove

I Feel It

I feel it in my fingers
I feel in my blood
Its coming from inside me
Like a streaming flood
Its in the air around me
Buzzing like a bee
Above and below me
I just wanna be free


The Lads

Waking up early every morning
I already know the day will be boring
There’s always that one teacher that’s shouting and roaring
Id much prefer to be fast asleep snoring
On the positive side there’s Friday night
Where me and the bois play Fortnite
Then comes Saturday on the beer into the disco showing no fear
She’s finally here she sheds a tear as I am pulled into the backroom for too much beer
When I get home my mothers in my ear giving out about to much stout
So now im going to end this here
I know I am no Shakespeare.



I hate school
Everybody thinks they’re cool
I wish it was an April fools
People always ask “how your getting on in school”
13 years for what?
Your still stuck in a rut
But at least you passed your leaving cert
Cause that’s all that matters right?…



This school isn’t cool,
It has too many fools,
All the teachers are howls.
The boys and the girls are gossiping about Ballymac,
Cut us some slack,
Same stuff different night,
But yet again another fight,
On how you stole my beure,
But fighting isn’t the cure.


Goodnight K and C

Hope you have a healthy sleep in a comfortable room temperature
I hope your dreams are filled with sugar and spice and all things nice,
and not slugs and snails and puppy dog tails
Late August given a heavy rain and sun for a full week the blackberries would ripen
The quality of mercy is not strained it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
I hope you dream of happy things like me and R
Try not to miss us too much and we will talk Monday
Love R and E



It was a glorious day from what I could remember,
Junior Cert results best moment of September.
The bag was heavy and full to the brim,
Got a new T-shirt and a fresh new trim,
We threw on half the can of body spray,
By jayus we knew twas gonna be a great day,
Full to the neck with the glorious gold,
The amount we had is another story to be told,
We had gallons and gallons the bate the band,
Too many cans to hold in one hand,
Nights like these are ones to remember,
Just like this one back in September.

Conor and Jack

The Match

Twas the hour before the big game.
Everyone was ready for a fight so long as we came out as winners.
We were ready to snatch the medals from the enemy.
It was like a civil war brothers on brothers from school,
But all’s fair in love and war.
At the end of the match, we were all brothers again.
We left it all out on the battleground.
And we went back to our peace.
Until we meet again.



Do not shift my boy
I’ll slap your face
You big disgrace
Go play with your toy
And please enjoy
Come now let’s go and live our lives
Get ourselves together
And be good wives


Hey There

Hey there
How you doing
Hows life
What you doing
Sweet as sugar
Hard as ice
Hurt me once
And I’ll kill you twice