Holy Rosary College, Mountbellew, Co. Galway.

Art By Solus Street Art: https://jamartprints.com/artist/solus-street-art/

The Traveller

The soft hum of the mind
Fills the room with silence
A silence that no one hears
Over the rambling of their thoughts
Spewing and overflowing from their heads
In my head
I find myself on a sea
In the middle of a storm
Deep in a forest
Where monsters are born
The land and sea is a flurry of chaos
The rain pelting, thunder roaring, lightning flashing
But a traveler from some far off land
Arrives guides my ship through the mass of waves
They take my hand and lead into the clear
Away from the forest where those beats will not roam
They calm the winds, make peace with the rain
Teach the thunder to sing, and lightning to light the way
But I feel more at home with this traveler than in my home
So I think I will stay on the road
And travel
With you

All of Them

I’m in to school I’m out again
Five days a week its on repeat
The only thing that’s different
Is my friends who are cool
One of them is funny
Always up for a laugh
One of them is laid back
Always on the craic
One of them i cherish
As they always have my back
All of them different
All of them unique
All of them care for me
And i care for them back

My Pop My Angel

One day you left behind memories a family and much more light
You never told me when you would go
You just whispered I love you to let me know,
You still had so much more time to live your life
But God took you and left us by surprise.
I miss you and love you more and more everyday
I guess i will never know why you went away
I think to myself sometimes why you were taken so fast
But i remember our fun and memories and i just laugh
I think about the good times we had in such a short space of time
Then i remember God only takes the best and you were next in line

Don’t Forget Your Butter

I get the ingredients ready to bake
For the bread I’m about to make
I have each utensil laid out before me
Spoons for mixing, whisks for kneading.
I add each egg with a bang and a crack
They fall into the bowl
I look forward to my snack
I pour in flour and I’m about to stir
But I remember I forgot the butter
You dumb stupid idiot, how could you forget?
You’ve made a mistake that you’ll surely regret
This bread was supposed to be your best meal yet
But you just can’t get anything right can you?
You should just stop baking.
You’re not going to get it right next time.
You’ve wasted all these ingredients.
You’ve wasted your time.
You’re the reason why your friends will be disappointed.
You promised them bread.
They won’t have any now.
And it’s all because you forgot the butter.


I’m sick of being told what to do
What to wear, what to say
How to act,
Smile more, talk less
Cover those knees
“You’re never going to get a man if you continue to be like this”
Why does it matter?
How is it my fault if a man is distracted by a pair of knees?
Maybe it’s them we should be teaching
How to respect, about consent
“Boys will be boys”
But we are not your toys
We have families
We have feelings
And we have a right to continue living
How we want to
Without having to worry about what you might do
Stop telling me what to do

Middle Class

Average, middle class
Second best, not first, not last
Never perfect, never best
But never bad enough to make a splash
Am i destined to be an average person?
Married, three kids, semi-detached
And the fact that my house has four bedrooms will be the most exciting thing about me
The only thing i’ll say when asked “how are things going?”
Is “okay, yeah.”


Climate change is real and it is bad
Any debate and the oil companies get mad
All these higher ups are plain dummies
Because all they care about is paper called money
A serious problem that is being discussed by liars
I swear this world will end in fire

Trying Hard

you run around working so hard
trying so hard you almost feel pain
but no one ever notices until you show signs of rage
If you speak up they say shut up
you’re a try hard and lame
but all you want is for them to know
you’re trying, does that not count

We Are

We are people
We are people
We are imperfect
We are scared
We are insecure
We are people
We can change
We can erase fears
We can help
We are people
We could be inclusive
We could be friendly
We could be someone’s light
We are people
We are creative
We are hopeful
We are ourselves

Hate Typing

Typing taunts me
The blinking cursor is prompting me to type something, anything
The pressure makes me sweat
The lines of my word document can never be filled
They’re infinite. Never ending
Making the word count in the bottom corner of my screen all the more embarrassing
But writing is calm. The paper is patient
Smooth, clean and blissfully blank.
The pencil in my hand is a natural extension of my arm

On The Streets

Down the drain our money flows
Where it goes i do not know
Its on the street where i lie
Its on the street where people die
We ask for food we ask for heat we ask for something nice to eat
Its on the street where i lie
If something doesn’t change I’m going to die.


I’m so tired
Of hearing we’ll only be hired
Based on how well we do in school
It makes me feel a fool
To think I’ll waste my life working as some tool for a companies gain.

The Antidote

I climbed out of my head
Watch imploding bodies
And I’m searching for the antidote
But every time you see me my defenses go
On no you don’t