Holy Rosary Collage, Mountbellew, Co. Galway

We Are Not

We are not weak
We are not strong
We are not sticks
And we are not stones

Because words can hurt you
More than you can know

We are not weird
We are not strange
We are not different
And we are not the same

Because no one if different
And no one is the same

So therefore we are us
And that way we shall stay

Sean Park

On the Day

On the day I came back, there was thunder
And the sun left its scar in the hay

There sat my sister in love with the wire
That strangled the light from the day.

All the shopkeepers came out to greet me
Their daughters stood proud by the sides

I would flash them a grin with the flail of my skin
Then recoil like the ocean-whipped tide.

Adam Kelly


I play rugby
It does not drug me
No-one bugs me
Then it struck me
It’s not about the money
You can get mucky
I can pass like Murray
Be next in like Sexton

Keith Devaney

October the 4th

A day long awaited
The adults are worried
I’m about to get buried

I’ll be six foot down
Before my mother is finished
But my party spirit
Will not be diminished

Jules Lelievre

Day after Day

Day after day we head to school,
To laugh and learn and act the fool,
On Saturdays, we head bally.

To wake up the next day with a throbbing head,
Sprawled out along the bed
To go downstairs and get rinsed
About the JC results
To be fair were crap



Everyone is worried about results
I actually couldn’t care less
I’m just worried that the adults
Are going to make tonight a mess


Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are so great
Soon I’ll take them on a date
I eat them hot
I eat them cold
I treat them like they are my gold
I pick you up
And you look alright
But I’ll never know
Til I take a bite
That’s all for now as I’m running late
I’m attending one important date

Evan Dolan