Holy Child Community School, Pearse St, Thomastown, Sallynoggin, Co. Dublin

Ideas, Hopes and Dreams

Ideas, hopes and dreams come from
The same place that tells me those
Ideas, hopes and dreams are dumb.
The doubt blossoms and consumes me.
It’s something no one ever sees.
The world doesn’t care.
You can shed a tear, start to swear,
Smash a window, break a chair.
The world still won’t care.
You can lie and say everything’s okay.
But inside everything feels grey.
You can’t hide,
Not when the thoughts are inside.
Waste your time,
Commit a crime.
People might hate you,
Well you already hate yourself too.
Everything comes with a price,
In the end, life is like a dice.
Roll a six, have a good day.
Roll a one, things don’t go your way.
Doubts will always be around,
Depression will always make you feel drowned,
People will always ignore me,
But I will always be the change I want to see.

Rachel Stephens

The Warning

The darkest hell begins in the dark night
It is sure that you won’t see a single light
The death of the town happened in those misty streets.
We should have been looking to the future,
Instead of looking at our feet.
Your grandmother warned you,
She warned you not to go.
But what kind of kid would want to miss the rebel show.
The towns in revolution and there havoc in the streets,
An old lady walks past them where the caterpillars creep.
I’m going to find out, what really happened over there?
You could say that I’m brave but I am also quick to scare.

Goodness Ogundare

South End

You are judged for the way you look, or the way you dress
And you are judged for trying to express.
You get your worry,
You rush to school in a hurry.
You have to fit in with the trend,
It is not unusual for people to blend.
This is also where
You can get rid of your stress,
You don’t always have to impress.
You spend time with your friends,
Like going to each other’s houses on the weekend.
This is what it is like living in the south end.

Amy Meenan


I’m not supposed to be myself
I act like everything is fine
Supposed to act the same
People hurt others to make themselves better
No one actually matters
They said be yourself
But they still put me on the lowest shelf
People said they want to apologies
But still I don’t listen to their lies
But that’s me being insecure

Jade Noble

How you were Taught

The Guards search you for no reason
Don’t matter what day it is
Don’t matter what’s the season
The lads scrap outside the chipper everyday
They can’t find nothing to do
They cannot find a way
You rob from shops and don’t get caught
You do your learning on the streets
Cos that’s how you were taught

Abbie Tallant

I Found

I found 2 pound on the street
To pay for my bus fare home
I found my dreams lying at my feet
I found myself in a poem
I found out who the real me was
I knew that I had to tell him I liked him
I knew I had to tell him because
I wanted to go when I was younger
Tell him that it was all true
That I want to spend the rest of my life
Right here now with you

Emily Doyle

Spiders in my Bed

The dealers got caught
By undercover Garda
The days seems longer
Because people drifting further
Love crushed my heart
And there is whispers in my head
There’s a snake on every corner
And there is spiders in my bed

Pascual Abad

Down the Farm

It all started down in the farm
Heroin needles shoved up me uncle’s skinny arm

Young ones rief the head of hair off each other
“You better not start again”…the arguments would go on with my mother

Half my mates go to FAS
If I ask why they just say “cause”

Anxiety screams my name along with bad thoughts
Forever feeling dizzy, forever seeing dots…

People deal
My single self always a third wheel

I sit in my room with thoughts surrounding me
What should I do when I’m older, not sure what I’ll be

A cat got thrown into 2 euro shop
Forever going on the hop.

People snog in thorny bushes
Going past them all, most my primary school crushes

Shrooms all over my mate’s rooms
Smoking joints in the school bathrooms

Everyone’s on the dole
Half the 16 and pregnant young ones looking like moles

People fleece gaffs
People walking staffs

You get death for not having good shoes
Always sad, forever Sunday blues

Nicole Maher

Down the Noggin

It begins down in the noggin
I with the friends at San Siro
Looking all around me
Everyone else is a zero
Going in getting myself a bag of chips
Eating it with my friends off a cliff,
Walking home almost getting hopped
Ran so fast they didn’t even know where or what
Realizing that all my friends are gone seeing people
Doing a bag of white
To me that just ain’t right
Finally home up to bed fall asleep after a leek
Wake me up in the morning
Sometime next week

Stephen Taite Brown


It all started with a head-butt
2 seconds down the road
All the lads go to FAS
Cos the whole towns on the dole
No one goes to school
Cause their all a bit to mad
All the teenagers are pregnant
All the auld ones are too sad
There’s junkies on the corner
Getting high and taking gear
If you’re different you’re ridiculed
Sure there’s nothing new around here

Hollie Lawlor

Gangster Tears

It all begun hanging outside Costa
With a pot of boiling poison from an absolute gangster
That makes me want to run, run, run away faster
I nearly died from a head butt from blade from a gunshot
I was running like a cheetah I was running non stop
It all happened in in flash down in Monskstown farm
When I was shocked by the lightning of an anger storm
I never thought this would happen
Battered by a Garda batten
I got locked up and put inside jail
For over a year
And all I was doing in the darkness
Was shredding gangster tears
When I got released
All I seen was falling golden leaves
I was too shy to look above me
In the company of thieves

Luke Glynn

It all Started

It all started in Bray
Smoking in the alleyway
Drugs on lay
No intention to pay
Windows smashed
People bashed
Cars crashed
Everyone’s mashed
People start fires
Burning car tires
Haircuts in squires
People deal
Cocaine all over the steering wheel
Expensive shoes
Bottle of booze
Summer barbeques

Eabha O’Neill

Forced to Learn

The children are forced to learn
Kids scrap over smokes at every turn
The drugs are chugged but no one’s concerned
The kids are told how act and learn
The cans are chugged
And Lucas gets mugged

Daniel Lawrence