Hazelwood College, Dromcolloger, Co. Limerick

The Power of Music

Six strings, a mic and a drum,
A million stories these things can run,
With a beat and tempo they tell a tale,
A tale a million words would fail.
Throughout history where oppression was present,
Music dance and sing helped to make it pleasant,
So if you see mistreatment and wrong
Make music spread it and have your word song

JJ Daly


The sweet blasphemy of her smile
The agony of long absences
For the return
And the chance
To run my fingers through her hair again
Our minds spiraling in an
Ephemeral dance



My lips and my heart swell to bursting with only
Her smile
Her laugh
The light in her eyes
And i cannot help but
Whisper her graces
Like a benediction

If I am a sinner then take me to church
And I will lay her on the altar
Beneath stained-glass windows
Bow my soul
And prove to her that she is loved

R. G. Caulwell


They call her a freak
But do they really know?
That she is smart, kind and powerful
If they just let her show.
She is full of joy and happiness too.
But quiet and sensible in her intimidating school
So the moral of this is never judge a book
Before you look inside and take a look.

Holly Beasley

Typically Lonely

She loved being single
Always ready to mingle
Eating her Pringles
She won’t get the shingles
Because she’s alone in Dingle

Typically lonely
The time was going slowly
In her bed coldly
With no one to holdly



Going teenie bopping
The club is hopping
The lights were flashing
There’s a boy looking smashing
Skin tight fade
Kissed him on the lips
Hands on my hips
The lights came on
Everyone is gone
It’s just me and him
Oh we committed a deadly sin


Try Harder

You are told to try harder
Even if you are doing your best.
You are told to live life with laughter
Just to be like the rest.
You pretend not to like school
Because you think it’s cool.
People bitch and hate
When they pretend to be your mate.

Lauren Moran and Molly Jones

The Robbery Under Lights

The pain and the passion that was put in,
To have it all robbed was an absolute sin.
A confident start from every player,
Only for the ref to be unfair.
A clear handball, everyone could see,
But not in the eyes of the referee.
A full time, two-nil down.
Our hearts and souls buried in the ground
A loser’s medal is no token
When all your dreams are smashed and broken.

Ben and Cian

Dark Day

We go to Mass to pray
To make her wish come true
Only a month after May
Then we all fell blue
As her breathing comes to a stop
My world caved in at once
My heart broke a thousand times
This day that feels like months

Siobhán O’Sullivan


Standing on the pitch
On a cold frosty morning.
Starting to feel a stitch
All my teammates are calling.

I get the ball and put it over the bar
Warmth overcomes my body
Feels like a soldier going to war
Nobody is gonna beat you

Ruairi, Seán and Eoin

Her Best Life

12 o’clock on the dot
She landed on the right spot
Partying all day
Nothing else to say
Enjoying her night
Living her best life
After everything was done and said
She jumped right into bed

Órnagh Kiely


Walked in the door,
Teacher’s ready to roar,
“Get into line, do not speak”
Someday my voice will be heard,
I’ll be free as a bird
But before my voice can hail
I’m stuck in this jail

Katie Hartigan and Grace Donegan


The night was made
The laughs were had
Their mother was mad
Made her sad
The drink was raw
No-one saw
She shifted your man
For a can
Sure look, was only a meet
She’ll regret it in the morn yeeet