Grennan College, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny

A World


I come from fitting in to coming out

I come from Instagram models and plastic bottles

I come from polluted oceans to hiding your emotions

I come from YouTube apologies to school policies

I come from a world where you have to be perfect




I look around there’s blood everywhere

Soldiers dead on the floor

If there not on the floor, they’re saying a prayer

Hoping there isn’t more


It is a cold dark place

Where no one wants to be

Out of everyone that they chose

Of course, it had to be me


I really miss my family

I might not return home

This war is goddamn brutal

By the end of this my name will be carved in stone




Roses are red Violets are blue

But why, why is red called red

Why is blue called blue what

Is a colour, what is a word

What is a time, what is life

And what is deaf.

Why are we here, just to drink beer

Or is it just to live in fear until the end

Is near.


A Place


I come from doors slamming, back and forth being blamed

I come from threats of locks being changed

I come from a hungry mother scraping her food to my plate

I come from a place of love that held hate




Lebron James

The kid from Akron Ohio

Drafted the same year as Carmelo

In the year 2016

He led the Cavs to their first ring

Came back from 3-1

Only Lebron could get it done

He’s now in the purple and gold

And just won his 4th ring at 35 years old




Love will drive after you

Love will catch you

Love will get my partner back

Love will save my dog

Love will run you over with my brand new Range Rover


A Cold Summer Morning


A cold summer morning dew in the air

For not a care in the world

Lots of trees twirling in the wind

Only to find a dead body on the ground

Not a sound

So I dug a hole

Put In the soul and hoped for the best

The end

Thank you




I was out in the woods one day

Looking for forestry machines

As I was walking

I fell in to a hole

That was then inhabited by a vole


I then got up

And heard a sound that was familiar

It was a komatsu 931 xc

And that was all I wanted to see


Not Anymore


I supported united but not anymore

I’m a Leicester man now all Vardy can do is score

The super league is dirt

The premier league is yurt

West Brom are going down

They will be playing Luton town

Pukki is back on the up





I yeet onto my feet when I awake

Then I make a nice pie

Then I say hi to my mother

Then I see my brother

He was complaining about the esl

I said it should go to hell




I am an Arsenal man

Them rich lads don’t care about the fan

It’s about how much money the billionaires can make in their life span

The prem is in the bin

The super league is a sin

The champion’s league is magic

This super league is tragic

Created by the poor stolen by the Rich

Stan Kroenke is a snitch




I like biscuits

Biscuits are nice

Not ginger nuts

They dont taste nice

I dont like ginger nuts




Gerry Adams I can see you

Eamon de Valera is a dude

Mary Lou you can tie your shoe