Grange Post Primary School, Grange, Co. Sligo



Reading and reading,

Thats all she ever did.

Could she ever feel grown up,

When everyone treated her like a little kid.


This was her getaway,

A fantasy land.

In snow, in sand, in the green of the trees,

Everything was clear, but only there.


The animals roamed free,

The birds flew high.

Where no threats were thrown at her,

Nobody shoved her nor pushed.


This was her getaway,

And she never went back.




I’m odd but that’s okay

I’m a person who doesn’t know what to say

I’m a child who doesn’t want to play

I’m someone who cares what the say

I’m me and that’s really okay

I’m 100% the real me who are you

I’m a person too hear what I have to say

I have a voice too and I’m going to use it




In the pain, we find the strength

In the tears, we find the laughter

In the darkness, we find the hope

In the bad, we find the good

In the tough times, we find the courage


The Hills Roll


This is where the hills roll,

And hold the secrets of our wars.

Traumatised by the sight of their people

Laying wounded and lifeless

As they are forced to hold they’re blood.


This is where men women and children have died every day,

As a result of the foreign men invading our land,

But hey

Wouldn’t it be great to be there and lend a hand?


This is where we glorify those days,

And wish to see it.

But do you really understand the struggle or the ira?

Do you really want to see your city be lit?


This is ireland


Light and Dark


In the dark, we see the hope,

In the light, we see the happiness,

Bad days will happen,

Remember that a bad day is a good day.




What does a lady mean

No one knows for sure

I can be a lady in my own right

Don’t judge if you don’t agree

I’m a lady in my own way


We Are


We are farmers

We are cattlemen

We are Shepherds

We are workers of the land

We are lovers of nature

We are the future

We are different workhorses

But different fields

We are farmers


Broken Lego


We are broken Lego

We are sad broken Lego

No laptop be stolen

No Tv be stolen

Be careful

There are some crooks out there




Love will have her arrested and get my true love back

Will she get arrested she will get strangled before she does

Will she get arrested yes it will be bye bye for her