Gort Community School, Gort, Co. Galway


Different because I play a sport that none of the other girls play,
Different because I don’t like going to discos or on nights out,
Different because I would prefer to wear leggings and a hoodie than dresses and heels,
Different because I don’t drink at 15,
Different because I have common sense not to do things I don’t want,
Different because I don’t like doing bad on a test so I’m a “try hard”,
Different because I’m a try hard even though I just like doing my best,
Different because I don’t put loads of make-up on my face,
Different because I’m quiet and shy around people I don’t know,
Different because I don’t care about the lads as much as the other girls.
Different but in a good way.



Years of sorrow and broken hearts,
Forever gathering broken parts.

The clock ticks on with familiar rhythm,
Only causing more damage to your already shattered heart.

Board all the doors and windows,
Check every avenue, at the back of the room.

Just wait,
And hope,
And pray.

Aimée Angie

What If

What if it was you,
That felt their warm hand against your cheek.
What if it was you,
That smiled everytime you heard them speak.
What if it was you,
That got butterflies everytime your eyes locked.
What if it was you,
That held hands everytime you walked.
But it was you, you stole that from me,
And you understand.


Social Media

Social media is showing is the “perfect world”,
Showing us what we should look like,
What we should wear, how we should act.
People with young minds are being thought this negative image
And making us feel like crap,
But yet we all try follow along and live in this “perfect world”.

Michelle O’Donoghue


I sit there and watch them stand around
All laughing and talking to each other no doubt
I try to but in but it doesn’t work
So I sit there all quiet just minding myself
I hate it but I love it so I don’t really care
I have what I want, a boy and a friend
So that’s all I need instead of friends



I come from a time where calling a women a ‘dog’ is completely acceptable.
I come from a time where men seem to be the people voting against abortion
And pro-choice even though they have no right.
I come from a time where women in rape cases are asked for proof,
Whatever ‘proof’ is in order for the jury to believe.
I come from a time that it’s “okay” to discriminate women
And judge them and to basically give them absolutely no rights in topics and decisions
They should have every right to have a say.
I come from a time where I am embarrassed that women are treated this way.

Jasmin Lee

Sticks and Stones

Like the calm before the storm
Soon your cold heart will be torn
Unless it is the one true love
Flown in from heaven on the white dove

Once you hit reality
There is no more sympathy
With bandages from sticks and stones
And internal bruising from deep words.

Aimée Angie

The Fight

The fight lasted longer than it was ever meant to,
It lasted for longer than expected,
Longer than it should have lasted,
It lasted a lifetime.
It lasted until his heart stop and he went cold.
The fight finally stopped when the last tear was shed
And the last story recited.

Riada McDonagh


Students are still asleep as they walk into school.
We march our way to our class like zombies.
Our heads still stuffed with information from our previous class.
Students staying up all night just to get an essay done about Shakespeare.
We don’t learn anything about the life outside of a classroom.
Teachers tell us we will use algebra in our everyday lives.
We try to keep our eyes open for the rest of the class.
Checking your watch every five minutes.
It’s an ongoing cycle doing the same thing each day.



Life is a journey that everyone makes,
It’s not the destination that matters but the journey.
The journey will have its ups and downs,
It’s good moments and it’s bad.
Live life to the fullest because you only have one
And try to not take it too serious along the way.

Enjoy every moment of your life and don’t take it for granted,
The things you have,
The people in your life,
But overall it’s your life to live.


We Want

We want a change in our education system!
We want to learn about everyday life situations!



I come from school
With male and female teachers
Yeah, it is classrooms after classrooms
The same old things
With Nike bags, sports bottles
Projectors, special school uniforms
The same chairs and tables in the very class

John Joe

My Life

I come from a school with a lot of people
Everyone different in every way
I enjoy hurling and farming and all the outdoors
I don’t like school teachers and homework but overall it has to be done
I want to be a vet so all the more reason to like it
My goal is to own a farm
So I will do all I can to achieve that goal in any way possible

Paddy Joe

My Little Puppy

I have a dog
Fluff is his name
He is a fluffy white dog
(Most of the time)
He is a small puppy
With a red collar
He misbehaves a lot
And pretends like
He is a big scary dog but
Is still only a little puppy



Farming is class
Cows are unreal
Horses are legends

Sheep are bleh
Pigs are meh
Dogs are cute
Cats are sometimes mean
But can be nice too



Farmers are the best.
People think farms are thick, stupid and smelly,
But the truth is farmers are kind and caring.
Yes, we may seem thick,
But that’s just in our nature.
Without farmers, you have no food,
So just think before you leap.

Donnagh Keane

Who am I

I eat Chinese every night
Stuff my face with chocolate pretzels
Spend all my money in Dunnes
Look a state
Who I am you ask
That’s no secret I’ll never tell
Irish girl