Gort Community School, Galway


Everything is cold,
Everything is dull.
A black and white haze and a lack of ambition.
The plants aren’t as vibrant as they used to be,
I notice as I huff the smoke out of me.
I watch as it rises and swirls in the wind,
And I wish I was as weightless as it had been.
I throw the butt of the cancer stick as far as I can,
to pretend it didn’t even happen.
Because I don’t care, yet care so very much.
I want them to notice, I want them to care.
But when I’m with you I know you see me there.
When I’m with you the world is a dream,
Where the colours and sounds are heavenly and bright,
and all of a sudden I’m glad I’m staying the night.
As all of us lay around, I’m now certain that with you,
the comfiest place is the ground. Even at night as we all look out,
I’m certain with you the stars look brighter.
I know I’m selfish for being your friend,
But when I’m with you I don’t have to pretend.
When I’m with you,
Everything is warm,
Everything is vibrant.


Do Not Define Me

They tell me I’m entitled but i can’t find my privilege,
They tell me to be soft but call me fragile when I’m vulnerable,
They tell me I must be filled with hate when I’ve done nothing but love,
They tell me that they hate prejudice but then say your white
so you must be a bigot,
your male so you must hate women,
your heterosexual so you must be masculine,
They tell, they tell me, they tell me.
Please don’t define me.



Everyday is the same
It’s like life repeats it’s self over and over again and I’m just watching it pass by
Everyday I get home from school that once again has done nothing
but make me feel bad about myself and I feel nothing
Nothing matters because everything has let me down what’s the point
in expecting something that you know will disappoint
Why do I feel sad all the time I have no reason not to be happy
Besides the point of people making me feel worthless.
Why does society expect me to follow its system it expects me to dress
the way it wants and pass this exam that my whole life is based off and then what,
I get a job and waste my life being unhappy working a 9-5 job
in something I’m only doing because it pays me money.


– The Adults –

Their eyes slowly wandering up and down,
their vision moving in and out of focus.
They say, “Give us a smile, what’s with the frown”,
Slowly tearing me apart, like a field of maize and locusts.

Their dreamy gaze is a never-ending thing,
They stand and stare, stalking you like a lion stalks its prey
We sit in silence, hoping and praying
We feel safe and secure, we long for that day.

The adults who we ‘respect and trust’
Are ironically the ones who hurt us most,
“Your skirts too short, your tops too tight”,
They keep us awake late, during long sleepless nights.

A safe place called school,
Where we grow and learn,
We’re taught to be confident,
Yet our clothes are of more concern.

We’re expected to be honest, caring and nice,
To love and respect, and always be kind
We’re taught to be our own person, individual and bright,
Yet we’ve been judged and mislead, just one too many times.



Identical droids trudging through the building copying each other
and avoiding their own personalities,
their only goal to be ‘average’ and normal.
People suppressing their personalities and talents and gifts for what?
They feel their only role in lit is to be a part.
To fall in line,
To please the masses,
Will they ever realise,
This will not lead to pure content-ness.
Fight this urge,
Don’t just be average,
That’s not what life is.


I’m not hungry

At the break of day
Up and at it at 5:30
Make sure you get your morning run in
don’t want to gain an inch
Up before mom find out the the lunchbox hasn’t been out

See all them thin girls all over socials
Your too chubby to fat is ill i can hear
I have to look like her

So the day pasts away
No care on what daddy says your skin and bones but ill i see it a ugly no beauty

No matter how much my stomach groans
I wont stop till i look like her,
Till then size 6 jean fit

I head is screaming no
My stomach yes
But i wont stop
No not yet.


What is life?

Your told that being young is great
Between anxiety, depression and drugs and school
What part of life is so cool

You grow up and your told what you gotta be
What happens if I want to be me
Then people have a problem with me

As sad as it is there nothing we can do
Regardless what everyone says to do

To throw in the towel and just quit
Life is tough but it takes the best of us to get through it.


The Programme

It’s hard to know what to say
Same thing another day
Head kept down but watching the time
Waiting til the bell will chime
The day is over I head home
The next day the same thing here I go.


No Clue

How are you supposed to know
what you want to do in life,
When you’re not good at anything
and you get nothing right,
You’re looking at your options
and you feel like getting sick,
You’ll never get the points for that,
sure you’re way too thick,
Stop telling me I’m being ignorant,
when you ask me what I want to do,
How would you like me to phrase it
that I haven’t got a clue.


Can’t do stuff right

‘Cause I can’t do stuff right, I can’t learn my lesson
I can’t do stuff right, take anti-depressants
Illness and welfare and these “lifelong lessons”
My friends probably hate me, can’t answer a message
Filled with anxiety, always be hidin’ me
Feelin’ inadequate’s always what’s driving me
Not a role model, that’s not what I strive to be
Can’t go outside, I’m afraid they be finding me.


A Lie

Who knows what love feels like?
Not I, of course
No i dont like him or him or her
No feelings of butterflys
Or sweaty shaking hands
I can only watch
the people around me
Talk of love and “like-like”
“Do you know what i mean?”
I nod my head yes, a lie


A Farmer’s Call

Bless me with friends
that come when i call.
Land thats fertile
so my crops can grow tall
Reliable equipment
that doesnt breakdown
Weather thats perfect
sunup or sundown
A harvest that i
will not regret
For i am a farmer
that you can bet!!



I hate this life
I juts wanna live in a van
My life is perfect in other peoples eyes
But If they could actually see maybe they’d actually understand
I’m envious of people who are sad cause at least they can feel sadness
I abuse anything I do and over think every life decisions I made
I’m also terrified of what the future is
I don’t wanna get an average job and be miserable liek every adult I see
I wanna live
We’re giving one life and we all throw it away
Ugh watever no1 cares anyways


The Prom

As the sun sets behind the clouds,
I walk down the prom.
I see the waves clash as i keep going along
As i glance at the tower i see the crowds gather

Slightly nervous of what is yet to come
I change into my togs
And warm up with a jog
The race has just begun

As the water splashes against me
I still feel like im gliding through
I get that familiar salty taste in my mouth
With the warm sun on my back and cold beneath.


Same Words

The same words I always hear
But are they even sincere?
No one knows what’s going on
They don’t understand something’s actually wrong.
Feeling most alone in a room full of people
Because they’ll never understand.
Blood pours from the cuts but it hurts the most in my mind.
Everyone wants to help until they find
What’s really going on inside.
The cuts fade but the pain grows
Out of my brain the empty words go.

people don’t listen

people don’t care
people only want you to rant to when youre there
no one hears your cries
everyone just sees lies
nobody cares when ur not popular there.

War Zone

I wish my feelings were valid
If Im angry “it’s just my teenage hormones”
If Im stressed it’s because I have “too much spare time”
If Im upset about something Im being “childish”
So I prefer to keep it all in, my mind feels like a war zone
But I wont give, I need to see what’s on the other side


Tick Tock

The sun rises every morning,
The birds sing, the wind blows,
Yet I have nothing to do with it.
The clocks still tick, the world stills turns and yet
I still have have nothing to give to them.
So why bother.
If I go, then the world still turns, the clocks still tick
and maybe I would’ve done something.


Dark Wood

Spooky nights in forest
It was mid night as the moon glimmered in the sky
In the woods as I watched the sheep pass
The spooky man as high as a kite runs across the field
My memory as hazy as could be
The last drop of whisky I down
This moment made me sad
As the party went on my body all dozy
I passed out asleep on the autumn leaves
My bad crunched and crumpled under me as I toosed and turn.


This World

There are some things I hate in this world
For example the pressures put on us girls
“Don’t wear that, you’ll distract the boys”
“Go change you look too casual”
We’re all sick of being treated like toys
This world needs to wake up and hear our voice
People need to take off their rose colored glasses
And forget about their stupid ‘social classes’



At home I go on google chrome
In school it can be quite cruel
After a while u go support Carlisle
But then it will get better,
When you start supporting a club with the name Manchester.
Sadly depression is sly
But listening to a joke or two you might make you feel fly.
So if you take one thing from this piece
There is a place in France named Nice.


The depressing life,

I fear I will follow the same stupid unoriginal life
that most adults have before me.
School, family, work, death.
The four factors to leave me utterly ashamed of myself
when I take my final breath.
You could argue, without school you can’t work.
Without family you wont live happy and if I don’t achieve these few steps in life
I’ll be A low life, good for nothing, getting by on nothing just
for not following this futile process.
My one simple desire is to be original.
Original to the stage where people step back and are speechless
when they see lifestyle yet I still won’t care as there’s nothing
that has as little affect on me as someone’s opinions .


Trapped in a school

I stare upon the wall,
Why is school such a bore?,
I always do work,
Why does it feel like a chore?.

Soccer is all i want to play,
I beg the teachers to let me say,
But the words are silenced within me,
For, i’m trapped and can’t be set free.


Growing up

They drained away enthusiasm,
Bleached the youth’s colors ,
Destroying imagination and individuality,
Their goal to raise an nation,
Of obedient, mindless,


The Rising Sun

The sun just rises at the break of dawn
The cows are up early inside in the parlour
The farmer so tired continues his labour
While the country sleeps eating his produce
He complains about pay and the weather
However his pay is much more sentimental
As he lives with the land and many don’t have the pleasure
Of the nature that surrounds him and makes him feel better.


Though we’re not very big,
In any of its meanings,
And we’re incognito
To most people around us,
We made it to the papers,
To stories and big pages
All the while playing
For the fun, not the wages.
We’ve been playing together
Since we were fifteen,
Someday you’ll know us
We are the Tangerines.



This place called school
Isn’t really cool
It is truly a kip
I can’t escape the pit
When I enter these gates
The teachers expect me to be like W.B yates
When in reality I come in late.

Every time I enter this place
I’m expected to ace every exam
I don’t make sense like an anagram
I’m not a prophet like Abraham
I’m not destined for greatness
Teachers give about about my lateness
I feel great about my straightness
I’m sick of taking this hateness


I hate school

But I love curry
When the bell rings I start to hurry
Lunch is fun
But when it comes to class I’m done
I get the bus in and out
I just want to scream and shout


Broken Glass

By the window of broken glass,
I see the crowd who stumble to mass,
They pray for hope, they pray for help.
As the noise deafens them,
The smell of burning assails their nostrils,
It’s all they have.
They look to the skys,
They pray to the gods,
The school crumbles to their left,
Life can be seen fading from a man to their right, he descends, never to rise again.
The bombs, the grenades, the guns are all consuming and one by one the people are just that, consumed.

We all have smiles

We’re ready to go
With makeup and clothes all over the floor
No one knows what is to come
Dreading when the night will be done
Our tan is dark
Our spirits are high
We hope tonight will be “the night”

The Stage

Before I step on the stage
I feel like I’m being let out of a cage
The crowds and the heat from the lights
From up here it’s an amazing sight
I can hear the static from the microphone but in front of an audience is where I feel at home
I wait patiently in the wings before it is my time to shine and sing
As the music starts it warms my heart
Every note that leaves my body can be heard way out in the auditoriums lobby
As the song ends I bow my head and take in the roaring applause
The smile on my face beams light and joy
as I am handed a bouquet of pink lilies from my favorite boy.


I love football

Staring at the ball floating at his chest
Butterflies in his stomach
He felt the anticipation building in his bones
The Adrenaline rushed through his veins
Shaking, he heard the diamonds fall from his nose
The whistle blew, beep!, beep!, beep!
All the grass was covered in snow
All his hopes went he slipped
That one moment he could’ve one the game with and be the hero of the game
He missed it
He missed his chance
This chance will come again, just be hopeful.



From the hurling ball to the ball wall
with the bros and the hoes
to the naggins in the back of the wagon
with everyone in the bush trying to be hush
with the fags burning our rags
running cause someone’s coming


Rural Man

I live in rural Ireland,
As isolated as an island,
Where community bonds are strong,
Everyone tags along.

When faced with difficult times,
Some find tranquility in rhymes,
While others have there ways,
To help pass by the days.


Castletown Lad

I came from casteltown
Where I began
first place I walked
and first place I ran
I walked round always thinking bout my fam
Thing what I can do to help my gran
Thinking bout life in general
And where I stand
I play sport in school
People walk round thinking they cool
Still tryna figure out all the rules.


On the Saturday morning

That started the mourning
And that caused the world to begin turning.
As he lay on that hard ground
Grasping for air
The world gave me every reason
To wish I wasn’t there.
If I had the choice
To listen to his voice
And make that choice in a heartbeat.


Bless one

with friends
and family who come
when I call

Land is fertile
so many crops
will grow tall

Weather that perfect
sun up to sun down.


music blaring

in the room
hope mum says it time to go soon
makeup and clothes everywhere
“how is my hair”
rushing into the car
it’s not too far
i run in, see the lights
i hope it will be a good night

You need to show your a man

and you need to show that you can.
To shove it inside because you always have to hide.
You can stick on a smile but it will only stay for a while.
You can say your fine and pretend to shine.
But threw the layers u can feel your failure.
We feel the pain and we can’t explain.
We can never talk until we find are way threw are walk.

Hurling Man

I come from gort
A hurling strong hold
I love to play
And then go farming and do some hay
I’m on the minor team
I’m only sixteen
I play centre forward
Gort is a strong hold

I like poems

they make me feel at home
lines and lines
i could write all the time
roses this, violets that
this is harder then it looks

I come from Brazil

Where streets are full of evil
Where people smoke grass and pop pills
Drinking syrup just for the thrills
Where they normalise killing and drilling
Selling rocks in the corners of buildings
I come from Brazil

Met my friend

when restrictions were small,
Met with more had a great time with Paul,
The virus he had,
Made everyone mad,
He passed it onto no one at all!!


I like driving

I like fixing up stuff
I don’t play sport
I take each day as it comes

Fridays i go cycling with my cousins.

Kez is the name

And rugby’s the game
I go to the gym
To get more slim
I’m going to rhyme
To waste a bit of time
I’m now a poet
And I didn’t know it


Rugby is cool
Rugby is rough
Rugby can be some times very tough
Rugby is great I can play with my mates
Some day I hope to be a professional player
and keep getting better and better.