Glenstal Abbey, Limerick


If you wish to understand the world in which you live,
Be it small or large,
You must first abandon the interpretations which you cling to,
Science or Mathematics
Psychology or Astrology
For these interpretations are just that,
Like a square within a circle
The square forever expanding and understanding
Yet never reaching the very edge
For the simple reason that the square exists
Only within the circle.
If you wish to truly understand
All of those things relevant to you,
You must stand high above it all
On a stool,
Or a chair.
Look past the message of desperation which Death sends,
Past the warring peoples and the tales that they tell,
And into the mysteries or red and the truths of blue,
At the mist until the mist is seen through.
And in this poem lies a million layers,
Of melodrama and nonsense
Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
But I can see all of that
For I have stepped back,
And when you step back you see all
Yet, somehow
More can see you.

Crimson Streets


The hungry mouths
The muddy streets
The shards of glass
That go crimson in your feet
The crackle of the litter
That cover the ground
The thud of a fist
Followed by a moaning sound
The cracked pavement
The derelict houses
The smashed windows
That let out the shouts
The dark alleyways
Covered in grime
Where the shadows go
To commit a crime
The laughing of children
As they pass by
Oblivious to the fact
That people about to die
The people standing around
Looking into space
Needles in their hands
With a blank look on their face
The small children
Standing still
Their ribs showing
To the point of looking ill
The normal people walking by
Head bowed
Hurrying their pace
And trying to not be loud
”This is an awful place”
They think to themselves
Someone needs to do something about this
But not ourselves
And so it continues
On everyday
Children dossing school
It’s too boring they say
The mugging
The drug dealing
The family abuse
The hunger
The malnutrition
The constant tying of a noose
This is where people die
They cannot choose
So let us fix this issue
We cannot refuse.



You see me at school, in the dorms, everywhere
and yet im a ghost, if u look not really there
you ask how I am but its just empty words,
know one ever asks for me, Im split into thirds
you don’t understand the pain I’ve felt
when it starts I close away and soul starts to melt,
I fake a smile and laugh along
but all I really want is to belong
I enter the room no one cares
and the cackling bitch of loneliness stirs.
she doesn’t want me im on my own, im ugly not fit
they all say im pure shit,
she’s a goddess an angel, she shines like the sun
but in her eyes ill never be anyone
the ones that like me I turn them down
a prize for hypocrites? id win the crown
you don’t understand I’ve no-one to talk to
tell your parents they’ll be worried about you
coucellers are useless, analogies and sympathy
but really all I want is a girlfriend with empathy
someone ive talked to someone ive kissed
so that if I go ill always be missed.


My Worst Enemy


I face the worst enemy every night
And all I see in it in myself
The most common foe in the world
Teeth not white enough
Skin not clear enough
No muscles that pop on my arm
Not like the other lads
Shallow insecurities that can strike deep.



I am the Lorax,
U speak for the trees
If you cut us down I’ll break your knees
Stop cutting us down for all of your knees

There’s not much now, you’ve even taken our leaves
Humans so strange, so driven by greed
But we’ll soon run out, you’ll see why
Then you’ll start saying “Why us, why me”


The Man I Want to Be

Expectations is a sad thing
you are told to get A’s
but I get C’s
parents tell me I am better than that
but get no results
they tell me I go to a prestigious school
but yet no improvement
I find it hard to study
which is difficult for me
but that’s ok
because I know the man I want to be.


Dark State

A darkened state of mind,
Yet a bind to be kind,
They are blind to this entwined smile,
You signed to this,
To become undermined, confined and redefined,
Yet now I’m aligned to this torn state of mind,
I’m inclined to remind myself what could of been fine,
I signed for this myself,
Yet I’m scared to fully unwind.


Peer Pressure

Don’t do this don’t do that
Do this, do that, you stupid twat
Do you take weed or crack
Why do you study you prissy lil prat
Your gay, your slow, your ugly, your fat
Meet our social standards
Our be who you are
It’s one or the other, unfortunately.


Grim Grey

The grim grey clouds
Wondering down to the training ground
The pitch was drowned
As the I got horribly fouled
I howled
I was left in agony on the ground
With the doctors surround
The blood started to impound
I felt the furthest thing from proud


Stab City

The city nicknamed Stab city
From the bustling streets to the dangerous creeks
This city is still where I call my home
From the heroin addicts looking for a that one hit
To the homeless men looking for a bus Fare,
don’t dare venture into the city at night
it’s a Practical death wish.
All these things things to tend to put u off
but after all this is my all,
my place, my origin forever more.



Short, skinny, small
All these things I am told
But I can’t let it bring me down
For there is work to do,
Homework to be done,
Exams to be sat.
Be positive, they say,
For if you go in too deep
You come out blind.


To War

Let me pick up my Rifle and go to war
Let bullet cases flood the floor
I cant take the hit

Left to roam in No Man’s Land
Stranded here, once again
Sharp blades and dulled wits

Let’s go to war,
Let’s go to war,
Jump back in and settle the score

Time to Play

I speed home to play
after school, every day
there’s no excuse
for missing to introduce
I enhance it so much
that i need to clutch
every time i down
i respawn and frown
yet it gets into my head
on how to play and not be dead

Good Start

I’ve had a good start in life im not complaining
I’ve had people walk by me and I try explaining
I’ve had my struggles but I’ve been refraining
I’ve had times when I’ve been sat here flailing.

It’s hard to find friends that like you for who you are
Most people my age are looking for a spar
And I feel like escaping, running real far
But I can’t do it I’m held back by a bar

But people get pissed off if I try and tell them
‘You’re rich, shut up’ they spit at me with phlegm
So you see someone and their life may look like a gem
Remember this poem and think again.


I AM Poem

I am a coffee addict and I love dogs
I wonder why I’m still tired after my coffee
I hear voices; they say “drink coffee”
I want free WIFI everywhere
I am a coffee addict and I love dogs

I pretend that I’m a light bulb, but I have no ideas!
I feel Tony should be principal
I worry about what’s for lunch
I cry when I watch Dora the Explorer
I am a coffee addict and I love dogs

I understand that I will never be Dora the Explorer
I say “what is the point in jellyfish, what do they contribute to society?”
I dream when I fall asleep
I try to understand why we do Maths and don’t use a calculator
I hope Donald Trump gets stung by a Mexican jellyfish
I am a coffee addict and I love dogs.



The worms will come for you,’
big boots.
but who am i to tell you what will happen.
Im just happy to serve,
happy to linger,
happy to figure,
happy to trigger


My life is stressing about grades
Making sure I do well
Never going to educational aides
My life is wasting away watching tiktok
Lying in bed till my brain rots
The hours passing by on the clock
Then waking up with brain fog
Going back to studying like a dog

Jedi Rhyme

Here’s a rhyme
about how to waste your time.
I play Fortnite,
I loose a match,
I try again and oh no it’s already half past nine.
I play with my LEGOs and star wars,
but oh no,it’s already half past nine.
Time is going,time is wasted,too much to do,too little time.
Time kills everything,time is just a waste of time.

Coronavirus Blue

I hate coronavirus
I feel like I’m living in a crisis
Covid is ruining my social life
I can’t go home to socialize
The school doesn’t let us out now
And when I am home my parents don’t allow
Me to go meet people
It really is terrible
Nothing ever before is comparable.


Same all thing every day

Wake up, shower, school, repeat
Oblivious to people with no shoes on their feet
Feel guilty,yet I have problems of my own
Will my mind break free of this dark zone
I wonder is it my fault
Is it like that for a reason
Wasting my time each day and night
Waiting for the dreaded dark season
My soul is trapped I can’t break free
Never enough energy to find the answer key



I’ve been saying it for years fam,
It’s time to go, we don’t deserve this,
Arteta out. He’s stuck in a traffic jam.

Just a clone of Emery,
A Spanish fraud lost in London,
His job was always temporary.

I always wanted Mourinho,
Finessing the game with Tottenham,
Please get us a new honcho.


The Blessing

Football is a blessing, especially if you hit it right
You keep the goalie guessing, then it turns out shite
Opposing team roars in happiness, then we score again!
30 on the clock, wingbacks get a change
Defense beats offense, but brains beats gains
The game goes on stale, till my leg felt a pain
Subbed off at 80 minutes looking scarily pale
Game over, McDonald’s on the Way!



It took away a year from me,
No resorts, no beaches, nowhere to flea,
Why is it still around, it’s been nearly a year,
It’s making everyone on earth live in fear,
One cough, one sneeze, one sniff of the nose,
And everyone thinks your a complete psycho,
I hate this year, one that I thought I would love,
But this year just needs to be disposed of,
I want my life back, the one that I had,
This year had done nothing but make people sad.


I love Rugby

No better feeling than winning a tough game
surrounded by your friends,
Training is tough but the results are worth it,
Hearing your fans cheer you on,
The adrenaline rush when you score a try,
Every team has their bad days,
Nothing worse than knowing that you
and your team could’ve played way better,
But the main thing is to work on the things that you did badly,
And that’s why I love rugby.


Waking up in the mornings

wishing I had gone to bed earlier.
Then zombieing around the house
doing the exact same morning routine as every other morning.
Then I’m in the car driving to school
trying to make every minute last as long as possible
before having to suffer for the day.
Even though some how the car ride to school
is 20 times faster than the way home after school.


Rugby blues

Effort of training after school
Cold, wet, rainy this is not good
The fear of the hands falling off
because of the cold.
But in the end you get great enjoyment
playing with the seniors.


Rugby is my passion

I love giving teams a good thrashin’
I love making tackles
And breaking peoples ankles

I love scoring tries
And amazing peoples eyes
I love scrumming down
With players caked in brown mud